Midnight under the mistletoe

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Midnight under the mistletoe
Christmas turned out better, much better than I’d expected. I come from a big family and every Christmas we hire a big house in the country and as many of us who can get together do so. I was in two minds whether to go, but I was persuaded it was better than being alone. There must have been around thirty of us: brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces and distant relatives I’d never heard of before.

Midnight on Christmas Eve approached. The custom was for us all to go to midnight mass at the village church. They all went except two of us: me because I wasn’t into all that religious stuff, and Alison, the partner of one of my distant cousins, who stayed behind to look after the mince pies and mulled wine.

I’d had my eye on Alison all evening. She was about my age, mid thirties, and apart from the bunch of micro-skirted teenage nieces she was the sexiest thing there. In bed the nights before I’d dreamed of the nieces of course, but my right hand had been kept busiest as I thought of what I’d like to do with Alison. That evening she was in a classic little black low cut, string strapped party dress in thin sheeny satin that clung to her figure in a way that left no guy who was interested in any doubt that she had every man’s dream of a figure, with a ruby necklace hanging like an arrow guiding men’s eyes down into her deep cleavage.

The door had hardly closed behind the churchgoers when Alison strolled to the spring of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling at the foot of the stairs. Someone had hung it there remembering the ancient Christmas custom of a kiss under the mistletoe, probably thinking of the nieces. She positioned herself under it, tossed the dark hair that bounced around her neck, and gave me a mischievous grin.

“Shall we try out the mistletoe?” She said softly.

As she spoke she spread her tan nylon clad legs as far as her dress would allow, arched her back a little so her big breasts eased the cleavage of her dress a little wider and rocked sensuously on her high heels. It didn’t take me long to make up my mind.

“Don’t mind if I do” I said.

I slid my hand over the smooth black satin of her dress and round her waist just above the curve of her hips. Without me pulling her she snuggled against me so her breasts pressed against my chest and her belly pressed against the rapidly hardening bulge of my erection. A kiss under the mistletoe is normally just a playful peck on the cheek, but before I knew it her lips were hard against mine.

Almost involuntarily my hands began to explore. My left hand rose up her back and found her bra straps through her dress. My right hand went down, cautiously at first when it reached the forbidden territory of her buttocks, then more adventurously as in response her legs strained wider and her soft belly thrust more firmly against my rising penis. My hand explored her soft curves, slowly followed the valley between her bum cheeks and found the outline of her panties through the thin smooth black satin. I ran my fingertips across her bottom along the hem of her panties, to show her I knew all about her underwear. Then my hand slid down her thigh and found the unmistakable ridge of a stocking top.

“I’ve put stockings on,” Alison whispered.

Even by then I was frantic. I hadn’t touched a woman’s bare flesh for months. My hand was down her thigh, then lifting her dress, on stocking clad leg, then on the bare thigh above, then on her panties fondling her bottom through thin tight cloth. Then finally my hand was inside her panties, first on the soft smooth flesh of her buttocks, then cupped over her mound and her moist pubic hair with my finger in her love slit.

She moaned as I fondled her. I heard the church clock struck midnight.

“We’ve got an hour,” she said, “if you want.” She ran her fingertip along the ridge of my erection. I wanted!

Moments later we were in the small bedroom I was using.

“You strip first,” she said, “then undress me … it’s a fantasy. I love to be undressed by naked men … so I can see his cock up for me.”

I’m always only too pleased to help women with their sex fantasies. A man can never strip as sexily as a woman. I stripped quickly, leaving my blue cotton briefs till last. In that deep rooted male instinct every man has to show off his penis I let her see how far my erection forced my briefs out, then I quickly pulled them down round my thighs just below my balls so my penis sprang out with its full erect length pointed at the ceiling quivering stiffly. I let her admire it and let her soft fingers feel its length and stiffness and the size and hairiness of my balls before I dropped them completely.

“Mmmmmm!” She purred, then she stepped back for me to undress her.

It didn’t take long. First the clasp holding her cleavage closed, then the zip down her back. I slipped the thin strings of her shoulder straps off her shoulders next, let her dress drop till it hung on her hips then a quick flick of my hands sent it on its way to the floor. I savoured the sight of her in just her black lacy bra, panties and tan stockings, and enjoyed the feel of her bottom and sex mound through the taut silk of her panties before I removed her bra and slipped her panties down. As I moved around her to undress and fondle her I let the head of my erect penis brush against her buttocks, her thighs and her belly, and she reached down to playfully flick my straining shaft. She was soon standing in just her stockings and high heels with her big heavy naked breasts rising and falling with her excited breaths, and with a neat almost black triangle of her pubic bush between her spread thighs — the first naked cunt I’d seen for real in months! She gave a little cry of pleasure and excitement as my fingers ruffled her neat bush of dark pubic hair and found the soft wet lips beneath.

“Kiss me on my cunt,” she said, spreading her legs wide and thrusting her hips forward.

I squatted in front of her and touched my lips lightly to her pubic hair, then frantic with lust I grabbed her buttocks and pulled that exquisite dark triangle of sex fur hard against my face!

“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? … And for me too,” she added with a wistful smile. I knew she was here with her partner and I hadn’t expected her to say that.

While I was still squatting in front of her kissing her cunt and the tops of her thighs she stepped a high heeled foot up onto a chair for me to take her stocking off. But I’ve got fantasies too.

“Let me watch you take your stockings off,” I said. “Laying on the bed with your legs as wide as you can get them.”

She grinned at me.

“Naughty boy! … Have you been wanking thinking of me?”

I couldn’t hide my guilty grin. Alison had taken her stocking off for me in my fantasies the night before while my hand frantically stroked and tugged my hard up shaft. Now she did it for real on that same bed where I’d grunted her name and my hard working hand had sent my semen splashing up my chest. She lay on her back. Her big breasts flopped sideways, she spread her legs so wide they were pointing in opposite directions, pulling her vagina open so her juice wetted pink labia peeped out through her bush. Then she slowly folded up each leg in turn so her knees were near her shoulders, then peeled her stockings off exquisitely slowly. As I watched her I fingered my penis, working it to rock hard straining erection. She tossed one stocking at me so it hung on my erection.

“Is that what you wanted to see?” Alison asked softly with a smile on her face. She enjoyed fulfilling men’s fantasies too!

In the wall mirror my erect seven inches sticking up almost vertical from my balls looked massive, and certainly felt tight enough to snap. I guess that gave her all the answer she needed. She reached up her arms toward me.

The church clock struck twelve fifteen.

I joined her on the bed. She was every bit as wild for my body as I was for hers! I can only remember instants of those minutes of wild passion! Her legs wrapped round me, my hands roamed all over her naked body, I kissed and licked her breasts and sucked her nipples and kissed her down her body from her breasts, over her navel tickling her belly button with me tongue, then down till her pubes were coarse against my lips and she moaned, cried out and squirmed with sex pleasure as my tongue teased her between her vagina lips.

In the middle of our frantic wrestling she rolled me onto my back and slowly mounted me in 69 position, kissing me all down my body starting with my lips, letting her swinging breasts slide over my face then down my chest with her hard erect peaking nipples brushing over my hairy chest. With my head between her legs and her pubic hair against my face she flicked the so sensitive head of my straining penis with her tongue as it arched stiffly over my belly, then she moved further down my body to tickle my penis head and shaft with her nipples and so and I was kissing her legs and inner thighs. She took my penis head into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue. I thought I was going to cum, and I gripped her thighs and shoved my cock up against her lips as I groaned in ecstasy. But she knew how to take a guy to the brink and ease off.

She rolled off me and lay on her back on the bed next to me, then spread and folded up her legs and fingered her pussy.

“Want!” She gasped. The church clock struck twelve thirty.

I got on all fours beside her astride her spread leg so my balls and my hard cock could enjoy brushing against her soft thigh and smear it with pre cum. I fondled her breasts, then ran my hand down her belly. I tickled her belly button, then slid my fingers down through her bush to the prize beneath. I kissed her on her lips then on her nipples and began stroking her juice sodden vagina lips smoothly, rhythmically and gently with my fingertips the way a woman wants, nothing like the hard muscular stroking and tugging a man’s cock needs. I’d at least learned how to do that just the way my ex liked! She didn’t take long to rise. As her labia swelled my fingers darted to her clit, the little hard peak at the top of her slit, and began to smoothly circle it, arousing her, then easing off to stroke her labia, then back to her clit, and back and forth. I felt her tense and she gasped.

“Coming! Coming! Ohhhhhh!”

Her breasts wobbled as she writhed and thrust her hips in the pulses of her orgasm. She grunted several times, making a sound even more erotic than the wild squeals I remembered from my ex. She flopped back on the bed, eyes closed and holding her hands over her pussy as her afterglow blazed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” She purred. Her eyes opened. She took her hands away from her cunt, and spread and folded her legs up again. “Come in …. give me another one,” she said softly but with an edge of excitement in her voice.

My heart was pounding with lust as I climbed between her spread legs. For a long delicious moment I savoured her vagina lips against my penis head and her soft body under mine before she gasped as I slid full length into her warm, soft, smooth tightness. Her arms wrapped over my back and her legs folded up against the sides of my thighs. I thrust smoothly, methodically and full length, trying to savour every delicious thrust, and moving my penis around inside her to enjoy every bit of her vagina. If the church clock struck three quarters it was either drowned by our cries and grunts or I was too preoccupied with enjoying her luscious body to hear the distant bells.

Like my ex, once she’d had one orgasm another comes quickly. She gasped, her hands clawed my back, her legs folded up and hooked round my thighs trying to pull me deeper into her, she quivered under me and gave that long deep so erotic grunt.

Then I came! I’d had months of frustration and pent up lust craving a woman’s body, ogling porn into the small hours, and with only solitary masturbation to satiate my desire. Now as well as the exquisite orgasm pleasure welling up my penis, I had the feel of a soft, warm, smooth woman”s naked body under me, her breasts against my chest, her vagina tight round my hard hungry shaft, and her legs wrapped round mine! In my explosion of satisfaction as my semen rose and jerked into her I grunted “Alison” and pushed her up the bed with my last thrust as I filled her.

I stayed laying on top of her enjoying her soft warmth under me and gently caressing her thigh. After a while I rolled off her and lay by her side. I felt semen trickling dozen my side from where the last drops had drooled from my now limp penis. Alison kissed me on the cheek.

“Happy Christmas,” Alison said, and she kissed me on the cheek.

“Happy Christmas to you too,” I replied, stroking her on her thigh.

The church clock struck the hour, and from the direction of the church I heard the distant sound excited laughter of the nieces coming nearer.

With the churchgoers back, mince pies quickly disappeared, mulled wine flowed, presents were exchanged, distant relatives bored me with their life stories, and nieces squealed and giggled excitedly. Alison’s partner joined her, drunk, and busied himself flirting with the nieces. I wondered how long their relationship had to go.

As I finally headed for bed, with Alison fresh in my mind and my right hand ready to do its nightly job till I grunted her name and filled her again in my fantasies, I passed the mistletoe. A micro-skirted niece was standing under it together with a distant nephew, who didn’t quite manage to get his hand out from under her skirt before I saw him. I grinned at him, and as I made my way up the stairs I silently wished him as much luck under the mistletoe as I’d had.

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