Mariel’s Daughter Pia’s, 2nd dirty sex s

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Mariel’s Daughter Pia’s, 2nd dirty sex s
You should read this before reading the story

‘Hi Pia here again, as you know I am Mariel’s teenage daughter, with a view to writing erotic stories, from my own idea’s of what sex is like, something we teenage girls do a lot of is fantasize sexually.
I have discovered since looking over this site the joys of masturbation, and the following story is based on my own minds ability to create a visual imagery, where I imagine myself insitu, waiting and enticing the man to fuck me, as the prostitute watches.

The following is a very real account and I did masturbate to it, with a devastating result, I had a mind blowing orgasm, it is just a shame you guys were not there watching me, but the good news is, I do have a Samsung S4, so perhaps a masturbating video the the best comment made after my story, which will require your email addy should you win, as you know, I have just received the key of my door, on my last birthday

Now for my story, ‘You can all take your cocks out now’, as mother would say 🙂 Love Pia

The hotel was a shade seedy, used by prostitutes for a quickie, and the look on the old man’s face, at check-in, when he told me my room was just vacating, and I suggested he need not clean it, was, well, priceless.

‘If you have a complimentary drink at the bar, I will have the sheets changed’, he said as his eyes drifted over my face, almost finding it hard to accept I was standing before him.

‘No need’, I replied, my voice sounding thick, like treacle, ‘I don’t mind a little wetness under my bum’, I said inwardly, smiling back into his face, and at that I picked up my bag and made my way upstairs.

I knew his eyes were following my legs. I was in a state of arousal and my lack of underwear made the tops of my thighs shine with my vaginal lubrication, as my labia slid deliciously against each other, massaging my swollen clitoris, and producing more lubrication, by the top of the flight of stairs I was in the throes of an orgasmic state.

The door was ajar, and as I pushed into the room, the air was thick with the stench of fresh semen. I held my nose high, like a wine connoisseur, sniffing in the pungency of aromas emitted with fresh semen, my eyes falling onto the crumpled bed sheets, my tongue grazing my lips, as they had decidedly gone dry.

I dropped my bag and made my way over to the unkempt bed, visualizing their naked bodies enmeshed and connected by his cock, humping and sweating.

I smoothed the sheet and saw the large stain, still damp from his exertions, and sc****d the dampness with my long fingernail, watching , as the freshly ejaculated sperm gathered under it, then as I lifted my finger to my lips and licked the semen sampling, he emerged from the toilet, his eyes wide and wild, as my glossy lips pursed my finger, and my taste buds savoured his cum, under the red nail.

‘WTF’, he exclaimed, I just smiled then demanded he close the room door, which he did in a somewhat hypnotic state.

‘How much did you pay her’, I asked him calmly, like a dominatrix?

‘What’, he retorted.

‘The whore, how much did you pay the slut to fuck her’?

His face reddened, as he considered my question, I got the impression he quite could not believe this beautiful woman was here asking such questions.

‘€150.00’. his voice tailed off as he spoke.

‘Must have been fucking horny to pay that amount’, I replied, and as I spoke I traced my finger through the semen patch as he watched, and lifted to under my nose and deliberately sniffed it, his mouth fell open.

‘Who are you’?

I ignored his question.

‘Your cum has a strong odour, how long was it since you last had sex?

His face was blank, and now turning white. ‘What do you mean’?

‘How long was it since you last cummed’, I asked him calmly?

He was about to answer when his mobile rang. He looked at me, still wild eyed, and I just shrugged my shoulders.

‘Hello’, he spoke into it, I could hear a woman’s voice on it. He removed the phone from his ear and looked at me, ‘It’s the woman I was just with’, he said, his face looked utterly confused.

‘Give it here’, I retorted and held my hand out as he handed the phone to me, ‘Who is this’, I asked quietly?

‘I am Michele’, she returned, she sounded very feminine, ‘and who are you’?

‘Hello Michele’, I returned politely, ‘I am Pia, and I would like you to come back up to the room where you just fucked this man’, and as she fell silent, I suspected she might think I was an angry wife or girlfriend, so I added, ‘I will pay you the same amount he did, €150.00’.

I handed him his phone back and waited until there was a small knock on the door.

When Michele walked in, she was I wished and imagined, a thin woman, smelling of cheap perfume, and looking as if she would drop to her knees, hike up her short skirt, and shag a dog, if offered enough money.

‘What’s going on’, she asked, looking at myself and the man who’s cum was still being nurtured inside her, the thought excited me.

I reached into my bag and took out my wallet, counted out two piles of Euro’s and said I wanted to watch them fuck again, only this time, I would be between them.

She shrugged her thin shoulders, took the money and started undressing, ‘What are you waiting for’, I asked him, ‘get your clothes off’, and he started stripping, just as she dropped her panties and stepped from them.

His cock was thick and getting thicker as my eyes followed it’s upward rise, ‘You have a beautiful cock’, I said, my voice betraying my lustiness.

He came over to me and stood alongside the bed, his cock inches from my face, her smell, in the form of the cheap perfume, still around his genitalia, ‘Smells like you tongued his balls’, I said turning to her, as she also came over and knelt beside me, and put her hands on my knees and started to push up under my short dress. My knees were loose, she had no problem pulling my own wet panties down my stockinged legs and removing them.

She looked up at him and smiled, ‘Do you want me or her first’, she asked, as she tossed my wet undergarment at the door?

‘I think she needs a good fucking and a good licking’, he said as he pushed his dirty cock between my lips.

I relaxed my throat as he slid across my tongue and controlled my gagging reflex, feeling the tickle of his pubes on my nostrils, ‘Good girl’, I heard her say, ‘clean his dirty cock’, then they both laughed, as he started fucking my mouth and throat, ‘Taste my shit’, she was murmuring, that’s when I realized they were performing anal, when he cummed in her.

His hand tightened on my hair as he gripped me hard, his thrusting was powerful, as she tore all my clothes off, and the more nude I became, the more bestial he acted, and the more violent the sex became.

She was licking his cock as it thrust into my mouth, and then my face, ‘Tasty little fuck hole’, she called me, laughing wildly, her fingers inside my pussy twisting and pulling my clitoris, as a woman, she knew where to apply force, pain and pleasure, then I realized she was sliding her pussy up and down my taut thigh.

I was being overpowered as they lusted on me, I was being forced onto my front, and could feel the sharp bristle of her trimmed pubes rasp against the soft skin of my buttocks, she was lying atop of me, humping and grinding down hard onto my bum.

For a thin woman she was strong, especially in a sex crazed arousal, I could feel her hardened nipples graze my shoulder blades.

‘Hold her down’, she said, and I looked at him, he was standing watching us, wanking himself, ‘why don’t you stop doing that and save for when I am finished’, she said as she got up and he lay atop of me, the feel of his cock on my bum warned me of the penetration soon to start.

I could not see what it was she was doing, but I could hear her breathing getting harder as she got closer, then I saw what it was she doing.

She had inserted a strap-on securely onto her waist, a unique double insertion, filling both her crotch holes fully, vibrating in her pussy and ass, with another two flapping about with different frequencies, meant for my pussy and anus, she looked evil, as she coated them with a jelly, ‘Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle with both your holes’, and as she neared me, he held me down.

I have lain with women in the past, and indulged in sex, but this was something surreal, she hurt me, and did not give a fuck she was inflicting pain, as her whole form squirmed over me, this was a female rap* on another female, and all I could hear was her snorting like a wild pig, as she violated both my holes, and he continued throat fucking me.

I felt the blood trickle down my ear as she bit me hard, her deep rumbling grew into an orgasm of unrepentant pleasure, building from her tummy to her tits and into my ear, exploding as she bit hard, her thighs crushing my buttocks into a pile as she bore deep into my exhausted orifices.

She pulled her dongs from me as he climbed on top and had his satisfaction, during which, she cleaned all four rubber cocks in my mouth, one by one.

I came here wanting an experience and got something more than I bargained for, never really knowing life as a prostitute and just how powerful sex can be, at this level.

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