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My Wifes Aunt, Mother In laws sister, business women, dog owner and the dirtiest slut I know, has a interesting history. Which only I become aware off since the mother in law joined in the games and opened up. I going share some off the interesting bits with you now.

Madge apparently had a fairly conventional upbringing nothing that her sister would share anyway, it started when she met a coffee farmer from Kenya. He was white and in the words of the mother in law colonial old fashioned. However Madge and the farmer appeared to get on and they got married before moving to Kenya. Big relief that Madge had finally found somebody, he was a bit older but had money or at least that’s what everybody had assumed.

Apparently reality was slightly different it was still a good life warm most of the year, help with chores, other white families close and the other wifes happy to accept Madge as one of they own. drunken Saturdays nights with the gang were the highlight and flirting with the neighbours the done thing. Kenyan police not that bothered about drunk driving, more likely to kill yourself I guess. However the boys apparently had a monthly game of poker where the white farmers not only played cards but fucked the locals, young girls or boys brought in from the outlining areas and tossed back after 2 days of satisfying the farmers. The local police not bothered, until one of the k**s died from wounds inflicted.

To save themselves Madge’s husbands friends pointed the finger and the police came early one morning and arrested him taking him away. Madge turned to her friends who turned there back on her, which left her with nothing, husband in jail, the farm failing, gambling losses. Three days later, the husband was returned under house arrest awaiting trial.

House arrest consisted of being confined with police offices in the house and outside. Madge found this intimidating. On the second day the chief of police turned up and spoke to her husband along. Madge upstairs could hear some of the conversation, it appeared that a deal had been agreed at the police station which for something Madge and her husband would be allowed to leave Kenya in 48 hours. To her great relief she heard her husband agree the deal, almost immediately the door to the bedroom was kicked in, two officers grabbed her and slapped her hard.

Madge woke up to find herself tied to the bed on her back. her clothes ripped, tits out pussy fully exposed, she turned her head and saw her husband tied to the chair, trousers round his ankles, crying saying sorry to her. behind him the police chief stood and explained that her husband had traded her for their remaining time to allow them to get on the plane home.

The police chief said it was his right to go first and moved to the bottom of the bed, undoing his belt and trousers his shiny black knob appeared, heavy and thick, balls that looked the size of tennis balls hung low. The next thing she felt was a hand on her pussy fingering her slit rough, the thumb on the same hand pushing against her arse hole, The room seemed to be full of police officers offering encouragement, order given 2 sets of hands held her thighs open as the police chief climbed between her thighs, his cock at the entrance of her cunt forced its way into her cunt, bigger than she ever had and harder than she ever thought possible, 2 hands either side of her face, gave the police chief leverage and his cock forced its way into her cunt. She looked at her husband who was looking back at her in shock as the police chief started to pound her hard, hands holding her thighs moved to her tits and pulled at the nipples and squeezed then causing her pain, she didn’t response at first, but the hard cock sliding in and out of her cunt made it impossible not to, as the cunt lubricated the cock slid easier the police chief started to pump faster and tell his audience that the white bitch was beginning to enjoy his cock.

Madge closed her eyes and tried not to think about the fucking she was getting but as her cunt was telling the chief something else there was no way back as the heat from her cunt spread over her body, she climaxed and screamed at the chief to fuck her harder. The cheering from the crowd watching drowned out the second climax and her cunt responded to the cock by covering it in cunt juice. He cum inside her she felt the hot spunk spray from the end of his cock, as he removed his cock, he looked at the crown and said all yours.

For the 24 hours Madge was fucked, her captives untied her, turned her over, buttered up her arse hole and fucked that, she didn’t bother to count no point some came back and did her again, nearly all came inside her, her cunt was constantly leaking cum. Her tits were busied and the nipples sore from the abuse. Occasionally looking at her husband she felt nothing for him.

Some time the next day the police chief turned up again and said get them ready for the airport. Rough hands held her up while dressing her in a simple dress, the husband untied kicked to the floor and told to pull up his pants. While distracted by trying to clean up Madge the husband made a grab for an officers gun and in the resulting frace was shot and died.

Madge was taken to the airport and put on a plane to the UK. her passport was given over only as a condition that her kept her mouth shut to the authorities and the story to tell was that the husband died in a hunting accident and the farm was taken to pay off creditors.

That’s how she ended up at her sisters and taking my wife on the next step of her sexual journey

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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