Milking Time B4 Chapter 10 The Main Event – Jordan

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Milking Time B4 Chapter 10 The Main Event – Jordan
Chapter 10: The Main Event – Jordan Takes It To The Max

Jordan’s body wriggled on the suspended mold. She was sandwiched between two of the humongous shemale amazons. Ebony was gazing into Jordan’s beautiful face while she impaled her cunt with over two feet of her cock. Beneath Jordan, Barocca had succeeded in pushing over sixteen inches of her monster cock between her ass cheeks. Ebony had well over half of her colossal cock wedged into Jordan, when she motioned to Clyda.
“C’mon, Clyda. It’s time we really opened Jordan up, and put her through the wringer.”
Ebony shifted her body to one side, so that there was a little more room at Jordan’s crotch. Her legs were straddling one of Barocca’s legs beneath her. Clyda sandwiched her body in next to Ebony’s, also straddling the opposite leg of Barocca below her.
Ebony forced her two hands onto Jordan’s pussy lips, while Clyda used one of her hands; the other held her throbbing cock steady as she aimed. Jordan would not have thought it possible, but Dee Dee’s pill somehow allowed her pussy to open even wider. Into that opening, Clyda thrust the head of her cock. Jordan began flailing her fists in mid-air as the assault on her womb took her to new levels of agony.
Ebony kept her cock relatively still, while Clyda slowly forced her shaft into Jordan. The heat and the hardness of their two cocks were electrifying to Clyda and Ebony. The feeling of Clyda’s cockhead rubbing against her own shaft was incredible. The two girls each wrapped their arms about the other’s waist, and kissed, as Clyda forced more and more meat into Jordan.
Directly next to Ebony, Clyda had just succeeded in driving half of her cock length into her pussy, and was struggling not to climax. In the heat of the moment, she wanted to pound all of her massive pole into Jordan, along with that of Ebony’s. The two enormous shafts were splitting Jordan’s cunt, like nothing she could have ever imagined. Jordan’s breasts bounced and danced wildly from the power of the three shemale’s combined different fucking rhythms.
Soon, Clyda had almost as much cockmeat inside of Jordan, as Ebony did. Under conditions like these, none of the amazons could hold off from an orgasm for very long. Ebony’s massive dick mashing inside of Jordan’s pussy soon climaxed. Barocca, who was fucking Jordan in the ass, felt Ebony’s ejaculation spurting into Jordan’s body. The sensation was incredible. Barocca knew now that she could not hold off much longer. Grasping Jordan’s hips, she thrust her cock madly into Jordan.
Barocca’s huge cockhead blistered against Jordan’s insides until her long shaft had bottomed out, burying all of it in Jordan’s ass. Barocca held her two feet of cock inside Jordan’s butt, with her balls slapping against her ass cheeks. Barocca could feel the geysering spurts of Ebony and Clyda’s ejaculations into her womb, while Jordan’s flailing, suffocating body masturbated their massive cocks.

Dee Dee released one of Jordan’s tits from her mouth, leaving it covered and sopping, and then closed her jaws upon Jordan’s other firm succulent tit. After a few moments of stroking from Jordan’s hands, Dee Dee knew she would cum in a moment. Dee Dee changed her position, and thrust her cockhead into Jordan’s mouth. Her sixteen-inch cock began to rocket its solid load of cum into Jordan’s throat and empty her balls.
Ebony pulled her dark brown shemale cock out of Jordan’s pussy lips and still shot off several large splurts of jism, landing all along her stomach and breasts, and striking the bottom of her chin.
“Tiffany, it’s your turn, next,” said Ebony. “Get down here and keep Clyda company.” Ebony moved up to Jordan’s face and head, to give Tiffany a chance at the fun.
Clyda slowly pulled her cock out of Jordan. “Here’s where you really get to prove yourself, girl. If you can make it through some more double fucks, you’ve got it made.”
“Everyone gets a turn in you like this, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “Grit your teeth and take it, and you’ll be almost finished here.”
Jordan’s legs were forced apart. Jordan felt her hips stretch, as her legs were spread into a split. Eyes wide with fear, Jordan watched Clyda and Tiffany move their mammoth cocks toward her pussy like two torpedoes.
Tiffany positioned herself at Jordan’s pussy entrance and set her cockhead next to the head of Clyda’s cock. Then the brutal penetration commenced anew. The monstrous double cock was sinking between her pussy lips, forging a path of destruction.
Plowing inwards, Clyda and Tiffany’s rock-hard cocks began to slowly impale Jordan. Inch after inch of each cock driving into the now shrieking Jordan. Ridgelike vein after vein disappeared into Jordan’s pussy like ribbed depth markers. Tiffany was in awe at the sight of her massive meat, next to Clyda’s, and the incredible sensations that their cocks rubbing against each other produced.
Both girls slowly pumped their cocks in and out of Jordan’s bursting pussy. Jordan was submerged in convulsing waves of utter pain, with less than a third of the amazons’ cocks yet r****g her. Thrusting every few seconds, Tiffany and Clyda began to pound into Jordan harder, and deeper.
Eight inches deep. A few hard fucks later, ten inches of each amazon’s monstrous phallus pummeled inside of Jordan. Jordan’s tremulous screams reverberated against Ebony’s cockhead pressed to her lips, muffling the sound, but providing an exquisite lip massage. Somehow, Jordan managed to remember to keep fondling and stroking both Ebony and Dee Dee’s cocks, as they vied for attention from her mouth, while they waited for another turn inside of her holes.
The heightening passion of the three shemales fucking Jordan mounted in measure with Jordan’s increasing, tortured suffering. Below Jordan, Barocca increased her rhythm faster, pummeling her ass. Barocca’s passion was so great that she hadn’t even pulled out of Jordan after her last orgasm. She’d merely waited a moment to catch her breath, and then begun hammering away at her again.
Twelve inches deep, then thirteen into Jordan. The stone-hard battering ram that was Barocca’s cock felt as though it were smashing and shattering Jordan’s organs from the inside.
Tiffany and Clyda began a slow, deliberate, double-team fucking of Jordan. Inch by inch, they fucked Jordan with more of their thick missiles. Tears sprayed from Jordan’s eyes, her screams turned to uncontrollable shrieks as she swallowed inch after agonizing inch of both of the humongous shemale cocks.
Jordan was almost going into convulsions with the length and width of all the cockmeat that was being forced inside of her. Tiffany and Clyda timed their efforts as though they were one person. Together, they pulled back, and then slowly forced themselves back into Jordan’s cunt.
More inches of the two humongous cocks began to sink into Jordan. Eleven inches, as both cocks punished her unwilling cervix. f******n inches from each shemale pummeled through and deeper inside of Jordan.
Then Barocca began grunting in time below Jordan, as she sought to match the rhythm of their fucking in Jordan’s pussy. Clyda and Tiffany’s mammoth organs were now each digging thirteen or f******n inches into Jordan with each fuck. Each inward stroke pushed the softball-sized cockheads against Jordan’s abdominals from the inside.
Seeing the swelling of their cocks bulge outward from inside Jordan, pushing out her trim tummy, was deeply satisfying to Clyda and Tiffany. They both watched the bulge pound deeper, farther up, until it rammed beneath Jordan’s ribs.
Fucking harder and faster, Jordan’s tits bounced and flopped, sometimes striking her chin, and always banging into each other. Ebony grabbed Jordan’s flopping boobs in her big hands, and began to tweak the nipples and suck on them, as Jordan fondled her cock. Finally, Tiffany and Clyda each had sixteen inches of their cockmeat wedged inside of Jordan.
Jordan’s screams were now involuntary body actions, coming whenever she had breath to expel. Jordan felt Clyda and Tiffany’s cocks pushing their way through her body. Their massive double-intruder was more than halfway through her lithe form. The sheer pleasure of impaling the thrashing, helpless Jordan became too much for Clyda and Tiffany.
Pumping themselves into her, Clyda and Tiffany’s ecstasy culminated. Hot sperm erupted from both of their swollen cockheads in Jordan’s pussy. The solid syrupy material impacted Jordan’s womb with the force of a fire hose. The amazons savored the vision of the Jordan’s bouncing breasts, and her screaming face. Each fuck thrust, each time Jordan bobbed upon their poles, a fresh blast of cum fired inside her. Jordan’s convulsions of suffering punctuated each blast of sticky semen.
After nearly a minute of constant ejaculation, Tiffany and Clyda withdrew from Jordan, her insides bursting with cum.

Dee Dee immediately moved in front of Jordan’s pussy. In the brief few moments between the power fucks, Jordan hung in the air on the floating mold with her head almost lolling on her neck.
Jordan’s long legs slightly jerked and kicked, the impossible size and magnitude of her double fuck from Tiffany and Clyda causing the nerves in her hips and legs to twitch spastically. Thick jism oozed from Jordan’s pussy in long ropy strands that reached all the way to the floor without breaking.
Dee Dee thrusted her huge cock into Jordan’s pussy without warning. The wet, slopping sound, as Dee Dee plunged her cock into Jordan’s still seeping cunt was audible to everyone.
Jordan’s head snapped up, her eyes wide with terror. Her wails rung out once more, as Dee Dee pounded deep inside of her. Ten inches rammed into Jordan on the first stroke.
Jordan’s tortured pussy was hot, incredibly tight, and silky smooth upon Dee Dee’s leathery cock. The pleasure transferred upon Dee Dee was divine. The shemale was churning brutally into the screaming, thrashing Jordan. Again Jordan’s tits began their dance in rhythm to her violation.
Deeper and deeper Dee Dee’s steely hard cock pounded. The ribbed effect of her veins was causing a climax in Jordan that was joyless, over-washed with the torture of having her flesh stretched and rended. Jordan’s cum flowed out and upon the battering ram now fucking her.
Dee Dee’s penetration was deeper into Jordan than ever. As the fucking continued, Jordan’s fleshy breasts now bounced and jiggled in even more pronounced fashion in time with Dee Dee’s thrusts.
Then Dee Dee’s cock slammed into her womb at an unbelievable rate. Within moments, Dee Dee felt herself shoot past the point of no return. Jordan’s entire body shook and trembled with each sperm blast. While the cum continued to flow into her pussy, Jordan felt her ass jackhammered apart from below by Barocca.
Tears squirted from Jordan’s eyes out into the air. Plunging between her ass cheeks, Barocca ripped into her from behind again, like a robot. Five inches into her ass, then seven inches. Jordan’s colon filled with the massive width of its intruder, stretching and expanding painfully in a vain attempt to try to cope with its size. Barocca hunched below Jordan and grunted with each butt stroke. The a****l sound reverberated in her ears. Ten inches, then a full foot. The deeper into Jordan, the more narrow the passage, but the incensed Barocca continued to ram further.
Dee Dee pulled briefly out of Jordan’s pussy. Pill or no pill, Jordan’s abdomen was now distended from the sheer bursting amount of sperm pumped into her insides.
“All right, Jordan,” said Dee Dee. “You’ve got to do it one last time, and we’ll call it a day. You’ve got to take me and Ebony inside of your cunt at the same time. Are you ready?”
Jordan could only close her eyes, nod her head and wait for the inevitable onslaught.

Ebony moved to take her place by Dee Dee. Barocca continued driving her massive tool yet further up into her ass. Jordan’s plaintive shrieks raised an octave. Ebony had briefly lost her erection, after shooting off onto Jordan moments earlier.
As Ebony moved down next to Jordan, she decided to let Jordan see once again, what was in store for her aching pussy. Ebony held her cock in her hand and let Jordan watch it grow before her eyes.
“One last time, Jordan,” said Ebony. “You take what Dee Dee and I have for you, and you’re home free. Take a good look at what Ebony’s got for your pussy, girl.” Ebony looked at Jordan’s pussy, watching the cum seep out in long streams.
Ebony’s cock was enlarging in a spectacular display. The thick veins seemed to dance and writhe along its length. Pumping fluid into the dark brown member. Well over two feet long, Ebony’s cock expanded wider, growing ever thicker. Jordan’s mouth hung open, as Ebony affirmed her lust for her. Ebony’s cock was as thick as Jordan’s arm. Growing still. Looking at the three-foot organ, it held Jordan completely fascinated.
Jordan placed her hand onto the shaft of Ebony’s cock. It twitched at the sensation, causing her hand to fall off. Again Jordan placed her hand on the member, feeling it expand and grow even harder. Stiff, shaking, its pulse beating, and throbbing in Jordan’s hand.
In order to hold the quaking cock, Jordan reached up with her other hand. The girth of Ebony’s cock was such that Jordan’s fingers did not meet each other. The fat mushroom head was swelling, aching for intercourse.
Ebony pulled back, and removed her cock from Jordan’s hands. She drove herself forcibly up into Jordan’s pussy, reaching a depth of nearly eight inches on the first plunge. Dee Dee was not about to be left out. Her penis probed along the side of Ebony’s shaft, and then slithered in, even as Ebony began to hump in and out of Jordan’s cunt. Dee Dee’s huge cockhead pressed against Ebony’s cock, then forced its way inside beside it. It would have torn Jordan’s body like paper if it weren’t already drenched in slick cum.
Jordan felt the two enormous cocks pumping her in a double penetration, like pistons. The wrecking cockheads of the two amazons sliding next to one another as they both sunk deeper and deeper into her body.
Jordan could not even understand the additional sensations she was feeling between her legs, the third massive cock rocking back and forth inside her ass, as Barocca searched for the moment of her release.
Ebony’s massive cock head slowly edged its way into her incredibly tight pussy, next to Dee Dee’s. Ebony’s cockhead was the dimensions of a man putting both his fists together; the girth of the love pole that of a man putting both his forearms together.
Dee Dee and Ebony’s cocks punched inward, separated from Barocca’s shaft by only a thin layer of flesh. Then both girls shoved their cocks deeper into Jordan. After what seemed like an eternity, Dee Dee felt her balls lodge against Jordan’s buttocks. Jordan was moaning loudly, even though she continued to alternate between sucking off Tiffany and Clyda.
Ebony continued fucking Jordan’s pussy with her monster cock. She soon had two feet of her cock plungered into Jordan’s cunt, next to Dee Dee’s. Jordan was now just a fuck toy. Dee Dee and Ebony’s cocks plunged ever deeper. Ebony dramatically swayed her abdomen forward and back. It amused Ebony to thrust theatrically in and out of Jordan. Mercilessly abusing the helpless little blonde. Ebony was nearly turning Jordan’s innards into a straight love sheath to pleasure her great size. Thrusting harder, fucking more brutally, in and out.

At this point, Jordan forced her mind to try and shut out the pain. To simply endure and hope for an end to the agony. She had reached down into her inner reserves for all that she thought she had, and had given her best effort. Jordan didn’t care if the five amazons spilt her asunder. She wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of submitting, and calling things off.
Suddenly, after what seemed like an eternity, Jordan felt what seemed like an easing of the pain. To her surprise, Ebony was pulling out of her pussy.
“All right girls, that’s enough,” she heard Ebony say. “We’ve pushed this poor girl harder and further than we’ve ever pushed anyone before. And she still hasn’t given up.”
“I’ve gotta hand it to you, Jordan,” said Dee Dee, as she also pulled out of her pussy. “I wasn’t sure if you could handle it all or not. Way to go, girl!”
“I knew you could do it after that first afternoon with me, love,” said Clyda. “You were beautiful today.”
“You’ve got what you’ve always wanted more than anything else, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “Congratulations, Jordan!”
The four amazons were all standing at close range near Jordan, stroking their hard-ons in unison. “All right, Barocca,” said Ebony. “This means you too. Pull out of Jordan, and you can shoot off one last time.”
Disappointed at having to stop, Barocca could sense the finality of the tone of the girls’ words, and she complied with Ebony’s instructions. All five amazons, began jerking themselves off for the finale. All five girls came at almost the same time. Sperm began flying back and forth like a rainstorm.
It took Jordan a few moments to realize that the brutal penetration of her body had finally stopped, and was replaced by the new feeling, of being showered in jism. For almost two minutes, rivers of cum jetted back and forth, landing on every girl on just about every body part.
Jordan was drenched from the thighs to the top of her head, by the time they had finally finished.

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