Mommy and Me Pt. 2 – family Davey Series

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Mommy and Me Pt. 2 – family Davey Series
If you don’t like i****t stories then this series isn’t for you, TURN BACK NOW!

Continued from Pt. 1:

…I put my head back down and realized how sweaty I was. I made an attempt to get back

up for a shower but my mom’s mouth prohibited that. It felt so good to have my limp dick in her mouth! So good I closed my eyes and fell in to the dark abyss…

The feel of light on my face made my brain come back to earth. I opened my eyes, looked

around, and remembered the night before. I turned over and saw my mom. She had gone to sleep naked and didn’t cover up. Her perfect body rested there, her hair d****d over her face, and her tits cushioned between her arms. It was an amazing view that gave me a raging hard on. Looking at those amazing lips made me crave a blowjob from her. I got up, positioned my body over her, so my cock was right over her mouth, and shoved it in!

My mom definitely wasn’t expecting this. She woke up, gagging with wide eyes. I pulled

out afraid she was choking and she regained her breath.

“Davey? I’d love to, but we can’t.”

“Why not? You wanted me last night!’

“And I still do, but remember we have servants…”

I had totally forgotten about that. Every month my parents pay for them to go on a vacation for

one week. Which means they would come here around 5:00. I looked over to the clock and it read 7:38.

“Shit Mom… you owe me a blowjob though.”

“Same as you owe me a good licking… Hopefully you lick as good as you fuck!”

“Yeah about that… I really don’t know what the fuck came over me… But that was by far the best fuck I’ve ever had mom!”

“Ah, I thought you weren’t a virgin.” My mom smirked at me and I smirked back. “But even so, I haven’t been fucked by your father since our 8th anniversary.” That was really surprising since they were on their 10th.

“Really? That sucks… No wonder you’re so horny you’d fuck me.”

“Well…” I looked at my mom quizzically, “I’ve actually been attracted to you since you turned 13. You remember? I walked in on you…”

“Oh yeah! That was my second time masturbating.”

“When I saw that cock and your chest, I knew that you’d be way better than your father!”

I blushed at this.

“Well I better get going in case John comes to my room.” John was MY butler. If I didn’t come down stairs he’d bring my breakfast up to me. I got dressed, walked out of my moms room, and went to the kitchen.

I came down stairs, said good morning to Mark(our chef), and sat down at the island. My

mom came down a couple minutes later. She was wearing her pink robe and showing lots of cleavage doing so. I smirked at her and she followed my eyes to my bulge. She smirked back and mouthed ‘Later’. John came over with my breakfast and set it down.

“Mmmhh, thanks John!” I ate breakfast and headed up stairs to take a shower. I half expected

my mom to come in, but she didn’t. After my shower I threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I laid on my bed and texted my friend, Luke.

Luke and I have been friends since 3rd grade and we did almost everything together. My first time

wanking was with him. We watched our first porn video together. Even our first girlfriend was the same. It would be hard to say that he’s just friends with me because of my wealth, even though his family

isn’t rich, in fact they were having problems just being in the middle class. But our friendship goes above money.

After about an hour I asked Luke if he wanted to come over and do something. He said he

wanted to come over and ride our four wheeler’s. I said to come over as soon as he could.

The door bell rang a little while later. I ran down the steps and saw Luke being showed in by John.

“Good morning sir!”

“Good morning! How’s your family John?” Luke had always been nice to our servants, learning their names, families, etc.

“They’re doing fine sir.” He hated when they called him ‘Sir’ but he gave up telling them not to.

We went down to our “Garage House”, grabbed two four wheeler’s, and raced around for awhile. After some fierce racing he pulled over, so I did the same.

“Tired of loosing, Luke?”

“Ha, You wish! I’m more bored of winning than loosing.”

“Yeah right! Someones loosing it! What else do you wanna do?”

“Can we go swimming?”

“Sure, I’m guessing you didn’t bring your trunks?”


“Don’t worry, you can borrow mine.”

“My plan… HAHAHA”

We rode back to the “Garage House”, got off and ran up to the pool house. I gave him a Speedo

and we went to change. Luke was 16 with brown hair, blue eyes, and even more of an athletic body than me(He played Rugby, while I played Football). I always enjoyed Luke’s body. If I was gay I’d be all over him. He had the sexiest skin tone(he was Italian) and not to mention a huge dick. Luke was honestly better than me in most ways. Luke usually changes slowly and in the corner but today he changed quickly, abandoned me, and ran into the pool. When I came out he opted we start a splash war. The fun thing about having a big pool and servants is that you can tell them to get in and play with you. So I called them in and we picked teams… After half an hour we got bored and declared a truce. I dismissed the servants and we dived off the high dive a few times, swam a few laps, and then went back into the pool house to dry off and change.

It was now 2:30 so we went in to have lunch. After lunch we ran up to my room, played some

video games and watched a movie. Near the end of the movie I saw a sex scene that reminded me of what happened the night before. I had forgotten all about that and really wanted to tell Luke all about it. I didn’t though. Luke, surprisingly, was a virgin. I didn’t feel like rubbing it in his face that I had fucked someone else(he knew that I wasn’t a virgin). After the movie he wanted to go home so we said our goodbyes and he left.

It was around 6:00 pm so I went up to my room to play video games. When I came into my room I found a note from my mom, It read:

Hey sweetie!! If you’re not too tired from your exhausting day you should join me for a quick snack… there will be juice. Meet me at the greenhouse whenever you can…

I smirked getting my mothers humor.

I ran outside and went to a golf cart to take to the greenhouse. I guess now would be the time to

tell you about our property, It consists of our pool, the house, tennis and basketball courts, a lake, the Garage House, and a few other things. The greenhouse was the most useless thing, my dad insisted on getting one so he could clear his mind. The Gardner came every week to take care of the plants but she wasn’t very good at her job, although my dad says she is, because the plants were mostly dead.

But I got why my mom had chosen this place, it was up in the corner of our property, the only thing close to it was the lake and that was still a good distance. I parked the cart and walked inside.

“Mom! You still here?”

“Back here, Davey!” I went over to the back and pushed open the door, we were in the storage closet. My mom attacked me with an amazing kiss! We broke off and my mom said,

“Oh Davey! I’ve been horny thinking about your boner from breakfast. I got over that when your father called. Then I saw you in your Speedo swimming and all I could think about all day was that bulge and your chest! I’ve been wet for hours just craving another amazing fuck!”

“My little bitch of a mother can’t wait to fuck me? I’ll be glad to help with that… but isn’t this closet a little cramp?”

“That’s why we’re not fucking here.” With that my mom turned around and pressed on the back wall. It opened up to a staircase!

“Your father doesn’t know that I know he built this here.”

“What is it?”

“This is where your dad takes his “work”… he fucks his sluts here.” We got to the bottom of the steps and my mom turned on the light.

“Whoa! This place is…” The only word to fully describe it was “amazing” but the shock was too strong.

The room was roughly the size of a master bedroom. It had fuzzy red carpet, with a bed in the

middle that was big enough for about four people. Beside the bed there were two night stands. Each filled with lubes, condoms, sponges, and porn magazines.The wall behind the bed was red with poster sized pictures of my dad with some famous porn stars. The walls opposite weren’t walls but shelves. They were filled with sex toys, games, movies and other erotic material. The wall behind me had two closets on each side. One had male sex clothes, the other had female. Right above the doorway was a TV with a DVD player built into the wall.

“I think your father had the perfect fucking room on his mind when building this… and since no one comes out here, except him, you can’t hear any of the noises that comes with it. But I’m pretty sure it’s also sound proof.”

“Wow, Dads been cheating on you.”

“Sadly yes, and I know how to get back at him!”


“Fucking his own son in his fucking room!”

“Mom… that’s something I would love to help you with!” I ran up to her and pushed her onto the bed…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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