Lunch with the Plumber

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Lunch with the Plumber
I was in the middle of taking a hot steamy shower with my toys. I’m all soaped up and the hot water slows doen to a cold shower. I hurry and rinse off and get out to wrap in a towel. I run to the hot water heater and feel the top, and it’s cold. I checked the pilot light and nothing.

I get the phone book out and find a local plumber. i told him what happened and the guy on the phone said he would send someone over right away. I’m sitting at the kitchen table in my robe, and having some lunch.

The doorbell fings and I go to the door. There is standing a hunky looking guy in his jacket and jeans. Toolbox in one hand and a soda in the other. I let him in and tell him what has happened.

I take him to the basement where the hot water heater is. He bends down and looks around. He’s tinkering with some of the pipes and takes his jacket off, to reach deep in the heater, for a loose pipe. He pulls out the pipe and says here’s your problem. He says he can fix it.

He goes out to his truck and comes in with a few more tools and a new pipe. I follow him back down the steps, and squat down in front of him with my legs spread and an easy view fro him to see my wet shaved pussy. He looks over to me and smiles. I can see he is getting hard, from his viewing.

I lose my balance and fall on to of him, grabbing his dick as i fall on him. I laughed and said excuse me as I lifted myself up. My hand is still on his cock, while he works on the pipe. He doesn’t seem to mind me unzipping his pants. I sooo badly want to see that dick. I get his dick from his pants and bend down to suck on it for a minute.

The guy gets up on his shoulders and watches me suck his throbbing cock. He sees that my robe is coming undone and he reaches in for my tits. lift up, to take my robe off and let him have full access to y tits. I’m stroking his cock and rubbing my clit. He’s sucking my tits hard. one at a time, then gripping me hard, pulling and tugging on the nipples.

The plumber pulls me forward and begins to kiss me. I straddle his waist with my tits right there. I begin to unbutton his shirt, to see his rock hard chest. I see his name tag that says Fred. I say hi to him and bend down to kiss his chest and rub his nipples.

Fred pulls me closer to his chest and kisses me, and works his way to my chest again. Sucking hard on each nipple, he feels his way to my wet pussy. He spreads my pussy lips wide and slips a finger in my pussy and another in my clit. Rubbing hard, then softly makes me begin to squirt. I’m loving how he feels me with his fingers.

We get up and go to the futon int he other room, I lay it down, while Fred undresses all the way. He’s got muscles everywhere. His legs and arms are bulging, along with his huge cock standing out, like a clothes pole.

I go over to him and suck his cock some more. He pulls me up and has me lay on the bed and spreads my legs wide. He’s licking my clit and a finger deep in my pussy, pumping me hard. I’m getting ready to cum again, the finger comes out and his tongue goes in. He’s licking me clean and goes for another cumming. It doesn’t take long with that powerful tongue of his.

He lifts up and slides his dick in my pussy, very slowly. I moan a bit and tell him to give me all of his cock. He does so and rams me hard and fast. He’s fucking me hard, slapping his balls on my ass. I’m cumming again, he pulls out and lifts my ass to his fae and licks me up again. This time he kisses me with his cummy lips. mmmm I tell him.

This makes him even more hard than before, and rams his dick deep and hard in me. My legs up in the air, his hands holding my ankles and him fucking my pussy. I say to hi that I would love to have him fuck my ass. he smiles, comes down to kiss me and lifts me some more and spits in my ass. His dick slides in slow.

Light gentle pumps and then hard long thrusts, in and out. He pulls all the way out and back in again. A few times he does this. I’m stroking my tits, pulling and tugging my nipples. They are so hard, they look like nipples on a baby bottle. I reach down to finger my clit and feel 2 fingers deep in my pussy.

I yell out that I’m cumming aagain, I tell him that I want to feel his cum in my ass. Fred, cums in my ass and pulls out for me to suck his dick dry. I suck him hard and swallow the last bit of cum. Some of it drips from my chin. Fred, then wipes my mouth and feeds it to me.

We get up and go towards the bathroom to get cleaned up. I star the shower and he joins me. We lather each other up and we both are hot and bothered again. His fingers in both holes and me stroking his cock. We kiss and I turn around and bend over for him to fuck me again. First in my ass then my pussy, back and forth until he cums. I turn around to get some in my mouth and suck him dry once more.

This time we do clean up, fred gets dressed and finishes cleaning up his mess of tools. We go upstairs and I get my wallet to pay him. I got to hand him some cash and tells me, its free. He says he will tell his boss he just needed to light the pilot.

I tell him thankyou and to cum fix her pipes any time he wanted, if he was in the area. Fred leaves and I go back to my shower with my toys. I finger and fuck myself with my toys until I pass out from exhaustion.

Fred still comes to the house on a regular basis. Filling my pussy and ass with his cum. Helping me play with my toys during his lunch and on his way home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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