Leaving the Friend Zone

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Leaving the Friend Zone
It was right after my university degree. I got a job as a journalist for Sports Illustrated in Boston. I was single during that time and was always thinking about fucking my best friend. Her name was Lisa. She was a Latina. Her hair was shoulder length and black. She had nice 38DDs(knew it from shopping with her) and an ass to die for. Well but there was no chance into getting her. She was engaged to this guy called Mike. So i already gave up on getting and tried to focus on other girls until that day.

Someone ringed at my door so i moved to the front and opened it. There she was standing, dressed in a coat and in boots. She was crying and her mascara was ruined. She looked up at me, hugged me and buried her face into my chest. I quickly moved her into my living room and made her a coffee. As i walked back into the room i saw her taking a big sip out of the vodka bottle from my bar. I sat next to her and put my arm around her.
“He’s such an asshole!”, she sobbed.
She looked at the vodka bottle so i quickly moved it out of her reach. She looked desperate at me.
“I wanted to surprise him at the office, because we hadn’t have sex in a while and i wanted to spice things up. Then i found out why he didn’t want to fuck me for a while. When i entered his office i found him with his cock buried in the ass of his slutty secretary and he didn’t notice me.”
She cried again into my chest. I didn’t know what to do.
“Tell me Thomas! Am i ugly and not worth to be screwed? Huh?”
“No No. You’re gorgeous. Mike is just an idiot. I will beat the shit out of him if you want me to.”
She finally smiled a bit. “Well that’s not necessary but you could do me another favor.”
“What kind?”
“Can you help me with moving out and can i live here for a while?”
“Sure thing.”
“Sounds like the good old times at university when we were roommates.”
She moved to the bathroom and came a few minutes later back. She washed her mascara away and her face looked clean.

First we drove to the hardware store to buy some boxes and then to her house. She was still dressed in her coat.
“I will change my clothes would you start with my study it’s not a lot?”
She grabbed a few boxes and moved upstairs. I entered her study. There were only a bunch of ring binders, her laptop and some carriages.
“I’m done!”, i screamed.
“Can you help me here in the bedroom?”
A very dirty thought came into my mind with what i could help her but i quickly discarded it. When i entered it she had already filled 2 boxes. She was wearing a black top that clearly showed her cleavage and fitted like a second skin. She combined it with a pair of jeans shorts that stretched over ass. She noticed me starring and smiled.
“You like what you see?” she said while spinning around.
She smiled. I glimpsed at one of the boxes.”Lingerie and swimwear” was written on it. She coughed and i looked back to her.
“Don’t worry all of the ‘interesting’ garments are already packed. So you pack my shoes while i’ll do rest!”
I did so and with her help we finished the bedroom, the bathroom and the living room(music, books and movies she wanted to keep) in 2 hours. After all boxes were loaded on my truck she offered me a drink. She left her keys and her engagement ring on the table and looked at me with with her hazel eyes.

“Thomas i know i have asked for a lot already but i need one last favor from you.”
“Sure whatever you want.”
“I’ll need you to cum all over my face”, she said with a serious tone. I must have misheard something. I couldn’t say a word.
“Well i never allowed Mike to cum on my face and he will be home in a few minutes so i want to show him what he will miss. Can you help me with this? I will make you cum if you don’t want to masturbate in front of me.”
She licked her lips.
“Well okay.”
She pulled her top down and opened her blue bra. Her breast looked gorgeous and my dick was poking painfully against my jeans. She unzipped my pants and pulled them down with my boxers. She took her hand and jerked me than she sucked my balls it send electric shivers throughout my whole body. She looked up at me and took my tip in her mouth her tongue was licking every part it could reach while she bobbed her head up and down on the sensitive bottom of my tip. She pulled her shorts down and pushed her blue panties to the side. I could smell her arousal. She moved her head further down and inserted 2 fingers in her honeypot. She was now all the way down and gagged all over my cock her hands were busy too. Her left hand was massaging my balls while her right hand was fucking her own pussy. Her tongue was licking my complete shaft and i knew i wasn’t going to last much longer. She had her eyes closed too and fingered her pussy even faster she was close too. I heard the sound of a closed car door.
“AH FUCK!” ,she screamed and quickly pulled her dripping wet fingers out and jerked me with her wet hand. She was panting and her pussy was dripping girls cum. This sent me over the edge. I shot out my load and heard the door open. Mike walked into the kitchen and saw us. I was still shooting streams of jizz on Lisa’s face. It was the biggest load i ever shot. Her face was a mess when i was done. She opened her eyes.
“Wait in the car for me i’ll clean my face and sort things out.”

I waited 10 minutes in the car and thought about what happened just a few moments before. Then she entered the car. We drove off to my place.
“This was a one time occasion i won’t do this again. We’re best friends and we should keep it that way. You’re okay with this.”
“Well then everything is alright. Would you stop at the grocery i will cook for you during my stay.”
“Oh dear lord finally i get something real to eat.”
“You still can’t cook. I guess there is something i need to to teach you.”
We ate supper together and chatted for a while to get her out of her desperate thoughts. She went to my guest room and i tidied up the living room.

When i moved upstairs i heard some moaning. The door of the guest room was not complete closed. I glimpsed through the gap and saw her. She lied naked on the bed and rammed a dildo into her pussy. Her eyes were closed. My cock instantly grow to full size. I pulled it out of my jeans because of the pain. She was massaging her clit with her other hand and shoved the dildo quicker.
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”, she moaned.
I jerked my own cock. It was exciting and felt so wrong but it turned me on to see her breasts bounce and her pussy dripping cum while a dildo was rammed into it. She pressed her eyes together.
She couldn’t hold it back anymore she pulled her dildo out and squirted. Her own juices shot out of her pussy.
I was jerking off like a mad man,she was panting. She still didn’t notices me. She looked at her wet dildo. Then she turned to her side. I could see her round ass. She pulled her cheek up so i could see her asshole. She looked at it and move her dildo close to it. She rubbed the tip of it at the rim of it. She put her head back and slowly eased it in. I was jerking like a mad man. She screamed from pain as she moved it in and had to pull out. She was panting and gave up. This sent me over the edge. I ran into the bathroom and released inside my toilet. Then i moved to my bedroom and slept. My dreams were wet and all of the m contained my hot friend.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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