Living with Uncle Jim pt. 2

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Living with Uncle Jim pt. 2

The next day my body feels so relaxed I don’t want to get out of bed, stretching out across my lilac bed sheet I arch my back and flex my toes. Yesterday was so strange, Jim has never asked someone to help him check me and it has never felt that good. Sitting up I decide to have a bath, today I want to relax not rush like usual and since we don’t have school there is no reason why I shouldn’t. I look down at my alarm clock realising it’s already ten in the morning; I wonder why Jim didn’t wake me. I walk downstairs after setting the hot water to run and head straight to the fridge for a glass of cold orange, leaning against the kitchen side I see a note with Jim’s scruffy handwriting on it

‘Gone to work, will be back about 2pm. don’t go out. Don’t let anyone in.’

Shrugging I take the note and crumple it in my free hand while swallowing the last of the orange from my glass. Putting the glass in the sink and the note into the bin I head back upstairs and start to peel my nightdress off. Confused at why it feels like it’s stuck against my skin I look down at my chest and stomach seeing something white and Crispy like over my breasts and stomach. That’s strange I think. I wonder where that came from. Shrugging again a throw my nightdress into the hamper and climb into the bath, the hot water making me gasp as it turns my skin red. I lay back feeling the water work its magic over my muscles and relaxing me in a way that my body feels like jelly; slowly I close my eyes and let my body slip down into the tub until my head slips under the water. I lay there for a while with my eyes closed and my nose just breeching the water’s surface thinking about how my life has changed. I must have dozed back off because when I open my eyes I feel very cold, the water now just barely Luke warm, sitting up I hold on to the sides and start to lift myself up when I hear a voice from across the room,

“you been there a while” Jim says as he sits on the toilet seat watching me, I gasp and drop back into the tub throwing my hands over my breasts and splashing the water all over the edges “I knew you was okay since you was still breathing so I didn’t know if I should wake you, but I wanted to talk to you” he continues like it’s nothing to have a conversation while I’m in the bath, I see him lower his head looking at his hands as he talks “I’m sorry for how I embarrassed you yesterday, with me asking Tony to help me check you” he says on a sob “I should have done it by myself, taken you upstairs or something” he says sobbing again

I feel bad for him, he didn’t mean to hurt me, and he was just trying to check me. I don’t want him to feel bad for looking after me “Uncle it’s okay” I whisper leaning over the tub to block his view “I know you was just trying to help me and I made it harder by keep moving”

“No you’re just saying that, you hate me now, I will call the police and have them place you with another family, one that won’t embarrass you while they check you.” He says standing up. Fear courses through me ‘take me away?’ I don’t want to go through that again

“NO” I shout standing up and jumping out the bath “please Uncle don’t tell the police, I don’t want them taking me away” tears fill my eyes as I forget that I’m now standing in front of him naked, the only thought on my mind the idea of him calling the police. I don’t see it but a smile forms on his mouth as he looks closely at my body, I feel his hands touch my waist and slide around my body pulling me closer to him,

“You’re so cold, I better keep you warm since that water didn’t” he says closing his eyes and running his hands over my bare skin. “Come I want to check you”

“But I haven’t seen anyone since yesterday” I try to say but he takes my hand and drags me to my room
“Lie on the bed and get under the covers” he says pushing me towards the mattress

I know there is no point in arguing so I just get in bed and put my hands over my chest

“After tonight I won’t let Tony help me and I will take you to the police station tomorrow” he says spreading my legs and leaning over me, his fingers slowly and gently make their way up my thigh stroking me softly on the way

“Please Uncle, don’t… I don’t blame you; please don’t. I won’t tell if you don’t. I will be a good girl and let you check me whenever you want…please,” I sob

“No baby it’s my fault I hurt you, I don’t want to hurt you I love you, your my only family, without you I will have no one”

“But you didn’t hurt me, it felt good” I burst out embarrassed and scared that he will make me leave

“it made you feel good?” he asks smiling “so you don’t blame me?” he adds as his fingers slide up my private place and press gently on my little nub “would you like me to make it feel good every time?”
As he presses harder I feel the warm feeling flowing through me

“Do you like that baby? Would you like Tony to help more often? Look at you you’re freezing I should warm you up” he smiles, his fingers slide deep into me as his left hand strokes it’s way over my body, moving up my stomach and squeezing my breasts like yesterday. His mouth moves over my nipple, his tongue licking over it before he pulls it into his mouth, sucking hard. My back arches towards him as my breathing shortens. I don’t understand what he’s doing but it feels so good, better than yesterday, he moves his mouth to mine swallowing a moan that escapes my mouth as his tongue caresses mine “you feel so good baby, are you sure you want to stay?”
“Yes” I whisper
“And would you like Tony to help more?” he asks pushing deeper into me
“Did you like him using his tongue?”
“Uncle please…” I don’t know what I want or why I’m saying please but it slips from my mouth, I can’t seem to control my body now as my back arches again and my hips try to move up to meet his fingers.
“Did you like him using his tongue Jane?” he repeats as his fingers thrust in and out of me, his thumb now circling my nub
“Yes, yes, yes”
With a big smile on his face he leans forward pressing his mouth to my ear “want to know a secret? so did I and it would make me feel very happy if you let him again”
“Oh god yes” I moan as he presses hard against me, his left hand pinches my nipple and his mouth covers mine. Quickly I feel the warm gush of fluid I felt yesterday flow out of me. Jim laughs and moves his hand, pressing my present against my private place and rubbing it against me, his hands grab my hair as he presses his mouth hard against mine. I start to squirm as the rough denim of his jeans rubs against my now sensitive body
“Uncle my present is hurting me” I say twisting my head away from his
He pulls away “I’ll tell you what, come to my room in five minutes…” he smiles as he leaves, I wonder why he wants me to go to his room?, a cool breeze runs over my naked skin making little Goosebumps appear over me and a shiver to run through my body. I get up and put on my dressing gown before heading to Jim’s room like he asked
Opening the door I find Jim lying in bed, his covers all the way up to his neck “so I was thinking…” he starts “maybe you would like to feel your present? If I hide it under the covers you could slide your hand under and feel it”
I start to get excited but why is Jim under the covers? “W…why are you under the covers?” I ask
“Well if you don’t want to feel it then fine” he says annoyed, unsure what I have done wrong to upset him so quickly I backtrack
“No…no I want to feel it please”
“Okay if you really want to you can, come over here and give me your right hand” he smiles again, glad that he’s no longer upset with me I make my way to his bed and put my hand in his open palm that peeks out from beneath the covers, slowly I bend to my knees as his hand slides mine back under and leads me to grasp something hot and hard, Jim’s sudden gasp makes me jump but his hand covers mine before I can pull away “so baby what do you think?” he asks on a moan
“You’re talking strange Uncle, is it hurting you?”
“No baby my stomach aches, squeeze tighter, that’s it, now move your hand up and down like this,” he says moving my hand with his; it feels strange, like soft velvet but hard too. I move my hand like he says trying to figure out what it is, after a while he tells me to move my hand faster. as I do I realise his stomach must be really hurting I want to get him some pain killers but he tells me to be a good girl and just stroke my present
“Does my Twelve year old niece like her present?” he asks
“Yes I do, it feels so soft can I see it?”
“Not yet, now who am I to you?”
“I don’t understand? Y…you’re my uncle”
“Then call me it. Does my twelve year old niece want her present?”
“Yes Uncle I do”
“I bet my young twelve year old niece would like to taste it? Wouldn’t she”
“Uncle why do you keep saying my age?”
“DON’T QUESTION ME JUST FUCKING ANSWER” he shouts making me jump, moving my hand faster I try to make him happy again
“Is it something I can taste?” I whisper
“Yes it is I’m going to enjoy watching my little twelve your old niece lick and suck on it”
“I want to taste it Uncle”
“Beg me to let you taste it now… beg to lick and suck it, I want to hear my beautiful young niece beg”
“Please Uncle, let me taste it, let me suck it. Does it taste sweet? I want to lick it Uncle please let me I want it now”
“Oh gods yes, go get your blue scarf and come back with it now”
I think it’s strange he wants me to get my scarf but I do as I’m told, taking it back to him. He leans up and orders me to turn round, quickly placing the soft satin material around my eyes and tying it securely at the back of my head,
“good girl now come here” he says taking my hand and pushing me to my knees “open your mouth wide and you can taste it” I do as I’m told, feeling something soft slide against my lip, sliding my tongue out I feel it press against something soft and warm
“Does my young twelve year old niece like her present?”
“It’s so soft uncle” I say opening my mouth, I feel him push it in slowly, telling me to suck on it I try my hardest but it’s so big only a small bit fits, I suck and lick on what I can, it doesn’t taste like food or anything I can swallow, but Jim keeps telling me his twelve year old niece looks so good sucking on it. He tries to push harder and further into my mouth causing me to heave, I try to push him away shocked to feel his bare legs, is he not wearing any trousers? That can’t be right men shouldn’t be naked in front of girls my age. I try to forget it as I concentrate on what I’m doing after all if he’s ill he may not want to wear trousers but I’m sure he’s wearing pants , my jaw starts to hurt as my present feels like it’s getting bigger and Jim’s voice becomes strangled. Suddenly I feel something hot splash into my mouth coating my tongue, it tastes disgustingly salty and thick. I try to pull away harder but Jim holds my head pushing my present in and out of my mouth fast.
“You know what baby that was the best” his breaths hard “be a good girl and swallow”
Without thinking I do as he says, regretting it instantly as I gag on the taste, I try to spit it out but it’s too late, I reach for the scarf but Jim growls for me to leave it on. Pushing me to the door he says that he isn’t happy with me trying to spit out my present and he won’t bother giving me anything in future before slamming the door on me.
Tears run freely down my face as I try to understand why he is so hot and cold with me all of a sudden, I make my way to my room suddenly feeling very tired. I climb into bed seeing the time is 7:56pm I can’t believe the day has gone so quick, all I have done is have a bath. I roll over soaking my pillow with my tears before drifting off into a restless sleep
The next morning I rush down stairs hoping to catch Jim before he leaves, I hear him in the shower and quickly get to making his favourite full English breakfast. I’m just putting the mushrooms on the plate as he comes into the kitchen
“I made you breakfast Uncle” I say smiling as I place the plate on the table with a knife and fork, he doesn’t answer me or even register I have spoken, instead he stalks around the kitchen pulling out a bowl and cornflakes. Adding milk he shovels the food into his mouth and stares at the newspaper
“Uncle? Would you like a cooked breakfast?” I ask again but still I get no answer. As he shoves the last of the cereal into his mouth he stands up and chucks the bowl into the sink, grabs his coat and walks out
I just don’t understand why Jim is ignoring me, what did I do wrong? Confused and feeling sad I head towards his room to see if I can find my present. Opening his door the smell of his aftershave hits me hard, my dad never used to wear so much aftershave maybe Jim is wearing it to impress that lady that left the other night. I slowly step inside looking around me, his room is very tidy considering the state the rest of the house was when I first arrived, I make my way over to his bed unsure where to look first. Standing there I just take time to look around, where would he hide it? I look in this bed side table but can’t see anything the right shape or size only a small bottle of something called lubricating jelly, a book called Da Vinci code and a box of small square foil packets. Closing the draw I head to his wardrobe and rummage around but can’t find anything other than his clothes and a shelf full of video cases with people’s names on them, getting frustrated now I shut the door hard and look around me again. I head to his dressing table but have no luck there finding nowhere else he could have hid it I leave the room.
I head to the bathroom and switch on the shower, starting to undress I reach in to the flowing water before stepping in and letting the water run gently down over my hair, dripping onto my shoulders and sliding on down my naked body. Tears flow from my eyes, how can I make things better with Jim? How can I get him to talk to me again? I feel so drained, so tired and I don’t know how to make it better. Feeling distant from myself I leave the bathroom and start to dress in a pair of black jogging bottoms and a florescent yellow vest top before heading to the living room and snuggling up on the sofa, resting my head on the cushion I switch on the television with the remote . I come face to face with a woman on a bed with a man standing over her with his private bit about to go in her private place, shocked I quickly turn the television off.
As I pour myself a glass of water the phone rings in the hall way
“Hey Jane, its Ben. What are you up to?”
Suddenly feeling a lot better hearing his voice I smile to myself and sit on the floor beside the little desk, “hey Ben. Not much”
“Cool fancy coming to the park?”
The view of Jims angry face worries me, how will he react to me going out? “Err not today Ben, I better stay in I’m feeling a little queasy”
“Ah that’s no good, are you sure?”
“Yes I think it’s for the best, maybe another night”
As I hang up the phone all the worry and confusion comes flooding back, maybe I should have just said yes to get out of the house but if Jim comes home I should be here to try making it up to him. Trying to kill time I empty Jim’s plate into the bin and place it in the sink to wash with my cup and Jim’s cereal bowl. I empty the water from the sink and wipe down the kitchen sides and table before loading the washing machine with my uniform. I decide to quickly run the hoover over the floors and then start on my homework that has to be in on Monday. Sitting at the kitchen table I get to work on the pile of class papers in front of me, I’m half way through when the door rings. Part of me hopes that it’s Jim and he has forgotten his keys, though I know it won’t be.
“Hey, thought I would keep you company” Ben says as soon as I open the large blue wooden front door to find him standing there loaded with a thermal cup, dvds and a big smile
“Oh my god Ben” I laugh stepping back to let him pass “you didn’t have to do that, I’m sure you would have had more fun at the park”
“Are you crazy, what guy in their right mind would rather go to the park than spend the afternoon looking after you? He says with a wink and a smile
Laughing I follow him into the living room “so I brought you hot chicken soup, I just made it so it will be nice and hot for you and I brought some dvds round I thought we could watch” he says leaning up to the cupboard and pulling down a bowl, he slips to the fridge and starts to butter two slices of bread, pouring the soup into the bowl he reaches down beside the fridge and pulls out a tray “now go sit down on the sofa and I will bring this in” he says pouring a glass of milk and placing it on the tray with the food. I sit smiling as he places the tray on my lap
“Thank you Ben”
“That’s okay” he smiles back “now I brought ‘dirty dancing’ and’ just like heaven’ which one would you like to watch first?”
“First?” I laugh “I don’t know maybe ‘just like heaven’? Ben?”
“Yes?” he asks looking at me and picks up ‘Just like heaven’
“Did you make this soup yourself, from scratch?”
“yeah I did, when you said you was feeling queasy I thought I would make something to make you feel better” he replies turning around and heading to the television, I quickly remember what channel Jim has left on and try to jump up to stop him but it’s too late, he turns the TV on and the room is filled with loud moaning of a woman and a man against a kitchen counter. My face goes bright red when he looks at me and it doesn’t help that he has a huge smile on his,
“Been watching porn have you?” he laughs hard
“Of course not, don’t be disgusting Ben turn it off” I say ashamed and embarrassed
Looking at me closely with his smile still firmly in place “why is it disgusting Jane? It’s just two people having sex, that’s natural not disgusting”
“Please Ben I don’t want to see it” I say putting my fingers in my ears and scrunching my eyes closed tightly
“Okay no problem” he says finally turning the channel over and turning on the DVD player, the screen fills with the home screen of ‘Just like heaven’ “is that better?” he asks still smiling at me
“Yes thank you, Jim must have left it on last night; I didn’t think he was like that”
“Like what?”
“You know the type to watch things like that”
“Jane it’s just porn, most men watch it”
Going red again I look at my soup “do you?”
“Sometimes, sure. My brother left some DVDs behind when he moved out and I wondered what they are so I watched them”
Feeling suddenly very uncomfortable I start fidgeting and think it’s better to change the subject
“Have you seen this film before?”
“No” he replies laying back into the sofa closer to me “I borrowed it from Kerry “
“She won’t mind?” I worry, I know how his step mother can be, she doesn’t really like the fact his dad has c***dren
“She won’t notice she has gone to Scotland for two weeks” he says looking at the screen and pressing play on the control.
For the next four hours there is very little talk, I eat the soup and we watch the films, sometimes making comments on his crush on Reese Witherspoon, while I comment I always had a thing about Patrick Swayze and how sad that it is he died. Other than that we just sit in silence and it’s strangely comfortable, I don’t feel the need to fill the silence with talk or feel nervous as I lay there watching the films. I feel my eyes start to droop and realise the time is already almost 5pm, Jim is due home soon, I better get dinner ready. As I start to get up the front door slams shut and we hear the laughing sound of two men approaching the living room, quickly I sit up and push a hurt and confused Ben further over the sofa. As Jim and Tony walk in their eyes fall straight on us, the look in Jim’s eyes could kill
“Hey dad, Hey Jim did you have a good time fishing?” Ben asks twisting his body around to lean on the back of the sofa
“Yeah we caught a fair bit today, what have you two been up to?” Tony says looking between us
“Nothing much Jane said she wasn’t feeling well so I brought her some soup and we watched a DVD”
“I was just about to start dinner” I say standing up
“Don’t bother I’ve already eaten” Jim replies with a cold voice, his eyes burning into me promising punishment
“James and I were just discussing his birthday next Saturday,” Tony adds in an attempt to cover his friend’s anger “thinking about having a party so you might have to stay at a friend’s that night boy” he says looking at Ben
“Okay I will ask Carl,”
“Well we better go home; your mother will be calling soon”
“She’s not my mother dad she’s your wife”
“Don’t start Benjamin” Tony’s voice darkens as he grabs Ben by the arm and drags him out. As they leave I notice Jim staring at me. I move my eyes back to him and take a startled step back when I see just how angry he is
“W…we wasn’t doing anything Uncle, just watching TV”
Without a word he turns his back to me and walks out,
“Uncle please, don’t be mad at me anymore I’m sorry for whatever I did that upset you” I see him stop on the stairs though he doesn’t turn “I want to make it up to you” I continue moving towards him
“How do you plan to make it up to me?”
“I would like to taste my present again” I say quickly, I know that he liked that, in fact he wanted it.
Turning towards me he shouts at me “YOU THINK I WOULD GIVE YOU YOUR PRESENT NOW?” before heading back up the stairs leaving me sobbing on the floor. I need to figure out what I did wrong and how to make it better, but after a surprisingly fun day all it took was one look from Jim to make me feel so sad and like I have disappointed him somehow. Not knowing what else to do I make my way to my room and climb on the bed with snuggles the bear and just cry. I hear Jim moving around the house but he doesn’t look in and I feel too scared to try to talk to him until 10pm when I start to drift off. I feel the movement of someone sitting on my bed. I open my red puffy eyes to see Jim sitting beside me. Without a word he pulls my jogging bottoms down and pushes his fingers into me. This isn’t like the other times when it felt good, this hurts and I try to move back away from him but the look in his eyes says he’s not in the mood to restrain me.

“Uncle it hurts please”

“You know the worst thing a girl can do Jane?”

I just look at him without answering I can see he doesn’t want an answer

“Cry and complain, its emotional blackmail and a form of abuse to make a man feel bad for everything.”

Is that what I’m doing I wonder. I guess I cry a lot but it’s just because I feel so sad not to make him feel bad. Maybe he feels like I try to so it to upset him

“Uncle I don’t cry to upset you I’m just sad”

“But it does upset me and I can’t help you with you feeling sad. Don’t you think I have it bad enough with losing my brother and his wife and then being stuck with a miserable teenager that does everything she can to make things harder for me? Now I have to deal with you crying every time you don’t get it your way.”

Oh my god he’s right I hadn’t thought of how bad it must be for him losing my dad and mum, I feel guilty for the way I have behaved I should have tried to make it easier for him.

“Uncle I’m so sorry I didn’t think…”

“No that’s the problem you never think Jane. You come in here all oh I lost my mummy and daddy no care for the fact I lost my brother and he was my brother longer than he was your dad. No care that you have disrupted my life I can’t do what I did before cause of you and now you flaunt yourself at every boy you see teasing and leading on my friends poor son and his mates” his voice gets darker as his words go on. Have I been leading them on? I didn’t think I had after all they only like me as a friend but then Ben said something similar about Carl. He said I couldn’t be that naive that I couldn’t see how Carl felt about me. Now Jim is saying that Ben likes me too?

He removes his fingers from me and starts to walk out

“I’m sorry”

“Sorry isn’t going to help you Jane. It’s an easy word to say.”

“Tell me how to prove it”

“I will think of something, just remember my party Saturday” he says leaving without looking at me

I lie back on my bed and think about the party. I will have to be on my best behaviour and be grown up so I don’t embarrass him. Maybe I should get him something nice too. I think about ideas for presents until my eyes start to droop again and I drift off looking forward to meeting his other friends.

When I wake up Sunday morning I feel much better, I now have something to look forward to and I plan to make this the best birthday Jim has ever had. I run down stairs and grab the phone starting to dial Ben’s number before I remember what Jim said about leading him on and being a tease. I hang up the receiver and head back upstairs I run a quick bath and get dressed planning to head into Bromley early and finding an amazing present that will hopefully help Jim to forgive me for being so immature and selfish. I want to show him I can be good. My parents always said I was a good girl so I know I can do it I just have to try harder.

“Where are you going?” I hear from behind me, I turn and find Jim standing in the doorway in just his trousers. His slim stomach and chest covered in sleep lines from his sheets

Smiling I bounce over to him and place a kiss on his cheek as I wrap my arms round him

“Morning Uncle I thought I would go into Bromley and get your birthday present”

“Who with?”

“By myself” I answer moving back a few steps “is that okay?” I add worried I might upset him further

“Yes alone but I want you back here for lunch, do you want a ride?”

“Sure. I will be back earlier if I don’t have to get the bus”

He walks back to his room an grabs a jumper and slips on his shoes

“Come then hurry up. I have to get back; Tony’s coming round to watch the footie later. ”

As he drops me off he reminds me to hurry up and come straight home before pulling away and driving off. I head straight for the glades with the rest of my birthday money and make my way to the second floor walking into the fishing and tackle store, I look around me and make my way to the back of the shop to the rods,

“Can I help you with something?” I hear a young man’s voice say from behind me

“I’m looking for something for my Uncles birthday, he’s really into fishing and goes often but I don’t really know what I’m looking for” I reply smiling at him

I leave the shop after about half hour, the young shop assistant showing me all types of different things that I might like before ringing up a package deal of a load of different things that my Uncle will love. I stop in Clintons cards before heading to the bus stop.
I wait a while for the bus to arrive and sit at the back when it pulls up, luckily I’m one of a few on the bus and it doesn’t take me long to get home. When I walk in Tony and Jim are watching the football, I head to the fridge and get two cans and take them into them

“You get what you wanted?” Jim asks taking the can of beer and not looking away from the TV

“Yes I got it, I’m just going to my room to wrap it up” I reply smiling and heading upstairs happy with myself.

After wrapping the package box I head back down and make some snack bits for the men. Looking in the fridge I try to decide what to make for dinner, deciding on roast Pork I take the meat from the fridge and start preparing everything. Once everything is cooked and served I place three plates on the table and call for Jim and Tony who has decided to stay for tea, we sit and eat with Tony making compliments about my cooking and strange comments to Jim about having me here to cook and clean, I start to wonder if that’s what he expects women to do. After dinner I start washing up and head back upstairs to finish off my homework I didn’t do yesterday. About two hours later I hear a knock on the door. I look up to see Tony standing there.

“Hey Jane, your Uncle sent me up here said your be getting ready and you need to be checked” he says walking into my room, suddenly I feel nervous

“Where is he?”

“He’s on the phone; he asked me come up and start. Do you mind? We can wait for your Uncle if you would rather”

Remembering what Jim said the other day about liking Tony to help again I think maybe it would be a better to let him help, maybe it will show Jim I’m trying to make an effort at being more grown up

“Okay” I whisper still feeling nervous, he sits on the bed and tells me to stand up and remove my clothes, sliding my legs apart he bends down and trails his tongue up my thigh, I jump feeling something leaking in my private place as his fingers slide into me

“Good girl” I hear Jim say from the door way. He stands there leaning against the door frame watching his friend, while Tony’s tongue slides up the lips of my private place and presses firmly against the little hard bit at the top, my back arches even though I try my hardest not to move, I shouldn’t be liking this but I want Jim to be happy with me. He walks over to us on the bed and lays down next to me his, right hand slides up my stomach and under my top grasping my breast. I assume it’s to keep me still but his mouth lowers to mine pressing his lips hard against them, Tony’s tongue thrusts deep inside me while his thumb circles and rubs firmly over my nub. I try to push them away but their strength over powers mine and all I can do is moan, as I feel the liquid rush from my body, I feel myself shaking before Tony’s tongue slide into my mouth. A strange tangy taste covers my taste buds and I vaguely notice that Jim’s fingers and pressing deep inside me, I try to block them both out but it doesn’t work, they both continue to touch and kiss me.

When they finally stop they head back down stairs while I try to get myself together and make my way to the bathroom feeling dirty and needing a shower. As I scrub myself from top to bottom I feel the need for more, tears run down my face as I rinse myself off and start all over again scrubbing my private place hard until its red and sore. “I want to go home” I sob to myself falling to my knees and putting my face in my hands “I want my mummy and daddy” I don’t know what Jim is doing but part of me feels this is wrong, surely my parents would have said something if this was normal, yeah I didn’t really have male friends back then but David the boy next door used to come over and stay when his parents were at work and no one said anything about checking me. But if this isn’t normal then why would he be doing it? It takes me a while but I manage to clean myself enough to feel okay about climbing out to dry and dress, I put on the biggest bed clothes I can find and climb into bed. I pull the covers over my head and close my eyes working on the idea that if I can’t see anything it’s not really there. Had I stayed up I might have heard the conversation between Jim and Tony. I don’t know what I could have done about it but I would have at least known what they had planned for me instead I fell asleep completely unaware that they was standing just outside my door way

“James I can’t be waiting anymore I need to feel that girl around my cock” Tony grumbles

“Don’t you worry, it will happen soon” Jim says with a Smile

“You said that before, when? Whys it’s taking you so long?”

Growling Jim pins Tony against the wall shoving his face into Tony’s

“Jane isn’t going to be like the others, she lives with me, she knows what we look like, we have to take this slow, make her think it’s her idea, her fault” he says letting go and looking back over to my sleeping body “Saturday at my party, get the guys round, Saturday I will break her innocence”

Monday I don’t feel like getting up but I know Jim is working from home and I really don’t want to be around him, I manage to drag myself from my bed and head to the shower. As I’m sliding my skirt over my hips I hear the door go, it’s bound to be Ben and I know Jim won’t be happy but I just can’t make myself care today, I head down to the kitchen to find Ben sitting there laughing and joking with Jim, they don’t notice me at first and just keep laughing until I open the fridge and pour a glass of orange,

“Hey Jane you okay?” Ben asks me between laughs

“Yes I’m good” I reply swallowing the juice quickly, I can feel Jim’s eyes on me and I don’t like it. He leans over me and kisses me softly on the cheek as Ben and I start to leave the house calling out at us to be careful

“Your Uncle seems happy today” Ben comments rounding the corner and bringing the school into view, he babbles on talking about everything he did since I last saw him, I don’t answer just listen. I’m not really in the mood to talk anyway, as we get near the gates he stops standing in front of me

“Jane have you heard anything I said? Are you okay?” he asks

I look up at him and realise I must have tuned out

“yeah sorry Ben I’m just a little tired today” I say forcing a smile on my face and bumping him in the shoulder “I’ll be ok soon” I add walking on in the gates and joining the flowing crowd heading towards the main building, we part ways and plan to meet at lunch, all day I have trouble concentrating on my work, bad enough that by the end of my last class before lunch the teacher asks me to stay behind

“Is everything okay Jane? You seem to be having trouble today, is everything alright at home?” she asks, a sweet friendly smile on her worried face

“Yes Miss Hawk I’m fine it’s just I wasn’t well over the weekend and didn’t sleep well last night, I’m sorry I’ll try to concentrate better tomorrow”

“As long as you’re okay that’s all that matters, if you have any problems or anything feel free to come talk to me anytime” she says rubbing my shoulder and looking me in the eyes, I smile back at her and leave the room feeling stupid that I have been pulled up about my behaviour today. Walking to the playgroup I give myself a telling off not paying attention to where I’m going I walk straight into Mr Jones

“Hey there Jane, you okay?” he asks steadying me with his hands on my upper arms

“I’m sorry Mr Jones I wasn’t looking,” I say looking up at him and feeling even worse

“That’s okay Jane, how are you getting on?”

“Good Sir, Ben has helped a lot and so has Carl”

“That would be Mr Stephens?”

“Yes sir” I say looking around

“I’m happy they made you feel at home, I hear your uncle is having a party for his birthday Saturday,”

“Yes sir” I mumble shocked that he they are close enough that he knows that

“Good” he smiles “I will see you there”

As he walks away I wonder why Jim never mentioned that he had invited my headmaster to the party, I turn and make my way over to Ben who’s waiting for me by the benches with a couple of sandwiches and a can of sprite for me

“Hey Jane you feeling better?” he asks handing me the sprite

“God I wish everyone would stop asking me that I’m fine”

“Sorry” he mumbles, I look at him,

“No I’m sorry Ben I shouldn’t have shouted at you I know you only mean well it’s just everyone keeps asking me today and I just feel tired that’s all”

“It’s ok Jane” he says smiling and placing an arm round my shoulders. The rest of the day goes in a blur much like the first part of the day; by the time I get home I’m shocked I barely remember anything that has been said to me. When I open the door I find Jim and Tony sitting at the kitchen table with a note pad in front of them and a couple of beers

“No man don’t invite that dick” Tony says as I walk in

“Hey Uncle, Hi Tony” I say turning the kettle on and deciding to make myself a hot chocolate to see if it makes me feel better

“Ah Jane just the girl I need” Jim says smiling “about Saturday…” he starts

“I could see if I can stay at a friends at school if you like” I say expecting him to ask me to stay out

“No I was going to ask if you would mind staying here and helping out? Nothing big just handing out snacks and drinks and things, and you will get to meet some of my other friends”

“Oh” I say shocked “I guess so if that’s what you want”

“Well I thought you might enjoy it, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to”

“No I will I would like to meet your other friends” I say quickly scared to upset him again “Mr Jones said that he would be coming?” I add

“yes he will, I was hoping you would say yes and help us out so today we went shopping and I bought you a new dress to wear, it’s on your bed if you want to go try it on?”

Suddenly feeling very excited I jump up and make a strange squeaking noise before kissing Jim on the cheek and running upstairs, I find a big white box at the end of my bed, opening it I find a load of pretty pink tissue paper covering a beautiful soft black dress, pulling it out I hold it against me and run over to the mirror, the first thing I notice is how grown up I look just holding it against my body, the sexy thin straps will mean I won’t be able to wear a bra and it looks quite low cut but it flows beautifully at the waist. That’s when I notice how short it is, it looks like it will cover me but it will be a lot shorter than anything else I have ever worn around other people, I pull my school clothes off and slip the dress over my head. I see I’m right straight away and the dress is very short, maybe I should let Jim know but I don’t want to upset him again when he has just given me another present.

I see that even without a bra it won’t matter as the top half of the dress clings to my breast and holds them up perfectly. Spinning round I look at myself smiling, I can’t believe how beautiful I look, with the right hair and jewellery I could look amazing. Just as quick as I put it on I slide it off and hang it up in my wardrobe so not to crease it, I pull on some trousers and a top and run back down stairs to find both men exactly where I left them

“Oh my god Uncle it’s beautiful,” I say wrapping my arms around him and squeezing him hard

“That’s okay darling” he says laughing “I just wanted you to look beautiful for my party”

I leave them too it and get to work making snacks and sorting dinner, I hear them talking about food and what drinks to have there, seems Tony is determined to have something called tequila saying that it will get them all drunk quicker

“We don’t want to get too drunk though otherwise we won’t remember the night” Jim says annoyed

“Fine then what drink? Just beers?” asks Tony

“No we should get some spirits too”

They start writing it all down things they will need to get and other people to invite. I think by the time I set dinner on the table they have everything decided.

“This looks great Jane” Tony says digging in “maybe you should cook the food too” he laughs

“If that will help I can, mum taught me how to cook so I can do some of it if you like Uncle” I ask turning to him

“Sure that would be very helpful” he says around mouthfuls of food

That night I find it hard to sleep with ideas for food and what kind of necklace I should wear run through my mind, finally managing to fall asleep about midnight.

The rest of the week goes quite quick and by Friday I’m so excited about Saturday I can’t concentrate at school at the end of the day I ask Ben to come with me to the Glades to help me pick out a necklace and earrings which he seems happy to do, I ring Jim to let him know so that he doesn’t worry and I don’t end up getting in more trouble. Straight from school we hop on the bus to Bromley and make out way around every shop I can think of to look for something to wear.

I describe the dress in detail so Ben knows what to look for, but it seems to just distract him

“You’re going to look amazing Jane it’s a shame I can’t come”

“I’m sure I will be bored, all I will be doing is getting their drinks and helping to hand out food” I laugh

We walk through with Ben showing me every necklace he sees and modelling them on his neck making me laugh and some shop attendants to look annoyed finally I manage to find a beautiful diamante necklace that looks like real diamonds and matching earrings that I think will look perfect. I jump around excited with Ben staring at me and laughing

“Calm down Jane before we get kicked out and you won’t be able to get them” he laughs leading me to the counter

“It’s just perfect Ben look at it”

After getting the necklace I head into La Senza telling Ben to wait outside, I don’t think it would be good to be spotted walking around a shop like that with Ben in tow, he’s not happy about it but he does as he’s told and even offers to go get some milkshakes for us to drink on the way home.

I look around for some black knickers to wear under my dress, I tried it on the other day with all the black knickers I own and looked in the mirror but you could see them every time I bent over even just a little bit. Spotting a pretty pair of lace French knickers that should be okay I walk over and start flicking through the sizes

“Hello may I help” a woman’s voice asks

Turning to look at her I can see she knows I’m young and the look on her face tells me she’s not sure if to help me or to call her boss

“Hi, I know I shouldn’t really be looking in here with my age but it’s my Uncle’s birthday tomorrow and I bought a new dress to wear, the thing is all my black underwear shows through it and I need to find something that won’t show.” I smile embarrassed

Not sure if it was my excuse or my embarrassment she smiles back at me

“Okay I understand, what were you thinking?”

“Something like this that will cover me but won’t show” with my last comment about making sure I’m covered her last bit or worry evaporates and she helps me select my size before ringing it up and placing it in my small bag with my necklace so not to embarrass me about where I have been shopping. I meet Ben outside and we head home.

That night I climb into bed and think about all the things I have to do, all the food and decorations, my hair and clothes and making sure he had the best party ever. I don’t realise that tomorrow my Uncle has very different plans for how the party will go and that all his friends will be able to watch.
I sleep soundly not knowing that tomorrow my life will change forever…..

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