Mom of 4 is f*rced to become entertainment after n

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Mom of 4 is f*rced to become entertainment after n
Mom of 4 is f*rced to become entertainment after night class

Warning this is a fictional graphic r*p* story

Renee is a 30 year old mom of 4 working on her master’s degree. She has classes every Friday evening. This weekend the grandparents were taking the k**s out to their house so she could go out with her hubby later that evening. It was a beautiful, warm, fall day, so she decided to dress up before going to class and surprise her hubby after class was finished. She left for class wearing her new black liquid nylon thigh highs, short black spandex skirt and a light pink button-down shirt that allowed the light shadow of her black bra to show through. Her outfit was snug in a sexy (not slutty) way. It showed off her proportionally curvy size 16 body and her 42DDD cup nicely. Off to class she went.

When the class finished at 10pm it was already dark. Renee decided not to wait for the group to walk to the parking lot because she was excited to finally meet up with hubby and go out without the k*ds around. Rushing to the car, she decided to take a short cut off the well-lit sidewalks past the back side of the dorms. In the rush to get to her car she felt something between her feet and tripped in the grass by some shrubs, but could hardly see anything. Knocked off balance from the fall and not able to see, Renee felt herself being grabbed from behind. She started to scream but was gagged, and then a hood was pulled over her head. She felt many hands on her, keeping her still against her struggle, and felt her wrists being cuffed. Her struggle was no match for them. She was outnumbered.

They dragged her in to the back door of the dorm hall and down to a courtyard, now closed off due to budget cuts. (Some of the rowdy students had gained access and secretly opened it back up because it was perfect for hazing and student drinking parties, being so secluded.) Once there they took her cuffed hands and pulled them up to a hook and chain dangling from an old basketball net, pulling her up to her tip toes. Terrified, Renee still continued to scream through the gag and struggled to get free. It was futile and the more she struggled on her tip toes, the more of a show she put on. You could see the red of her panties under her short tight skirt. The guys who a*****ed Renee start talking about how perfect her tits were, how entertaining she was and how she would do for their party entertainment since their stripper canceled on them.

After a short while she stopped struggling as her arms grew tired. Thoughts of what is going to happen to her raced through her mind and all she wanted was just to go home.

Someone whispered in her ear. “If you cooperate with us we won’t hurt you, and after the party you can go.”

As she continued to hang there loud music started to play, jerking her back to reality. A DJ started talking.

“Okay, people, let’s get this party started, by introducing…the captured girl-next-door act!”

The bag was pulled off her head. Renee looked in horror as she saw about 25 people, mostly guys and some girls. The terrified, captured mom started to struggle as they clapped. One of the guys began to unbutton her shirt, exposing her sheer black bra. The crowd now cheered louder as Renee continued to struggle, her cries drowned out by the mob.

They began to chant, “Skirt! Skirt! Skirt! Skirt!” over and over again, till someone pulled her skirt down and off, exposing her shiny red spandex string bikini panties.

Renee started to cry as the front of her bra is unclasped and opened, her generous 42DDD breasts popping out, vulnerable and fully exposed.

The partying crowd went wild and started chanting again.

“Panties! Panties! Panties! Panties!”

Her panties were ripped off hard and fast, exposing her naturally hairy pussy. Her bra was cut off and thrown to the wild crowd, this time with flashes of lights from cameras and camera phones. There she hung, gagged, tits and pussy fully exposed, only wearing an unbuttoned, open shirt and shiny thigh highs. Renée was still crying and struggling against her cuffs, thinking to herself that only her hubby had ever seen her nude, feeling exposed, helpless and humiliated. She felt someone grabbing her legs and pulling them wide. A spreader bar was attached to her ankles to keep her legs wide apart, then she felt her pussy tearing as something was shoved inside of her. Her loud screams were muffled as a pole with a dildo attached was inserted into her pussy. A couple of the teens started sucking on her enormous breasts and an angel-faced blonde girl was relentlessly stabbing inside of her uterus with the monstrous device.

The helpless mom-of-4 tried to fight her arousal, but it was futile. As her cries turned to muffled pleas she started to moan. Her own body was betraying her. Several minutes passed and Renee’s moans and groans turned to cries of passion and she tried to resist cumming. She could not. She came hard and loud. The crowd went wild as she continued to cum. One of the a*****ors saw this and un-gagged her.

He whispered to her, “Bitch, you yell out ‘FUCK ME’ an’ we’ll pull that thing outta yo pussy an’ let you down.”

“No!” Defiantly she shook her head, still moaning and groaning.

Twenty minutes passed as the crowd danced, partying, while the mom-of-4 hung there, sweaty, naked and so wet you could hear the dildo sloshing inside of her. Renee’s cries of ecstasy and suffering turned to screams.

Finally she screams out, “FUCK ME, please. FUCK ME!”

The monster cock was removed, and then she was unhooked. She fell to her hands and knees, but her hands were still cuffed and the spreader bar was still attached to her ankles. The crowd gathered around her. Renee looked up and realized that she’d just cried out to everyone to fuck her, and that was now their intent.

One large guy got in front of her and unzipped his pants as she felt someone grab her hips from behind. She was too tired to put up any resistance, other than to cry, as someone un-cuffed her hands just long enough to remove her shirt. Then a massive, hard cock filled her mouth. Another athlete stuffed his man-flesh into her pussy. She continued to cry as she was taken from both ends. Feeling humiliated and dirty, Renee thought how this was the first time she had been fucked by anyone other than her hubby and now she was being fucked by a whole crowd. She still could not believe the girls in the crowd egging on the men to **** her. They were laughing and truly enjoying this. It was surreal.

Renee continued to be fucked by an endless stream of men. One had gotten under her, forcing her to ride him while he played with her enormous tits. Another guy got behind her and took her up the ass. She couldn’t breathe because her airway was being blocked by another massive cock. Images of her husband waiting for her at the restaurant, and her c***dren asleep in their beds ran through her mind as she felt her world crumbling. She tasted cum as he spilled himself down her throat and another took his place. Over and over again, everyone had a turn at her. The used and abused Milf thought it was over, until one of the girls rolled her on her back, pulled down her own shorts and panties, then proceeded to sit on the helpless moms face, forcing her to lick her till she came. Then two other girls sat on her face, forcing her to make them cum, till finally they were done with her.

Renee lay there in the middle of the floor, wearing only her thigh highs, soaked in sweat and co-mingled cum, quietly crying in humiliation. Two of her a*****ors grabbed her and put the hood back on her head, then dragged her out back of the dorm, where she was taken earlier in the evening. They left her there, next to her shirt, skirt, and an envelope. Renee finally got up and put her clothes back on, grabbing her things, then made her way to the car as fast as her sore body could carry her.

Once at the car she opened the envelope and read the note inside.

“Renee, thank you for the best entertainment we have ever had. Hopefully this covers your time. PS, we know your phone number, address, and the rest of your personal information from your iPhone. We took lots of pics and video, so I wouldn’t tell anyone about this. Unless you want the same thing to happen to your f**ly.”

Included in the envelope was $500.

Renee sat in her car, humiliated and shocked at this letter and money, when she noticed two emails. One was from her hubby, replying to an email from her iPhone she didn’t send to him, letting her know that it’s ok that her class ran over and that he was waiting for her at home. The other was from an anonymous email address that had a picture of her hanging nude, with a subject line that they will be calling for another session. The message said that if she wanted the pics and video to stay private, she would need to follow their directions when called upon, Slut.

This is my first fictional story that I have written in years. Its based on a very graphic dream I had. Here is a link to some pics of that I based the appearance of Renee on my wife’s appearance

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