Mind-controlled into submission

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Mind-controlled into submission
Her own arms betrayed her she followed his instruction and shrugged the robe off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. The slave master cast a critical eye over his latest acquisition as she stood naked and paralysed before him. A downward flick of the index finger sent her involuntarily to her knees, her face inches away from his crotch, unable to look away. Unbidden by its owner, the woman’s mouth began to open in anticipation even as the man’s fingers slid down the zipper to his fly..

Two days earlier.

Ruth Thomas covered the last few hundred metres to her house, ending her morning’s walk. She’d spent so much time trapped at her desk or in conference rooms, pouring over a seemingly endless amount of paperwork, videotape and witness statements that to finally just stretch her legs felt heavenly. Today was Sunday, her first full day away from the office in almost three weeks, but she was also already looking forward to getting back to work. Tasked with the biggest case of her career, Ruth felt confident that her team were only days away from being able make a series of high-profile arrests. She wasn’t sure how the fallout would go, but she knew that a successful conclusion had the potential to skyrocket her advancement at the agency and that was all the motivation she needed. Her mind still churning with ideas to follow-up with in the morning, Ruth unlocked the door to her home and stepped inside, closing the door behind her.

Kicking off her sandals, Ruth made a beeline for the kitchen to retrieve the ice drink she’d left in the fridge but only made it halfway across her living room before a male voice behind her stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Hello, Ms Thomas.”

She spun around in shock and saw a man sitting in her easy chair, legs crossed with an almost amused expression on his face. It was a face she recognised: Johnny Hayes. His picture had been tacked up on her evidence board at work almost from the day her investigation had begun. Next to that picture was a very long list of his suspected activities, things that ranged from the financial – bribery, corruption, money laundering – all the way to his suspected ties with extensive d**g and sex trafficking rings. Almost at the exact moment of recognition, her flight response kicked in and she darted for the door.

Get the gun, she thought to herself. It was kept in her nightstand by her bed. Somehow the fuckers had found out who was on the investigative team and had found out where she lived. She’d only seen the one man so far, so if she could just reach her gun then she maybe she’d be able to control the situation.

“Stop and stand still”.

She was almost at the door when she heard him utter the ridiculous command. It really was a ludicrous instruction for him to make given the circumstances.. and yet her body stopped dead.

It wasn’t a conscious act, her body simply responded to the command against her will. She fought to move her limbs, but no matter what she did her body simply wouldn’t react. She was just standing there, facing the door unable to initiate any movement, uncomfortably aware of the presence of the dangerous man somewhere behind her.

What the fuck is happening?

Time passed and nothing happened. No matter how hard she tried, she simply couldn’t make her body move. After what seemed to be an age of her just listening to the thump of her own heart in her chest, she heard the creak of the chair over her right shoulder and she started to panic as she followed the soft fall of his footsteps as he walked toward her. At least inwardly she was terrified, on the outside she could feel that her body gave away none of that fear. And it stayed that way even as she felt the man’s calloused fingers slide into her hair and slowly pull her hair tie down and off her ponytail, causing it to fall free back over her shoulders. Somehow the act felt horribly intimate, like something a lover might do, and she snapped, “Don’t touch me!” It hadn’t occurred to her to try to talk before she felt his touch and she was immediately relieved to find that she still had her power of speech.

“What the hell have you done to me?” she demanded, “Get the fuck off me, I-”

“Stop talking.” It was whispered into her ear so softly that she barely heard it, but her body responded immediately. One moment she was mid-sentence and the next she was rendered mute as well as immobile.

His lips were so close to her ear that she could feel his breath on her neck. “Good girl,” he whispered as two hands gently touched her hips, exploring the curves of her waist over the light fabric of her shirt. “What I’ve done is to provide you with the opportunity to start making up for all the trouble you’ve caused. And that means that you’ve got a lot of making up to do, Ms Thomas.”

Oh my God. He can do whatever he wants to me and I won’t be able to stop him.

The hands on her waist tugged at the hem of her shirt. “Take this off”, he commanded.

Ruth almost didn’t register what he’d said until she felt her arms move of their own accord and her hands grip the hem of the top. Her mind screamed at herself to stop, to disobey, but she was powerless to cause even the briefest hesitation as she pulled the shirt up and off. Behind her, she sensed the goon walk back to the easy chair and heard it creak as he sat down.

“Now the bra,” he instructed, and once again Ruth quickly lost the internal battle as her hands moved of their own accord. A wave of humiliation hit her as she reached back her to unhook the garment and unceremoniously pulled it free of her breasts, leaving her naked from the waist up. Her hands fell back to her sides.

This can’t be happening. How the fuck is he doing this?

“Very nice, Ms Thomas.” His voice sounded somewhat distant against the thump of her own heartbeat in her ears. “Now the jeans: take them off.”

Please God, no. Please don’t let me-

Her hands moved of their own volition, betraying her as they hooked into the waistband of her denims and slid them down over her thighs. The tight material caught at her calves, and she lifted each of her bare feet in turn so that she could peel them off before dropping them onto the pile of clothes on the floor. Now stood in only her panties, she felt utterly confused and defeated by her own helplessness, and profoundly aware of the sight that she was offering to the mobster behind her.

“Turn around.”

She turned, not because she wanted to do so but simply because he had told her too. As she faced him, she saw his eyes drink in the sight of her. He did it slowly and deliberately, making sure that the beautiful woman before him was fully aware of her own helplessness. Mixed feelings of shame, anger and terror washed over as her, and she instinctively wrapped one arm over her breasts and placed her other hand over her sex to try and hide herself from him. She tried to scream at him, to scream at herself to do something, but found that she could do little more than gape in increasing disbelief.

“Stand up straight and arms at your sides, Ms Thomas,” he nudged gently, and to her dismay her arms fell away, exposing herself to him once again. “I know you must be confused so I am going to give you back the power of speech in a moment. When I do, you will not scream or seek help in any other way. You will address me politely and you will remain stood where you are. Nod if you understand.” Her head bowed in affirmation: she understood and the physical response to acknowledge was involuntary. “Good. You may now speak and if you have any questions then now is the time to ask.”

“How are you doing this?” Ruth demanded. Even to her own ears, her tone sounded ludicrously courteous given the circumstances.

The mobster smiled. “That would give away the fun. All you need to know is that your will is subservient to mine. In general, you are free to move and act and say anything you like, provided that your brain doesn’t view it as incompatible with a specific order I have given. That’s why you were able to move your arms to try and hide from me a second ago: you weren’t sure whether my original command telling you not to move was still in force, so you granted yourself some limited movement. As soon as I told you directly to keep your arms at your sides, you were forced to obey.”

Ruth’s breath caught in her throat as she asked her next question, “What are you planning to do to me?”

“I already told you,” he replied, “I’m here to give you the chance to undo all the damage you’ve done. In fact, it’s time we made a start on that.” The man reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his phone. He pointed it at her and she heard the click of a shutter as he took her picture.

“No!”, she gasped in horror and she reflexively moved her arms back to cover her naked breasts.

“Remember what I said about your hands, Ms Thomas,” Johnny admonished gently, an amused expression on his face. “In fact, put them behind your back and keep them there until I tell you otherwise, please.”

Compelled to obey, Ruth felt her arms moving behind her back.

“Sometimes we’ve found that when subjects get particularly stressed, their mind tends to blank previous orders and so they have to be re-enforced on occasion,” he explained patiently. “We wouldn’t want you to forget again, so please repeat my last instruction back to me so that it stays fresh in your mind.”

“My hands are to be kept behind my back,” Ruth heard herself say as if through a fog. It was her normal voice, but somehow it felt distant and detached.

“Good,” he nodded. “From now on you will repeat all open-ended instructions given to you several times in your head and make an effort to remember them without prompting.”

The playback in Ruth’s head was almost instantaneous: Repeat and remember all instructions. Repeat and remember all instructions. The voice intruded on Ruth’s own thoughts, making her complicit in her own conditioning.

Fuck. How do I stop this?

The intruder lifted his phone and took another picture, the small click echoing loud in her head as her face flushed instantly and she turned her head to try and hide it from the camera lens.

“Look at me,” Johnny told her and her head snapped back instantly. He took several more pictures, his thumb and forefinger manipulating the zoom between each image. “Now smile for the camera,” he grinned. Look as if you’re having fun.” To her horror, she felt herself obey instantly. The next few pictures showed Ruth seemingly posing willingly for the camera dressed in just her panties, hands clasped submissively behind her and apparently enjoying the experience.

Once he was satisfied with the shoot, Ruth watched helpless as he tapped away at the phone in his hand. “What are you going to do with those?” she pleaded.

He finished with the device and set it on the arm of the chair. “Just sending an update to a few friends to let them know we’re getting along,” he replied. “Don’t worry, you’ll get to meet them soon enough.”

They have pictures of me naked. The realisation flashed through her mind, and it took her a second to comprehend that the brute was pointing to the floor at her feet and still talking.

“On your knees, Ms Thomas.”

Her body responded before she was even fully aware of the command, her legs moving as awkwardly as a newborn calves’ as they moved to obey with her hands still clasped behind her. Within seconds though her knees were resting on the soft carpet and she looked at her captor fearfully.

“Please don’t make me do this,” she begged. “Please, just let me go. I-”

“You will speak only when spoken to,” the man harshly interrupted her pleas and she fell instantly silent, the command already being repeated and committed to memory in her mind. “Now, come to me.”

It took a moment for her to register what he was asking. Without being able to rise to her feet or bring her hands forward, Ruth was forced to shuffle forward on her knees. She saw him watching her intently as her body responded independently from her will, inching her closer to her tormentor. Her exposed breasts shook with the inelegant movement as she worked her way across the living room, and he opened his legs wide as she approached, gesturing her to move between them. The attractive investigator came to a halt at the foot of the chair, her face just above the level of the gangster’s lap and her eyes darting fearfully between the telltale bulge at his crotch and the look of lust on his chiseled face.

“Look at me, please,” Johnny demanded, and immediately Ruth’s head tilted upward and held his gaze. “Just so we’re 100% clear,” he paused and smirked, “You’re not to use your teeth, Ms Thomas.”

Don’t use my teeth. Don’t use my teeth. The words began repeating on a loop inside Ruth’s head even as the woman’s heart sank. Don’t use my teeth. Oh God, this is really happening. She felt tears pooling in the corner of her eyes, but still couldn’t break eye contact with the man staring down at her, so she sensed rather than saw him reach down, undo his zipper and pull his penis from the confines of his jeans.

“Open your mouth, Ms Thomas,” Johnny instructed.

In slow motion, Ruth felt her mouth open in a O. Her lips felt instantly dry and her tongue suddenly felt unnaturally large as it darted self-consciously around her mouth, unable to find a comfortable resting place.

“Good girl,” Johnny told her, and used his forefinger to tuck some loose hair back behind her ear before gently resting his hand on the back of her head. “Now take me in your mouth.”

Panic flooded her mind as her body leaned forward on its own accord. Her eyes darted down as she bowed her head and she had a quick glimpse of his cock, almost fully erect and large, before the tip passed through her open lips and she felt its head on her tongue. Instinctively, she closed her mouth around the invading shaft and felt it pulsate with the extra stimulation. The mobster’s hand applied a little pressure on the back of her head and, interpreting this as a command, she slid her mouth further down his shaft, stopping just shy of her gag reflex. His hand held her there gently, not forcing her down further, but also keeping her from pulling herself away.

“Look at me,” her assailant commanded, and her eyes flickered upward to see the lens of the phone’s camera pointed back at her. She knew the sight she was presenting him with, and her humiliation flared again as he captured some new images. Anger shot through her and she focused all her energy on trying to clamp down with her teeth, desperate to both hurt him in the worst way possible and to end her own torment. Her body refused to comply however and stayed true to his commands, leaving her simply kneeling submissively with his cock resting in her mouth and her eyes staring up at him.

“God, your beautiful when you’re angry,” Johnny smiled down at her, gently stroking the back of her head with his fingers. She realised at that moment that he could see the inner turmoil in her eyes, but it didn’t buy her any respite. “Blow me properly now, Ms Thomas. Do your best; make me enjoy it.”

Ruth was no stranger to blow jobs, but the last time she’d found herself on her knees in front of a man was over six years ago when she was still in her twenties. She’d only done it then because a few partners had expected it of her and she’d been reluctant to turn them down. It was something she’d never particularly enjoyed and she’d simply stopped giving them head when she’d matured and become more confident about saying no. Now however, completely susceptible to the whim of her adversary, the memories of what those previous partners had enjoyed resurfaced and she found herself repeating those same actions for a man she detested.

His cock already in her mouth, she pulled away from him until just the tip remained and then rolled her tongue under the head, seeking the nerves. It felt odd not having use of her hands, but after a few moments of licking him there, she wrapped her lips around him again and started bobbing her head, pausing every few strokes to pucker her lips to suck at him or swirl her tongue over the sensitive tip. His precum tasted sweet in her mouth as she lapped at it, causing Johnny to groan his approval, his hand stroking the back of her head appreciatively. She worked diligently on him for several minutes until mercifully she felt his arousal build as his body began to tense with increasing need. “God, you look good with my cock in your mouth,” he growled. The hand on the back of her neck tightened its grip and she felt his member twitch between her lips. “Swallow every drop, Ms Thomas” he demanded hoarsely, and then arched as orgasm hit.

Even in the days when she had given blow jobs she’d never let a man come in her mouth, but she’d already guessed that this time would be different. Still, a chill ran down her spine as she heard the command to shallow, but had no time to dwell on it before the first spurt of come hit the back of her throat. It was fast and thick, and took her by surprise. Johnny thrust his hips forward as he came, groaning loudly, and she struggled to keep him in her mouth without the use of her hands to steady herself on his thighs. Her neck muscles strained to keep him between her lips and she withdrew so that just the tip of his penis was in her mouth as the next few blasts followed the first. The taste was salty and bitter, and she had to fight the need to gag against the disgusting flavour. As her mouth filled, she contracted the back of her throat and swallowed, both to obey his disgusting command and to simply avoid choking as his seed clogged her airway. Her eyes still locked onto his, Ruth began moving her head again, gently sucking at the tip to tease out the rest of his come. Swallow every drop. Even as she did so she could feel the weight of the first round of ejactulate sliding into her stomach and the sensation sickened her. Eventually, he gave a shudder and pulled her off him. She dutifully gulped down the last of his come, first licking her lips to collect all of the sticky residue.

“You’re quite the cocksucker,” Johnny complemented her as she sat on her haunches, her tongue busy in her mouth in a desperate attempt to rid herself of the awful taste of him. Realising that she could now look away, she turned her head to the side, tears in her eyes and the knowledge that this thug’s come now sat deep in her belly filling her with shame. “Next time I’ll expect you to go deeper, but that was a nice start.”

Next time? His words filled her with dread. Please just let this be over.

Her intruder stood lazily and beckoned her to do the same. She clambored to her feet and Johnny grabbed her elbow to steady her before taking her hand in his.

“We’re not done yet, Ms Thomas,” he told her. “Take me to your bedroom.”

Inside her mind, Ruth screamed at herself to run but outwardly she simply led her captor by the hand to her bedroom and stopped passively once she crossed the threshold. Behind her, Johnny gently nudged her forward until they stood next to her bed. He stepped close, his chest against her naked back. “Give me your arms,” he instructed her and she felt her limbs go limp and pliable as he grabbed her wrists. Pulling them out to her sides, he gently lifted them upward and arranged them behind his own neck. As her fingers interlocked to help take the strain off her shoulders, Ruth was immediately conscious of how the new position simultaneously thrust her chest outward and pulled Johnny into her from behind. Straight away his hands were on her sides, and she was painfully aware of his crotch pressing against the thin material of her panties.

“So beautiful,” he murmured into her ear and lightly kissed the side of her neck. Ruth shivered with revolution at the forced intimacy and gasped with renewed fear and disgust as his rough hands began to explore her body, running over her hips and across her stomach. Being unable to move away somehow made Ruth more acutely aware of his touch and that knowledge added to her embarrassment and shame. She shut her eyes to try and block out the experience, but she was unable to ignore the movements of his hands as they first trailed back to her hips before skipping down over the elastic of her panties to caress the fronts of her thighs. He gently stroked the smooth skin of her legs, pulling her softly back against him as he did so, allowing Ruth to feel the beginnings of his renewed arousal against her backside.

“I can do anything I want with you,” Johnny purred in her ear. His right hand moved to trace the elastic of her panties, while his left ran up and over her stomach. “And I can force you do anything I want you to do. Imagine the possibilities.” One hand wandered over her chest, exploring the size and feel of her breasts as the fingers of the other dipped under the elastic of her panties, teasing her with her helplessness. “I could keep you in my bed, day and night.” His hands moved south, slowly moving over her mound and starting to probe the opening between her legs. “Or have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a whore? To spend everyday working on your back? I could make that happen,” he whispered. “And you’d be powerless to do anything except spread your legs on command and thank every one of your customers afterwards.” The words struck deep and Ruth’s heart beat furiously with the knowledge that it was all true, her hands curling into fists behind his neck in apprehension.

With a final squeeze of her breast, Johnny unexpectedly withdrew his hands from her body. “Take off your panties.”

Please don’t let this be happening. Ruth fought to resist the order even as she let go of Johnny’s neck and hooked her fingers into the band of her last shred of clothing. Tears of shame and frustration rolled down her cheeks as she quietly orchestrated her own debasement and slid the garment down and off, leaving her completely naked and at the mercy of the man behind her. As soon as she straightened, she felt him begin to remove his own clothing while she stood fearful and exposed in front of him. Once he was as naked as she, Ruth felt his touch on her lower back as he ran a solitary finger over the naked flesh just above her buttocks.

“We’re going to fuck now, Ms Thomas,” he told her. “Out of curiosity, which position do you most try to avoid with your boyfriends?”

Don’t answer, don’t answer-, Ruth pleaded with internally even as she found herself considering the question in earnest. No! She willed herself to stop. Lie to him. Make something up. Just don’t say-

“Doggy,” she heard herself reply and her shoulders slumped with humiliation and defeat.

“Perfect,” Johnny laughed and roughly pushed her in the square of her back so that she fell forward over the bed, her voluptuous ass on full display as she landed face down in front of him. “On your hands and knees,” he instructed, delivering a firm spank to her buttocks as she clambered slowly onto the mattress to follow his direction. “Have you ever been spanked before, Ms Thomas?” he asked, pausing to rub the red imprint of his hand on her backside before positioning himself on his knees behind her.

“Yes,” Ruth answered softly in defeat. The open-palmed spank had hurt, mostly because it simply hadn’t been expected, but her overriding shame at being forced to present her body for this thug’s sexual desires far outweighed the physical discomfort of the slap. She tried to beg him not to do this, but somehow she couldn’t form the words. You will speak only when spoken to. A distant part of her brain chastised her for the attempt.

“Ha! Do you enjoy it?” he mocked her and slapped her again with one hand, the other tugging gently at his quickly-reviving cock as he admired the sight of the attractive woman below him.

“No,” Ruth admitted in a whimper. It had only happened the once as an ex-boyfriend had begged her for months until she’d relented and agreed to let him try. As she’d guessed, it had felt c***dish and awkward and they’d broken up soon after.

Johnny grinned again. “Good.” He lined himself up to the entrance to her womanhood. “Legs further apart, please,” he requested, and against her will Ruth shuffled her knees outward to accommodate him. “Further,” he encouraged and her legs moved to accommodate him. The unnaturally wide position forced Ruth’s head down into the mattress and she transferred her weight to her elbows, painfully aware of how the position pushed her ass back toward him in invitation. “Good girl,” he praised her subservience, and then pushed his hips forward and slid into her.

Ruth gasped at the sudden penetration and the duvet bunched in her fists as the mobster violated her body for a second time. His hands held her tightly by the waist as he entered her, and it took only a few strokes until she felt the full weight of his hips pressing against her ass. Johnny’s explicit instruction to keep her legs spread almost to their limit ensured that he had unfettered access and he felt hard and deep inside her. Ruth grunted with discomfort as he quickly established an unyielding pace, each thrust pushing her forward against her elbows, the hands on her flanks keeping her steady beneath him. The rhythmic sound of flesh on flesh echoed loudly in the room until the cadence was broken by a loud slap that coincided with a sharp, stinging pain on her buttocks that caused Ruth to cry out with shock.

Relishing the squeal of the girl below him, Johnny spanked her again. “Try and keep quiet, Ms Thomas,” he admonished. “You’re a grown woman and you’ve had this coming.” With that, the gangster began punishing her in earnest; pulling out most of the way so as to expose as much of her buttocks as possible, and then delivering a hard, open-hand slap before roughly pushing himself back in to the hilt. Her buttocks rippled with each blow, first in protest against the strike of his hand and then again moments later when he forcefully drove his hips into them. Beneath his palm, the meat of her ass quickly began to redden as he continued his rough treatment, each slap however drawing little above a quiet whimper from the wordless woman below him. Wanting to underline her helpless further, he slowly ran his left hand all the way up her naked back and to her neck and tangled his fingers in her hair. After securing a firm grip he tugged, not hard, but enough to guide her head and chest up off the mattress, forcing her to her hands as he continued to ride her.

Ruth gasped in shock as she was pulled upward by her hair. His constant spanking of her was more humiliating than outright painful, but he wasn’t letting up with the force of his blows and her backside already felt like it must be radiating heat. Another particularly heavy slap sent her rocking forward on her knees, and her head twisted to the side as Johnny simultaneously adjusted his grip in her hair. My gun! Realisation flared through her as the cruel jerk of her neck brought her nightstand into her field of view. She’d forgotten about it completely but now the degrading treatment barely registered as she focused on the proximity of the weapon. After a break-in almost six months ago she’d started keeping it loaded and ready to use. She lived alone so although it was clearly against protocol she wasn’t concerned that having a loaded piece by her bed posed a danger to anyone. Anyone apart from Johnny fucking Hayes that is. Almost immediately her humiliation was forgotten and was replaced with pure rage-filled determination. I’m going to kill the fucker.

Immediately Ruth tried to launch herself toward to the night table but found that she was still under Johnny’s control and stuck in the demeaning sexual position. On your hands and knees; legs far apart, her own brain reminded her softly. Ruth grimaced in frustration as Johnny continued to pound into her, but to her relief his hand released her hair, choosing instead to casually explore every bump and curve of her body. After covering what felt like every inch of her figure, she felt a final light slap on her buttocks and then miraculously he simply pulled out and got back to his feet. Immediately Ruth focused on the nightstand again, visualising the time it would take to lunge for the drawer, pull out the gun and blow this fucker’s brains out across the bedroom wall. She was about to do just that when his next command overrode her intentions.

“On your knees on the floor. Open your mouth.”

Nooo! Her mind screamed even as she wordlessly turned and slid to the ground at his feet. I was so close!

Her lips parted in the familiar O at the same time that her knees hit the plush carpet. Johnny stood there for a moment, just enjoying the suffering in her eyes, before he shuffled forward and slid his cock into the waiting orifice.

She tried to bite down as soon as his rigid manhood slid over her tongue, but wasn’t surprised when her jaw wouldn’t close. Immediately she could taste her own sex on him, a tangy musk that overwhelmed the taste of dick and precum that she’d been forced to endure earlier in the living room. She shuddered with revolution and tried unsuccessfully to move her tongue out the way to lessen the sensation. Without warning, the gangster’s hands appeared suddenly on either side of her head, holding her in place, and she tensed fearfully, expecting him to make good on his earlier threat to force himself deeper at his second attempt.

“Look at me, Ms Thomas,” Johnny ordered. Her eyes immediately shot upward and he held her gaze as he gently sawed in and out of her mouth, not even remotely attempting to push her limits but just using her mouth enough to keep himself stimulated and hard.

“I’m going to give you a choice now and it’s completely up to you which option you choose,” Johnny informed her. “Option number one is that I command you to d**** yourself over the foot of the bed. I will then make you reach backward, grasp your buttocks and then spread those cheeks as wide as you can for me. You’re a smart girl, I think you can guess the rest,” he smirked. “If you beg real nice, I might just consider letting you have some spit to make the process easier.”

Ruth’s felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest. Anal. That was something she would never in a million years let anyone do to her. Anything but anal. Especially as she doubted he would be gentle with her. She waited fearfully for Johnny to lay out the second option. She was sure she wouldn’t like it, but it had to be better than the alternative.

“Option number two,” Johnny continued, still lightly using Ruth’s mouth to keep himself warm as he spoke, “Option number two is that I relinquish all hold on you. You’ll be completely unrestrained, but you will climb on top of me anyway and finish me off of your own free will.” He tapped her affectionately on her upturned nose, “Ever since I first saw your picture I always imagined you’d know what to do with those hips of yours. I’d like to test that theory.”

He slid a little deeper into her mouth and groaned his pleasure. “Mmmm. What’s it going to be, Ms Thomas?”

He wants to give me back control of my body! Visions of the gun in the nightstand flashed before her eyes.

Realising he was looking at her expectantly, she found herself able to reply. “I’ll fuck you,” she gasped, trying to get rid of the drool that had accumulated in her mouth at the same time.

Johnny smiled down at her on her knees. “Good choice,” he praised her. “Stand up, please.”

Ruth stood unthinkingly and Johnny took her chin in his hand, tilting her head up to face him. “For now you are a free woman, Ms Thomas.” The gangster let go of her and jumped onto the bed, spinning in the air to land on his back dramatically. “If I were you I’d get over her and thank me for my generosity before I change my mind.”

Stood at the side of the bed, Ruth suddenly became very conscious of her nudity as she looked at the thug lying on her sheets. Up until then everything she’d been compelled to do she’d done as if in a haze, like she’d been watching from afar with no responsibility or blame. In control of her own actions for the first time since the ordeal began however, she suddenly felt incredibly self-aware and wanted nothing more than to simply sprint out the room.

“If you try and run we’ll be back to option one.” Johnny’s voice cut through her reverie and Ruth realised that she’d unwittingly turned toward the bedroom door. In no doubt that she’d be back under his control before she’d even taken a step, she slowly spun back around to face him, forcing herself to keep her hands by her sides so as not to betray her renewed mortification and being so exposed before him.

“Let me get a condom?,” Ruth asked timidly. She gestured to the nightstand at the far side of the bed. She didn’t expect him to agree, but it was worth a try. Say yes and I’m coming to blow your brains out, you motherfucker.

Johnny laughed. “No condom, Ms Thomas,” he said. “Now come here.”


Ruth hesitantly shuffled forward onto the bed and swung her leg over the gangster. Lifting herself up, she reaching down between her legs and gingerly took hold of his erection and guided it toward her own sex. “Please don’t come in me,” she pleaded softly and then sank down, slowly engulfing his manhood until she was fully straddling him.

“Fuck you’re beautiful,” Johnny breathed as she lowered herself onto him, her passage hot and welcoming from its earlier use around his cock. “You have an amazing figure, Ms Thomas,” he complimented her and ran his fingers up her chest to cup both her breasts in his hands.

Now she had control of her body again, it took all her willpower not to slap his hands away but she realised that she needed to keep him content. Don’t give him a reason to take you back under his control. Voluntarily giving herself to a man she detested was deeply humiliating, and she hung her head with embarrassment even as she resigned herself to making the first tiny movement of her hips. He responded immediately with a small upward thrust of his own and soon they entered a steady rhythm dictated by the measured rocking of her pelvis.

They continued for quite some time, Johnny’s hands roaming freely over her chest, back, and thighs as she compelled herself to keep rolling her hips against him. The experience of being the primary actor in her own **** was extremely embarrassing and Ruth sought to distract herself from her predicament and the discomfort of his touch by visualising her revenge. Wait until the exact moment when he comes, then make your move. He’ll be too distracted by his own climax to stop you in those precious seconds. His hands wandered around to grab her ass just as she determined her course of action. It’s too risky to wait until after he’s done – who knows what he has planned. She cringed inwardly with revulsion at the groping of his fingers, even as she upped the tempo of her movement. Just come, you bastard. She ground harder against him and Johnny’s hands shot to her sides as he moaned his pleasure aloud.

That’s it, you bastard. Just fucking come.

Ruth felt the hands on her waist tighten their grip and sensed Johnny’s breathing becoming more laboured. Glancing down, she saw that the features of his face were already hardening in expectation. This is it, she realised and glanced again at the nightstand. Be ready. You can do this. She rested her hands on Johnny’s torso, preparing to use them as leverage when she moved.

Between her thighs, Johnny growled with pleasure as he approached orgasm. “Fuck,” he groaned and slapped Ruth hard on her ass. She grind into him at a frenzied pace, doing everything in her power to top him over the edge. “Fuck, fuck,” he panted. ”Fuck, that’s it. Don’t you dare fucking stop! Ahh, fuck, fuuuck-”

Ruth barely registered the slap on her ass, she was so focused on reading the man below her. As his body tensed further, she recognised the point of no return and made a lunge for the drawer in the same instant. Except she didn’t. Her body didn’t react react to her command at all. Instead, to her horror and confusion, she kept riding the man below, rolling her hips forward and back as fast as she could, her body following through on the effort to make him climax. What the fuck? In the same moment that this registered in her brain, Johnny Hayes arched his back in orgasm and shot his seed deep into her womb.

What the fuck!? Noooo! Ruth screamed at herself in frustration as she continued to pleasure the man below her, his hands gripping her hips tightly as he cried out and spasmed several more times inside her. This can’t be happening! Ruth felt real tears of frustration pool in her eyes.

“Fuuuck!,” Johnny panted as he reached the end of his climax. “Fuck, that was amazing.” He gasped as Ruth continued to roll her hips against him and he became over sensitive. “Ahhh, stop. Stop moving!” he gasped, and to her relief she instantly came to a halt, her heart pounding and her breathing heavy with exertion.

“Fuck that was good,” he breathed and lazily ran his hand down her bare front. “You fuck like a jackrabbit, Ms Thomas.”

Don’t you dare fucking stop! – That’s why I couldn’t move off him, Ruth released as she replayed the incident in her head. He just happened to give me an instruction as he came. Of all the dumb fucking luck! Her eyes narrowed with hatred and renewed determination. Just do it now. Casually roll off, open the drawer and shoot him dead.

She made to scoot off his lap, but once again found herself unable to move. He told you to stop moving, the part of her brain that was no longer hers reminded her. She glanced down at him and saw him staring back at her trying to read her eyes. Smiling gently, he reached up and tucked a loose strand of her back behind her eye in an act that felt strangely personal.

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” he asked tenderly and to her horror her reply came instantly and loudly even in her own ears.

“About how I’m going to kill you.”

His hand came away from her face quickly, shocked with the malevolence behind her spoken words.

Shit, shit, shit.

“How were you planning on doing that, Ms Thomas?” he queried crisply.

Don’t answer! Please don’t answer. She willed herself, but she knew it was futile even as she tried. This time there was resignation and defeat in her voice, “With the gun in the nightstand.” The words came out as a sob.

Oh my God.

His face hardened momentarily before relaxing into a wide grin. “Fuck me,” he smiled. “You’re a cunning one.” He spanked her playfully and then fondling her absentmindedly as he made a show of thinking about their predicament. She continued to sit astride him, unable to move herself away. His penis slowly softened within her as she waited in dejection. “Whatever should we do with you, Ms Thomas?” he mused. The question was rhetorical and he came to a conclusion soon after. “Go and stand in the corner of the room please.” he told her. “Nose against the wall.”

Without thinking she clambered off him. The nearest corner was occupied by the nightstand so her legs carried her to the corner of the room at the foot of the bed. Pushing her nose into the crease left no room for her arms in front of her body, so she folded them behind her, hands resting on her buttocks like a chastened schoolgirl after a spanking. This is so humiliating.

Behind her, Ruth heard Johnny roll over on the bed and then a rustle of clothing preceded several loud clicks that let the stricken woman know that he’d retrieved his phone and was again taking her picture.

“Just a few more for the album,” Johnny told her sweetly. “I’m going to want to remember this night.” The shutter went off a few more times before he paused. “You have an amazing figure, Ms Thomas, but your hands are spoiling the view. Reach up and clasp your elbows, please.”

Unbidden, her arms immediately twisted themselves into an uncomfortable position as her fingers sought follow his instruction. “Perfect,” he told her. “Your ass is such a beautiful shade of red it would be a shame not to capture it on camera.” He chuckled, “Although after you just apparently tried to kill me I’m going to be spending a lot of time maintaining that glow in the near future so I don’t suppose it really matters.”

Oh my God. He’s not going to let me go. She bowed her forehead against the wall in despair. I’m fucked.

Johnny sighed contentedly and Ruth heard him move about the room, gathering his clothes and slowly getting dressed while she stood motionless and naked in the corner. “I’m going now,” he told her, “But don’t worry because some friends of mine will be over later to pick you up. In the meantime, you’re not to move and you’ll be quiet as a mouse until they arrive.” She heard his footsteps pad across the room toward her and then his breath was in her ear and his hand on her backside. “We’re just getting started,” he whispered. And then he was out the door and out the house, leaving behind a heavy silence filled with dread.

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