Miranda and Mullins

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Miranda and Mullins
This is my first posting of a Story I created. Hope you enjoy

Stress at work can kill productively. Everyone knows that. We live and work, have a balance between the two; take vacation time; fake sick days; quit jobs even. All to find that optimal work/life balance. But none of that happens at Mullins and Collins. One of the most prestigious corporate litigation firms on the West Coast. It’s all work. Forever. Deadline after deadline. Case after Case. Disaster after disaster. And all of it falls on Mr. Mullins to clean up. Scratch that, it also falls on his Secretary. Miranda Ramirez, not a personal assistant. That was clear on the first day. A throw back to a different age perhaps, along with cigarette girls and stewardesses. But Secretary.

Mr. Mullins doesn’t. That is the joke in the office. He doesn’t seat. He doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t laugh or take breaks or take vacations. He doesn’t lose cases either. He doesn’t come cheap. The billables alone from his division allow the rest of the company to run their own way. The Board of Directors have given him honor after honor, raise after raise, company car, new signing bonus, an entire floor to himself (and his staff of 1). All to keep anyone from tempting him away or (heaven forbid) to break with the company itself and start his own firm. They needn’t have bothered. He was content and wasn’t going anywhere.

“So how do we keep him happy?” Is there anything he wants? The answer can directly from Mr. Mullins desk, on his letterhead. “Secretary”. One work followed by a resume. Miranda was hired and given to Mullins. As far as the company was concerned, this was a deal at 50 times the price. But only Mullins knew what he was getting.

Miranda rode up to Mullin’s floor each morning with the other staff, but only her personal finger print allowed her access into Mr Mullins office. The Holy of Holies. Not even the board members had access. None else on his staff got past that door. If Mullins needed something, he’d leave his office to get it. But no one ever goes inside. All except the Secretary.

On the morning of the 4th, it was observed that Ms. Ramirez was walking hurried into the office of Mr. Mullins. Some might have thought she was in pain by her less than normal gait, but most wrote her off as having an urgent delivery for Mullins. And in a way she had…

Past the door, hearing it lock behind her Miranda focused all her efforts not to collapse to the floor. She put one foot in front of the other and make her way slowly across the football field sized office she was sure was smaller yesterday. But despite her body’s rebellion, she made it to Mullins’ desk and put a file gently in front of him. “Click.” A large man holding an old-fashioned watch seated at a desk looked at Miranda. “Not a bad time at all.”

“Pleeeease Sir” a normally composed Ramirez begged. Squirming in a way that made her hips dance beneath the thin silk of a business skirt, her breath came faster and her face was pink with beads of sweat at the temples of her cute face. “Show me” Mullins commanded. Not hesitating for an instant, Miranda pulled up her skirt. There was no finesse to it or seduction, just a movement. Grey skirt up, and exposed to the whole office (of 1), were 2 large vibrating dildos in pink and black. Each pulsating away at different times and rhythms. She dare not touch them, nor could she so much as squeeze her legs together. The order was clear. Go down to the car, retrieve the missing file, come back up on the public elevator. And let no one discover you are about to cum on the nice new flooring they installed last month.

With a motion that was impossibly fast and forceful, Mullins had one hand on each of the sex toys. Pushing out and in with a rhythm of a man listening to his own song, and playing it on Mirandas body. There was no way for her to remain quiet and composed during this assault of pleasure. Vagina and anus lit up in her mind, drowning out any other thoughts of embarrassment at her hurried walk through the parking lot or the wondering glances of her coworkers in the cubicle floor outside Mr. Mullins office. She felt the insides of her thighs, wet burning with heat and dying for a touch, any touch from Mullins.

He pushed the toys in deep, turning the vibration on to the max. Miranda’s eyes went blank, as ecstasy and lust pushed sight out of her conscious mind. Only the desire to ride her orgasms remained now. But that was put on indefinite hold, as she felt a tug, and the immediate absence of her tormentors left her body. The speed of the toy removable was so fast, Miranda’s knees buckled, and sent her to the floor. Unable to form coherent thought, let alone express it, she merely moaned the moan of a woman begging for a reprieve. And she would get it.

Mullins was holding a gold letter opener. Wickedly sharp, a gift from a grateful client for a long forgotten case. But today, it was the most important thing in the world for Miranda. With an unstoppable motion, the blade went down the back of Miranda’s white collared shirt. The force slip it in two, right down the back, all the way to the edge of the grey business skirt. As if giving up, the two halves fell away from Miranda, relieving a nude colored demi-cup bra, barely concealing 2 dark brown nipples threatening to rip holes in the cups themselves. Further down the letter opener went, parting thread and seam, destroying a grey business skirt. And lastly with two quick flicks, a nude bra and thong fell away to join their discarded mates on the ground.

Miranda was aware of all of this but it didn’t matter. Her pussy was glowing with need, wetting her thighs down past her knees and onto the floor of the new office, or at least that was how it felt to her. One thought briefly came back into her mind, “Soon, it will be soon.” Not too bad of a thought when coming from a brain on the brink of a torturous orgasm wave for the last 30 minutes. She glanced up and saw Mr. Mullins standing in front of her. Naked except for black business socks and black underwear. Like something of an NFL coach that never let his physique go, he was thick with power. Defined by it motion of muscle under his delicious skin. And then he used the letter opener to cut away his underwear, revealing another surprise, though no less surprising to Miranda after all this time. It was just like the rest of him. Large, strong, and alive, pulsating with each heartbeat, drooling at the meal, the conquest to come.

She threw her body at the towering giant, not caring for finesse or restraint. She was beyond that now. No longer an office work, or a woman financing her own future career in law, she was the only thing that mattered in that room, and thus all rooms in the world. She was the Secretary of Mr. Mullins. And she was ready to show him what that honor meant to her.

She forced each inch of his molten cock into her mouth and after months of practice, was able to envelope all of it with the assistance of her throat. The feeling was one of joining, of serving and protecting all at once. This is what she was meant to do for him, and she would do it every minute with a song in her heart.

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