Massaging my hot sis

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Massaging my hot sis
My sister Sara had always been attractive to me. Throughout our c***dhood I always knew that she stood out a bit more than the rest. When this happened I was 19 and she was 18. By this point she had began to mature nicely and she had a nice plump butt that just made me crazy. She was rather petite with long blonde hair and small but not thin frame. She had these huge blue eyes that you could drown in. She had still small boobs at a 34B but she still had nice ones and they were round and perky. Her body curved in ways that I haven’t seen equaled. I had some intense masturbation sessions and I had been for a while at that point, spurned mostly from my fantasies involving Sarah. She had begun to ask me questions about something that she had never really asked about before. Sex. What did I think sex was like? How often did I think our parents had sex? Was I Still a Virgin? I was and wasn’t proud of it, while I knew that Ms. Goody Too Shoes had barely kissed a boy. It all seemed very odd to me but hearing her talk to me about sex so innocently gave me a raging hard on. It drove me crazy and I didn’t know what to do about it. But one day would turn out to go further than the others. Our mother had gone out and it was early. My sister was laying on the couch watching her usual programs and I was had just woken up and walked into the living room.

“Good Morning” she said to me.

“Morning Sarah” I replied.

She was laying on her stomach and she was wearing these little pajama shorts since it was summer, and I could see the bottom of her beautiful ass. She started giggling and then I looked down and could see why. I was sporting a royal erection. I blushed and walked out of the room as Sarah cracked up. I made myself some breakfast and after eating, I made my way back out to the couch and rejoined Sarah. She went to get up and winced while holding her back.

“What’s wrong” I said.

“I hurt my back at gymnastics practice yesterday, I’m okay though” she told me.

“Oh no” I said “Lay back down and I’ll try to help you, Now where does it hurt?”

“Right here” she said, pointing between her shoulder blades.

“I’ll be right back” I said to her.

I went and got some lotion and came back to her. I put some on my hands and straddled her back. I put my hands under her t-shirt and started massaging the area where she was hurt. After a few minutes I put some more lotion on my hands. But as I went under her shirt I accidentally got the whole glob on her shirt.

“Oh shit, Sarah” I said.

“What happened?” she asked.

“I got it on your shirt, I’m so sorry” I said to her.

“It’s okay, I’ll just go change it” she said to me.

She walked out of the room towards her bedroom and as she walked out I couldn’t help but stare at her ass and it was then that I realized I that my erection had returned and was harder than ever. Massaging my sisters back had really gotten me fucking horny. She returned with a fresh shirt and an idea on how to prevent a repeat.

“This time” she said “I’ll just pull it up a bit in the back and that way it won’t get on my shirt and it’ll be easier for you too.”

That sounded like a great idea. She laid on the couch with her shirt hiked up and I put more lotion on my hands and went right back to work. Only this time I was fully aware that as I straddled her and gave her a massage that my ever agonizing hard on was nestled between her ass cheeks. As I kept going I started to become more aware of how her skin felt, with my lotion covered hands sliding and rubbing into her back, I started to get ideas beyond just the relief of her back pain. A couple of minutes later she picked up her head.

“Uhh that felt great, it really feels better now. Can you do me a favor and do my shoulders? Because they really need it” she asked me.

“Sure” I said “Absolutely”

I started to massage her shoulder but it all of a sudden became clear that i wasn’t making much progress with her shit bunched up around her shoulders. It was then that I asked her if she could take off her shirt so I could do a good job on her shoulders.

She turned and looked up at me and said “No problem.”

And just like that she stood up and removed her shirt, throwing it on the floor and quickly laying back down all while keeping her back to me. I was amazed at how easy that was. I kept doing her shoulders and got a little more down to her armpits. Not immediately but soon after I began to allow my fingers to wander and soon my fingers were grazing the sides of her breasts. I kept this up for a couple of minutes until soon both my entire hands had reached around and was caressing her perfect little boobs. I got a little more daring and with my left hand tweaked her nipple slightly, and i heard a soft little moan cross her lips, and then came the next request.

“Can I flip over so you can get my front? I think it’d be easier if I laid on my back, after all you helped me back there” she said to me.

I nodded my head and she turned over, this time with her bare chest fully exposed to me. I put some new lotion, in part to keep the ruse and in part because it felt so damn good rubbing it on her. I took a breast in each hand and massaged them, working her cute little nipples which began to stick out like erasers. After a while she had closed her eyes and her breathing became more shallow as her heart rate increased. All this going on as my ever raging hard on rested on her lower stomach in all of its pajama bottom covered glory. I saw her open her eyes a bit and as her eyes scanned around she spotted my bulging erection and they froze. She reached out a hand and ever so slowly walked her fingers along my pajama covered dick from the head to the middle of my shaft. By this point I almost lost it and I shuddered from her touch. Then she said this to me.

“We should move to a bed. It’s bigger and it’ll be easier for you on there to massage” she said.

“I don’t mind that, um, sounds good” I managed to say back to her.

She got up grabbed my hand and led me to our parents bedroom, leaving her shirt on the ground in the living room. She sat down on the bed and laid down on her front.

“Umm, is it okay if you, uhh, do my butt next” she weakly asked me.

“That shouldn’t be a problem” I said to her.

With caution I got back on top of her and slowly began to peel back her pajama shorts from her ass. A few seconds later there it was staring right at me in its full glory. I began to grab, and rub, and massage her butt and everything was fine until a minute later, when one of my fingers slipped due to the lotion and found her wetness. I immediately pulled my hand away and she giggled.

“Oops” she said through giggles.

“Right” I said. And then she asked something different.

“Can you do the, you know, um, front down there?” she asked me.

She flipped over and I started rubbing the front part of her groin area but not that low. She had a completely hairless pussy that obviously had been waxed or shaved well. I soon worked a little lower and soon enough my hand felt wetness and I stopped. I looked at her and when she didn’t react I began rubbing at her clit with and ever increasing pace. She closed her eyes and let out a whimper and as that happened because of the position I was in, My dick, hard as a fucking rock, popped out and jabbed her side and as that happened she looked and froze.

“It’s so, Big” she said after staring for a few seconds.

She reached out a hand began to run along with it. I let her play with it while I continued to rub her clit at a growing pace. After about a minute she stopped. She sat up, stuck her legs out and brought her shorts to her ankles. She then reached out and slowly hooked her finger inside the waistband of my pajamas and pulled them over my cock down to my ankles. My cock slapped against my belly and popped up in all its glory. She looked down at my dick and back to me. She brought her head down just above my cock. I could feel her hot breath running over it. She cupped and started rubbing my balls and stuck out her tongue toward the head and then stopped

She looked up at me and said “Is it okay if I…”

I stopped her right there “Yes” I blurted out.

She stuck out her tongue again and after what seemed like forever, I felt her tongue run over the head of my dick and I let out a moan. She began darting her tongue over the head over and over again, and started licking licking the full length of my dick. I reached down and rubbed at her clit and stopped and moaned.

“You know what’s good” I said to her.

“What?” She asked.

“When you out it in your mouth and suck like a lollipop” I told her.

“I think I can do that” she said with a smile on her face.

She grabbed my dick and guided the head in her mouth and then slowly closed her lip around it. I began to push my dick in further and she began to suck. Soon she started moving her head quicker and I stayed still as she sucked my cock and boy was I in heaven. It was my fanatasies coming true and I wasn’t about to waste it. She was quite good at sucking my cock even though it was obvious she had never done it before and I had never received a blowjob before. After a couple minutes I laid down on the bed. I had gotten an idea. I told her to lay on top of me with her face at my crotch and my mine at hers.

“Like this?” She asked me.

“That’s perfect” I told her.

She began to suck my cock again and it was at this time that I took a huge inhale of her beautiful young pussy, relishing in it. I grabbed her ass cheeks and lowered it to my face as I began lick her soaking little cunt. My tongue darted at her little clit and I could feel her moaning with my dick in her mouth. I took one hand and with two fingers parted her pussy lips and began to probe a bit I until I found her opening. Carefully, I slid my middle finger in her tight young pussy, she sighed and I started catiously moving in and out as her pussy clenched around my finger. This continue on for a few minutes when I stopped, got up onto my knees and she laid down on the bed face down. I put my cock between her but cheeks and it being well lubicated with saliva, slid back and forth between them. She she flexed her butt cheeks a couple of times and I almost came right then and there. I rolled her over and brought her knees to my shoulders as I positioned my dick right her entrance. I looked at her.

“It’s okay, I love you so this can’t be wrong” she said to me.

Yeah Right.

I wasn’t about to stop at this point. I guided my dick in and all of a sudden the head popped in and I shuddered as Sarah closed her eyes in ecstasy. I slowly started to move my dick in her virgin pussy and soon my whole length was buried inside her. She just lay there, trying to cope with the pain. I pulled my dick out and put it back in again. I did this a couple of times and she winced during each penetration. Finally I began to move with more speed. Sarah stopped wincing and was beginning to enjoy it as I thrusted in and out of her tight little pussy. I then stopped, picked her up onto her knees, bent her over and placed my hand firmly on her hips. I brought her ass to my cock and guided it back in her pussy and began hitting her from the back. I put both hands on her hips and began fucking her furiously, my cock bottoming out each time in her heavenly pussy. I was on cloud nine. Soon I started to feel the cum building up inside me.

“I’m gonna cum” I told her.

“Good, fill me up with your cum. I wanna feel it inside me” she said back.

That was all the motivation I needed. A few seconds later I felt myself beginning to cum and I exploded. Dumping my load into her pussy as her pussy clenched around my cock and she screamed in orgasm. I shuddered and let out a groan as I collapsed onto the bed spent. Sarah collapsed down next to me and I held her in my arms as we spooned, my softening dick nestled in her ass cheeks.

“That was amazing” she said to me.

It sure was little sis, it sure was.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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