My bookstore fantasy

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My bookstore fantasy
I pass by a pretty well frequented book store every day and every day, I fantasize about how great of a time I’d have in there. On Craigslist, there’s always open invitations to stop in to satisfy anyone you want – boys, girls and boys who want to be girls.

One morning, after having worked all night, and figuring I wouldn’t see the Mrs. until late in the day, I got the cajones to stop in and check it out.

Even at an early hour, the parking lot was pretty full. Figured this was a good sign. I was not disappointed. I parked, took a deep breath and walked through the front door. The clerk barely looked up as I walked straight through the bookstore in the front towards the back of the store.
There was a large bouncer reading the paper sitting at an old beat-up desk. I asked what was where and he pointed in two directions – booths over there and the theater around the corner past that. I paid the cover and headed toward the theater. As I passed the booths, I heard various moans, whimpers and groans that only grew louder as I got nearer the theater.

The theater wasn’t too crowded – about 10 guys and a couple girls. Some straight porn was showing on the screen but nobody was paying any attention to it. A couple guys were in the middle seats, yanking on their cocks but in no real hurry to cum.

Back in the darker corner of the theater there was three guys watching a girl on all fours taking it from behind while sucking a guy laying on the floor. The guys all had their hands in their pants and I could see the tents their respective cocks were making.

I started to grow immediately and instinctively, I, too started to play with my modest cock, working it to a chubby.

I watched a little more and decided to take a seat at the end of one of the aisles. It was then that I realized that this was a signal. Almost as soon as I sat down, I had two guys standing in front of me with their shorts down at their knees and their cocks hanging out.
The first guy had a cock about my size, about 6″, smooth, cut and shaved. The other guy was larger, uncut and with clearly defined veins. I sat there with my own boner hanging in mid-air and turned around to face these two.

I started skiing, jerking both of them at the same time with my face between them. They put their arms around each other, getting closer to each other and me. I rubbed their cocks, ball sacs and ran a hand up each taint until I had a finger on each’s asshole.

Pulling my one hand back and grabbing the dick of the guy on the left, I started to lick on the cock of the other guy. I licked ever so slightly under the head and straight down the shaft down to his balls. I was pulling back the foreskin of the uncut guy and without thinking, moved over and engulfed as much as could of that guy.

I then simply lost control.

Even though I have little experience, I went to town on these two. My hands were positioned under their packages to hold them steady. I sucked furiously on one, then the other, then back to the first. Their heads were rolling back. I felt the smaller guy grow in my mouth, so I paid him a little more attention. I deep throated him almost to the point of gagging. There was spit and pre-cum all over his cock and my goatee. I saw him start to rise up on his toes. He grabbed the back of my head and forced me deeper. I felt his balls pull up. With that, I grabbed him harder at the base and jerked him into me while I was being face fucked. He yelled, “Oh, my fucking God, I’m cumming!” and released into my throat. I pulled off him as he was cumming and it spewed out of my mouth and down my beard and dripped on the floor.

As I felt him settle down, I took my hand off him and paid attention to his partner. As I said, he was bigger and I couldn’t get all of him in my mouth. He didn’t care. After seeing his buddy cum, he started moaning and rocking faster toward me. He was rubbing the ass of the guy that just got off with one hand and rubbing my head with the other. I pulled off a little, and he surprised me by reaching down suddenly, and with two jerks, came all over my face and then shoved his cock back in my mouth as he came some more.

I then started licking them both back and forth, mixing their cum on both their cocks and my mouth. I wiped my beard and with my cummy hand, slid a finger into the smaller guy’s ass.
By this time, I realized there was a crowd hanging around this show, watching appreciatively.
One guy came down the aisle from the other direction and sat next to me. He leaned in and started rubbing my still-hard cock. He asked if I wanted a little one-on-one in one of the booths, and at this point, I simply said, “what the fuck.”

We got up, pulled our pants up and walked around to an empty booth, which were actually quite large inside. Each had a small bench. This guy was very straightforward and told me to lose the pants and kneel on the bench. As I was pulling my pants down, I got a look at his cock, with wasn’t very wide but was pretty lock – 7 or 8 inches with a head that wasn’t too intimating, which was good considering what I knew was coming.

He took out a small packet of lube and started to work it into my ass with one finger, then two. He did this for the longest time and I noticed that in all this time, I never lost my hard on. I reached into my pants and pulled out a condom. I rolled over a little and put it on his cock. Because his cock was so long, it only went down halfway.

I got back into a kneeling position and waited. I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart and position himself between them. Between the lube and the condom, I got a rush of cold air. That didn’t last long. This guy wanted to fuck me and started to push in. It was slow at first and my O-ring adjusted pretty quickly. He pushed farther in for what seemed forever. When he was all in, I could feel my prostrate being worked and my cock jumped every time him thrusted.

He continued to fuck me in a steady rhythm – it felt tremendous. His strokes were so long that I found myself waiting in anticipation for his cock head to pull back toward my hole.

He then picked up his pace but continued with the long strokes. My cock was jumping each time. I could feel him starting to swell and as he did, I started cumming all over the bench – a nice steady stream of cum dripping on the black leather and streaming to the floor. He jumped into me a couple times, said, “Here comes my load, baby” and spasmed into me. When he was done, he held on to the condom and plopped out of my ass.

I rolled over and sat on the bench and rubbed his flaccid cock as he gathered himself and then, simply said thanks and left. I cleaned up as much as I could, headed for the car, collected myself and headed home.

I think I’ll go back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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