Kay, My Sister Cums 2 Town 4

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Kay, My Sister Cums 2 Town 4

I pulled into the hotel parking lot next to Kay’s car. We had grabbed some drinks at the gas mart and I grabbed them out of the back and we headed up to the room in record time.

Kay ducked into the bathroom and washed off her face as I drank down a beer to slake my thirst. I was watching the traffic on the highway as the last rays of sun faded over the horizon when I heard come into the room, naked as the day she was born. “Damn, Bryan, I figured you would be naked, on the bed stroking yourself or ready to beg for me to pull that toy out of your ass!

I laughed. “You know, when you first put it inside of me I thought it was wild! But now it just makes me feel like I have to poop!”

Kay laughed and had me come over. She pulled it out and to be honest it was not very sexy for either of us. She handed it to me and I took it to the bathroom and dropped it in the trash, took a dump and then was told I better shower before I come back out. So I rinsed off one more time (Yes, Kay likes a man to be clean).

When I came out, Kay was sitting at the little round table, with a robe over her shoulders, swirling a mixed drink she had poured for herself. Her other hand was between her thighs, absently playing with her sex. “Do you realize we have been messing around for 40 years? She said without taking her eyes off of the window. It was dark out and the car headlights were flying by outside.

I walked slowly over and rested my hands on her shoulders. She had covered the front of her breasts, but the robe was open all of the way down. I then saw that she was watching me look at her using the window’s reflection. Busted once more, I smiled. “Yes, and no matter how many times we say no, or it isn’t going to happen again or… we always wind up back in bed.”

“Don’t you get tired of me? Steve does. I think he has been, if I am honest, for a while. It’s part of the reason he doesn’t object to me “visiting” you alone.

“Do you get tired of our visits?”

“No.” She took another drink then added. “When I get drunk, fucking you almost always comes into my mind in one way or another.”

“I’m flattered.”

“Don’t be. Steve is a better lover for me. I can’t imagine being with anyone else. Ever.”


“But there is something so primal, and real when we touch… I don’t know. When the k**s were little and we were on opposite sides on the continent I thought that I was over you. But that summer we all met up in Oklahoma City I knew I would never be over walking in and seeing you stroking off with my bra. I can still remember what your cock tasted like back then! And when you made me cum that first time and Mom came up to see what was going on and you said you had scared me….”

“I think that was the night that programmed to enjoy rough sex and being spanked!” I laughed.

“Fuck me once more before you go home, please. I want to feel you hard and inside me!”

I stepped to the side of the chair and my dick was hanging low and soft. She looked from my flaccid dick to my face. She looked back out the window. I stepped in front of her, between her and the window and offered her a hand up, She stood up on her own and pushed the chair back so she could walk over to the bed on her own.

I watched her until she was almost to the bed and I quickly stepped up behind her and grabbed her by her throat in one hand as I roughly seized her by her breast! I pulled her against me and the soft robe rubbed the top of my cock and stirred my feelings. “You want to fuck? You want to feel my cock inside of you! But you don’t want to suck me again, is that it? You want me to stuff my dick into hard and fast? Well what if that is what I want to do too? But I don’t want just your pussy! I want to fuck the only hole I have never been in before! I want to fuck your ass!”

I could feel her moan in my hand and she pushed her body back into mine. I let go of her and grabbed the robe at her shoulders and stripped it to the floor. She turned to tell me something and I pushed her backwards onto the bed and wedged my knee between her thighs as she fired daggers up at me from her eyes. I launched myself up onto the bed and put my mouth over hers as she fought to get out from under me. I chased her further up the bed, biting and sucking on the sides of her breasts and finally managing to get both of my legs between hers.

My dick was not as hard as it has ever been but it was solid enough to press against her suddenly wet pussy and I looked back into her eyes with a fire all my own! I felt her open her pussy and put the head of my cock in the wet opening to her heavenly pussy. The moment she released me, I slammed myself into her and she arched her back up to me like she was going to levitate right up off of the mattress.

Bending down I sucked one of her breasts into my mouth and as I pushed another inch of my dick into her, I sucked hard on her tit! It took less than a minute for me to be buried balls deep inside of her tight wet pussy. I put a hand on either of her tits and pushed myself up as she cursed me, and then I began to really fuck her hard! I knew we were both going to be walking differently in the morning. I was now fully stiff and as long as I had been in years, or so it felt. Her fleshy labia seemed to grab and bull my fuck stick deeper and deeper into her as it was starving to be filled!

I was thundering toward a climax when she came! There was no doubt as she gushed all over me and the bed as she wound her fists in the sheets! Her breasts were swinging side to side and every thrust of my hips she shook and thrashed like a woman possessed

I rocked back on my heels and rolled her onto her belly. I spotted the lube on the night stand and I leaned over and grabbed it. “Keep rubbing your wet cunt and maybe that will keep you relaxed enough that I don’t rip you up!”
She moaned beneath me, but she also raised her hips. I poured a nice sized puddle in the palm of my hand. I smeared it liberally up and down my shaft and then using my little finger, worked it into her asshole.

She was pleading for me not to rip her apart. She was building her pleasure as she rubbed her clit toward another climax while I finger fucked her tight ass. When I felt her body convulse once more, I waited and as it subsided and I felt her muscles relax, I pulled my finger out and put the head of my fat prick at the center of her hole and pushed. It took me three thrusts to pop the head of my cock into her ass!

I have never been in anyone else’s ass, and the feeling was intense! I went slowly and she began pushing back to take more of me into her until I was finally balls deep in her. Pulling back out was even more intense as she squeezed my dick to almost bursting inside of her! But as I slid back in, she relaxed and the feeling…. Wow! I know I was not more than 4 minutes in her ass before my balls tightened and eyes crossed and toes curled and I unloaded into her bottom enough cum that I would not have been surprised to see it shooting out her ears or navel! It was intense!!

She suddenly screamed and clamped down on me and came again, and I think I passed out because the next thing I remember is still being balls deep in her quivering anus, somewhat softer and hearing her repeat over and over again, “Oh my god, oh my god!”

It took a couple of minutes for me to pull out and then we both headed for the bathroom to clean up!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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