Mistaken identity

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Mistaken identity
Zoe arrived home both angry and frustrated. Since she succumbed to her boyfriend’s pleas to give up her virginity about two weeks ago, they had only had sex once. Zoe’s unwillingness to submit to his constant requests now seemed unexplainable. In fact the night she gave up her cherry changed her completely. It was like a eureka moment, the feelings and sensations she experienced on that first night opened up a whole new world to her. Yes she had often masturbated, and had regularly felt horny, as if something was missing in her life. The emotional sensation as her boyfriend pushed his hard cock into her pussy, opened up a world of craving for more, he only lasted a couple of minutes inside her before she felt his hot cum filling her up, but she knew as they practiced his sexual stamina would increase. She had orgasmed, in fact as she felt him penetrating her, she had an immediate sensation of her orgasm building, and with each inward stroke, her body ached with erotic shocks running through her. When he came, her body was covered in both his sweat and her own, and his warm cum dripping from her pussy left her wanting more. But like so many “first times” they were both scared of his parents coming home, they quickly dressed, and went their separate ways. Tonight was supposed to be their second time, Zoe had been so horny in anticipation, and done everything to curve the urge to masturbate, wanting to keep herself for her boyfriend, but, he decided to watch the football, how can a guy give up his fifteen year old girlfriend for a game of football on TV.
Zoe arrived home, slamming the door as she entered, but the house was empty, her mom had gone out with one of her friends. Since the divorce came through a few months ago, her mom had gone a bit wild, going out several times a week, and drinking plenty of wine.
Zoe made her way to her bedroom, still emotionally loaded with both anger and frustration. She began to undress, pulling her sweatshirt over her head, she noticed herself in the bedroom mirror. Her breasts were now a B cup and filled her bra well, a slight over pour of her breast flesh gave her a hint of a cleavage. She kicked off her boots, and pulled her socks off her feet. Then unhooking the button of her tight jeans she rolled them down her legs. Finally standing in her bra and panties, her anger with her boyfriend began to dissipate. But her feeling of sexual frustration was still there. She unhooked her bra, her breasts swaying free from the restrictive material, her dark pink nipples, although small were standing hard. watching herself in the mirror, she slipped a hand inside the waistband of her lace panties. Her fingers snaked downwards where she felt the soft fluff of her light pubic hair. She pulled a hair band from her wrist and tied her long blonde hair back in a pony tail, then brought her fingers back to her pussy. In the mirror she could see the shape of her hand under the black lace material of her panties, as she touched her clitoris, it already felt slightly engorged. She slid a finger between her labia, and felt the warmth of her juices escaping from her pussy. She knew her hand wouldn’t be a match for the hard cock of her boyfriend that she had been craving all day, but it was going to be the only release of her sexual frustration.
A sound downstairs disturbed her, pulling her finger from her soaking pussy, she listened out. The sounds of her mom arriving home, probably slightly inebriated, had become a regular feature of her mom’s nights out. Zoe looked around her room, she found a short silk night dress on her chair, and pulled it over her head. Fixing her damp panties against her warm crotch was just a reminder of her frustration. The night dress just about covered her ass, but Zoe knew her mom would be too drunk to notice and that Zoe would have to help her to her room.
As Zoe climbed down the stairs, her mom was in the hall with another woman, Zoe said high and the woman introduced herself as Abbey. The three of them chatted for a few minutes till Abbey decided it was time to go home, and Zoe began the job of bringing her mom up the stairs.
In her mom’s bedroom Zoe sat her mom on the bed, and pulled her shoes off, then as her mom tried to stand up, Zoe unzipped her dress, the mid-length black dress fell in a pile at her mom’s feet. Zoe was eventually able to pick it up and hung it back in the wardrobe. She pulled out her mom’s nightdress and as she turned, her mom was standing by the bed, wearing a half cup bra, her breasts pouring from the top, her nipples hard and dark, she was wearing a pair of suspender tights, her pale bare thighs contrasted against the sheer black nylon, a tiny G string was the only other piece of clothing her mom wore.
Zoe walked over to the bed, trying to figure out how she would get her mom dressed for bed, when her mom took a step forward, nearly falling against Zoe. “Abbey, thanks for bringing me home, I had a great night” the wine had obviously taken its toll on her mom, and Zoe reminded her she wasn’t Abbey, but Zoe her daughter.
“Its ok Abbey” her mom continued, oblivious of Zoe’s previous correction, “We are both adult women”. Zoe felt her mom’s arms close tight around her young body. The aroma of her mom’s perfume mixed with the smell of the wine, filling her nostrils. “I wasn’t sure how to tell you about my feelings after the last time Abbey, but maybe we can have some more fun”
Zoe felt herself being pulled closer to her mom, her arms locking behind Zoe’s back. Zoe looked up at her mom, as their eyes made contact her mom’s head dropped slightly and Zoe felt her mom’s lips touch against her own. Zoe tried to break away, but her mom’s hand was now holding the back of her head. The kiss became more passionate, Zoe felt her mom’s mouth open and her tongue began to press between Zoe’s lips. Zoe trying not to respond kept her mouth shut, but as she tried to verbally defend herself, her mom’s tongue found Zoe’s. Zoe was unable to move, her mom had her trapped, in a passion that Zoe was not a participant.
“Oh Abbey” as her mom broke the kiss, Zoe attempted to correct her mom’s alcoholic mistake, but her mom didn’t seem to notice her daughter. Zoe felt herself being turned, and within a second she was lying on her mom’s bed, with her mom on top of her. The weight of her mom meant Zoe couldn’t move, as her mom began kissing Zoe’s mouth again. Zoe could feel her mom’s hands exploring the young girl’s body, through her silk nightdress she could feel her mom caressing her breasts, then a hand on her thigh, as her mom found Zoe’s mouth opening again and her tongue exploring the young girl’s mouth.
Zoe felt confused. She couldn’t comprehend her mom’s actions, yet somewhere inside her she was unable to stop her mom. As if her frustration from earlier was controlling her feelings, and allowing the events unfold against her sensible will.
The hand on Zoe’s thigh was now reaching the top of her leg, the touch was soft and sensual, yet powerful and unstopping. Her mom’s nails were gently scratching her thighs, her panties the only barrier in her mom’s way. Zoe felt the hand touch her panties, like the blink of an eye, it had moved on to her pubic mound. Putting enough pressure on Zoe to start her juices flowing again. Zoe was sure her mom could feel her wetness building in the lace material as she touched Zoe, her finger now tracing the line of her labia through the thin material, the black lace starting to disappear between Zoe’s pussy lips. Zoe could feel her body give in to the eroticism of her mom’s hand between her legs, she felt like there was no surrender, that maybe this was a way to end her frustrations.
Her mom moved down Zoe’s body, unhooking the thin straps of Zoe’s nightdress, and pulling the fine pink material down, revealing Zoe’s bare breasts. Whether it was the cool night air or the sexual excitement, Zoe could feel her nipples harden. “Oh Abbey” her mom said as her mouth closed on Zoe’s nipple. With each passing minute, as her mom licked and sucked Zoe’s breasts gently bit her hard nipples and stroked her pussy through her panties, Zoe could feel herself float towards an erotic peak. Although Zoe felt she was on the brink of an orgasm, her mom let the nipple slip from her mouth. The break allowed Zoe’s body rest from the brink of orgasm, but she was still unable to move.
Zoe staring at the ceiling, felt her mom move on the bed, then her panties were being pulled down. she could feel her mom’s hands grip her thighs, as she said “Abbey, your pussy is so beautiful”. Then Zoe felt a soft warmth touch her pussy, trying to look down, she could just see her mom’s head between her thighs, then she knew, what she felt was her mom’s tongue. The sounds of her mom lapping at Zoe’s leaking juices, softly flicking at her clitoris, and pressing between her opening labia. Again Zoe felt like she was about to cum, if only the tongue would push right inside her pussy, that was all she needed. But her mom must have done this before, she was able to keep Zoe on the very brink of orgasm not letting her fall into the depths of pleasure.
Again her mom stopped, Zoe could feel her moving on the bed, unable to move herself due to the overcoming pleasure that controlled her. In the corner of her eye she saw her mom beside the bed. Then with a deft movement, Zoe’s mom was straddling her head, she lowered her body down towards Zoe’s face. Her mom’s tiny G string had fully disappeared between her glistening pussy lips. Her mom’s suspender tights framing her pubic area, Zoe seeing no sign of any pubic hair, through her see through G string, Zoe saw her mom’s fingers pull the tiny strip of material out from her pussy, just as she lowered herself onto Zoe’s mouth. Zoe response was unintentional, but by her reaction it was the response her mom must have been expecting. Zoe felt her mouth open slightly, and the tip of her tongue brush against her mom, as the older woman’s pussy came into contact with Zoe’s lips. “Oh God Abbey, that’s so good” Zoe could feel her mom’s hips lower against her mouth, then her mom’s head was back between Zoe’s legs. In the sixty nine position her mom was again flicking her tongue in and out of Zoe’s pussy.
Zoe felt her toes begin to tingle, then her muscles begin to tighten as the tickling sensation raced through her stomach. Zoe’s juices were dripping from her pussy, her mom’s tongue lapping up the moisture, as Zoe’s whole body tensed, then in spasms relaxed. The peaks and troughs of her orgasm seeming never ending. Her own tongue still locked between her mom’s pussy lips, as she had lost all control of her body. Her mom’s juices warming her tongue tasted sweeter than Zoe had expected, as they poured in to her mouth.
Zoe finally felt her mom move from her pussy, the relief of her mom’s weight lifting off her slight frame was, for some strange reason counteracted by the disappointment of her pussy and the taste that Zoe had been enjoying. Zoe lay still on the bed, aware of her mom moving about the room, but the post orgasmic sensation holding her still on the bed. Her mom was opening and closing drawers, then finally Zoe felt her mom climb back on to the bed. Her nylon clad knees pressing Zoe’s legs apart. Her mom lowered her breast into Zoe’s mouth, saying “Abbey, I’m so fucking horny, I’m going to give you the greatest present”. With a large breast in her mouth, Zoe was unable to respond, except for a moan coming from deep within her throat. Her mom’s nipples felt huge as Zoe began to suck them, she could feel her mom moving between her legs, as she sucked and licked the dark nipple that had been presented to her. Then she felt a finger on her pussy lips, a cold moist liquid was been rubbed inside her labia, as her mom parted her pussy lips. Then Zoe felt her mom lift the young girl’s hips upwards. She felt a hardness press against her love opening, a hardness like the shape of a cock, she had only experienced two weeks before. Her knees parted and she could feel her pussy open wider, as the intrusion pressed in.
Slowly she felt a couple of inches of circular hardness fill her pussy up. Her juices and the liquid or gel her mom had used had lubricated her, and although the cock inside her felt big, she could feel nothing but ecstasy. The cock began sliding in and out, just as her boyfriends had previously, but the pace was slower and more satisfying. Zoe knew this was what real sex was about, slow and sensual, and with each stroke she was getting closer to yet another orgasm.
Her mom’s breast fell from Zoe’s mouth, and she was now able to see her mom on top of her, her mom panting as each stroke of her body inserted the hardness between Zoe’s legs. Her mom eventually stopped, Zoe felt like she had already cum several times, and as her mom lay on the bed beside her, she said, “Now Abbey, I want you to ride me, to fuck my cock hard”.
Zoe felt her mom pull her so she was now on top. A leather strap held a plastic cock attached to her mom’s vaginal area. Zoe could see the other end of the cock seemed to be inside her mom’s pussy. Zoe did as her mom wanted. She was straddling the plastic toy, and as her mom pulled her down on to the toy cock, she felt it disappear up between her legs. Slowly Zoe sank down until the whole toy stretched and filled her pussy. Slowly she began sliding up and down on the lubricated plastic, each movement she made also penetrating her mom. As Zoe felt herself building towards another orgasm, her mom was moaning louder and louder, calling out to Abbey to fuck her. Zoe only lasted a few minutes, till her juices began pouring from her pussy, and all her strength gave way, finally collapsing on her mom, as the involuntary shake of post orgasm flooded her body, by the look and sounds of her mom, Zoe knew she had orgasmed too.
When Zoe was finally able to gingerly climb off the plastic cock, she could feel a large pool of sexual juices on the sheets between her mom’s legs. Her mom’s breathing was heavy and rhythmical, and Zoe thought she was asleep. She climbed off the bed, and made her way to her bedroom. As she walked through the door she heard her mom, “Good night Abbey” then silence.
When Zoe woke the following morning, she spent several minutes trying to get her head around the previous night’s events, and the obvious mistaken identity. She dressed for school, and just as she was about to leave, she heard her mom. “Are you off to school Zoe?, does your mom not get a goodbye kiss from her little girl?” Her mom always looked for a goodbye kiss, she had done for as long as Zoe could remember. Zoe turned and opened her mom’s bedroom door. The light was dim and she could just make out the shape of her mom on the bed, she leaned over and gently kissed her mom, then noticing in the corner of her eye, the tall erection still poking out from her mom’s body. Her mom saw her looking and smiled, then pulled Zoe closer and her tongue met Zoe’s inside her mouth. When she finally let Zoe go, she said “Have a good day in school and I’ll be here when you get home”!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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