Life Change for sister and I

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Life Change for sister and I
My sister and I walk to and from school since we just live like twelve blocks away from the school, and she is in the eleventh grade and I’m in the twelveth grade, fixing to start one week of Spring Break, since our lives are about to change, as soon as school is out and we get home on this Friday afternoon, unknown to us.

At noon during lunch break, my sister’s boyfriend broke it off with her and she was pretty upset with him cause of the way he broke their relationship off. He walked into the Cafeteria with another girl and they sat down with each other at the same table, which my sister saw him since she was there first as usual, and he walked right by her, so she knows he saw her but, he didn’t look at her or stop and say anything to her, it was like he didn’t even know her.

My sister caught him just out side of the Cafeteria as he was walking out with the other girl, which he told my sister, in a round about way, that she was just a peace of ass for him, till he wanted a different peace of ass.

By the time school was out to start our one week of Spring Break, just about everyone knew about my sister and her, jerk ex boyfriend, was not together any more, and when I met her out at the loading zone, she told me the whole story as we walked home. I usually carried her school supplies, and I was doing it today as usual, and when she finished telling me all about it, I put my free arm around her shoulders for about a block, when she finally got calmed down enough to finish walking home.

When we got home we saw dad’s car in the drive way and his pickup was loaded with what looked to be just part of the family’s camping gear in the back of it, which was puzzling to my sister and me, “Why is dad home from work all ready, with our camping gear in the back of his pickup, I wonder?”

“That is a good question s*s.”

My sister and I got into the house to find mom and dad in the kitchen, “… should do it, you think.” our mom was saying.

“Yes it should.”

“What’s up?”

“What happened to hello and what is going on?” dad asked me.

“Hello. Now what is going on?”

“Your mom says that you and your sister need to go camping to get away for your Spring Break.

“The way you said that, it is just Clare and me going?”

“Yes it is. I have to work. Your mom will tell you all about it, while I get the ice chest in the pickup, that you will need.” dad then carried one ice chest, out through the door leading out to the garage.

“I got a text from Clare that her boyfriend dumped her, and I know that she was pretty upset about it, and you two get along so well together, that I know you will help her get over her ex, and you can do that better if it is just the two of you alone with no interuptions from me or anyone else, and besides, every one of your friends are not going to be around for either of you to talk to or hang out with, so why not you two go and be alone and hang out together.”

“Do we have time to change clothes?”

“Yes you do, and if you have any home work to do, it will have to wait till your dad comes and get’s you Saturday afternoon some time.”

“What about the rest of our clothes for the week?” my sister asked our mom.

“I all ready packed three changes of clothing for you, so you may have to wear the same clothes two or three times before you get home, unless you wash them out and hang them to dry on a rope or tree limb by your camp site.”

My sister and I turned toward our bedrooms, and with her bedroom being first, before the bathroom, her and I shared, and then my bedroom, I stopped off in her bedroom and laid her school supplies down on her desk, then went through the bathroom to get to my room, and changed into what I call, my after school clothes or my knock around clothes.


Where dad had to park the pickup was about one and one half miles from where we usually camp out at when it is either, just him and me camping out, or the whole family camping out, or just mom, s*s, and I, are camping out.

When it is just dad and me camping out, we usually just have one tent to carry up with one ice chest, since it is usually just over night, with the tent and what we need for the night in a backpack. When it is mom, s*s, and me, we have two tents to carry, one for mom and s*s and one for me, and the tents are on a backpack for me to carry up, and then we have a couple of ice chest, which we manage to carry up with me in the middle with one handle of the two ice chest, with mom carrying one end on one chest, and s*s carrying one end on the other chest, and what we need for two nights in the backpacks the three of us have. When it is the whole family, I carry two tents with some of what we need, dad carries the one tent with some of what we need, which is most of what we need, while mom and s*s carry the rest of what we need in their backpacks, with dad and me between mom and s*s, so that we can carry all three ice chest up to the camp site.

When everything was out of the pickup and sitting on the ground behind the truck, “Now I will bring a ice chest with ice in it tomorrow afternoon around three o’clock, so Sunday, you need to have an empty ice chest under that tree there, for me to pick up to bring back more ice for you on Monday evening around, six o’clock, or six thirty. I will leave the chest with ice in it and take back the empty, to bring back ice in and pick up the empty one, to bring ice in the next day, each day this week at the same time, as I do on Monday. Do you under stand?”

“Yes dad, I understand.”

“I will be here next Saturday, around Four o’clock, to pick the two of you up and all of your gear, so have it here, or under that tree, and ready by the time I get here.”

“Okay. We will be ready then.”

“I’ll see you then, so good luck, and be carful.” as he shut the tail gate and turned toward the driver’s door of the pickup.

My sister and I stood there a moment to watch dad drive away from us, and just as he was out of site, “Let’s put this ice chest under that tree till we get everything up to the camp site, then we will come back down and get it and carry it up, which should make it easier with out the backpacks on our backs.”

“That makes since to me b*o.”

When we had the ice chest under the tree dad had pointed out for us to put the empty chest under, we went back and I got my backpack on first, then I helped Clare to get her backpack on her back.

By the time we got to the camp site, I could see that Clare was pretty tired, so I opened the ice chest up and got a bottle of water out for each of us, “It’s a good thing that I thought about checking to see if we had water in this chest or not, before making the hike up here.” as I handed Clare a bottle of water.

“Yes it is, because I never thought about it before you did.” Clare said as she sat down on a log by the fire ring.

“From the look of things here, no one has been up here since mom and dad was up here with us, last summer.” as I sat down next to Clare on the log.

I noticed that clare’s short shorts that she had on, was pretty wet around the waist, and even her tank top T-shirt was pretty wet too, from the sweating she was doing, and the same with my tank top T-shirt, and the top of my blue jeans that I was wearing. The difference with Clare’s shirt was, I could see her C cup size tits that was showing through her shirt, which she had no bra on under her shirt, which was thinner material than my shirt was.

After we had a short reast and had about half of the water drank out of our bottles, “We better get that other ice chest up here, then we can set up camp and fix something to eat, and hope we can get it all done before it get’s to dark to see what we are doing.”

“Aaa, Leanard?”

“What’s wrong Clare?” looking around in the direction she is looking in.

“I only see one tent and one air mattress on our backpacks.”

Looking at the backpacks, “Yea, and the air mattress is the one mom and dad all ways uses, when we come up as the family.”

“I thought that is the one they use when all four of us are up here, other wise it is the three twin mattress’ we bring up.” as we stood up and started back down to get the other ice chest.

After we had walked down for about fifteen minutes, “Do you think they are wanting us to be playing house, while we are up here alone?”

I looked over at Clare, “I was wondering the same thing.”

Just as we finially got back down to the parking spot, we all ways used when we came up camping, “Come to think about what mom said, and then the wink she gave me when she said it”

“I remember her saying something about you helping me, since that jerk dumped me the way he did.”

“Yes, she said that, I, was the only one that could help you, and I could help you better if the two of, us, are left alone with out, her or anyone else, interupting us, then she winked at me, then she did a kiss with a wink, as if to suggest sex. Like she does when she trys to get dad to follow her, to their bedroom.”

“Oh wow, I say that she wants us to act like husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, while we are out here.”

“I would say so. Are you willing to give it a try?”

“With one air mattress and one tent, we have no other choice the way I see it. Besides, who else loves me better than you, mom, and dad?”

“You know I love you because you are my sister, and I would do anything for you that I can.”

“So it doesn’t bother you to sleep with me like a boyfriend or husband?”

“Why should it? You are beautiful, and I would love to have you as my wife or girlfriend, and if you had been looking in the right place, you would see that what I’m telling you is the truth, after seeing your sexy beautiful tits, showing through your tank top there.”

Clare looked down at her self, then at my groin, then up at my face, “I’m sorry Leanard for causing that problem. I will fix it for you as soon as we can finish setting camp up.”

“First let’s finish working on getting this chest up to the camp, then we’ll do what we can from there.”

When we finally got back up to the camp with the ice chest and got it sat down next to the other chest, I opened it and pulled out two more bottles of water and handed one to Clare, then I pulled my tank top shirt off over my head and laid it over a tree limb, I turned to go sit next to Clare to find her pulling her tank top shirt off over her head, and then putting it on a tree limb next to mine, “I figured that you have all ready seen them, and will see more of them later, so why not now.” as she rubbed the bottom side of her tits, with the sweat running down her chest like it was on me.

“Damn your hot Clare. Your ex is the biggest jerk to ever walk.”

“You think I’m all that?”

“Hell yes, you are all that, sexy.”

“Why thank you Leanard. Everytime I see you with your shirt off, I think you are a hunk, and wish you wasn’t my brother, and then the way you treat me, like you would your girlfriend, or friends, that you’ve had in the past. I’ve never heared you say who dumped who and why, when I’d find out that you had no girlfriend any more. Mind telling me now?”

“Out of the ones that dropped me, just couldn’t handle me doing things for you and wanting to hang with you from time to time, like we do, and the other’s that I dumped, just wasn’t what I was looking for in a woman, like you do. At those times I would rather be with you, than them, so I would dump them.”

“Oh wow, how sweet. I wish now that you had told me all this, then I really believe, that I wouldn’t be feeling used by that jerk right now.”

“I tell you what. Come next Monday when we get to school, you can tell everyone that you have found a new boyfriend that treats you better than that jerk ever did, and I will do my best to treat you better than he ever did.”

“Now Leanard, you all ready treat me better than he ever did, and you have all ways treated me better, then he even thought about treating a lady.”

“Why thank you my sexy lady.” I said with a bit of an accent.

“You are very welcome Romeo.” with a little bit of a laugh when she finished saying it with an accent as well.

After we got just a little bit of a break and got half a bottle of water down us, we then started by getting the tent set up first, then we set up the cooking spot, then we put everything in the tent that needed to be put in there, like our clothes, air mattress, and bedding, and personal things, then we gathered up more fire wood and got it stacked and a fire started, in the fire ring.

“I tell you what Leanard, if you can fill the mattress with air, I will work on fixing us something to eat, then I will put the sheets and blanket on the bed after we eat supper.”

“I better get us some water from the lake first over there, to clean dishs with first, then I’ll put air in the mattress.”

“Okay, I guess you have a point there. What about water to bath in too, or do you want to wait till we eat, and both of us work on that?”

“I’ll get it while I’m getting dish water for us.”

“Okay, are you sure?”

“Yes sexy I am sure.” as I grabbed up what I needed to carry the water in.

When Clare and I finished eating, we cleaned up the cooking space, and put on a coffee pot to perk up some good ccmping coffee, then I helped Clare make up our bed, even thou she told me she would do it, and that I could go out and rest up and get washed up if I wanted to, but I told her we would wash up together, that way we could wash each other’s back’s, since we had done so much sweating, getting everything up to the camp, and getting the camp set up, for the week.

We thought about going to the lake and taking a dip in it before washing up, but by the time we finished setting things up in the tent, and the few little things around the camp site, it was starting to get real dark, and it had cooled off so much after the sun set, that we decided to wait and just warm up some water on the camp stove, and just wash up then.

“Clare, if you want, go ahead and get a couple of towels and wash wrags out for us, and I’ll get the water warmed up for us, and pore us each a cup of coffee, now that it is ready, if you want a cup.”

“You got a deal babe, and yes, I want a cup of coffee please.”

As Clare went into the tent I got a big pan of water on the fire to warm up, and two cups out, then as I was poring the coffee into the cups, Clare came out with the towels, wrags, and soap, and laid them on the make shift table I had set up, like dad did when all four of us would be up here, “Out of all the things mom packed in our backpacks, she didn’t put no sleeping clothes in our packs, just clothes we wear around the house, or knock around in, which ever you want to call them.”

“I guess she didn’t think about them, since I sleep in the nude any way for one thing, and the other, is for what we figured she sent us up here for.”

“You do have a point, cause I sleep in the nude too.” taking the cup of coffee that I was holding out to her.

We sat down by the campfire on the log next to each other, then I put my arm around Clare, and she put one around me, then we took a sip of our coffee, then Clare asked, “Leanard, would you mind kissing me right now, or me kissing you?”

I looked at Clare, pulled her closer to me, then leaned my head toward her, and kissed her on the lips, just a bit longer than a brother kiss’ his sister, then moved back just slightly, “I would love to kiss you any time of day or night Clare, my love.”

Then Clare leaned in toward me and kissed me on the mouth, and just a very short moment later, she put her tongue to my lips, and I opened my mouth and let her tongue slide in past my lips, as she found my tongue, and we dueled it out with our tongues for a little bit.

When we broke the French kissing off, Clare was breathing hard, “Oh, wow, Leanard, I didn’t know, you could kiss like that, damn, you are good.”

“Now don’t sell yourself short in that department Clare, cause you are a damn good kisser too.”

We drank our coffee and made small talk and watched the fire flames dance around on the fire wood, till I was able to see steam starting to rise up out of the water, which I then took the big pan of water off the fire and moved it over by the make shift table, onto a big flat boulder, then went back and sat down next to Clare, to finishe drinking our coffee.

When we finished our coffee, I took off my blue jeans, and Clare took off her short shorts, and that is when I found out for sure, she had on the tiniest thong panties one could wear, I think. The back of them left a little bit of butt crack in the back, above the waist band, and the front, she would have had pubic hair above the waist band had she not shaved or wax, which ever she does, and the front pantle was such a tiny triangle, that the point at the bottom didn’t cover all of her bald pussy lips, even if they didn’t get in between the lips like it had done.

Clare’s nipples were pointing straight out in front of her on the ends of her tits, that was standing out so proudly on her chest, and now that we got our shorts and pants off, my dick was hard and pointing straight out in front of me, “Damn Clare, I knew you were sexy hot and beautiful, but damn babe, you are right down gorgeous.”

“Why,.. thank you,.. Leanard,.. aaa, I didn’t know you had such a big beautiful cock like that, hanging between your legs, or should I say, in front of your legs, Damn baby, my pussy is watering, so much, for that big thing.”

“You are the reason it is so big right now, for sure babe.”

We stepped over and got washed up to get the sweat washed of us, and instead of washing just the other one’s back, we ended up washing each other, front and back.

As soon as we finished washing each other off and rinsing the soap off of each other, we grabbed a towel each, and dryed off, then we rushed over to the fire, where we left our coffee cups, which I took them and refilled them at the camp stove, and then returned to the campfire and sat down next to Clare again, and handed her her cup and put my arm around her nude body, and she did the same with her one arm, by putting it around my nude body.

After taking a drink of her coffee, “Baby, how are we going to act around mom and dad, when we get back home?”

“How about we act like a husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, which is about the same really, and see just what they say and or do, then we will go from there.”

“Okay. Sounds good to me cause after all, they are the ones that sent us out here with one tent, mattress, one set of sheets, and one blanket, knowing how cool it gets at this time of year up here, and no sleeping clothes.”

“That’s the way I see it.”

“Now, the other thing is, what if my friends want to meet my new boyfriend, what do I tell them, or do about that?”

“Let me think about that one, and depending on what mom and dad say with us acting like we are married to each other, we may need to ask mom, or both of them, about that one.”

“The last thing I want to do is have to find someone to pretend like he is my boyfriend, cause doing that, things can go wrong, and then everyone will know, or think, is more like it, that I am a lier, and that is why the jerk left me.”

“You are right, I do not know of a time, that did work out for someone.”

We would kiss once in a while as we sat there talking and drinking our coffee, and even felt up one another off and on till we finished drinking our coffee, then we turned off the camp stove and went into the tent and crawled in under the covers, where we started French kissing, and feeling each other up and down, all over each other’s body’s.

When we started getting a little bit over heated under the covers, I flipped the sheet and banket off of us, and starte kissing my way down Clare’s neck to her shoulder, and then on down to her tits and nipples, where I sucked and licked and nibbled on them, and squeezed both tits in my hands as I sucked, licked, and nibbled on one, then did the same to the other tit.

“Oh baby, you are making me so hot, and making my pussy so wet, I do not think I can take any more of it.”

“Here let me lay down on my back, and you get on top in a sixty nine, so I can taste your honey pot, while you suck my dick.”

“Oh fuck yea, I want that hunk of meat you have down here.” as she wrapped her hand around my hard cock.

Clare kept her hand wrapped around my cock as she straddled my head, and as soon as she felt my tongue lick her pussy lips, she licked my cock from the base to the head, and wrapped a hand around my balls at the same time.

Clare’s pussy was so wet that she had juices ready to drip off of her pussy lips, and I got a mouth full of pussy juice with just the first lick.

After Clare licked my dick a few times, she then sucked the head into her mouth and licked the head of my dick with her tongue, while sucking on just the head, and one hand playing with my balls, all at the same time.

I licked and sucked on Clares pussy and clit, and even flicked my tongue over her clit real lightly, all at the same time for a little bit, then I felt her suck as much as she could of my hard cock down in her mouth, which felt like she was deep throating my dick, which I lifted her just enough for me to say, “You keep that up, and I am going to cum in your mouth, sexy babe.” then I went back to licking and sucking her pussy and clit.

“Good, I want to taste your cum now, then I want to feel your cum in my pussy, after we fuck each other.” then she was sucking and licking my cock again.

“Oh fuck me, I’m about to cum now.” I said into her pussy, and since she didn’t stop to say anything, I didn’t know if she could even make out what I had said, which I was sure she couldn’t do.

Clare sucked my cock deep one more time and that was all she wrote, then I shot my cum down her throat twice, before she backed off enough to just have the head in her mouth, sucking down every shot of cum that left my cock head, and when I shot my second rope of cum into her belly, I had cum squirting into my mouth, and I was trying to swallow every bit of it, so we wouldn’t have a wet bed to sleep on, but it was no use.

With Clare squirting like she was, kept my dick hard and cum shooting out of it I think, cause it was like I could not stop cumming, as long as she kept squirting cum herself.

After a bit I did quit cumming and when I did, Clare stopped squirting cum out of her pussy too.

Clare had dropped down on top of me with all of her waight, which didn’t bother me at all, and it felt good to have her laying on me like that, even if she was laying with her feet at the head of the bed and her head at the foot of the bed.

When the two of us had calmed down some, Clare raised up and got turned around and back on top of me and French kissed me with pasition like never before, as I kissed her back with the same kind of pasition too.

When she broke the kissing off, she started licking her cum off of my face, which I stopped her by saying, “You do not have to do that sexy. You taste so damn good, and smell so damn good, I want to keep on smelling you and tasting you, and by the time it is all said and done, I will want to keep fucking you, and never take my cock out of that hot wet pussy of your’s.”

Clare looked into my eyes for a moment, then asked, “You are for real aren’t you?”

“Hell yes, I am for real, sexy. You have the best tasting pussy and smelling pussy, I have ever tasted and smelt, in my life baby.”

Clare started kissing me all over my face and forhead and back around to my mouth and kissed me there, then broke it by raising up, “You are the first man that has ever said that to me, and the jerk hated it when I would squirt like that all over him, that he quit eating my pussy while I gave him a blow job, cause I squirt everytime a man cums in my mouth, if he is eating my pussy out at the same time.”

“Good, cause I want to eat a squirting pussy out that taste as good as your’s does. Your pussy is so sweet tasting, that it is like honey to me.”

“So is your cum baby. I’ve never tasted a man’s cum as sweet as your’s before. Most of them seem to be either bitter tasting, or salty tasting, or a bit of both to me, and I have to spit it out even thou I still would squirt, if, they were eating my pussy out at the same time, which most wouldn’t.”

“That is how a lot of the girls, or women, as some guys call them at the school, would tast, and if it was real bitter tasting, I made it a note not to fuck them, unless I had a rubber on.”

“Same here. But usually after blowing them, they couldn’t get it up to fuck me then, so that is why I would be horny as all get out, after a date with them.”

“I have no problem on getting it up, but if I had no rubber on me at the time, I would have to leave them high and dry, but that didn’t happen much.”

“Like you, I wouldn’t let them touch me unless they had a rubber, and if they didn’t have, then again I was horny as all get out, but better safe than sorry.”

“You got it.”

Clare was stroking my cock the whole time we was talking, which was still hard and never went soft after the mind blowing blow job she gave me, and when I finished agreeing with her, she was sliding her pussy down over my cock, and when she stopped, she sat up and had my dick in her pussy to the hilt, “Oh fuck, me baby, your big fat cock is so damn big, and deep, in my hot fucking pussy, of fuck, I’m about to cum on this big guy, damn.”

I flexed my hips a bit to get a good feel of Clare’s tight, wet, hot pussy, and damn, how good it felt to have my cock in her pussy like that, “Oh stop baby, don’t move yet, or I’ll cum all over us, before we even get started.”

“Hell, your pussy feels so damn good around my cock baby, shit, as tight as it is, it is a damn good thing, that you are as wet as you are, or you would squeeze my cum right out of my dick, before we even get started.”

“Your dick is the biggest dick I’ve had in my pussy baby. Your dick, is a cock, not a dick, for sure, cause it is damn big.”

“I didn’t think I was all that big now.”

“Oh fuck baby, it is big comepared to what has been in my pussy. You have my pussy stuffed to the max, with that thing.”

“Baby, I need to fuck you now, it feels so damn good.” as I flexed my hips again, to move my dick in and out of clare’s pussy.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me now, fast and hard.”

I lifted Clare up some and started lifting my butt up and letting it down at a fast pace, that was as fast as I could go.

“Oh fuck me babe, I’m about to cum, all ready, damn, I’m cumming baby, fuck me.”

Cumming she was, Clare squirted cum all over us and the bed, and her pussy muscles squeezed my cock so hard, it was hard to keep the speed up that I had going, and had to slow down some, she was squeezing so hard. It was a good thing she was wet as she was, or I would had to quit pumping my cock in and out of her pussy, till she came down some, and quit squeezing my dick with her pussy muscles.

When Clare finally finished riding out her orgasm, she started bouncing up and down on my dick, “Oh baby, that is a first time for me to cum so quick after starting like that. Now just lay there, and let me do this.”

After Clare pumped my dick in and out of her pussy for a few strokes, she then speeded up, till I figured she was bouncing up and down on me as fast as she could, and again, it wasn’t long till she was squirting again, and forcing my dick into her pussy as far as she could get it.

While Clare was riding out her orgasm, I reached up and squeezed her tits and eraser size nipples, while flexing my hips some, till she finally collapsed down on me, “Oh fuck baby, I have never cum so much in my life before. Damn, you are good, as well as big, fuck.”

I then rolled us over to put her on the bottom, then I give her a kiss on the mouth, then I started pumping my dick in and out of her pussy, at a slow speed for a few strocks, “Oh fuck me baby, fast and hard. I need your cum, in my pussy baby.” at which time I speeded up to a very fast pace.

Again it wasn’t long for me to hear, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming again baby, fuck me. When are you going to cum for me, so we can cum together baby, fuck me.”

“You want my cum in your pussy baby?”

“Yes, cum with me baby, cum for me, please baby.”

I kept pumping my dick in and out of Clare’s pussy, and as tight as she was, I knew I wouldn’t last long before I shot my cum into her pussy, at the speed she was wanting me to fuck her with.

“I’m about to cum, in your pussy baby.”

“Yes, cum in my pussy, fuck, I can not stop cumming, baby, damn, cum with me.”

Clare was cumming a lot I noticed, since I wasn’t letting up on the speed, as much as I had to on my back.

“Here it is baby, in your pussy.” rope after rope of cum shot out of my dick head right into Clare’s pussy, as deep as I could get my dick into her, and she was pulling me in with her legs and feet, being wrapped around me, as far and deep in as she could get me too.

Clare kept squirting, and her pussy muscles kept squeezing my dick, which it all seemed to keep me cumming, and dumping as much cum into her pussy, just to see how much of my cum her pussy could hold, it seemed like.

When we finally quit cumming and calmed down some, I collapsed down over Clare, but kept my waight on my elbows, she let her legs drop down to each side of us, but kept her arms wrapped around my neck and shoulders as we hugged each other, then I raised my head enough for us to kiss each other for bit then, “Oh baby, I love you so much, I do not want to let you go, and I do not want to take my dick out of your hot, wet, tight, pussy, ever again, from now on.”

“That is a cock, not a dick, baby, and I too, do not want to let you go, and I too, want that cock of your’s to stay in my pussy, from now on.”

“You are the only one I want for the rest of my life sexy. I love you so very much.”

“Oh baby, thank you, thank you. I do not want anyone else but you too, for the rest of my life. I love you too, baby.”

We rolled over onto our sides while we French kissed each other with more pasition than before and soon we fell asleep in each other’s arms to be woke up later by a loud clapping sound.

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