Morning Routine at the Mansion of My Misstress

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Morning Routine at the Mansion of My Misstress

My eyes open with the gentle humming of my small alarm clock. I quickly shut it off so as not to disturb anyone else in the room. Its 4:30am, well before light creeps into the day and the room is now pitch black. Very quietly I rise up on my hands and knees and crawl off of the small doggy bed on the floor next to the big bed. It‘s embroidered with my name “Heather” in pink because it’s my bed and I’m the pet of my Mistress.

I’m silent when I move because I have done this so many times before. On all fours I make my way to the master bathroom and gently close the door behind me. I then stand up and turn the light on. The refection in the mirror still gives me goosebumps each morning. Staring back at me is a soft and feminine woman. Not necessarily gorgeous but definitely considered pretty by most and with a look that screams “I want to please.” Very long and meticulously maintained wavy brunette hair and eyebrows that are expertly trimmed adorn this image. I am just over five feet seven inches tall and I now weigh in at an astonishing 134 lbs with a substantial portion of that weight distributed to my rounded hips and D cup breasts. A far cry from what seems like a past life.

I begin my morning routine as I always do by removing the night time outfit that I slept in so that it can be hand washed later on with all of the other delicates. Last night it was a hot pink charmeuse fly-away babydoll with lace trimmed cups and a bow in between them along with a matching pair of string bikini panties. I almost always get the privilege of sleeping in something soft like satin or silk or a delicate lace. Only when Mistress is punishing me or has plans that require a specific wardrobe does it change. I then turn the shower on very hot and shave what little hair may be on my body. I am naturally very hairless and my cock, or clitty as Mistress calls it is very small with a length of only about three inches when fully aroused. This is one of the main reasons that I am in this position now, living the way that I do. I could never have been considered a real man. Feeling humiliated about it from my early teen years cemented my submissive nature.

I shower quickly and step out smelling lightly like lilac and plums from the body wash Mistress insists I use. I then go about my duties of getting ready for my Mistress and the day ahead. Apply the small amount of makeup, comb my hair fifty times and rub lotion all over my body which gives my fair skin a healthy glow. My hair goes up into a ponytail every morning because it’s the easiest and is the most practical for my next task. As well as Mistress may decide to change it when she wakes up. Unless otherwise specified my nails are always done in a soft pink along with the gloss on my lips which has a slight strawberry flavor. The outfit that I put on for my first task this morning will be a pair of sheer baby blue string bikini panties with soft rows of horizontal ruffles on both the front and the back, and with that a matching delicate cami top. I love this set. Ultra girly, very soft and puts me in the perfect frame of mind.

I turn off the light, get back down on hands and knees, open the door and crawl out to the bedroom. The cami and panty set is so sheer that it feels as if I have nothing on which heightens all of my senses. Very faint traces of light are seeping through the windows and penetrating the dark room. I make my way over to the king sized bed and quietly decide which way to do this. Lying in the bed are both my devastatingly gorgeous and sound asleep Mistress as well as the guest that she had over last night. I don’t know his name, as I am instructed to call him, or any other “overnight guest” as sir. He’s also still very much asleep and it is my job to very peacefully wake him up with the most perfect and relaxing blowjob that I’m capable of giving.

This task is harder than it seems and it has taken me many many attempts to become the expert that I have. You learn very quickly not to displease Mistress, especially by failing in a task concerning her guest or by waking them both up. He is flat on his back with just a sheet over his lower half outlining a toned abdomen, muscular thighs and an ample package between his legs. All I know about him is that he appears to be around 40 years old and is in very good shape and ruggedly handsome, not a pretty boy.

I slink onto the bed and with gentle precision pull the soft cotton sheet down just enough to expose his soft cock. I’m still on all fours when I lightly slide my hot tongue on the sides of his shaft. My hair is up in a ponytail so it won’t inadvertently tickle his thighs or stomach and wake him up too soon. I place a soft subtle kiss on the smooth head of his cock and let my lips and breath caress and coax his member to become semi-rigid before I very smoothly take it into my hot, willing and wet mouth. Once it’s in I let the heat and moistness bring him to full attention before beginning an easy suction. At this point I keep my eyes toward his face because he will awaken at any moment. I want him to see the submissive and subservient eyes of Mistress’ obedient pet waking him up pleasurably to ensure that he doesn’t have any jerking bodily reaction that would wake up my Mistress and get me punished.

His dark eyes meet mine for a brief moment and then I focus my attention down toward his lovely, smooth, almost perfect cock. It’s about 7 inches with a perfect width, smooth as hot silk and yet it feels as strong as steel in my mouth as well. I start giving him a thorough but quiet blowjob now that he’s awake. I get more turned on because not only did he wake up very happy, but I know that this beautiful cock which tastes like a mixture of leftover salty sweat, slightly bitter cum and the delicious juices of my Mistress will deposit into my ravenous and eager mouth an enormous load of cum.

The first load in the morning is always huge and I cannot let a single drop escape these lips. My Mistress would be very unhappy, and I simply love the taste of a man’s cum first thing in the morning. Every time that I swallow a hot load it only serves to enhance the feeling of being owned and used by my Mistress as her slutty little cum receptacle. True to form he quickly begins spurting wave after wave of hot semen down my throat. I keep him in my mouth long after he has stopped cumming while keeping up my gentle sucking in order to coax any remaining nectar from his spent cock.

Then as silently as I entered the bed, I slide off onto all fours again. Once I’m back on my bed I speak in a light whisper “sir, the powder room has been prepared for you whenever you are ready”.

When I see the door close behind him and hear the shower turn on I smile contentedly to myself because I’m sure that my Mistress will be pleased with me for keeping her guest satisfied and not disturbing her during her much needed and deserved rest. I curl up on my little bed feeling like such a dirty little girl and aware of every inch of the delicate lingerie on my skin and the sumptuous taste of his cum in my mouth and then I allow myself to daydream of the day to come in anticipation of her waking up.

What outfit will she put me in? What does she have in store for me today? How else can I please my owner? Almost never do the thoughts of my previous life seep into my waking consciousness, and for this I attribute my genuine love of being my Mistresses favorite pet.

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