Just a young guy–pt3

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Just a young guy–pt3

He said he’d take care of it

20min later there was a knock at the door, when I opened it there were three huge guys, wearing motorcycle leathers, grizzly looking guys, one said “Buck sent us”.I let them in.

I was just wearing a towel around my waist, and one around my shoulders, the last one in snagged both off me.

My cock was semi, and red with all the jacking s, all three started laughing a little.

“Buck said you were a newbie, and needed a feeding right?” As he said this he rubbed his rough hands over my chest stopping at my nipples then twisting, and pulling me towards the bed.

I almost screamed, but somehow it felt good. He forced me to sit on the edge of the bed.

He stood in front of me groping himself saying “Come and get it”

I reached up with shaking hands, and struggled to undo his belt, then his dirty jeans, pulling them down to his ankles.

He was wearing a dirty jock, and I could smell him, he hadn’t washed in a couple days.

I was whimpering as I pulled the jock down, I was salivating, saliva escaping my lips, as I fluffed his big meat out. He wasn’t as long as Buck but he was big. I lifted his man meat towards my mouth. He stopped me.

“I think you should suck my balls first don’t you??”

I whimpered as I lowered my face to his nut sack

“Lick it first”

My tongue snaked out and made contact with his balls, licking all over, then taking one of the gonads in my mouth.

It was like having a large lemon in my mouth but I sucked and tonged and licked some more then took the other in doing the same, almost gagging at the smell and taste, occasionally I would stroke his growing cock.

From the corner of my eye I could see the others getting undressed

Finally he allowed me to get on his now hard and dripping cock

I attacked that tube of flesh like a hobo on a hotdog

I didn’t have to have by head held I was able to take him in the throat 1st time. It took a little time but he came pretty much so it must have been good.

When he stepped away, he motioned to one of the others sitting in a chair, “there’s your next meal”I started to get up, he pushed me down again, “When you’re around naked cocks you belong on your knees”

Then he stopped me again, and showed me 2 old-fashioned wooden clasp type cloths pins, which he put on my hard nipples.

I almost screamed, but I did cum a little, they all laughed at that.

I scampered over and filled my mouth with lovely big cock, a nice fat one, I throat-ed him a little but he seemed to prefer me to stay of the shaft and head with my throat.

While I was busy sucking this dude off, I felt something greasy being put on my ass, with anothers fingers, then a finger pushed up my ass, I came off the cock,


It’s OK little dude, I’m not gonna stick anything up here bigger than my finger.

Just before I was pulled back onto the cock, I saw his was hard and he was jacking it hard.,

I kept sucking when something humming and vibrating was shoved up my ass. I moaned a little I remember what they were doing in the mags, I started whimpering again and tears were running down my cheeks.

The other guy was pushing it in and out of my ass. Faster and faster, I looked back and his hand was a blur on his own cock. Dude I was blowing pulled me back on when he came. I swallowed most of it.

Dude stopped pushing the vibrator in and out, and left it in, ordering me to clamp down on it. So I did as best I could, I came off the cock and dude that was behind me spun me around I lean d to take his cock, but he was still jacking it and held me off

Only for a second though because he busted a nut on my face. Spurt after spurt his my face my cheeks, forehead, a little in my mouth, he kept cumming on me, down to my chest, spurt after spurt. Then he started smearing it around, until I was coated with it.

He was laughing

“I love cumming on a newbie, You just sit there with your eyes closed, and let that spunk dry, If we want more well take it”

I kind of sat/squated there moving the vibrator in and out of my ass, my eyes glues shut, one of them stuck just the head of his cock in my mouth and came, I think it was the guy that came on me, because the head of his dick was huge. Somehow I fell asleep there and didn’t waken until my alarm went off at 9:00am

I stood up and the vibrator fell out of my ass, I clawed one eye open, shut down the alarm and stumbled into the bathroom. Looked in the mirror, I looked like a giant glazed doughnut.

I hoped in the shower, got dressed and went to the meeting and gave my report, but not before cleaning the vibrator, and locking it and the mags in my luggage

I made it on time, but when I spoke to the chairman of the convention before talking to the assembly, and my voice came out as a croak squeeking thing. I told them I thought I had a cold coming on, and someone else read the report instead of me. I told everyone I was going back home. I couldn’t take my eyes off every mans crotch.

I took the long way back to the room. Found the address on the card. It didn’t even open until 8pm on Sat. I was called Excaliber, pretty big place, looked like they used the basement too. The second story had tinted windows, third story was rented out too..

I looked down the ally and could see the place with the arcade, and thought about going there. Started to get hard too, but kept walking back to the Motel.

I got there and mixed a drink and sat down in a chair, it was about noon. And I snoozed

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