Motel Mama

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Motel Mama
Written and owned by [email protected]
I was in my truck, outside a Travel Lodge on I 5. Dressed in blue see thru top, black bra, micro mini and big leather boots was my mother in the passenger seat. We were waiting for a man mom had contacted on the internet. You see every week, my mother liked getting into bed with strange men. Her preference was black guys with big cocks but when desperate she would do anybody, or anything.

Over last few years I had driven my mother between LA and San Francisco hundreds of times and every time I had seen her getting on the bed and pinning her legs to her ears while black guy or guys fucked her every hole even as I watched sitting in the corner. It was disgusting but that’s how it had been ever since we came to America.

I was 17 when we came to America. My mother was 43. When we landed we had no place to go and barely enough money to keep us alive for a week. My mother had never been a good provider. She was always distracted and careless. I thought it was because of her preoccupation with getting us out of our country and into US, the land of rich and content.

How wrong I was! 3 days after coming to America,m y mother found a job as a sales girl in Safeway. After her first paycheck, we moved to a small, single bedroom apartment in suburban LA. It was not a nice place but much better than war torn eastern Europe we came from. Mom had to work hard. We had no car and the store she worked at was 4 miles from our place. Mom had to walk for almost an hour to get there.

She got up at around 6 in the morning, and hadto leave by 7, same time as I had to leave for my school . Since we had to share a bathroom, mom and I understood that we will have to share more than just the bathroom. We slept on same bed and while I used the toilet, my mother would take a shower, or vice versa. We never talked about it but everyday we had a few embarassing minutes. In 3 weeks since we had moved into this apartment, mom and I had seen each other in most embarassing situations. But all in all, it was a good life.

One night I went to bed especially horny. I had been with Wendy all day, helping her with maths while she helped me with my English and I was hard as hell. God knows what these Americans feed their daughters that makes their tits grow so fast and keeps their asses so tight. I was a healthy 15 year old and sight of Wendy’s ass all day had made me desperate to cum. The problem was I could masturbate only when mom was not at home. Even our bathroom was not private enough. Every breath one would take could be heard outside. I knew it because once I heard my mother pushing a turd out her ass. Even though I was all the way on the other side of the apt., I could hear the damn thing dropping in the bowl and her releived breaths afterwards! I never mentioned it to her but I loved the fact that I knew something, my mother didn’t .

So the only way for me to relieve my hardness was to let mom go to sleep and then rub my hard cock on the bed till I came in my underwear. I was lying on my stomach , pretending to be asleep when I felt the bed moving. Mom got up and headed towards the bathroom. I raised my head a little and I could see her bra clad tits under the thin sheer nightgown. My mother was not a big woman. She was just 5’2″, a bit plump with 32″ waist and huge, massive tits. At 44DD they hung on her chest obscenely. Thankfully her ass was not as big and the 40″ around her butt actually made her look quite sexy. My mother had the body of a whore and even though I didn’t know it, she was one! Mom tried to be as quiet as possible while entering the bathroom. Through my half closed eyes I saw her turning trying to tip toe to the bathroom door and just before she entered, she turned around to make sure that I hadn’s moved. I didn’t. I lay as still as possible and heard the door close. I must have left the seat cover up bcause I heard it as she put it down. She turned the fan on. A light humming began and gave her the false sense of privacy. Moments later I heard the russel of her nightgown as she slipped out of it. I got up and tip toed towards the door. This was way too exciting to be missed. I stood out the bathroom door and heard my mother’s breathing getting heavier. I thought I had made a mistake and I heard mom trying to ease herself. A few turds hit the water in the bowl. For a few minutes there was silence then unistakble sound of mom’s moaning. I concentrated hard and there was that squishing sound as her fingers went in and out of her cunt. Within seconds she neared her orgasm. I heard her muttering to herself and then a muffled groan. There was silence and a few minutes later pee hit the bowl. It was time for me to get back into bed. When mom returend to bed 5 minutes later, she was still breathing heavily even though she was trying to act normal. She looked at me one last time and then climebed into bed I n next few minutes, the only sound I could hear was my mother’s gentle rythemic breaths. I was more horny now than ever before. i knew my mother was sexy but I didn’t know she actually enjoyed sex. I was ashamed that I had taken unfair advantage of the situation but my cock thought otherwise. I started rubbing it against the bedsheet . I didn’t have to work hard. In a few minutes I felt the cum rushing up my shaft and falling out on the inside of the underwear.

When I woke up in the morning, mom was getting ready to leave. I saw her put on her red lipstick and deep dark mascara as she told me what I could have for breakfast and lunch. “Oh Mom “, I was still half asleep ,” I won’t be home till late today. We are doing a play and I have to stay back till 10 in the night.” “That’s too late”, my mother said. “Well mom”, I said, “That’s how it is in America”. “Ok.” my mother replied. She never argued if I told her that it was the American thing to do. We both loved this new country and we were trying hard to get accepted.

As fate would have it, the practice was over by 8′ o clock and unable to find Wendy, I rushed home to catch dinner and movie with my mother. Even before I could enter the house, I heard my mom’s cries. She was obviously in the living room and in pain. I opened the door and found the TV on at full blast. My mom was naked on the couch, her clothes were lying next to it. Mom was bent over and was spreading her ass cheeks apart as Mr Randolph, the store manager, her boss, prepared his cock to penetrate her rectum. What a magnificient cock it was! It must be atleast 11″ long and 6″ in circumference. His huge balls hung loosely and he thrust his hips back as he entered my mother’s vagina in true doggy style. “Oooh..aaahhhh”! My mother whipered. “Oh yeah” Mr. Randolph whpered. “You like it, don’t you?” “Oooh..” My mother groaned as she felt the thick tool getting deeper into her wanton cunt. I knew she didn’t understand a word of what Mr. Randolph was saying. She was too horny and her English was not as good. “Oh yeah, you fucking bitch!” Mr. Randolph continued. “I have seen how you whore around the store all day, letting those boys feel your tits and grab your ass.” Obviously he knew too that my mother couldn’t understand him. “I know you are a horny bitch. You like big cocks? Huh? I will feed you mine every day” I saw Randolph strong ass pushing his thick cock in and out of my mother’s pussy. They were both loving it. Infact, they didn;t even notice me. Randolph continued hurling obceneities at mom and she kept groaning and pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts. Her huge tits were naked too and swinging wildly as Randolph’s cock entered her cunt. It was beautiful to watch.

I should have just backed away and walked out of the house. Instead, I watched mesmerised by this wanton display of lewd behavior by my shameless mother and her American boyfriend. Randolph was one hell of a man. After a few thrusts he came in my mother’s cunt and I could see his sperms running down mom’s thighs. But he still didn’t stop. He stayed in her pussy for a while and then said ” Did you like it, you stupid cunt? I bet you’ve never been fucked by a real man.” My mother lifted her head and groaned. She made no attempt to stand up straight. It was obvious she wanted more too. Then Randolph did something unimaginable. He started pushing his thumbs inside my mother’s asshole and pulling them apart. “You got one juicy ass you fucking bitch”, he commented. Mom mumbled something about her becoming his wife. “I think you need it up your ass.” I saw mom bending her knees and lowering her hips a little. Even if she didn’t understand what he was saying, she knew what he wanted to do.

My mom was now getting tired and she lowered herself on the couch, her ass still up for Randolph’s huge cock. Randolph was enjoying fucking my mother’s soft ass. He continued to pump it in like a dog mounting his bitch and soon erupted the 2nd time in less than 10 minutes. His cock was a volcano and the lava of white sperms filled my mother’s asshole and then dribbled over down her thighs. Randolph withdrew his cock and lay on his back. Mom turned around and took his cock in her mouth. I couldn’t believe it. My nice conservatie mother was sucking at a cock that had just come out of her asshole. I saw her sucking the top like it was the best candy she ever had and then taking his balls in her mouth and sucking on them. As I watched mom licked him down till she reached his asshole. Now I got the shock of my life. My mother started eating Randolph’s anus. I walked closer and saw her pushing her toungue inside the tight anus of this middle aged black man. My mother was loving it. She had no idea that I wa watching her disgusting acts but Mr. Randolph did. He smiled up at me and then said “Guess I will leave now. You two have a lot to talk about.” My mother looked up at me. Her mouth was still open and sperms on her red lips gave it a shiny whore look. She smiled a bit and then went back to eating Randolph’s ass. “Ok you stupid slut”. Randolph said pushing her away , “I have to go now”.

That night mom and I talked and she confessed that she had been sexually starved for a long time. Now that she made enough money to take care of daily needs, she wanted to enjoy life. She said she had waited 6 months and then decided that she could not wait any longer. Her body craved attention and she started responding to flirtations by men at work. It started with saying hello to each man who smiled at her and quickly progressed to her suggestively swaying her hips when walking around the store helping customers. Soon men and boys started following her around the store and few more daring ones groped her tits and ass. Mom said she never stopped anybody and never complained. She liked it. It was when a young man was caressing her ass and rubbing his dick on the back of her short skirt as she reached up to grab a frozen pizza that Mr. Randolph noticed her lewed display of her body. He realized that she needed to get fucked and offered to drop her home that night. I was out with Wendy, my big tittied American friend that night. Mr. Randolph never asked her if she wanted to have sex. He followed her home and told her to strip naked. That night my mother got her first taste of black American cock and she got addicted to it. After that first night, Randolph would fuck mom in the store and sometimes make her walk naked in the employee lounge. He would cum in her ass and ask her to go and help customers with his sperms running down her thighs. My mother, ofcourse complied. “He is a real man Dave.” mom’s voice was still shaking. “I have never had so many orgasms in my life, not even when that trucker impregnated me with you” “But mom”, I complained, “it is obvious that Mr. Randolph wants to turn you in his private whore.” My mother looked away. “What’s wrong with that Dave?” she asked me, staring down at her feet. I knew she was a bit ashamed too but I wa amazed at how fast she was losing all sense of dignity and self respect. “I like getting fucked by him. I love it when he calls his friends over and then fuck me togther.” she said. “What? You are already a gang bang whore!” I cried. “I don’t believe it. You let men fuck you.” “Well” , my mother was more brazen now, “Mr. Randolph told me that American men like that sort of thing.” “I know men like that thing mom. Men like cheap whores and if the whore has tits and ass like yours, they always want to fuck her silly. But it is not about them mom, it is about you. About us. Do you have any self respect left?” I asked her. “I am telling you son”, my mother replied, ” this is the American thing to do. Sex is a beautiful thing and I am loving it. I am free to do it and nobody judges me. This is why we came here.” “Mom”, I told her gently, “freedom is American thing but not whoring. I have been going out with this girl who with big breasts and sumptuous ass looks just like you but she has never let me fuck her. I can kiss her and massage her tits but I can’t penetrate her and I certainly can’t bring friends over and fuck her.” “Oh Wendy” my mother smiled a little , “you like her because she looks like me!” “Ahh, no. I like her ….” I tried to defend myself. “I know what you like son” my mother now shocked the hell out of me. “You like my breasts and ass. You like to watch your mother’s body and you just came in your pants watching Randolph fuck me.” “Wha…how do you…” I stammered. ” I know you masturbate in the bed and outside the bathroom when I am inside.” my mother said. “Mom!!!” I creid out in shame. “It is ok.” she put her hand on my thigh. “I know your are young and with no real release you only have me to help you. I don’t mind.” mom’s hand moved to my inner thigh, closer to my rock hard cock. “Mom, I am sorry”, I mumbled. “Oh it is ok. I understand.” her hand moved further and was now resting on my cock. “I love your cock dear. I think it is beautiful.” my mother said gently squeezing my rod. I leaned forward trying to kiss her but mom turned her face away. “We can’t have sex darling. I am your mother. You can masturbate looking at my body and I will even rub your balls and cock but we can’t fuck. You are my son and i****t is not an option in my house.” she was now wanking my dick. “Mom!” I creid in desparation, my balls aching and my cock painfully hard against the fabric of my underwear. “I want you to go out and get a girlfriend dear. I want grand c***dren when the time is right. Till then I can help you but you have to promise not to climb on me or try to fuck me while I am sleeping. I promise I will take good care of you and you will never go to bed with a hardon.” my mother unzipped my pants and let my 7″ medium sized cock out. “It looks so small and thin when compared to Randolph’s or his friends but it is still beautiful.” my mom said kissing the head of my red, swollen manhood.

I groaned as she took full 7″ in her mouth and started sucking while fondling and squeezing my balls gently. “Oh mother”, I squirmed in my seat. “Just relax my love.” mom said taking her mouth off my cock. I pushed her head back down in my crotch. For next 5 minutes mom continued to suck and slurp at my cock and then I shot my load. I must have been horny for I continued to pump gallons of cum down my mother’s throat. She tried to gulp down as much as possible but some still oozed out and dribbled down my balls. My mother licked every drop of cum off my cock and balls and then used her fingers to scoop any remaing globs from the sides of her mouth and licked it off too. She now looked at me as I continued to watch in amazement at this woman who till a few hours back was a dedicated mother and now a cum slurping whore. “That was beautiful mom but I thought i****t was not an option in this house.” I asked mockingly. “It is not dear. I will suck your cock and help you cum but you cannot fuck me. Your sperms cannot enter my ass or pussy.” she replied. I could see my sperms on her teeth and tongue as she talked. “I’m so lucky to have you mother.” I was really thankful to her. ” Not so fas my darling. This service comes at a price.” my mother said and smiled. “What price mom?” I was intrigued. Had my mother turned into a shameless prostitute who would charge her own son for blow jobs and hand jobs? “You have to start working part time and buy a car. I can’t learn to drive, I am too old for that. But you can.” my mother said seriously. “Ok mother. I can do that. We do need a car. ” I agreed with her. “Is that all the price I ahve to pay” I asked. “No. I want you to promise me that you will drive me to motels where I am meeting my lovers. I want you to screen them for safety and diseases and I want you to be in the room while they fuck me.” my mother said looking me straight into my eyes. She was serious.

“Mom!” I yelled not believing my ears. “You have to help me Dave. ” My mother had tears in her eyes. “I know it is not that a teenager wants to watch but you have to help your mother. I can’t stop seeing men, I am addicted to sex. I can’t cum if they wear condoms. I need to feel the warm, sticky cum rushing in my cunt and ass and only then I have orgasm. If I meet men on my own, I will die in an year or so. I need you to help me find the right ones so that we can both live long and happy lives.” “Oh mother” I felt my own eyes getting wet. “That’s too much” “No. we will get used to it.” my mother was caressing my now soft cock. “You will find it erotic too, I promise and I am asking you only because I know you are a big boy and you can take care of your mother.” tears were now flowing down on my mother face. “Oh mom” I said hugging her, her huge breasts jiggling and swinging freely between us as we comforted each other. “If that’s what you want, I will do it mom.” “Thankyou darling”, my mother said kissing my face. “I have a meeting tomorrow night. I will give you the money to buy the car but you have to start working soon to pay it all off.” I am meeting a trucker. I want you to meet him in the morning and find out if he has any diseases.”

Next day I bought a used Ford pickup. I met the guy at a truck stop where he was eating a hamburger. He was a big black man, almost 6 1/2 feet tall, at least 300 lbs with huge arms and chest. He sported a handle bar moustache and had a shaved head. I was afraid of him. “Hello”, I walked upto his table in the cheap trust stop diner. “Are you John?”. “Yes”, he said in a booming voice. “I am Dave.” I said extending my hand. “You are supposed to meet Erika tonight”. “Yes.” he had a questioning look. “John, my mother wanted to know if you can meet her at 8:00 PM in motel 6 at he next exit.” John looked at me with amusement. “Your mother.” he laughed. “that bitch is your mother and she sent you to meet the man who is going to fuck her silly tonight”. I looked away, outside the window. “I am here to make the final arrangements.” I said avoiding his eyes. “Do you have medical ceritficate with your blood report.” “Tell your mother I will be there at 7:00 tonight. Room number is 237”, John said handing me the paper. I looked at the report. It looked genuine. He was clean. I got up and left without saying a word. I reached home and waited for my mother to return. She had gone shopping for her date. When she returned, mom stripped naked and sat on a stool in front of the mirror. I was behind her looking at her magnificient ass and her tits in the mirror. She started putting on heavy makeup with deep red lipstick and dark mascara. “Mom you said you have to be there at 8:00. You still have 2 hours.” I said reminding her. My mother looked at me in the mirror as she continued to apply blush on her cheeks. “He said he will be there at 7:00. I don’t want to keep him waiting.” mom replied worriedly. In next 30 minutes mom was fully ready. She put on her new underwear, red crothless panties and see thru blue top. She then pulled up her new black micro mini skirt which barely covered half of her fleshy hips and then slipped on the red fishnets. Finally mom put on knee high leather boots. She had done her hair in a bun. “How do I look?” she turned around and asked me. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible in the sheer top. She looked like a whore and I told her laughingly “You can’t go out dressed like that” “Oh I will just have to get in your truck and then walk up to the room. You are coming with me so it should be ok. ” she reaplied “Ok. I am ready. lets go.” I said. “Honey” my mother said as I turned to lead the way out, “thank you for arranging this. I need to feel a big black cock up my cunt.” “I know mother.” I said gently holding her hand and helping her down the stairs. That was 3 years back. My mother had met hundreds of men on theinternet and each time I had driven her to her meetings where she got gangbanged. Mom and I shared a special bond and love each other deeply.

After the men are tired, I help my mother up and into her clothes.Sometimes men watch with interest, sometimes they are disgusted but I always help my mother wipe her face and body clean of sweat and cum. I then hold her hand and help her in the truck. When we reach home I ask mom if she needs special care. Mostly my mother likes me to clean her cunt and asshole of cum with my mouth. I will not lie. I love sucking the cum of strange men out of my mother’s cunt. Ususally I masturbate while sucking on my mother’s cunt and drinking the cum out of her ass.

Our life has been going really well and we are both happy. Mom realizes that if I get married and move out things will change for the worse and we have been talking about modifying our relationship. Since i****t is still not the option, I married my mother a few weeks back and made her my wife. Now I have everyright to fuck her. I still call her mom but leagally she is my wife.

As you can understand, I only fuck mom after she has been well used by black men and her cunt and ass are already full of male sperms. I ususally suck her pussy and ass and eat all the cum and then fuck her again. My mother likes to lean against her dressing table while I mount her from behind. We cum quickly and then fall asleep in each other’s arms.

In coming weeks, mom and I are planning our honemoon in Las Vegas. I ahve already contacted and screen several black men in that area. For the first 3 nights my mother will have sex with strange black men only while I watch. On the fourth night, she will get into a gangbang and then let me fuck her cunt. we both love eating cum and thankfully we get enough of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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