Master SHANGO Presents PIMP ZEE

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Master SHANGO Presents PIMP ZEE
The downpour had just about turned into a drizzle when Zee drove into her street. He entered their stuccoed driveway and honed his horn as he came to a stop. At that moment the front door opened and out came a young girl and a young lad, both locked in conversation just as Zee got down from his car. The young girl turned from her companion and looked at his direction and almost immediately her eyes lit up with recognition. The young girl was Carmen, Minx’s twenty year old daughter. She departed from the pleading features of the guy she was with and came over to hug Zee.

“Zee! Long time no see!” she wrapped her arms affectionately around him. Zee did the same thing, enjoying the feel of her budding breasts behind her tank top for a moment before pulling away from her; he saw that she’d studded her tongue.

She was a younger and beautiful version of her mother: thick brown hair, high cheek bones with a pair of perfect lips. Her lips looked just ripe enough to handle a good dick, what with that perfect smile of hers, Zee thought to himself. He couldn’t help checking the curve of her hips in the pair of jeans she had on as they walked away from his ride.

“Carmen, you’re looking lovelier than a rose. How’re you doing, girl?”

“I’m fine, thanks. We haven’t seen you in a while; I thought you were out of town.”

“Busy bee, that who I be. Why you think I was out of town?”

“Because I stopped by your place last Monday. You here to see Mom?”

“Oh yeah.” He noticed the guy she was with standing alone with himself, looking like a love-sick puppy that’s been left under the rain. He didn’t ask who he was, she caught the hint.

“His name’s Jerry,” she whispered into his ear.

“Your boyfriend?” he whispered back the question.

“No, but wants to be.” She turned towards the young man. “Hey, Jerry, come over here let me introduce you to someone.”

Zee noted the way she called the young man over: such a command, much the same sort of voice her mom used on her dad when in his cuckold stance. Jerry shuffled over to meet them and she introduced him to Zee. Already a wimp in the making, Zee thought at the same time felt sorry for the young lad.

“How’s it hanging, Jerry?” Zee said as he shook his hand.

“Uh … everything’s fine, sir,” Jerry mumbled.

“Yeah, everything looks fine already,” Zee muttered.

Carmen dismissed Jerry, told him she would see him at school tomorrow. Jerry muttered goodbye to her and then took off. Zee took a last look at the k** as he went scurrying down the street and couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

“That’s some lad you’ve got there,” he said to Carmen. “He seems to worship you already.”

“Yes, he does. He used to follow me around in school, always trying to ask me out on a date. I keep telling him I have a boyfriend, but he says he doesn’t care. You’re all the boyfriend that I need. But I’m still mad at you.”

“Mad at me for what?”

“You know.” She held up his hand and his palm with her fore finger; Zee got the hint. “Know what I mean now?” she asked him mischievously.

“I do know what you mean. But your mom told me to keep clear until she figures you’re ready. Besides that, you know where my pad is, you can drop by anytime you want.”

“That’s what I did last week but you weren’t around. I asked mom and she told me you’d gone out of town.”

“You could have given me a call. Much better than dropping by unexpected.”

“I wanted to surprise you that way,” she said. “I was free from school and really wanted to crash at your place.”

“We can still make it happen this weekend then. You can and stay through it if you want.”

“Yeah, that really would be nice. I might even bring a friend along.”

The front door came open and standing there was Minx’s husband, Tom. He was fifty-five years old, gut-bellied with a bald plate on his head. He moved aside or Zee to enter his home—a white slave in servitude.

“It’s so good to see you again, master Zee, said Tom, brimming with happiness at his arrival.

“Good to be around, Tom. Where’s the Mrs?”

“Upstairs freshening up.”

Zee went past him and went up the stairs. Carmen, always so curious whenever Zee came by, followed a few steps behind. Tom returned to the living room to continue with the TV program he’d been viewing, unconcerned with whatever was bound to happen in his bedroom upstairs; if his presence was required, he knew he would be called upon.

Zee stopped at the master bedroom door and knocked on it, heard a woman’s voice enquire who it was.

“Yo Minx, babe, it’s your main man, Zee.”

“Come right in, darling,” the woman’s voice called out.

Zee entered the bedroom and took in the sight of Minx lying on the bed dressed in a purple & black-lined corset and black thigh-highs with a pair of pump high heels, smiling broadly at him. Her legs stood open and her hands were wrapped around the balls of a life-sized black dildo, the head which she had fucking her cunt. Minx was an ample-sized with shoulder-length brown hair that had a lightning streak of grey on the left side of her face, and her complexion was almost that of alabaster. Always a slut who couldn’t have enough dick for a day.

“Zee!” she screeched and then sat up on the bed. “I thought you weren’t going to drop by.”

“Why’s everybody getting that idea lately?” He came over to the bed and kissed her, reaching a hand behind to cop a feel of her round bottom. “How come you’re up here playing with yourself alone?”

She shrugged. “Couldn’t find a handsome black man around to take care of me. None except for that tired-assed husband of mine.” She threw aside her dildo and started feeling over his crotch. “I’ve been a bad, naughty girl all morning with nothing to place with except my dildo. I need me a black cock right now.”

“I feel you, babe. It’s why I came to remind you about—”

She brought a finger to his lips, cutting him off. “I don’t want to hear about no other, not now, Zee. I just told you I need a black cock, and I’m so horny right now, I can hardly care about anything else you might say.”

Her fingers moved so fast undoing Zee’s belt and jeans button and then reaching inside to claim her prize. His cock was semi-erect when it came to light, but with a few deft strokes it charged itself to life. Minx smiled as she bent her head and took his cock into her mouth. She murmured a loving sigh as she sucked his cock, rolling her tongue around his shaft’s helmet then swallowing him once again.

Carmen stood by the doorway peeping through the half-opened door at what her mom and Zee was engaged in. She stood in the passageway with one foot past her parent’s bedroom doorway. She had one hand working her crotch while the other caressed her breasts from inside her tank top. Her breathing came in harsh gasps and when she couldn’t take it anymore, pushed the door open and entered her parent’s bedroom.

Zee by now had his jeans hanging halfway down his thighs and Minx came to her knees before him. His cock jutted before him like an arrow, the head buried between Minx’s unforgiving lips. Carmen approached him from behind and slapped his buttocks. Neither Zee nor Minx appeared surprised to see her standing there. Minx looked up from her sucking and smiled at her, glad today would be the day her daughter took her first step towards being fucked by a real cock. Zee kissed Carmen then lowered his head to wrap his lips around one of her perky tits. His other hand dove into her open jeans to finger the sensitive skin hiding behind her panties. His finger slipped between her cunt lips and Carmen held him tight and gave a moaning cry as he started finger-fucking her. She nibbled on his ear lobe, grinding and pushing her hips forward to the pull of Zee’s fingers. Her moans got to a crescendo when Zee inserted two fingers into her cunt at the same time rubbed his thumb against her clit, spurring her into cumming so suddenly. She fell to the bed, gasping. Mink stopped to laugh at her before continuing with Zee’s cock in her mouth. Carmen freed herself from her clothes and came to kneel beside her mom. Minx glanced at her daughter and saw the light burning in her eyes.

“Mom, may I …”

She needn’t say anymore. “Sure, honey.” Minx took her mouth from Zee’s shaft and offered it to her daughter.

Carmen stroked his cock and applied her mouth to it tentatively, as if expecting it to bite at her. Minx caressed her daughter’s hair at the same time watched as she engulfed her mouth over Pimp Zee’s prick. Carmen immersed herself, wanting to impress Zee and her mom with her actions. She flicked the tip of her studded tongue around the piss slit before forcing her mouth to take his shaft. A moment later Minx took his cock from her and Zee watched as mother and daughter passed his cock back and forth to each other like a Frisbee. Minx and Carmen took turns sucking on his cock and attending to his balls; sometimes their tongue met with his shaft between their lips. Zee held their head and told them to go ahead and kiss each other. Mother and daughter locked lips with each other; Zee caressed their hair while they did so, totally loving the sight.

They led Zee to the bed.

Mom and daughter helped him out of his clothes; their hands kept brushing against his cock. Minx indicated her daughter to sit over Zee’s face. While Carmen leaned forward and resumed sucking his cock, Minx came from behind to eat her pussy along with Zee. She spread her daughter’s ass cheeks aside and Zee pulled at her fleshy cunt lips while Minx kissed her daughter’s unblemished ass cheek before dippin her tongue into her puckered anal hole. Zee dug deep under Carmen’s weight and twirled and pushed his tongue further into her pussy, sucking in her cum while her mother finger-fucked her ass; sometimes she and Zee shared a kiss before once again concentrating on Carmen’s cunt. Carmen’s body couldn’t stop responding to what they were doing to her. She whimpered and shook from the double pleasure she was getting. She returned her mouth to the bulbous head of Zee’s cock; her moans became muffled gasps. Zee still had his lips locked on the young girl’s pussy and he held onto her waistline as he felt himself unleash his torrent of cum straight inside her mouth. Carmen was unprepared for it and nearly choked on his cum as suddenly she felt it smack against the tip of her throat. She was gagging on it and coughed out a thick load which poured down Zee’s thighs; Minx appeared before her and helped lick the spilled cum from Zee’s thighs.

“Don’t fight it, darling,” Minx cautioned her daughter as she finished ingesting the spilled cum. Carmen watched her mouth and applied herself to what she was doing. “Don’t be scared of it, dear. Cum is good for you, especially a black man’s cum. Never let it spill or go to waste. Swallow it, go ahead; even your dad does it good.”

Carmen did as her mom advised and licked off more and more of Zee’s cum. She took his cock back into her mouth and sucked on it. Minx licked off the bits of cum on her cheeks and when finished, mother and daughter shared a passionate kiss and they both laughed at what they’d just achieved. Carmen rolled off Zee and he admired both women.

“That’s going to be the first and last time you get to spill my cum, Carmen,” he said to her.

“I promise never to do it again,” she complied.

“I know you won’t. Minx, your daughter’s really going places, you know that, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah,” Minx smiled with motherly pride. “She’s a slut in the making. Every time peeping through my bedroom door whenever we’re in here, always asking me to beg you to pimp her out. You think you can open up a spot for her?”

“Oh most definitely.” His hand went to stroking his shaft back to life. “Though we’re going to have to test that pussy out first. Gotta test-drive it right about now, know what I mean.”

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait,” Carmen answered with glee.

It was now Minx’s turn to straddle Zee’s face. She crossed her leg legs over him and wiggled her buttocks over his face. Within seconds Zee’s tongue was sliding up and down her wet entrance and she moaned from it. Carmen sucked on Zee’s cock for a while, getting it hard once again, then her mom indicated for her to climb on top of it. Carmen did just that, guiding the head of his cock under her pussy and letting it slip inside her. Minx held her daughter and caressed her tits as she gently began to ride the black cock she was resting on. Carmen pushed down her mom’s corset and leaned forward to suck on her tits. But the thrill of Zee’s cock filling her pussy was too much excitement for her to contain.

“Yeeeooooowww … Aaahhhhh …” Carmen screamed and her eyes flew wide open and her hips took on a power of their own and began propelling her up and down on Zee’s thighs. Each time her ass cheeks seemed to slam down heavy on him, stifling her breath as she felt his cock press further inside her. Her mom pulled her forward and now was nibbling on her tits. It was too much for Carmen to take; she felt herself cumming almost right away. Her cry was sharp and piercing when it happened.


She wanted to fall off him but Zee’s hands grasped her waistline and held her tight. He was now pumping his cock harder against her slamming buttocks, sending more and more hurting delight into her womb. Carmen struggled to fight back, grounding her ass down on him, except each time he slammed back at her she felt her air supply cut off. Minx came off Zee’s face and sat back and rubbed her pussy while she watched her daughter and her pimp/lover fuck. She picked up her black dildo and went on fucking her cunt with it, at the same time fingering her asshole.

Carmen got over her orgasmic delight and started rocking her ass back and forth over Zee’s dick; her face a mask of pain and hurt and delight rolled into one. He pulled her down towards him, their lips brushed each other’s and they kissed hungrily. He spread his legs and grasping her ass cheeks and went on pounding her pussy from underneath. Carmen’s features tightened like she was really hurting and she wouldn’t stop screaming all the while he sank his cock in and out of her. He turned her over and brought her legs over his shoulder and resumed ramming his cock harder and harder into her pussy. Zee was breathing hard against her face. Carmen gazed down at the sight of his back dick driving deep between her legs, looking like he wanted to split her open. She wouldn’t stop howling as he fucked her more and more into submission.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Ohh Shit!” she cried so loud her feet came down Zee’s shoulder and locked themselves behind his thighs. Still it didn’t slow him down from fucking her.

“You like that, bitch?” Zee gasped. “You like how my dick’s fucking you, right?”

“Uhhh … yeah!” she cried amidst her moans. “Ohhh yeah … I do … I FUCKING DO!”

Minx came behind Zee and rimmed his ass while he went on fucking her daughter. She lay on her back and tugged on his balls. Zee pulled out of Carmen for a moment and allowed Minx to clean his cock before slipping it back into her daughter’s awaiting cunt and resumed fucking it. How she wished she were nineteen all over again, Minx thought as she withdrew and went back to fucking her dildo. Then she would have all the black cocks she could afford and never end up getting hitched to a cuck wimp like her husband downstairs.

She watched as Zee struggled to pull himself up from the bed, pulling her daughter along. Carmen tightened her grip around him and though they at first stumbled, he managed to pull her up to his feet. His cock fell out of her. Minx came and sucked on it then returned it back inside her. Carmen began screaming once again as Zee went on hammering his cock against her fuck hole. Their thighs slapped against each other. Her cries reverberated around the room, falling in rhythm with the pounding she was receiving.

“Ohhh Shit! Oh my God! I’m gonna cum-I’m gonna cum-I’M GONNA CUMMMM!”

She shrieked while still grasping a-hold of Zee’s sweaty shoulders. When he was done, he dropped her down on the bed and left her gasping. He grabbed Minx by the head and pulled her forward to suck on his tool. Carmen lay there trembling for the bout of fucking she’d just received, wondering if she was still alive or was already in Heaven. She could still feel Zee’s cock in her, even though he wasn’t fucking her anymore. She watched her mom suck on his cock and then he made her be on all fours and entered her cunt from behind. He took Minx like she was his, like she was nothing but a fuck tool. His back muscles glistened with sweat. Minx groaned non stop from the might of her lover’s cock drilling her cunt.

Zee turned to Carmen when he saw she’s gotten some strength back and said, “Bring yourself over here, girl!”

She came dutifully, kneeling beside his feet. Her eyes marvelled at the sight of his cock pushing back and forth into her mother’s wide cunt.

“Come over her,” Zee indicated where he wanted her to be. “Widen you mom’s ass for me.”

Carmen stood above her mother and grasped her ass cheeks and held them apart as Zee told her to. He pulled out of her mom’s pussy, offered it to her to suck clean, and then pressed its bulbous head into Minx’s asshole. Minx grasped the bed sheets and yelped from the hurting pain of his cock pushed through. The pain was immense, but she knew it would soon go away. She smiled and wiggled her butt to take in his cock further.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, Zee!” she shouted. “Go on, fuck my ass!”

Zee grunted and spat down on her anal hole as he went on fucking it. He smacked her butt repeatedly each time he pulled out of her. Carmen grasped her Mom’s ass and urged Pimp Zee to keep fucking her: “Yeah, Zee. Go on fuck her! Fuck Mom’s ass real good!”

Zee gritted his teeth, groaning from the incredible tightness that gripped his shaft. He quickened the pace of his fucking until the moment when he couldn’t hold it back anymore.

“Aww shit!” he groaned. “AWW FUCKING SLUT! FUCK! GADDAMN!”

He pulled his cock at the exact moment and began jerking furiously. Minx fell flat on the bed, totally spent. Carmen came forward, following the sight of Zee’s cock and oepedn her mouth to him. Zee couldn’t stop groaning as he pumped his load successively, shooting each spurt into her gaping mouth. She took in every drop, including the ones that poured out the side of her mouth. When he was done, Zee fell to the bed soon was joined by mom and daughter lying on either side of him, caressing his torso.

He turned to Minx and said: “Next time, I’ll cum inside … then we’ll get your old man to clean up.”

Minx laughed. “I’m surprised you haven’t thought of that yet.”

Carmen raised her head. “Does this mean you’re going to pimp me as well?” she asked.

“Girl,” Zee said. “You’re it already. Hope you’ve got a good pair of high heels and some thong panties, ’cause you and your mama are getting hit today.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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