Mrs North

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Mrs North
When i was younger,  I loved in a small block of flats. On our floor lived an older woman, just a few doors away. Mrs North. Back then she must have been in her 50s I’d say, but still had a good figure. She was medium build with a hugh bust. She was always impeccably dressed, normally in classy dresses that would show off her figure. On occations the dress would be slightly see-through, revealing her sexy lingerie underneath.

We got to know her quite well over the years. Everytime l seen her she always gave me a big kiss and a hug. She’d burry my head deep in her clevege (think Granville and nurse Gladys Emmanuel). As a young k** i didn’t really know about sex, but i knew i liked this woman. As I got older,  however thing were a little different. I’d still get the hugs, but occasionally I’d be left with a raging hardon. And I think Mrs North had noticed once or twice. She never mentioned it, but she must have known she was turning me on,  she must have known I was wanking over her later on that night. … of cause I was. … I was a teenage!

After a few years…
I was still very young, naive and sexually inexperienced, (but old enough for nothing i*****l to be taking place). I’d been asked to go over to Mrs North’s to help her with a favour. So I went over to see what she needed doing. When I got there she greeted me at her door, in the usual fashion, a big hug followed by a kiss from her cherry red lipstick covered lips. I immediately noticed something different however… she had no bra on! Wow, I thought as my head descended in to her bossom. Maybe it was my imagination but she seemed to hold me there for longer than normal. Then came the kiss, as she had done before, many times, but this one… this one was definitely different. Straight on the lips. My hands on her waist… She pulled away after what seemed like an age… my heart was racing…
She smiled, “You had best come in then…”, as she turned, inviting me inside her flat.

Once inside, I realised my jeans were bulging after what had just happened. Trying to adjust myself before she noticed, I asked her what she needed doing.
“That can wait sweetie” she replied as she led the way into the living room. She sat gacefully on the couch. I was stood in the door way,  very unsure of myself. Mrs North must have noticed. ..
“It’s Ok sweetie,  relax.” With her warming smile, a hint of mischief appeared. “My how you’ve grown since i first met you.” I was silent, now stood in the middle of the room.
“Just a small boy, now a young man!” Her eyes were locked onto me… like a cougar’s, fixed on it’s pray. She called me towards her.
“Let me see you properly…”
As I stepped forward, she reached up and grasps my hips fimly.
“Mmmmmmmmm..” She purred.
Her hands worked thier way round and onto my ass, sqeezing both cheeks. I looked down into her eyes. She looked back smiling. .. “Do you like me sqeezing your bum? ”
“Y’…yes’ I stammered.
“How about if I did this. ..?” She slid her hands back around to the front and onto my groin. Gently rubbing the bulge in my jeans.
I quivered with excitement… Mrs North, from a few doors away… she used to babysit me a decade ago… now she’s stroking my cock through my jeans. What on earth was going on,  was I dreaming?
She slowly unzipped the fly on my jeans and with out another word she relieved my cock from my pants. No longer staring me in the eyes she stared at my hard cock pointing right at her…a little glance up,  then slowly she lent forwards taking my cock into her mouth. All the way inside, my eyes rolled back as did my head. She began to suck gently as she pulled her head backwards, reveilling the glistening shaft of my cock, pausing at the head, she sucked a little harder… pop! Out sprang my cock, Mrs North licking her lips. She then started to lick the tip as one of her hands grasped ahold of my cock at the base. Teasing me with her tongue. Her other hand was pulling at my jeans. I helped, pushing them down and they fell to my knees. My hand then, instinctively reached for the back of her head. She sucked me back inside her mouth, her hand gently wanking my cock form the base. Her other hand had now joined in, genlty cupping my balls and squeezing them. Pulling my cock from her mouth, still rubbing it, her soft hand sliding up my wet cock. She licks my balls, sucking on one of them, then the other. Her hands still playing… starting to wank harder, faster. I want my cock back inside her skillled mouth, pulling her head towards it. She obliged. Sucking harder then before, wanking faster, her tongue working magic inside her mouth. I think I’m about to cum, she knows it and pulls my cock out of her mouth just as i groan. Tensing up, there’s a pause and Grwwaaarh!!!!! I shoot my hot sticky cum alll over her face and her dress.
She smiles, “How was that?” As she began to wipe the cum from her face.
Still getting my senses back, I looked at her… “Incredible  Mrs North, Thank you”. I didn’t know what else to say.
“Well now I’ll have to put this in the wash” She said with a smile looking down at her dress. I pulled my jeans up and moved back out of her way. She was fiddling with something on the back of her dress, then she stood up. As she did the dress just seemed to glide off her to the floor. She stood there for a moment as I admired her fine form. Then I noticed… she had on nude stockings held up by a white lacy suspender belt but no knickers on. She bent over, showing me her pussy as she picked up the dress and off she went to the kitchen.
Half of me wanted to run out of there, the rest stood froze in wonderment at what had just happened. She returned. “Now you need to do me that favour hun”.
“Whats that Mrs North?” I enquired.
“Do you know how to lick pussy dear?”
… what a quetion to be asked from a woman four times my age.
“Errr yes.” I said,  I lied.
“Oh good, i won’t have to teach you then come on” as she walked passed me and off to the bedroom.
By the time I’d caught up to her, she was already on the bed. I climbed up between her legs and began to kiss. Not really sure what I was doing but eager to impress. I’d found her hole with my tongue. Her pussy was warm and juicy, sweet tasting. I pushed my face deep into her pussy, she gasped. I began to work my tongue over all her pussy, every inch. Sucking and licking away. Her thighs were clamped against my head, her hands started to push my face deeper. I was starting to get the hang of it, I could hear her starting to moan. Feel her pushing her hips up. I had worked out what was working, getting her going. Almost to screeming point… All of a sudden she stopped and rolled me onto my back. A moment later her legs were either side of my head, my pussy on my face. I could feel her grinding her hips down, as I slid my tongue inside her pussy again. As I did I felt her pulling at my pants again. Clumsily I riggled them down again. She immediately starting to stroke my cock again, stiil gyrating her hips, pushing her pussy down on my face. As she did I blindly felt my way around her body, stroking her legs, working up to her waist. She was still teasing my cock as she gently touched and caressed it. Her pussy seemed to be getting wetter, she cried out my name as I felt her start to quiver. By now I had found her clit (or at least I think I did) so I began to lick it more than ever, suck it and tease it… her hands clamped tight on my cock as she gave out an erotic screem cum moan… “Ohhhh, J****, don’t stop, make me cum!” My hands had now found there way up to her ample tits. They were so big and felt so nice to feel and squeeze them… the times I had wanked while thinking about them and now I had hold of them (just about). Mrs North was still pushing her hip down on to my face, moaningher grip on my cock had loosened and she started to lean forwards more… I felt her lips kiss the tip of my cock causing it to twitch.. and then the warmth of her mouth engulfed my cock again… now fully in the “69” position we carried on sucking and licking ecah other. I could still hear her moaning but it seemed less now. I began to slow down, and just started to gently and slowly lick her cunt. Kiss gently all around her pussy. After a moment longer she sat up, “My, you do know how to lick pussy don’t you.” She gracefully moved down my body and turned around. Now sat over my groin as I lay on my back, she smiled down at me and said “Thank you, that was incredible”. 

I was still not sure what to say… this incredible, sexy woman had just sucked my cock, then sat on my face. Now she was sat on me, I could feel her wet pussy in my lap… millimeters from my cock. All I could think about was fucking her…. is that what she wanted? Should I assume? All doubt was cast away as she lifted her hips up and lent forwards, looking straight into my eyes… her hands on my chest… she wriggled her hips slightly… “Now fuck me hard my young toyboy!” and slide herself down onto my cock. Instinctively I thrust my hips up to meet her… her head went back as she dragged her nails gently down my chest. I started to move my hips any way I could, Clumsily at first but soon we got a rythm. I had hold of her hips, pulling her down as I pushed my cock deeper inside, pulling and thrusting harder each time. She was soon starting to moan again. Bouncing harder on my cock, Mrs North began to take over, getting faster. I soon became a passangeras she fucked herself with my cock. Seems I really was her TOY-boy.  “Oh yes, yes… god, fuck me…” my hand were now free to play with her tits again, feeling and squeezing… teasing her nipples,she leaned in towards me. Just close enough for me to start kissing them, sucking on her nipples as we fucked. She was starting to slow down again as we shuffled slightly. I was sat up with her in my lap, my head deep in her tits she pulled me tight and said in a soft kind voice “Thank you dear, I’ve needed a good fuck for ages.” I lifted my face from her boobs and with a sudden streak of confidence and a cheecky grin I replied “I’ve not finished with you yet Mrs North!”
Looking a little surprised and also smiling.. “oh really dear?” She asked… “what are you wanting to do with me?”
The streak of confidence wavered….”Erm…”
She chuckled “It’s Ok dear you were brilliant.” With that she gave me a little kiss and got off the bed. I stared as she sexily moved across to her dresser still wearing just her suspenders. She had and incredible ass from a woman her age. She bent over…. the confidence  (or horn) came back, swiftly I moved toward her… she was still bent over… I slide a hand between her legs… she was still very wet. I moved closer, my cock now pressing against her lips. Grabbing her waist firmly.. she gasped in anticipation. Pausing, holding her there for a second, then pushed my cock hard inbetween her lips and deep inside her pussy. Without pause I pulled back and thrust forwards aging harder. She started to groan as I started to pump her pussy, back and forth with my hips, getting faster and faster, pulling her onto my cock deeper each time. She was soon screaming again.. “oh J***, fuck, fuck me hard… cum inside me”. I could feel it building too. My hand clamped tight around her waist, fucking this woman in her sixties like she was a teenager. Fucking her hard and deep, slamming my rock hard cock into her warm wanting pussy. My hips were moving faster then ever, my whole body began to tense up, the build up of pressure in my groin… with one last thrust I fired my load deep inside her.. she gasped…”Mmmmmmmmm, wow.”
We sat for a few moments before Mrs North announced “well we cant stay here all afternoon now can we.
She got up and found a new dress to slip into and turned to me… “Thank you again my dear, that was lovely. If there is anything I cand do for you just ask.”

“Let me cum on your tits…”

“Next time dear.x” and with that she gave me another longer ligering kiss.

WOW Mrs north, thank you for an unforgettable experience.

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