Medical Check-Up Of Mom In Front Of Son

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Medical Check-Up Of Mom In Front Of Son

Vijaya is working in IT sector in a prestigious position. Her company offers free medical check-up for the employees. She called the doctor’s clinic to get an appointment. After getting appointment, she took leave from her office that day and reached the clinic. She took her 19 year old son, Jay to accompany her as he was enjoying his holidays then. They reached the clinic well before the scheduled time.

“Good Afternoon,” Vijaya said. “I have an appointment with Dr. Sharma at 4.30pm.”

The secretary looked down at her diary, checked out Vijaya’s name in the list and requested them to wait for a call. She was wearing a white saree with a low cut blouse, and her boobs were pushed firmly up to create a sexy cleavage. Jay got a nice view of her valley between mountains.

After about five minutes the phone rang, and after answering it the lady said out loud, “You may go in now.”

They entered the doctor’s chamber.

Dr. Sharma, a well built aged person confirmed as he received the E-mail from Vijaya last week regarding the check-up.The doctor rang the phone and the secretary entered the room. She collected sample for blood test of Vijaya, took her weight and she was nice in shape with 55 Kg weight.The lady left the room leaving Vijaya and her son with the doctor.

Dr. Sharma took a deep breath and explained about the new check-up policy the company introduced for the employee good health, “Well, Vijaya, let me ask you some questions related to your daily life. Few will be related to sex or something about women’s health. The information is so vital today to lead safe and healthy life. If you hesitate please let me know. We can stop discussing on the subject right there.”

“It’s ok doctor.” Vijaya answered with positive mind.

The doctor then turned his attention towards Vijaya. “What is your body measurement?”

Vijaya proudly answered, “36-32-36¨

Doctor shook his head, “…Nice figure…perfect measurement!”

Jay was quiet, feeling proud of his mom. Since c***dhood his friends used to tell him about his sexy mom. He felt bit annoyed externally, but in the back of his mind felt proud of his hot mom. He accompanied his mother in hosiery stores as his dad was always busy with his work schedule. Earlier she used to buy 34 size bra, but due to slight weight gain she developed bigger boobs. None can tell her fatty, but a full blown figure.

Doctor’s next question was on sexual life, ”Any contraceptive you use?”

“It’s just actually …you know…I mean…. birth control pills,” Vijaya replied with bit hesitation.

The doctor followed up by asking, “It’s okay….good. Sex is very important activity in our life. Once in a week sex is must to lead healthy life for both husband and wife.”

Vijaya smiled a bit looking at the doctor. Jay was also aware of the active sex life of his parents in spite of their busy work schedule. He got sounds of his parents moaning also while going to washroom from his bed room at midnight. He knew parents were fucking each other, but never could get any glimpse of the show.

The doctor then turned his attention back to Jay’s mother. “Vijaya, the next step is visual inspection of the whole body. From medical reason, it’s advisable to show the whole body without cloths. That way any development of cancer cells on the skin and breasts can be detected. Can you strip yourself from medical point of view?”

“…I believe that what we’ve discussed in private stays strictly between us. Doctor we belong to a well-cultured family and I am the mother. I know it’s important, but ask for your assurance that it won’t be licked out,” Vijaya nervously replied.

“And it will always stay private between us. Why you bother, Vijaya!! When we come in the world we are naked; when we leave the world we are naked!! Now it’s for medical reason!!”

The room suddenly felt a little warmer as the doctor talked about the nudity of a mom in front of her grown up son.

The doctor then turned his attention towards Jay, “How does this make you feel Jay? Knowing that your mother has to shed clothes in front of you, are you comfortable?”

“Sure,” Jay replied. “I didn’t know it when my mom set up this appointment.”

Dr. Sharma smiled, “Good. Now I want you to undress yourself right here. It’s better for your son also what is natural in ladies’ body. Tomorrow he may become a responsible husband!”

She nervously stood and began to remove her cloths. Her shyness and modesty eventually gave way as she started to shed clothes one by one. She knew the fact that the two men in the room had their eyes glued to her body parts as she undressed in front of them. She no longer cared that one of the men was Dr. Sharma, a well respected doctor, and the other one her very own son. The look in their eyes showed just how much they were lusting over her body. They felt more nervous than she did.

Jay sat idle in the chamber watching, shocked as his mom suddenly told to strip, but he also getting aroused, because he wanted to see his mom naked for a long time, and never have.

His Mom didn’t care and was about to strip naked in front of him. It didn’t impact her much as she realized that she was about to strip naked as per doctor’s advice. He had no idea what his mother was thinking. Probably she was bit perverted as her son.

She started to remove her nice expensive blue sari very fast.

“Vijaya, wait. You’re not going to catch a train. Relax, it’s for medical check-up, pretend you’re alone in your room. As if you are changing cloth coming back from office, ok?” doctor said wanting her to slow down.

Vijaya more slowly removed her blouse this time, while smiling. Next she loosened the knot of her blue petticoat and immediately it touched the ground. Jay took a view of her nakedness, he couldn’t remember ever seeing his Mom in her bra and panties. He was excited for her to see naked, that too in front of another man. She didn’t have the proper shape that a 30-year-old lady had, but his Mom looked pretty hot for a 41-year-old woman.

From the view of seeing his mother in her underwear, Jay’s little pee-pee started to agitate within his pant. He wondered how his mother would look without clothes. He had masturbated many times over the naked image of his mother. That would be awesome, if her nipples were pink instead of brown, whether her tits would be firm or hanging a bit!

“If stripping naked will guarantee good medical check-up or treatment, I’m glad to strip off my clothes,” she said.
“Here I go,” she said standing.

Jay watched her to bring her hands behind her back to unhook her bra. He was about to see his mother’s breasts. Till date he only knew his mom’s bra size, 36. He couldn’t believe that his mother was just about to remove her bra. She removed her bra and waved it over her head.

Oh, my God! Her huge tits tumbled into view; blue veins running here and there just under the milky skin, the big nipples already erect and puckered due to excitement. There they were his mother’s tits. Exactly how he imagined them to be; only nipples were light brown, not pink as she wished! He couldn’t believe his mother was standing before him topless now. She had big boobs. Vijaya’s tits hung erotically from her chest.

“Good, Vijaya. Why don’t you remove your panty too! I can start visual check then,” Dr. Sharma coughed and said watching her big breasts bounce and sway.

Then, as if in slow motion, Jay watched her slide down her panties. In an instant, she was naked.

His mother was naked, sure, Vijaya was absolutely naked in front of her son and the doctor. He couldn’t believe his mother was naked. She was full of dimples and curves. His cock throbbed to the naked sight of his mother. Vijaya stood completely naked in her high heels. She stood defiant and proud, her dark hair hanging luxuriously on her shoulders. Her breasts were big and hung heavily. She looked very, very hot with generous hips and her belly was almost flat. She was turning this way and that, giving both Jay and doctor a view of all her charms, her plump ass with the long, deep cleft between the cheeks. Her huge buttocks appeared quite tight.

“Oh, my God, Vijaya,” said doctor laughing.

“When was the last time you trimmed that thing? You have a forest of public hair. Wait please. Vijaya, let me arrange to trim that jungle for you”, said doctor.

Dr. Sharma over phone called someone, and within few seconds they were greeted with a big smile from that secretary who knew what to do.

“Come on mam,” said the secretary, taking her hand. “I’ll do a bit of deforestation for you.”

The nice lady took razor and started to trim the patch of Vijaya’s dark pubic hair while she was lying on the couch.

The lady was standing in front of Vijaya and suddenly moved aside to reveal her handiwork. Vijaya looked amazing. She looked like a fashion model. Her breasts and belly shone in the light. Jay looked further down and found her pubic mound was now completely bare; her big pussy was completely exposed.

Jay hesitantly uttered in mind, “Oh mum, thank you, you are an amazing woman!”
The secretary appreciated Vijaya highly, “Mam, you are having a royal pussy!”
The doctor intervened showing towards Vijaya’s chest, “Don’t you think she is having a pair of nice tits too?”
The secretary answered, “Sure, that’s true, sir. Should I trim her armpits also? She is having some patch of bush there as well.”
The doctor smiled, “Definitely, you should not ask me dear.”
She cleaned Vijaya below her armpits.
When the job was done, she gave them a big smile and left the room.
Vijaya sat back down as she had before, only this time her back was straighter and her shoulders were broader- she was proud of her body.

The doctor loosened his neck tie before speaking, “You’re a remarkable woman, Vijaya. Nice, sexy figure you are having!”
“I really don’t think it’s necessary for you to say that in front of my son,” Vijaya said with defiance and a hint of embarrassment.
Doctor smiled and asked, ”Don’t be shy. People should be proud of their good figure always, Ok. Can I start visual inspection now? I may have to touch your body parts also for inspection purpose.”

For the first time Vijaya felt ashamed at that remark, and she replied quickly, “No doctor…it….it’s been quite an experience as it’s something a married lady or a mother is not often asked to do, if you know what I mean.”

The doctor turned her head to Jay then.

“Yes, it‘s not fair that you’re fully dressed, while your mom is totally naked. Both of you feel more comfortable, if you shed cloths too, Jay. Please…please remove your clothes. C’mon, it’s justifiable that your mom see you naked, too,” said doctor appealing to the son of the naked mother.

“Ok,” said Jay confidently. “If it will make both of you feel more comfortable, I’ll remove my clothes. No issue, if I have an erection?”

“It would be an insult to your mom, if you didn’t have an erection,” said Dr. Sharma with a sexy laugh, while staring down at the bulge his cock made in his pants. Vijaya also checked that for sure.

Already filled with endless lust for his mom, Jay couldn’t wait to remove his clothes and show mom his cock. Quickly, removing his shoes and pants, he stripped down to his tee shirt and briefs. Vijaya stared at the pole his erection made in his tight briefs.

The young man was hesitating like his mother just five minutes ago, but gathered the courage. He put his hands in his shorts and slowly pulled it down. It was a nice five inch erection pointing towards his mom.

“Wow, Jay. Your cock is so hard. Did your mom do that to you?” doctor giggled showing at his cock, while looking at Vijaya’s bright face.

Jay couldn’t believe he was naked in front of his mother. He became naked in front of his mom in c***dhood, but this time with erect cock; the main difference.

Doctor also watched his mother’s stare focus only on his cock. Apparently, she was enjoying the view of him, as much as he was enjoying her.

“Did you expect his nice erection, Vijaya?” the doctor asked the naked and proud mom.

Vijaya gasped. “None should know about this otherwise I would be ruined. Who will believe it’s for medical check-up!”

“You trust me, please. Unless you or your son speaks to anyone about this, none will ever find out about what goes on in here.”

Dr. Sharma then started to inspect Vijaya’s body. It was mainly visual check-up, but occasionally he had to touch and feel her breasts, ass or round thighs. Jay was shaking like a leaf in excitement whenever the doctor touching his mom’s perky tits, round nipples, cream colored thighs, big bald pussy, proud buttocks! He was extremely amazed to see another man touching his sexy mom apart from his dad. Jay’s mother looked at her son’s erect cock and back to the doctor alternately.

After almost five minutes, the inspection was over. Dr. Sharma announced happily the absolute good health of Vijaya. No irregularity was found out.Doctor then went to next step regarding oral infection, “Vijaya, there are ample scope of people getting infected orally in sex. Do you do oral sex with your hubby?”

Vijaya momentarily was ashamed in front of her son, ultimately agreed to the reputed doctor, “Yes doctor, I suck the cock of Jay’s dad.”

“I appreciate your honesty. It’s important for all of us to be open to doctors so far as medical treatment is concerned,” the doctor said.

On the other side, Jay was in total shock at her mom’s stunning revelation. His perfect, cultured, educated mom is a cock sucker too! Sex is such an amazing thing!

“Vijaya, now from medical point of view I must check as a doctor how my patient sucks cock and whether that practice may invite some infection orally or not”, the eminent doctor asked her and pointing towards her son’s cock, “Can you suck this cock as a sample ans help me to diagnose properly?”

Without asking, Vijaya took her son’s manhood in her hand and gently caressed it. She tenderly rubbed her son’s penis and checked how her son had grown up to become a young man. When Vijaya’s fingers wrapped around son’s swelling cock, his whole body shook with delight. The next thing Jay felt shocked him more than anything in his life. All of a sudden he felt a warm wet mouth on the end of my cock sucking, and sucking and sucking. He looked down to see his mom with the end of his cock in her mouth. Had Jay ever imagined that his mom would someday suck his cock!! She followed that by licking up and down the shaft, causing her son to moan from a pleasure he had never felt before. Vijaya being the first woman to introduce her son to the joy of sex; to be the first woman to make her son feel like a man, as she took him inside her mouth and began sucking him off furiously. She cupped his balls in her hands and lowered herself to her knees.

Jay felt his knees buckle as his mother bobbed her head up and down on his rock hard erection. It was an incredible feeling for him. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked down to see his prim and proper mother with her lips wrapped tightly around him, with her cheeks looking caved in from her powerful suction. The tightness of her mouth reminded him of the grip of his own hand, but warmer with saliva and a expert tongue inside of his mother. Vijaya at last slid her tongue out of her mouth and began to lick the smooth surface of her son’s dick. It danced along the underside of the rod, tickling the swollen flesh.

Her expert tongue enveloped his aching shaft and licked it until Jay was about to burst. She slowed the pace of her sucking and kept him dangling on the edge of an orgasm.

Doctor inspired, “Vijaya, you are a fantastic cock sucker, suck your beloved son dry. You are flawless so far.”

As she sucked Jay could look at her big breasts rubbing against his legs and gently swaying with the motion of her mouth. Her voluptuous tits trembled with lust whenever she took all the length inside her mouth.

Still working on his cock, she began to toy with his anus, sending a finger to massage the fleshy area around the anal ring and pierced the hole. She sucked his slippery cock more passionately and lodged her middle finger in his puckered hole.

All of a sudden as his come started squirting out of his cock, Jay’s orgasm seemed to take forever as his mom stroked the shaft of the cock and sucked just the end of it in her sweet mouth. His knees got weak and he had trouble standing. The feeling became more than Jay could bear as he shot load after load of his cum inside his mother’s mouth. His orgasm seemed to take forever as Vijaya stroked the shaft and sucked just the end of his cock in her sweet mouth.

In fact, as her son’s ever-flowing cum nearly caused her to gag, his jism spread over his mom’s tongue and slid deliciously out of the corner of her chin and then onto her large tits. She smiled wickedly and swallowed everything her son offered her.

When it was over, Jay had collapsed back onto the couch.

“Excellent, Vijaya, your approach was perfect. No question of any infection at all!” the doctor asked as he leaned forward to wish the pretty mom.

The doctor then turned his attention towards her son, “What about you Jay? You are ok?”

“That was so amazing,” Jay replied, still panting heavily. “My mom is out of any infection, that thing I am very much concerned really!”

Dr. Sharma then looked at mom and said firmly, “Vijaya, I assume you are happy to go ahead with the other necessary tests now?”
“Yes, of course” replied mom.

“Good. Now, I’m going to ask you a few questions Vijaya,” said Dr. Sharma looking back at her. “Have your hubby ever tested his semen? If the semen is having some bacteria, it would be harmful for both you and your beloved hubby.’’
“No, I don’t think so doctor.” She looked at doctor with lot of anxiety.

“Now, it is not possible to get your hubby’s semen as he is not present. At the same time we can get very similar data from your son’s semen. It’s always true that every dad and son have same quality of semen, you know. So, can I collect Jay’s semen instead of his dad’s?”

He opened a drawer of the desk and pulled out what looked like a beaker, wide at the open end.

The doctor looked at Vijaya again and then Jay, making sure they understood. “Is that ok?”

“Err…yes,” Jay said, and mom said the same.

Doctor laughed, “Now dream about something erotic. For example fantasize about all the horny naked women, you can play with your cock as you imagine their body.” Doctor looked at his dick.

He assured again. “Don’t be shy, play with your dick while dreaming”.

Then doctor looked at his dick, but there was no sign of an erection at all. By that time doctor shared can of cold drinks with mom and son from the refrigerator.
“I guess you are alright Jay. Now that you have a problem with getting an erection, you have to take care of little pee-pee.”

Jay was unable to get erection at all!!

Doctor was stunned, “How you lost your erection! Generally men much older than you in their fifties and sixties can get into this situation!”

“Doctor, I’d like to use the toilet for a moment,” Vijaya said, feeling the need to pee. Taking some anxiety about her son, she left for the washroom.

Jay then explained to the doctor. “How can I do that? You know I don’t get erection due to nervousness probably. I really believe that. I don’t feel very well right now. My penis doesn’t get big here.” Jay’s face blushed with embarrassment.

Doctor said “You have to get nice erection to give a sample for the test, my c***d. It is absolutely needed now. Why don’t you start by shaking your dick? Don’t get embarrassed.”
Jay was not that simple and innocent boy. Feeling the strong desire to see his sexy mom being pounded by another man, he was not feeling comfortable at all.

Actually he was another ambition to see his busty mom fucking a man other than her dad.

He asked the doctor timidly, “Can you do me a favor by showing some dummy action with my mom?”

The doctor could not understand his proposal first, “What do you want, Jay? Can you tell me elaborately?”

Jay justified, “Doctor, I have checked that I get massive erection without failure seeing people involve in sexual activities. I want to see actions to get full erection. I think you can do some dummy action to penetrate my mom. Even you can enter her experimentally, not full-fledged fucking. Are you ok with it?”

“I am overwhelmed by the feelings you have for your mom. Is she ready to do that for you?” he was hesitant a bit.

Right at that time Vijaya entered the room.

Vijaya asked. “What is your suggestion then, doctor? I guess under this circumstance he can’t even get hard.”

Dr. Sharma paused for a moment.

He sighed deeply thinking about the issue, and then suddenly her eyes moved to Vijaya’s gorgeous nude body.

Looking at Vijaya directly he said, “Because of the slightly unusual nature of the treatment, you may prefer that I speak to you directly and in private first, Vijaya.”

She listened and thought for a moment before replying.

“Well, no doctor. It’s all right. I know Jay is mature enough to listen to what you will say, and I would like him to be present. He’s my son, and I know he will be ok with whatever you might say,” she replied firmly.

Both mom and son listened in silence without saying anything. You could have heard a pin drop.

“Well, Vijaya, your son has a fetish of seeing people in sexual activities. I see that you are a well-endowed woman; I mean you are a voluptuous woman just like the type your son likes. Why don’t you show him some virtual sexual activities? Boys’ penis is very sensitive about this.” He giggled.

“Would that arrangement be ok with you Vijaya?” He again asked her.

Jay raised his head and glanced a look at his mom, who looked a little perturbed, but then composing herself said, “Well it’s going to be a bit of a unusual and unexpected to a mom, but yes I’ll do it Doctor, as it’s for medical reasons, and to help my family,” replied mom.

She sounded a bit confused.

“Good,” replied Dr. Sharma, now looking at Vijaya and smiling. “Don’t be shy of your son,” he continued. “In fact, I generally recommend this type of actual or virtual action to make a proper diagnosis depending on type of cases.”

“Yeah sure,” Vijaya replied, a little stunned by the implications of what he meant.
“Very good,” replied Dr. Sharma. “And remember this is all completely confidential between us only.”

“It is rather unusual doctor, and I do feel little awkward about it,” she added very convincingly, “But if, as you say, it is required to resolve the medical problem, I am willing to go for it so to speak. I am a little hesitant, but I hope you will be able to help us perform the act so we are both able to deal with it.”

She gasped, “Doctor, if anyone ever found out about this I would be ruined.”

“Good, rely on me please” replied Dr. Sharma.

“Thank you, Dr. Sharma,” replied Vijaya.

Then the doctor started to get undressed. The doctor undid the belt on his robe so the front fell open. He left his dresses one by one. Finally he bent over to take off his shorts. Vijaya hesitated a bit while the doctor grasped both sides of the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down with a quick movement.

More thrills quivered through Jay as he saw a long, thick cock wobbling into view, already erect and skinned back, great wrinkled balls swinging there heavy with semen.
She looked at her son’s little pee-pee time to time.

Jay blushed and found himself staring at other two nude bodies.

Doctor smiled, “Hey Jay, you are feeling uncomfortable as you see me nude beside your beloved mom?”

Jay stammered. “Oh… no! It’s ok… I mean…ummm… I mean it’s nice.”

During that conversation Vijaya looked at her curious son. She heard the slightly audible gasp of his son.

She smiled sexily. “So, my son, you liked all these? It’s perfectly natural sweetie on medical ground. Isn’t it?” said Vijaya.

Jay answered smartly, “It’s perfectly ok, mom. As we both are naked for long, it would be injustice if our respected doctor is not nude. Now, everything is balanced.”

Just she was about to tell something, Doctor intervened, “Vijaya, you have a nice sensible son just like you.”

She answered proudly, “His dad and me both have taught him good values in life.”

Vijaya was laughing proudly while speaking.

Doctor looked at her and said, “I understand, that’s the base of a good family. “

Vijaya, still staring at her son’s naked body, Jay was showing almost a limp cock. Actually, Jay was waiting eagerly to see the doctor penetrate his sexy mom!

“Right, would you like to follow me to my inner consulting room?” Dr. Sharma beckoned them to follow.

Jay’s mother looked from her naked son to her doctor’s erect cock and back to her son again.

Vijaya understood the situation and led her son holding his hand as if she were helping him across the street.

Jay was looking in admiration to his mom’s deep valley between the big buttocks, sometimes to the muscular back of the doctor. He could also observe from side little show of her big tits and doctor’s erect eight inch cock, both their organs were swaying and bouncing a lot.

While entering the next room from the chamber Vijaya wanted to turn her face away from Doctor’s naked body, but could not resist the temptation of viewing his massive erection. She was spellbound. She forcibly turned her head to other direction; however, she continued stealing the look of doctor’s gorgeous cock. It was first time that she was seeing another matured man completely naked, and what she saw was beyond comparison.

Though, Vijaya had kept her heads down, her eyes were constantly attempting to steal a good look of the doctor, at times Jay was able to catch his mom’s sneaking eyes.

The doctor led them to the small room where there was another door. He opened it and they all went in. The doctor then closed the door and bolted it from inside.

The doctor said, “Welcome to my consulting room. This is where I see patients having sexual problems, and I try to help them out.”

At one end of the room there was a very comfortable sofa, examination table was placed in the centre of the room.

“Right, would you like to follow my proposal for your family benefit?” Dr. Sharma asked her politely.

Then Vijaya, lying in the couch told the doctor it was okay for him to climb on top of her for dummy action, and so he did. He got in between her open legs while they looked each other in the eyes.

Now his huge hard-on was just inches from her. Vijaya encouraged him to move very close, but requested him not to touch her intimate parts. He accidentally rubbed the tip of her pussy lips with his cock, and she reminded him gently that he should not do that to a mom. A few seconds later, while pulling his rock hard tool, he again accidentally touched her pussy lips with it, and this time she didn’t say anything.

Jay was busy playing with his own dick sitting in a nearby chair, as he looked up and saw the doctor was now rubbing his cock all over his mom’s cunt lips.

Is she going to let him fuck her? Jay asked himself. Is he going to get to see his mom riding another man’s cock? The answer came in a matter of seconds.

The golf-ball sized head touched the parted slit and pushed gently, experimentally. Jay’s mouth fell open again as he saw the big knob disappear into the tight looking hole, the lips stretched nearly to the tearing point to receive the rod.

Vijaya looked up and down doctor’s body once again admiringly. He was very well built, far stronger than she thought he looked in the clothes he usually wore. And that erection – it was a perfect for a horny lady like her.

Vijaya looked at the doctor in doubtful way, if she should continue. Before Vijaya could even get a chance to think, the doctor had already penetrated her big pussy. She choked, her eyes on stems, her big tits again were wobbling heavily over her chest. She knew she was going to get fucked by the doctor in presence of her son. As her son was watching, that created lust in her mind.

Vijaya knew there was nothing she could do about it and she sobbed softly. It was too late then. Jay walked over to get a closer look at how his mom was going.Jay watched as his mom opened her legs even wider to trap the doctor’s cock between her pussy lips.

There was an audible moan from doctor as he watched and felt Vijaya swallow his cock up between the lips of her slippery slit.

She leaned back once again and said, “Doctor, I love my husband and I would never do anything which would harm our marriage, since my son is sitting over there not saying a word, I know he agrees with what I’m doing.”

Doctor visibly gulped before looking at Jay and then at his mom searching for their reaction. Their silence spoke everything and no words were needed.

The conversation with audible moans was going on between Vijaya and the doctor; they smiled from time to time. They knew their movement was having quite an effect on Jay.

“Ah…Ag…Oh….” she whimpered softly.

Jay saw the big rod disappear into the tight looking hole, saw the lips stretched near to the tearing point to accept him, her asshole twitching slight. She whimpered again as she felt the huge balls sliding into her, her hips pressed firmly against the couch.

The doctor went sliding right down into her, and she took in one long gulp. Jay heard her sob as he saw a round red ring conforming itself to the size and shape of the doctor’s massive tool, glutted with a cock other than his dad. Jay strongly believed his dad was the only man penetrated his mom till then. Doctor’s monster penis was buried to the root in her. His big nuts were resting on the lower cheeks of her twisting plump ass as the big cock totally disappeared in the Vijaya’s crack.

Suddenly he felt bad for the balls of the doctor! The doctor’s cock was enjoying the hot mom’s juicy cunt, but the balls were waiting outside like security guard!!

Similarly, Jay also couldn’t participate with his hot mom! Though his cock became rock hard by that time as he saw the spectacular show like a hypnotized man!

Doctor’s both hands were well placed on her big melons, squeezing those hard and he was pulling her erect nipples time to time causing Vijaya to moan “Ah…Uh….Ehh”. Jay had never seen people fuck so closely and he knew it was a beautiful thing to see. He loved to see a matured lady like his mom is being screwed. Everybody likes to fuck; his perfectionist momwas no exception!

Jay’s cock was jerking now as he watched doctor pumping her. He was sure that his mom had noticed his hardness too.The doctor was taking the long, deep strokes which are so dear to the feminine cunt, withdrawing until only it’s great mushroom head was between the stretching lips, then driving all the way back into her belly again. All he could see of his mom as her plump ass and the twitching puckered hole peeking out, and her gulping pussy as it swallowed the length again and again. As his cock fully inside Vijaya’s cunt the aged doctor waited for few seconds, as if enjoying his time. No one was speaking and there was no sound in the chamber, other than Vijaya’s occasional moans.

Jay was getting a view of his lifetime. He hungrily gazing at his mother’s pussy getting pounded by the renowned doctor. Jay’s eyes were glued to the live fuck show going on in front, and his left hand massaging his erect cock. He could see doctor’s huge balls thudding silently against her rear end each time he plunged into her. Vijaya’s naked body was being rocked by the v******e of his downward thrust, the creamy flesh of her thighs jiggling firmly in rhythm. Occasionally, Jay could hear the masculine belly smacking against her, her whimpering sounds filtering through the room.

It gave Jay confidence that his mom too was enjoying her fuck, but she was trying to prevent showing her true feelings lying under the doctor, obviously because her son being present there. The doctor increased his movements and his cock was moving fiercely into Vijaya’s pleasure canal.

Jay was then rock hard. Gripping his cock by his both hands he started massaging it.

With every stroke Jay could observe his mother’s cunt gripping and releasing around doctor’s throbbing shaft and then Jay suddenly felt an amazing movement of mother’s ass.
“OOOHHHHHHH…” A long moan escaped from Vijaya’s mouth.

Her resistance had crossed the limit and finally she surrendered to the waves of lust flowing through her body. It was clear from the way she started humping him back.Jay had never expected his mom to respond to her fucking in front of her son. In sex every relation is forgotten, so amazing thing!! Jay certainly loved it.

The atmosphere in the room was total hot. They were reaching the peak and both were moaning a lot. Jay was jerking his cock. His mom was shouting a bit, “Yes …fuck me…give me hard…doctor…you have a great dick!!!” Jay was surprised to hear from her educated mom all these filthy words, he concentrated on the couch deeply expecting more surprises.

“Here I go….babe! I can’t hold more….you take my load!” Suddenly, the doctor increased his speed. He grabbed Vijaya’s shoulder and started ramming his cock desperately into her cunt. He was now thrusting at piston pace. His pumping was reaching to an orgasm.

All of a sudden, with a sharp cry he pushed forward his hips and buried his cock deep inside Vijaya’s pussy. His ass cheeks were completely sucked in as close as possible, his muscular thighs were strained. His face was glowing and wrinkles formed due to awesome pleasure. Jay was matured enough to understand the old doctor was cumming inside his mother’s pussy. Jay came forward and looked closely to see the spitting cum, but the poor boy could not view the hidden cock in his mother’s cunt.

All of a sudden Vijaya’s ass began to rock wildly and her moans were transformed into primitive gasps and cries. She was lost in ecstasy as her head tossed from side to side. Vijaya was cumming with v******e and intense contractions of her cunt milked the head of doctor’s shaft until a powerful orgasm wrecked her body, “Ahhhhh….I’m gone…take it….so nice!!”.
Her back arched high and her buttocks lifted few inches off the couch, Vijaya’s body wracked with strange tremors of lust. Some pearly jism oozed out of her hole and trickled down her shivering ass cheeks. Her buttocks were trying to draw themselves together, her asshole tightening itself like a rubber band.

Jay stared, his fingers presses to his mouth. Vijaya whispered a small prayer of thanks to God, her son noticed it.

Jay was grinning broadly as he stared at mom’s sloppy, gulping pussy and slowly relaxing asshole.

Doctor’s cock was still inside her pink slippery pussy. “OOOHHHHHHH…” A long moan escaped from mother’s mouth.

From the side Jay was shaking his hard dick. Jay wanted to avoid showing it to his mom. Slowly, the jerking in the organs subsided and room was suddenly silent.The doctor remained there for a while, then left Vijaya’s naked body and sat near Jay.

Dr. Sharma and Vijaya were panting wildly and trying to catch their breath.

Doctor looked tired; the episode with Vijaya seemed to have drained him out. His limp cock was languishing between his thighs as a tired soldier. At the age of sixty plus he fucked the middle aged sexy mom with lot of potential which Jay admired a lot. After catching his breath he finally looked at Jay.

“Hi…Jay…! I know it’s meaningless to ask… even then..are you offended seeing the incident?”

Then he saw his swollen cock and his mouth spread in a wide grin. “Sure, enjoyed it no. Your mom is the best pussy I have fucked in recent years!”

“That’s fine doctor,” Jay said.

Jay knew that he probably would be the next candidate to fuck his gorgeous mom.

“And it looks like you’re ready to have another go at it,” he added, looking at Jay’s uneasiness. “It’s perfectly understandable seeing your erection.”

“Oh I’m definitely horny. I would love to do if my mom is interested.” Jay showed lot of maturity without feeling shaky.

“Well, would you be interested in losing your cherry to your mother?” the doctor said with a grin.

Jay looked to his mother to see a loving smile and a small nod of approval. For a few seconds he just stared at her curvy body and imagined how good it would be to fuck her. He felt as he was left out for last ten minutes. His mom was great in bed. All he could think at that time is his mom only. Jay was rock hard and need some relief too.

Suddenly doctor intervened with smile, “Vijaya, you would love to do something again and introduce your son in sex! I can collect semen sample of your son as well.”

“Now,” said the doctor, “I would like to try the first penetration, in a position such that you do not need to look at each other, which may make it easier to perform – the doggie position. Otherwise nervous feelings may come into picture! Vijaya I would like you to kneel on the sofa with your hands holding the top edge of the sofa, and your round bottom sticking outwards toward the coffee table. I think this will also help get Jay stimulated and hard.”

Vijaya positioned herself as instructed on the big sofa. She looked damned hot, ready to welcome i****t in her family!

The doctor dragged a small stool out of the way and Jay stood feet behind his mom’s plump ass which was sticking out towards the edge of the sofa seat with the doctor standing next to him.

Jay was staring down at his mother’s ass so closely for the first time. Doctor came beside Jay and instructed Vijaya how he wanted her knees spread wider. Jay looked down and his prick started to jerk of its own.

“How do you like the sight of your mom’s private parts in that position Jay?” said Dr. Sharma.

“It looks very arousing, “Jay said as his dick was roaring to enter his mom.

“Are you comfortable Vijaya”, continued the doctor.

“Yes, very much,” replied mom.

“That’s better,” said the doctor. “Now you can proceed more naturally.”

Needing no more encouragement, Jay positioned himself between her legs and guided his hard shaft to edge of her pussy from behind. After sliding his cock up and down along her wet slit, he drove it home. When Jay slammed his rod into her vagina, she turned around to see who was fucking her. To her anticipation, her son was there drilling his cock in and out of his mother’s tight pussy. It was heaven for him. She too felt good wrapped around his cock so tightly.

“Oh baby that’s it! Don’t stop! Fuck your mother!” she yelled at her son.

They began passionately making love in the couch of doctor’s office. Jay’s eternal lust overwhelmed him and he started to fuck his mother. He went harder and faster in order to pacify his inner-most desires which had been torturing him so far. And with every forceful thrust he gave, his mother responded with a loud grunt or a moan.

The doctor looked on at the mother-son coupling which was happening before him. He felt happy as he could bring them closer together as they now began fucking each other like street dogs.

Jay gripped his mom’s waist with two hands and thrashing her hard from back.

As if a dog was fucking a bitch by the side of the lane; both mom and son were creating similar noises, “Aaauuuu……Aaauuuu…Aaauuuu…”

Every so often he would stop fucking her pussy to catch breath and gaze on his mom’s delightful body. Jay could see delicate beads of perspiration sitting in the cleft between her massive and tight buttocks.

Vijaya was begging him to enter her. “Fuck me, Jay, shove your cock deep into me” she cried with her eyes closed tight.

“Does that feel nice?” asked Dr Sharma.

“Oh yes doctor,” both mom and son replied. “It feels fabulous, doctor.”

Dr. Sharma was not totally happy with their performance.

He intervened, “Vijaya, please keep your ass up, your son gets more room that way and can penetrate you better. Above all, he is not having a big dick, ok. Don’t mind young man.”

Vijaya religiously followed the expert doctor’s instruction as her son continued to fuck more intensely.

“Right, doctor, thank you for your valuable inputs,” both mom and son agreed.

Dr. Sharma looks for perfection always, he is such a talent!!!

“That’s right Jay. Do push and pull slowly but steadily,” continued the doctor encouragingly.

Jay continued pumping his mom’s cunt and it felt glorious. The doctor observed that the son was now doing quite well!

The idea that he was now fucking his mom in front of the doctor was really turning Jay on, and he was sure mom was feeling the same. Her face was buried in the top edge of the sofa and her arms were partly over the sides of her face, but she let out some groans of pleasure as Jay continued to pump her.

As Jay continued his thrusting, in and out, his mom bent herself forward a bit more and started pushing her ass back into him, in time with his forward thrusts, so he was penetrating as deep as possible into her.

“Yea, mom, that’s soooo… good,” Jay said out loud.
Now the doctor stood facing her, his big prick was just two inches away from her face.
“That’s right Jay… fuck your mom hard….. stick your hard cock into her juicy cunt….. show her the magic of your hard dick….. make her cum,” uttered the excited doctor.

Suddenly doctor whimpered, “AAAaaaggg…’’

Jay lifted his head as he was fucking his mom from back and starring towards his mom’s big ass. Jay’s mouth fell open at what he saw. He was surprised to find out his sexy mom had deep-throated Dr. Sharma!!!

That was the turning point.

Jay started pumping mom with tremendous force as if there is no tomorrow, spanked her huge ass couple of times.

The doctor started furiously fucking her mouth holding her face in his two palms. Jay was taking powerful strokes which were so dear to feminine cunt. It turned out to be a perfect threesome!!!

The couch was rocking in full swing.

Dr. Sharma shouted at Jay with excitement, “Hey, Jay, hold those lovely melons of your mom in your hands while fucking. It will be awesome.”

Jay was not that experienced. The movement of the big tits of his mom was not totally visible from back. He got the fabulous view from the giant mirror in the wall. The milk bags were moving erotically sometimes in same direction sometimes in different. He lowered his upper part of the body and held mom’s great tits in two hands while fucking her hard. It felt great to all.

“Oh, yes, fuck me Jay,” said mom.

“Yes, that’s right,” said the doctor.

“Go on fuck her, fuck your mom, Jay, and Vijaya, you fuck your son. Mother and son were in perfect unison, a son’s prick inside his mother’s pussy. What could be more glorious!” the doctor continued, urging them on profusely.

As Jay continued his thrusting, in and out, mom bent herself forward a bit more and started pushing her ass back towards her son. Jay’s pelvic zone was hitting his mom’s huge tender ass and creating sound “Thap…..thop…thap….thop…” and echoed in the room.

“Yea, mom, that’s soooo… good,” he said out loud.

She did not ignore doctor’s cock, she gripped the mast by its base and the remaining length of his cock was completely engulfed by her hungry mouth, which she was sucking like a delicious lollypop. Three bodies were approaching to the peak together, two cocks and a cunt; everyone wanted to prolong the divine feelings.

Jay knew he would not last much longer and after just a few more thrusts he blew his load deep into mom’s pussy with a loud “Here I go…..ahhhhhh…..ohhhh….hooooo…..gone…gone….,” as he did so, followed by several grunts as he ejaculated inside her, each groan timing with spitting of his cum.

As his cum waves eased, and his cock started to become limp, Jay hugged her from behind, closing his eyes in pleasure, still high from orgasm, and the doctor holding her face in tight grip from front, pressing his naked body into Vijaya’s pretty face. It was awesome!

The doctor was second; with a sharp cry he grabbed Vijaya’s head and forced his shooting gun into her mouth. The doctor erupted like volcano “That’s it babe……take my load….oh…ahhhh”. Mom didn’t shy away a bit and kept on sucking his jism.

Almost instantaneously, Jay felt the cunt’s spasm violently along the length of his limp cock. Her cunt was gripping and releasing her son’s spitting organ. Jay was busy enjoying the thrill of his mother’s vibrating pussy around his manhood, when from the front the old doctor shot his load. He ejaculated with such a force that his cum overflowed from her mouth, then landed over the couch. A tiny trickle of jism still clung to the skin of her face.

Mom also groaned loudly, indicating she too must have reached the orgasm.

Jay became light-headed and he closed his eyes, still holding onto mom’s hips as the last of his cum waves eased and his dick became limp. That had felt so good…..

Slowly, the jerking in the every organ subsided and the room was suddenly silent. All of them collapsed on the couch. Three mortals there were trying to recover from their bout of intense fucking.

“Good, no need to collect semen sample. Your action confirms your perfect health,” replied Dr Sharma beaming back at mom and son. “I’m so glad we have an understanding.”

Vijaya, her son and the doctor got cleaned up and dressed.

“I hope you are both happy with my involvement as a doctor,” continued Dr. Sharma.

“Congratulations, Vijaya. You are perfectly healthy” he said out loud. “Well done both of you, and especially you, Jay, as you’re no longer a virgin, you lost the cherry to your mom, such a proud moment.”

Vijaya and Jay thanked the doctor for everything he had done for them, and as they left the room, they were greeted with a big smile from a secretary who knew what they did inside the chamber.

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