Ms. Johnson’s Glory Hole Story

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Ms. Johnson’s Glory Hole Story

Lisa Johnson was glad that the school year was coming to an end. Her students had been good but in her personal life had fallen apart. Her husband of twenty years announced that he was no longer in love with her and walked out the door but before he did he told her that she was as sexual as an amoeba and that he had found a woman that actual enjoyed sex.

It was devastating to say the least! At first she denied that any of it could have been her fault but then she thought about it and could not remember the last time she had actually enjoyed sex. She concluded that she had given up on sex. She had let her husband fuck her a couple of times a month but mostly she just let him do the work and then rolled over and went to sleep. The funny thing was that once she thought about it she really wanted to enjoy sex.

It took a lot of courage but Lisa finally confided to one of her friends the cause of her marital demise. The friend said that she too had gone through a stage where sex had become more of a chore than pleasure. When she asked how she changed it her friend smiled and said the internet.

“You need to go out and look at the porn and see what makes you hot and when you see it go do it!”

For the last month Lisa had gone out each night and watched various kinds of porn. She had seen things that she had never even thought of before. There was interracial sex, gangbangs, and girl on girl sex. There were huge cocks, cheating wives and cougars. The one thing that caught her attention was something that surprised Lisa and that was “Gloryholes”. There was something about sucking a stranger and being anonymous while you did it turned her on.

It was funny because Lisa had never really been that big on sucking cock. When she watched some of the videos she was amazed at how she suddenly pictured herself teasing the cocks that came through the wall and then the thought of it being so nasty as to let men cum on her. The last several nights Lisa had rubbed her pussy watching woman in the videos. She had decided that she wanted to actual go to a gloryhole. She knew there was an adult bookstore in the large city about an hour away and she would go there on Friday night. It made her nervous to think of what she was about to try but she was determined to go through with it.

She had managed to go buy some slutty clothes for her entrance to the store. The thought of walking into a place like that and having others see her as a slut on the prowl actually made her more excited!

On Friday night she changed into her “slut” outfit and she slipped her overcoat on and covered herself as she drove out of the small town. She would die if anyone she knew saw her dressed like she was. She was relieved when she was on the highway moving toward the big city where she could be an anonymous slut!

As she drew close to the adult bookstore her nerves started to get the butterflies going in her stomach. Finally she reached her destination and as she pulled into the parking she noticed there was only a couple of cars parked there. She wondered if she should leave but she was determined to go through with her plan. She opened the car door and stepped out. She quickly removed the coat and walked towards the door of the bookstore.

She opened the door and stepped through. There was only a bored looking woman behind a plexi-glass cubical. Lisa spotted the video booth entrance. She walked into the back of the store and entered the booth. Once inside she figured out how to “Pay the Rent” and the video soon showed a woman sucking on a large cock.

Lisa noticed a hole on each side of the booth and she quickly looked through the first hole and could only see darkness. On the other side she did see that video was playing and that a man was in there. She put her finger through the hole and waited. Suddenly a cock came through the hole. Lisa dropped to her knees and stroked the cock. Her pussy was growing wet and hot.

Lisa engulfed the cock with her mouth and she started to pump the cock with her lips. Her fingers rubbed her pussy as she sucked the strangers cock. Her first orgasm hit just as the stranger pumped a load of seamen into her mouth. Lisa sat back and could not believe that she had just sucked off a man and not a single word had been spoken. That just made it more stimulating!

She looked through the other hole and noticed that there was now a light. She stuck her finger through the hole and soon another cock was in front of her. Her mouth was on the cock and she could not believe how it turned her on to be sucking a second cock! If anyone knew just what a cock whore she was she would die. She heard a grown and felt a second load of seamen flood her mouth. She found herself comparing the taste of each man and that just made her even hotter.

After the second cock there was a break with neither booth being occupied and Lisa watched the porn video and rubbed her pussy. How could this be that exciting? Suddenly she was aware there were fingers sticking out of the hole. Lisa knelt looked through the hole.

“Do you have a cock for me to suck?” she asked and the sound of her voice asking for a stranger’s cock nearly made her cum again

“Yeah, I have a cock for you. Are you a slut that needs to suck off guys one after another?” the male voice said as another cock appeared before her

“Yes I am slut! Will you give me your cum?” she replied

She did not wait but wrapped her lips on the cock and sucked. His cock tasted different and the man pumped his dick at her face. She was happily sucking his cock when heard a tapping noise. She looked over her shoulder to see yet another cock. She reached across the small cubical to stroke a second cock with her hand. It was the biggest cock yet. Her mind raced as she pumped a cock with her hand and her mouth.

Lisa took her mouth off of the first cock and wrapped her lips around the second cock. She heard a moan as the cock erupted in her mouth. She only had a second to get back to the first cock before it sprayed in her willing mouth.

Lisa sat back and openly fingered her pussy. She thought that she had already had sex with four men. She could taste sperm in her mouth and she wanted more! As she looked down there was two more cocks available for sucking. She knelt and stroked them both. She felt like such a whore but she loved the way her pussy convulsed with pleasure.

She licked the pre-cum off of the first cock and then did the same with the second one. She moved back and forth between the cocks. The one on the right sprayed on her tits. She concentrated on the other bur when she looked back yet another cock was there and waiting for the slut to service it.

“That is what I’m good for! Being a cock servicer!”

The thought had only finished the thought when a cock pumped the biggest load of sperm yet. Lisa managed to swallow it down.
Her hand was furiously fingering her pussy giving her one orgasm after another.

Suddenly all of the cocks were gone and Lisa was all alone. Her pussy was sloppy wet and yet one orgasm after another was never enough. Her pussy was so hot and suddenly Lisa was filled with the desire to be fucked. She knew she did not want to be “made love” too but she wanted to be pounded by cock until she passed out!

Another cock appeared and she groaned as she wrapped her mouth on the cock. She noticed that her jaws hurt from all the dick she had been sucking but her head twirled as the cock slid in and out of her.

“Let me feel your pussy baby!” a male voice said she

She looked and a hand was sticking through the hole. Lisa stood and continued to suck cock as the hand explored her pussy. The man fingered her pussy and then pushed a finger up her ass. Lisa loved the feeling. This is how cock sluts should be treated!

“I want to fuck you!” groaned the voice behind her

“Do you have a condom?” she asked

“Fuck no! Get that pussy over here now!” the voice growled

Lisa was shocked as she backed against the wall. She felt a large cock enter her. Her moan vibrated the cock in her mouth and the man emptied his seamen into her mouth. Lisa stood there as a man she had never met was fucking her bareback. She felt her pussy convulse with an even more intense orgasm. Then she heard the man next door groan even louder.

“Take it you fucking whore!”

Lisa orgasmed on the cock but could already feel the cum dripping from her pussy. The man must have pumped a quart of sperm into her!

Then she felt the cock slip from her freshly fucked pussy.

“Thanks slut! You’re great fuck!”

Lisa was on her knees shaking with pleasure and on the verge of passing out. She put her hand between her legs and her finger felt large drips of cum from her pussy. She needed to get out of the store before she passed out. She managed to put clothes back and open the door. There were several men standing in the hall as she opened the door. She smiled at them as she stepped out of the booth.

Lisa managed to make her way into the main part of the store.

The woman in the Plexiglas booth just smiled at her and said “please come back soon!”

Lisa staggered toward her car and wondered how she would ever make it home. Just as she started to unlock the car she sensed there were several people nearby. She looked up and could see three men standing there looking at her.

“I told you it was Ms. Johnson!” a familiar voice said

Lisa looked closer and recognized that the three were students from her school! Their names were Brad, Carl and Trevor. Lisa just stood there with her mouth open.

“Yeah, I got a look at her when she was sucking your cock. Funny running to you here Ms. Johnson.”

“Please guys can’t this be our secret?” Lisa said as she looked at the three boys who had been part of the men who used her at the gloryhole

“Sure as long as you plan on fucking us all night!” said Trevor

The end

(A word from the author, This was cautionary tale that goes to prove no matter what you do to be anonymous it only takes one person to recognize you to rip away your mask. If you enjoyed a thumbs up is always appreciated and messages and comments are welcome.)

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