Morning Neighbor

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Morning Neighbor
” MotherFUCK! ” 

I lifted my foot to see I had stepped in my neighbor’s dog shit for the 3rd time this month. This time in my brand new Nike Air Max. $170 down the drain. I told Evan the first time this happened that it can’t be a recurring thing. But for some reason he let his half pound yorkie shit on my lawn. Maybe I wasn’t intimidting enough for him to respect my wishes. I wasn’t the biggest guy in the world. 5 foot 8 on a good day, 180 pounds soaking wet and a low afro doesn’t sound like the scariest guy in the world. 

” EVAN! EVAN! ” I screamed walking towards his home. It was 7:21 AM and I figured he was sleep but I couldn’t care less. I stepped up his driveway making sure I left prints from his dog’s mess. By time I reached the door it was snatched open.

” DEVON! What the hell is going on? ” Bianca, Evan’s wife shouted. 

” I’ve told that man about that damn dog. Today is it! ” I said while tossing my shoes on the lawn and stepping inside the home.

” Aw shit, I’m sorry. I fucking hate that dog too. ” 

” Where is he? We need to have a word. ”

” He actually took the bitch to the groomers, ” Bianca said referring to the dog. 

” I’m not leaving until he gets back, ” I told her, bluffing. 

” Mi casa es su casa, ” Bianca said non-chalantly turning around and walking toward the couch. 

Bianca and I have always been cordial. Few conversations here and there but never any bad blood. Her and Evan were opposites. She was a cool laid back latina and he was an uptight asshole white guy. I occasionally wondered if they were really a couple because of how unnatural their affection was.

” Breaking Bad? ” Bianca asked. 

” Huh? ” I asked confused. 

” You said you was gonna wait here and I can’t go to sleep. Only option is TV. So do you wanna watch Breaking Bad? ”
I laughed a little. ” Sure, ” I said heading over to the couch to join her.

She was dressed in her sleep attire. Purple pajama pants with a thin white t-shirt and black house slippers. I could actually see a trace of her dark nipples through the shirt. Her black hair was messy and long, down to her shoulders. She was probably 45, but she wore it well. Now that I thought about it Bianca was somewhat of a cougar. How could a Dilbert looking Evan get her?

” What’s the deal with the two of you? ” I asked as I turned to face her. There was one cushion between us. She had her head leaning on her hand, with her elbow rested on the armrest. She didn’t break concentration to answer me. 

” Fell in love when we we in our 30’s. Spark died but his bank account is attractive and I don’t have to do shit but cook, clean, and act like he’s doing a good job of fucking me. ” she replied coldly. 

” Act? ” I asked. Normally I wouldn’t pry but I’ve lived next to them for a year and was curious.

” Pretend. My pussy wouldn’t know how to respond to some real dick after years of that poor excuse, ” Bianca said coldly.

I laughed which caused her to turn to me.

” Think I’m joking Devon? I see those sluts coming in and out of your house every week. I heard you. I hear them screaming and sometimes it doesn’t even sound real. I want that. I’ve cum more to the sound of those little whores than I could ever with Evan. ” 

She was serious. She said it with a smirk but I could read the honest. I sat back and smiled as I turned to watch the TV. I focused for maybe five minutes before the thought of what Bianca said re-entered my mind. Ironically I had thought about her a couple times. I knew that old man wasn’t fucking her like he should. I could see it in the fake kisses she gave him every morning. A couple of neighbors even said she’s been known to flirt. I was so pissed at Evan I decided to find out for myself. Never being shy, I just went with my thoughts. I untied my pants and pulled out my soft dick.
” So in a round about way, you’re saying you want to have sex with me? ” I asked boldly. 

” No. Directly I’m saying I wish you would pin me down and fuck the shit out of me like I was some slut only there for you to get your nut off, ” Bianca replied without looking at me. 

Within seconds my dick began to harden. Her noncaring tone excited me. I slid over the seat between us and shot my hand to her throat. I jerked her over towards me.

” You want what? ” I asked with my forehead inches from the side of her face.

” I wanted you to fuck the shit out of me like I’m some slut. I want you to stretch every hole on my body. I want to fe- ” 

I heard enough. I stood up, pulled my pants all the way down and guided my dick straight into her mouth. Bianca jumped into action as if this was a scheduled appointment. She placed her hand on my 9 inch dick and spit on it. She guided her mouth back and forth on my dick while stroking it at the same time. I could feel my toes curling in my socks from the combination of her suction and tongue doing 360s aroung the head. 

“ Shit, “ I whispered under my breath.

I she kept going. Stroking my dick with her hands and deepthroating. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. THIS was a blowjob. Bianca sucked my dick like it was more enjoyable to her. She continued for a few minutes and I noticed her hands in her pants.

“ Is sucking this big dick making you wet? “ I asked with a smirk. She never answered, just stuffed my dick down her throat until her lips touched my pelvis. Bianca held it and looked up at me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have her. I pulled myself out of her mouth.

“ OH MY GOD I LOVED THAT! “ Bianca said, excited, with spit dripping from her mouth and chin.

I smiled as I pushed her back on the couch and pulled her pants down.

“ Not here. Come on, “ she said getting up and charging down the hallway. I followed. She opened the door to her and Evan’s massive bedroom. As I proceeded to remove all of my clothes I noticed Bianca had already gotten on the bed and was positioned for me to fuck her doggystyle. Anxiously I jumped on the bed and slid behind her.

“ Not so soon, open that drawer, “ she told me pointing at the nightstand. She had one had under her pussy massaging her clit. I was ready to shove my dick in her but I obliged. I opened the drawer to find some socks but there was a clear bottle with some kind of liquid in it. That must’ve been what she was hinting at.

“ Put some on my ass, “ she said calmly, revealing that it was lube.

I knew Bianca was a freak but going straight to anal surprised me. She moaned as the cool temperatured lube hit her hole and continued when I massaged it. I stroked my dick in one hand and slowly relaxed her asshole with the other. When I saw it was ready I pressed the head of my dick on her hole and eased in.

“ Mmmmmmmm, “ she moaned. It wasn’t even an ounce of pain in her noises. She loved it.
I slid more in and worked her asshole with about 5 inches.

“ Yea, just like that Devon. Just like that. Take this ass, “ she said loudly. She enjoyed me fucking her but I think she equally enjoyed the thought of giving her mouth and ass to another man. But I felt the same. Evan was a jerk and I loved to take what he thought was his.

I went deeper and within seconds all 9 inches of my black dick with stretching Bianca’s ass. She moaned and screamed and laughed with pleasure. I fucked her at a not too slow but now to fast pace as she threw her ass on me in the same rhythm.

“ Stop! “ she said out of nowhere. I thought I had done something wrong.

“ Huh? “

“ Put on the blue robe that’s behind the door. Hurry. “

She hasn’t steered me wrong so far so I did it. I ran back from the door to the bed and my dick tingled at the sight of her quarter sized asshole, which looked like it was winking at me. I shoved it right back in and continued fucking Bianca at the same pace.

“ Th-that’s his fav-favorite robe, “ she stuttered as I drilled her. “ Take this asshole. He could never fuck me like this. I wanna see you fuck me in his robe. “

I flipped her on her back and looked her in the eye as I rammed by dick into her right ass. Her eyes crossed and drool dripped from her mouth. She was in heaven. I yanked her hair to get her attention and spat in her mouth. It was random but why not. She stuck her tongue out at me with a smile and swallowed. This sent me into a trance. I pumped away in Bianca’s asshole.

“ I’m gonna cum in that asshole! “

“ Cum in my hole! Please! “

I could barely hear her finish the sentence as I released my build up frustration into her asshole, collapsing on her chest. I laid there about five minutes before getting up silently. Bianca got up as well and walked over to her dresser with trembling legs.

“ Here, “ she said, handing me two hundred dollar bills.

“ I think it’s been made up to me, “ I said smiling.

“ Yeah, by me. This is his. “ she said laughing. “ You should come by tonight. “

“ Round 2? “ I asked excitedly.

“ No, for cake. It’s Evan’s birthday. “ she replied without a care in the world.

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