Kennel Girl Part Two

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Kennel Girl Part Two
The next day was I woke up early my mind was still racing with everything I’d experienced the night before. It was 6 o’clock and no one was up yet. I lay there for a few minutes covered up to my eyes in warm blankets thinking of what it would be like to have a dog jump up on my bed and for him to start sniffing his way around my body. As my mind raced I moved till I was laying completely on my back I opened my legs and pulled the bed clothes between them making it feel like someone, something was between them. As I let my mind wander my right hand slipped down my body gently touching my pussy, letting my finger tips run up and down it from top to bottom. My other hand ran freely over my body caressing my stomach, running my fingers along my inner thighs and pinching the nipples on my barely developing breasts.

I usually masturbated in the mornings and had done so now for over a year. Eyes closes I started to rub around my clit teasing it, gently caressing my pussy drawing out every drop of pleasure I could from it. My fingers roamed freely exploring every inch. I began to moan gently in a rhythm that matched my fingers. Biting my lower lip I stretched out my legs arching my back. My fingers inched inside my pussy lubricating them, making it easier for them to slide in deeper. As I pushed my index and middle finger in and out of myself I began to rub the clit using my thumb. I could feel a wave of pleasure building in my stomach moving down into my pussy and up to my nipples.

These waves of joy grew more and more frequent sending out waves of relaxation first then suddenly changing shaking my body as they were replaced with one contraction after another. My body moved involuntarily, my legs wriggling, my back arching. Goosebumps ran over ever inch of my skin replaced almost as suddenly with a thin layer of sweat. Finally, at the point where I could take no more I came. I shoved some bed clothes in my mouth to stifle my moaning. My pussy was hit by several strong contractions making it absolutely soaking. After a few seconds I lay back in my warm sheets my body happily twitching as I tired to milk the final few moments of pleasure from my orgasm. Finally a stillness settled over me and all I could do was sink into my warm bed letting the bed clothes hold me in place . I could feel everything around my pussy was very wet and clinging to me but at that moment I didn’t care I just lay there. After a few moments I peeled the bed clothes of me, pulling back the sweaty sheets and letting the cool air at my naked body I slipped out of the bed.

It was 6.30am and I tiptoed naked to my dresser and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was tangled and sweaty and my face and chest were bright red and flushed with blood. I pushed a finger into my pussy and taking it out put it in my mouth and licked it dry I loved that taste. l pushed my finger in again licking it and smiling to myself in the mirror I did it one last time this time pushing it in as deep as my index finger would go and getting as much on it as I could. After that I ran my fingers through my hair and looking at myself in the mirror as I stretched all my muscles reaching my hands up as hight as they would go. I looked at my naked body smiling to myself. I bet Mr Anon would like to see me now, I thought. Just then my alarm clock went off signalling it was time to get ready to go to the kennel for my first day of work.

Russell had said that I was to start at 8 o’clock but as it was my first day I decided to show my enthusiasm by turning up early. The kennel was situated on an isolated piece of ground and ever light in the two buildings was out apart from the reception office. I parked my bike by the door and tired to push the door open. It it was locked. Looking around for a intercom, or doorbell I finally gave up and knocked on the glass door which sounded like it might fall in if she knocked any harder.

After a few minutes of waiting I knocked again and again after a few minutes of waiting Russell finally made his way to the door. Opening it he peered down at me slightly confused.
“Who are you?” he asked.
“I was here yesterday.”
Russell though a moment but his face remaining a blank.
“I was here about the job if you remember.”
Russell slumped against the door frame and brought his hand to his forehead sighing heavily.
“Yes, yes,” he said, “I remember. Sorry come in.”
I followed Russell into the building. As he lead me in I noticed he walked past an open bottle of Scotch half the contents of which seemed to have been already drunk with a glass that appeared to to have less than half an inch of whiskey left in it.
“You said you never worked in a kennel before right.” he said walking by the reception desk and the whiskey.
I briefly glanced at the bottle and looked back at Russell, I nodded.
“Ok, don’t worry, it’s mainly cleaning and feeding. You’ll have to change into work clothes. Don’t worry I have some that should fit.”
He went over to a store room and opening it turned on a light revealing bright yellow Wellington boots s**ttered on the floor along with tracksuit bottoms and tops.
“What size are you?” he asked
I told him and after much rummaging he gave me very over sized clothes and boots.
“You can change in there.” he said indicating a door.

I went in and closed the door behind me revealing a very small changing room. I pulled on the top over my my t shirt only to be interrupted by a knocking on the door.
“It’s probably best to take off as much of your own clothing as possible,” Russell suggested from the other side of the door. “I’ve been very short staffed in the last day or two and there is a smell.”
“I will,” I replied taking off the top again and taking off my t shirt and slipping off my jeans. Striping down to my underwear. If there is a really strong smell in here it will probably get everywhere. So I decided to strip totally naked just to be sure.

I came out of the changing room in less than two or three minutes dressed head to foot the clothes Russell had given me. Luckily there were huge on me which hid the fact I was completely naked under them.
Russell looked at me, “Great,” he said handing me a mop and bucket you need to start mopping down the kennels which are through there. I will be doing some errrr accounts. And at that he walked out to the reception area. The last thing I saw was Russell pouring some whiskey into a glass as the door shut.

Ok, I thought, I guess I’ll start mopping up. I made my way into the kennel area and opening the door was hit by a very powerful smell of stale urine. There was a total of 12 kennels and as I passed them looking in I saw that each hadn’t been cleaned in at least two days. So I started to slowly clean ever kennel one by one. It took me over three hours non stop work to clean each one. Every now and again I’d had to ask Russell where the cleaning stuff was and where to get hot water. Each time I did I noticed that there was less and less whiskey in the bottle and he was getting more and more drunk.

By the time I had finished cleaning the last kennel I was ready to quit. I was sick of doing nothing but cleaning and getting no support from what was clearly an alcoholic. Except for one thing. As I stood in the corridor looking in at the now gleaming kennels I noticed that the dogs were much much happier. By mopping out the kennels I’d done something they couldn’t do and now they were walking about wagging their tails. If I quit then who’d do this tomorrow, or the next day. I decided that I’d have to stay for them.

“I’ve finished cleaning the kennels.” I said dropping the bucket and mop loudly behind the now sleeping Russell. Perhaps Martin had been right, I thought, and it would be best for this kennel to be shut down.
“What?” Russell spluttered as he woke up. He looked at his watch it was it was just 11.30. “Oh fantastic. Have you fed them?” he enquired indicating several large bags of dry food. Standing up he took a set of car keys from his pocket. “I have to go out for a very important appointment. They get two scoops of that dry feed in their bowls,” he said heading towards the door, “That should take you up to lunch time. Have you brought a lunch?”
“Errr I thought I’d … “
“Oh never mind we’ll work something out.”
“Are you ok to drive?” I asked as Russell headed out the door.
“”Of course,” he said already half way out the door, “I should be back by 4, 5 at the latest ok.”
Before I could say anything he was gone leaving me alone with the dogs.
That’s just perfect! I thought and made my way towards two large bags of dry dog food. For transport the bags had been banded together with yards and yards of industrial cling film. I tried to separate them so that I could take just the one open bag in the kennel area to dole out the food to the waiting dogs. This proved to be a harder task that I first though. I tried to put my fingers through the membrane but as it was layered six or seven sheets thick this proved impossible. I tired to tear at it one layer at a time only for it turn into a type of human sized spider web turning from gossamer to the consistency of a steel rope.

After a few failed attempts I decided to just drag the two heavy bags into the kennel area and along the corridor. It will have to get lighter as I go I though to myself and it must have but the difference was sadly not noticeable to me and the way one bag weighed down the other it proved a very slow and seriousness task to move them at all.

Slowly I hauled the bonded heavy bags through the door and inch by inch dragged it along the long corridor stopping only to put two measures of food into the bowl of each dog, who ate it hungrily. By the the time I got to the last kennel I was breathing hard with sweat stains under my armpits from hauling that dead weight. A black chocolate lab stood waiting at the door his nose pressed against the bars sniffing the air in anticipation. Each door had the dogs name written on it.
I read the name out loud, “Samson,” imminently his ears pricked up and looked at me while wagging his tail. He started to whimper almost unable to control himself, “Ok, ok,” I said, “don’t worry, you’re next.”

I took a generous scoop of dry feel and opening the door I slipped quickly into the kennel making sure he didn’t get out. And walking to the bowl I leaned down and pored the food into it. Samson went up imminently behind me and shoved his nose between my ass cheeks.
I spun round dropping the container of food everywhere.
“Hey, what are you doing?” I shouted, “cut that out.” Samson totally ignored what I had said and pressed his mussel into my pussy snorting loudly,
I gasped out feeling his face pressed into me a feeling of intense pleasure building in my stomach. He took hold of the loose material of my track suit bottoms between his teeth and pulled down hard bringing them down to my knees leaving my pussy totally naked and exposed to him.

He pushed forward pressing his wet, cold nose into my pussy licking my entire vagina with his rough tongue in one long stroke. I took a step backwards while trying to pull my pants up with one hand and pushing Samson head away with the other. Loosing my balance I fell flat on my ass. As I sat up Samson was hungrily licking at my pussy giving me wave after wave of pleasure.
“No, stop.” I insisted as I pulled my pants up ran to the door shutting it hard behind me. I ran to the reception area my hands shaking with the shock of what had just happened.
Where the hell is Russell? I though. I looked at the clock it wasn’t event 12 he wouldn’t be back for hours. I sat in the reception chair and wondered what to do.

My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding so hard I though it would come out of my chest but there was something else. I had a feeling of anticipation like I had never felt before. As the minutes passed I had to admit that every time I though about how Samson had pressed his nose into my pussy I felt the same feeling of elation and I noticed I was now wet. How could this be? I had just had a bit of fun last night with Mr Anon just an internet chat, it meant nothing, nobody actually did this in real life, did they?

After a few minutes I went to the man door and locked it so that it couldn’t be opened from the outside. Slowly I made my way back down the corridor to Samson’s kennel a saw that he had eaten most of the food despite that fact I had thrown it everywhere. Checking my watch I knew noone would be here for hours. I nervously glanced up along the corridor and instinctively knew this was a stupid thing to do but something just drew me onwards. I slipped off my boots the cold tiles causing me go up on my tippy toes. I reached out to the kennel door my hand resting on it’s handle for what seemed like an age. This was the last time I could turn back, the last time I could hide from what my body was telling me I took a deep breath opened the door went into Samson’s kennel.

Samson trotted up to me not aggressively but more inquisitively than before. I stood self consciously looking at him feeling more than a little stupid. Quickly I slid down my track suit bottoms to my ankles standing up again imminently. Samson turned his head to one side looking at me.
“Well go on,” I said, “What’s stopping you?” A few seconds passed, Samson didn’t move.
“Ok, this is stupid.” I said to myself looking around the kennel. What was I doing before I though. I retraced my steps walking over to the bowl I bent over as I had done so before to fill it with some dog food.

Almost imminently I felt Samson sniffing at me. This time however I didn’t jump up and spin around I spread my legs and let him start to run his tongue over my now aching pussy.
“Good boy.” I said as his wet slimy tongue slid it’s way from my pussy to my ass hole. “Very good boy.” I placed my hands on the wall and braced myself against his tongue. I moaned gently as I slowly felt my pussy relax and open and as he licked he slowly pushed it deeper into me. I turned around and sitting on the floor spread my legs. Samson came over and started licking. I could feel my body respond as his tongue roamed freely around my pussy. I closed my eyes relaxing and letting him explore every inch of me as I moaned gently rubbing his head in encouragement.

I took a sharp intake of breath and arching my back my legs shot out tensing fully Samon’s tongue had found my clit. I moaned out loudly jerking forward involuntarily trying hard not to startle Samson.
“Oh, good boy Samson.” I finally managed to say reaching down quickly with both hands to part my pussy lips for him exposing my clit for his tongue. I desperately tried to keep my body as relaxed as possible fighting the waves of tension that were now building from the pit of my stomach growing in intensity, spreading all over my body as his tongue ran it’s rough surface over my clit. I felt my body shaking, shivering under him as his tongue sought out ever pleasure I had secretly wanted and would never admit to. But by now any pretence I had was gone and I pushed my hips into his waiting tongue.

I was so close now it was impossible to stop. I could feel a wave of pleasure growing and and growing until it finally expounded all over me. My whole body started to jerk, shaking from a massive orgasm that was ripping thought ever inch of my frame. Finally the feeling of pure bliss relented and falling to my side I lay curled up in a ball giggling to myself and trying to squeeze the last few moments of this sensation from my body.

I got up picking up my jog bottoms and made my unsteady way to the kennel door and walking out shutting it behind me. I somehow managed to put on the jog pants by the time I got into the reception area. I slumped into the seat dazed by what had just happened. What had I just done? What did this mean? I didn’t know anyone to turn to for advice. I’d always been told I could ask my parent s anything, but this? All of a sudden I felt very alone and confused Well not entirely alone perhaps. Mr Anon would be able to help. I’d have a lot to tell him the next time I logged on.

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