Mom’s Surprise

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Mom’s Surprise
Mom’s Surprise

edited by Cantankerous Cal (11/22/01)


How an accidental encounter led to a fulfilling night of
sex with mum, including oral and anal sex. It was late
autumn and despite football practice being well underway
I was home early as coach had cancelled team practice to
concentrate on the forward play.

As I came down the drive I saw that mom’s car was not
there so she was obviously out somewhere. The house was
quiet, as I grabbed a glass of juice in the kitchen and
headed upstairs to take a shower.

Stripping off I dumped my clothes in the laundry sack
and went into the bathroom. As I pushed the door wide I
gasped and stopped dead in my tracks, standing before me
toweling herself dry was mom. As I gazed at her firm
tits I couldn’t help noticing how hard and stiff her
nipples were and as I allowed my gaze to carry on down I
marveled at her trim flat stomach and nearly lost it as
my eyes beheld her smooth shaved pussy. Being a normal
17-year-old guy my cock did its usual thang and stood
proudly to attention at this marvelous sight.

I finally realised where I was and I stammered an
apology and turned to leave, as I did I couldn’t help
noticing that mom was staring at my stiff cock.

That night as I lay in bed the memory of my naked mother
came back with an almost instantaneous hard on. I jacked
off, wondering what it would be like to have mom suck me


For the next few days mom was very quiet and often deep
in thought. On the following Friday as I left for school
she asked me if I was going out that night and when I
replied no, she smiled and told me to have a good day.

When I got home after football practice mom’s car was in
the drive and when I got in the house she was in the
kitchen cooking. She looked gorgeous with a white blouse
showing her cleavage and a very short blue skirt.
“Dinner in 30,” she said, “so you have got time for a

After showering I completed one of my homework
assignments before mom called me for dinner. To my
surprised she had opened a bottle of wine. Our
conversation was easy and centred around football and
school. When we finished I cleared away and stacked the
dished in the dishwasher whilst mom took the wine
glasses and the remains of the bottle through to the

As I finished clearing away I heard her go upstairs and
into her bedroom, I went on through to the lounge with
the intention of watching some TV but to my surprise I
found the curtains drawn and a video set up.

Mom came back into the room, she had changed her top and
I could clearly see her tits through the sheer material,
and I could have sworn that her skirt had got shorter
too; she had taken off her tights saying that it had
just been too hot to keep them on.

When she bent down to turn on the video I could see just
how hot she was as her smooth glistening pussy was open
to my view. I gasped and she wriggled her bottom and
spread her legs even further apart, showing her pink
pussy lips and hard wet clit.

She came and sat next to me and looked straight at my
bulging front, “You obviously enjoyed that view. Now
lets watch a video for a while, I am very sure that
you’ll like it,” she said.

As the credits came up it I realised that it was a
transfer from an 8mm film to video and was dated
Thursday of this week, so mom had the transfer done only

The first scene showed a young girl lying face down
naked on a bed, a man then entered the room, he was also
naked and approached the bed. There was no talking only
background music. He climbed on the bed and turned the
girl over. As she turned, she spread her legs apart and
he quickly mounted her, the camera clearly showing his
cock pushing in and out of her glistening pussy.

The music built to a crescendo as she wrapped her legs
around his waist and her hands pulled him hard into her
until their fucking matched the pace of the music,
faster and faster until with a grunt he pulled out of
her and sprayed his cream all over her lower belly and

When he was finished he turned her back onto her stomach
and pulled her up until she was on hands and knees in
front of him and than he began massaging her two plump
globes slowly separating them until I could see her
brown puckered anus winking at me. Bending over her, he
started kissing her cheeks and slowly worked his way in
until he was tonguing her anus. Soon she was wriggling
and pushing her asshole up to meet his tongue.

Moving up to her he thrust his hard cock into her anal
passage which opened like a flower to receive him. She
began bucking back against him as he fucked her ass
harder until he had buried his whole cock deep inside of
her. The muscles on his back glistening with his
exertion as he sped up the action. This time though, as
he came he held inside of her shooting his cream into
her open asshole.

When he withdrew some of his cream trickled out of her
arsehole down one thigh, this he quickly licked up and
obviously delighted in the taste.

Once he was done he got up off the bed and the camera
cut back to her still on all fours with her fingers up
her anus before she withdrew them and moved them towards
her mouth.

During the video I had moved my hand down to my crotch
only to have mom stop me, “We’ll have plenty of time for
that later,” she admonished.

The next scene was the same bedroom and bed but this
time with a younger looking man and an older though
still gorgeous woman. The man was deep into her arsehole
fucking her like mad and was thrusting his long thick
cock hard into her until with a spasm he pulled out
spraying his cum all over her buttocks and back, in
thick ropes of white cream.

The scene next showed all four of them with their backs
to the camera standing by the bed, during this scene I
had began to realise that the figures were vaguely
familiar even though there had never been a shot
actually showing anyone’s face.

Looking at mom I was about to ask her who they were when
she said, “That’s enough of that for now, would you like
some more wine?

Feeling really bold I replied, “Yes but not from a
bottle please.”

“What do you mean?” Mom asked with a huge smile on her

“I want to taste your honeyed wine and push my tongue
deep up your beautiful cunt until you flood my mouth and
fill me with your sweetness, how does that sound to
you?” I asked.

In reply she came and sat on my lap and kissed me our
tongues meeting and entering each others mouth in a long
deep oral battle, her hands found my cock and played up
and down the shaft driving me even deeper into her mouth
until I thought she would swallow my tongue.

As mom stroked my hot hard rampant cock I moved my hands
down to her breasts, even through her blouse her nipples
were hard and sticking out quickly undoing the buttons.
I reached in and filled my hands with her hot firm flesh
grasping her long nipples. I broke off our kiss and
bending down took her left nipple into my mouth, sucking
and nibbling it. I could feel mom shaking with passion
and her hand on my cock gripped harder and moved even
faster than before.

Pushing her back onto the sofa I moved my lips down her
stomach stopping to kiss her belly button before
carrying on down to her smooth glistening pussy.

“Yes lick my cunt,” she cried as I tentatively ran my
tongue down her smooth sweet crack tasting her honey as
it flowed from her lips.

The more I licked and sucked the more juice she produced
until my face was soaked. All the time she was shaking
and calling me to lick harder, harder, and to kiss her
cunt, to finger her, and even to ram my fingers up her

Urged on by her obvious passion, I pushed four fingers
into her spasaming pussy and as if of its own volition
my thumb found its way to her arsehole. She was very wet
there as well so I had no trouble pushing it deep into
her anus. As I did that she shook and shook, wrapping
her legs tight around my head she trapped my face
against her cunt flooding me with so much cream. For a
moment I thought I would drown in it.

Gradually as she came down I moved my lips from her
pussy to her arsehole. “Oh god yes!” she cried, “Suck my
arse! Stick your tongue in then fuck me as hard as you
can!” No sooner said than done.

Making a hard point of my tongue I stuck it up into her
arsehole, it tasted strange but funky and the reaction I
was getting from my cock told me that this was
definitely on the menu from now on. As my tongue plunged
in mom started shaking again as she built up towards
another cum, now she screamed, FUCK ME! Fuck my pussy,
fuck my arse, fuck me anywhere, just get your hot hard
cock buried deep into me and flood me with your hot
thick cream.”

“Your mouth first,” I said, “then we’ll go around the
world until I finally fill your arsehole.” Before I even
finished speaking she had moved down and sucked my cock
deep into her throat whilst her hands squeezed my balls
and fingered my anus, she was really hot for it and was
sucking hard and fast. “Slow down,” I cried, “or I’ll
cum to fast.”

Slowing down slightly I could savour the warmth and
softness of her lips wrapped around me and felt her
tongue dancing on the underside of the head of my cock
whilst her teeth grazed up and down my shaft as she
sucked me in and out.

Pulling out of her mouth I got behind her and plunged
deep into her cunt so deep on that first stroke that I
could feel the opening to her womb grip the head of my
cock. This made her shriek with joy and she thrust back
at me wildly. Her cunt felt like a warm moist velvet
glove caressing me as I fucked her faster and faster.

Knowing that I couldn’t last much longer I pulled out
and rammed straight into her gaping arsehole. If her
pussy was tight her arsehole was like a red hot vice
holding me and milking me as I pushed in and out in a
race against time to see who would came first.

Mom was shaking and shivering on the verge, her breath
was rasping in time to my strokes. I could feel the
spunk boiling up in my balls and push up into my cock.
“Get ready mom!” I called as my cream burst out of me
and shot deep inside her.

When she felt my load fill her, she shook even harder
and came again.

Slowly we both quieted down. I was tingling in absolute
delight, and mom lay in my arms in an afterglow of
satisfaction. Both of us were spent and satiated.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behaviour in real life in
anyway, shape or form.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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