Master K Punishes A Bad Girl pt 3

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Master K Punishes A Bad Girl pt 3
The two men finished their drinks and Nick glanced over to where she lay still attached to the cross. “What’s the plan now Kink? Where are you going to finish her punishment? Do you want help shackling her in the manacles or “. Kink waved him off. “No, I got it.” He reached in his pocket and pulled a hundred from his money clip. “Here don’t say I never gave you anything, there was no way to win this bet since it was her first time. I appreciate the assist on such short notice but I’ll take it from here”. Nick raised his eyebrows and grinned, “Thanks for the gift”.
Nick was laughing out loud as he headed out the door, “No, nothing out of the ordinary here, you always send us home before the main event. Watch yourself my man, that’s a long fall you’re about to take”. With that Nick was gone and Kink stared broodingly across the room to where she lay.

Nick was right. No question about it, this was different. He had known that for awhile now, although he had tried to ignore it. Too bad he hadn’t known it from the very beginning he would have not answered her requests to begin with and saved himself this unwanted introspection. So, what to do now. What he should do is finish this session. Put her in the manacles hanging from the ceiling and apply the chain she was so intrigued by, the very instrument that had brought her into his world. It could be wielded brutally. He was pretty sure that would have her tearing out of here deciding she had experienced all she ever wanted to of this lifestyle. He grinned to himself, she would probably have his ass in jail. Wouldn’t that make great headlines, Prominent local blah blah blah. No, not her, she would shoulder the responsibility for her own actions, she would never allow blame to fall anywhere else.
It was an amazing trait at the same time it left him feeling somehow not needed, not required, a very unusual and unsettling feeling for him. Every feeling he had toward this woman was unsettling. Even that was unsettling, when was the last time he had referred to a woman as such and not as a slut or a whore. But try as he might and he certainly had, he knew she was neither of those.

He left the wet bar and approached the cross. She was asleep as he gazed down at her. He very carefully started to unbuckle all the leather that held her in place. When he at last released the collar from around her neck his moment of decision was upon him. He shook his head and faced his demons. He slowly raised her in his arms and cradled her to his chest. Her head fell onto his shoulder with a soft sigh and her tiny hand came up to rest against him. Yeah right, he thought, I’m going to beat her with a chain flogger, like I’m going to go out and find a puppy to kick. He rolled his eyes and turned to carry her to his bed.

As he placed her on the oversized four poster bed he realized she would be startled enough to wake up there. They had not raised the level of their relationship from friends to intimates yet. Maybe he didn’t have to lose control of this situation after all, he thought. A good portion of the BDSM lifestyle was head games. He might be able to play this one out for a little while. He went into the palatial bathroom and returned with a warm damp face cloth. As he wiped the sweat from her face and body he started to calculate what it would take to win this woman for forever. So many nameless, faceless subs had traversed through his life, a few he remembered with some affection. Anyone of them would have devoted their lives to him. Now along comes the one he wants and she was about as far from being a true submissive as you good get. Well, she was a female, she would willingly lie under him, as she dommed from her position on the bottom! With that thought, and a grin he stripped off his leathers and climbed into bed beside her, drawing her into his arms and inhaling the intoxicating scent of his own personal demon. Damn but he loved this woman. He would grab a couple hours rest and then set the stage for the greatest act of his life.

Kink’s internal clock woke him in exactly two hours. She was snuggled up against him, her one knee was bent and her thigh lay across his groin. He was as hard as a rock. With deep regret, he eased out from under her leg and off the bed. As he dressed in his black leather pants he went through a mental check list of what he wanted and needed for this too work. At least he hoped it worked. She was still sound asleep as he covered her and then left the room.

It had taken him over two hours but he looked around his room with satisfaction. He had brought up a mid sized cage from the store room with two dog dishes and placed it in view of the bed. She would be wearing a leather blindfold to begin with but once he removed it he wanted the cage within her line of vision He had placed leather mitts over her hands and locked lined cuffs on her wrists and ankles with a strong and durable but lightweight chain. He had left her a little more slack than he normally would as he hadn’t wanted to wake her. The Tens Unit sat next to the bed and several crops, whips and floggers were hanging from the walls. He had arranged a decent display of candles within easy reach and added clamps, clothes pins and a couple of different gags. In a small vase he even had an assortment of feathers. As the coup de Gras he had the chain link flogger prominently displayed. It had been her downfall. The flogger had so intrigued her she had entered his den. He reached for the mask and as he slipped it over her eyes and attached the clasp she moaned lightly in her sleep. He needed coffee and she would need fluids when she woke up.

A short time later Kink returned to his room carrying a tray. He had coffee for both of them, his black, hers he would make into the syrupy mess she loved with cream and sugar. He had brought up juice and some cut up fruit.
He went over to his recliner in the corner by the fireplace and began his wait. After last nights’ intense session he would allow her to wake in her own time and discover for herself the predicament she was in, then enjoy the fireworks he was certain would ensue. Oh yeah, not a doubt in his mind the fireworks would start shortly.

Approximately an hour later he saw the first stirrings of her awakening. As she turned over the chains pulled her up short. Kink watched silently as she stopped. She lifted her arms slightly and then lowered them. After several moments he watched her do the same with her ankles. He grinned as he could almost hear the thoughts going through her mind. She attempted to flex her hands several times as she absorbed her exact
situation. After another couple of minutes her heard her softly whispered, “Kink, are you here with me”. He sat perfectly still without answering her query. “Kink”, there was a question as well as a tremor in her voice but it was louder this time. He watched as a shiver of fear raced through her and then she yelled,” Kink, Kink Help me”. Taking that as his cue he rose and approached the bed.” I’m here Kitten, I’m right here”. “Oh, oh, you’re here, I thou… What do you mean you’re right here! What the hell is this! Let me up right this minute!”
As he watched her temper peak he wondered just how hot she would get before she reconciled herself to her new accommodations. “No, I don’t think so, little girl. I owe you well over a hundred lashes from last night. You are only here because you are so new and the beginning of the session exhausted you. There wasn’t much point in proceeding with the cane or the chain if you were not alert enough to last through it.”
By the time Kink had finished speaking she was sputtering. “How dare you! This isn’t the dark ages you moron! You can’t just chain me up here like this. This game is over. Do you hear me! Now let me go! Besides, I have to use the facilities and I can’t see, take off this silly mask”, she ended on a calmer tone.
Ok, the moment was now, he had to start her training and this was the first hurdle in this marathon he was in. “Do you mean you have to p*sis”? With a distinct huff in her voice she responded, “There is no reason for crudeness, I mean what I said, I need the facilities, now release me so I might avail myself of them”. He was glad she couldn’t see him as he was smiling from ear to ear at her frustration with him. “No Kitten I’m not going to release you and unless you want to sleep in a very wet bed you are going to tell me you have to p*sis”. “Fine I need to urinate let me up and get this thing off my eyes damn you”! her voice wavered slightly, a sure sign tears were near the surface and Kink was well satisfied with the encounter. Her right leg was bent just enough that he had a clear shot at her ass cheek. Using his hand it brought it down soundly, the crack against her bare skin loud in the quiet room. “P**S little girl, he yelled, TELL ME YOU HAVE TO P*sis! Either that or wet yourself, I’m tired of this argument, I’ll be back later”. The ploy worked perfectly, round one of the mind games falling to him. She drew in a deep breath and said with an amazing amount of dignity, “Kink, I need to p*sis please”.
Kink took a deep breath in satisfaction then grimaced knowing what was about to transpire would be even worse than the previous twenty minutes had been. He had shortened the chain to her ankles by using carbines and he unclipped them to allow her room to sit up on the bed. He then stated coldly, “I’ll be right back with a bedpan”. He started his silent countdown backwards from seven. He didn’t quite make it: four, three, two “What the fuck are you talking about!!” she screeched. She was so mad she was shaking. “Kink, you fucking prick, if you do not let me go this in… “That was as far as she got before he turned her over to deliver three hard slaps to her ass. He grabbed her by the arms and sat her up in the bed again. As he crouched down on the floor beside the bed he used his thumb to wipe away the tears that were flowing from under the blindfold. .
“Listen to me Kitten and listen carefully this time. How long you stay chained to this bed is entirely up to you. Just as the punishment you earned last night was entirely dependent upon you. You will remain chained here until you understand that. I will provide everything you need. Everything. From the food you eat to brushing your hair, bathing you, even seeing to your personal bodily functions. Everything. When you have accepted this I will release the chains. Now, I’ll be right back”. Kink returned with the bedpan helped her sit on it and wiped her dry when she was done throughout the process her tears fell silently. When he returned to the bed she was huddled in a small ball and just laying quietly. “Are you ready to eat little girl? I’ve got coffee and your favorite fruits”. She just shook her head no and he wondered who would take round two.
To Be Continued

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