My boyfriend should have stayed home today

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My boyfriend should have stayed home today
My roommate from college,Sabrina was coming to visit me, she’s a flight attendant now and she’s stunning.
Her long blonde hair flows down to her hips, just above her perfect apple shaped ass at the top of her long muscular legs. She’s always been the girl that every guy wants and every girl wants to be. On top of all that she’s bisexual, and her and I used to take care of each other whenever we didn’t have dates back in college.

The three of us went out to dinner and her and I had a secret plan to fuck him until he couldn’t take it anymore.
Unfortunately, we all drank a little too much and we passed out before anything happened. The next morning he had to wake up early and go to work. The poor thing was super hung over but he was going anyway. As he was putting his shoes on I got on my knees in between his knees, “please stay home today baby, I promise it’ll be fun” he kissed me and started playing with my nipples, I stroked his beautiful cock but he had to be there.

So I kissed him goodbye and went into the guest room where my friend was staying, she was still asleep but I was extremely horny.
So I crawled into bed with her and snuggled in, she was wearing her little pink panties with no bra covering her perfect 32 C cup tits. I always loved her tits, so perky and round, and her nipples were the perfect pink to match her panties. “Mmmmm,” She moaned as I pushed our naked bodies together, “ is it just you and me?” She asked. “Yes, he had to work” with that she rolled over to face me and kissed me with her soft pouty lips, our tongues intertwined as our breasts pushed together.
I could feel her heart begin to race along with mine as we ground our already wet pussies together. I slid my knee in between her legs and got on top of her, cupping her breasts with both hands and kissing my way down her neck. “Ohhhhh my god, I’m so wet” Sabrina moaned softly as I made my way to her perfect pink nipples.

I glided my hand down her stomach, past her belly button ring to the top of her pretty pink panties, slowly gliding my fingers into her soft wet pussy, I find a surprise.
“Did you get your labia pirced?” I asked, “yes” she said with a giggle, “I’ve been seeing a tattoo artist and he talked me into it, it really makes me cum a lot more often.” “Really” I said, witch gave me an idea, so I jumped up and ran into my bedroom, remembering that my boyfriend had gotten me a dildo for valantines day.
When I came back in Sabrina had her panties off and her legs and her pussy spread. I crawled up in between her legs and put it in her mouth, without hesitation she began sucking it as though it was real. So I let her suck on my favorite toy and I went down to her sopping wet pussy, my toung flickered her clit while I used my chin to rub the base of her pussy. Sabrina moaned with pleasure with my dildo in her mouth and squeezing her pink nipple, I raised myself up to her, fingers still inside her wet pussy. We made out with the dildo in our mouths, moaning in unison. Then Sabrina slowly slid the dildo down to my sopping wet clit, rubbing it back and forth, and then slid it in me.
It felt so good, I rocked my hips back and forth as I fingered Sabrina’s wet pussy with our toungs locked in on each other’s soft lips. This went on until I gushed all over the bed. “Your turn” I whispered as I took the dildo from her and inserted it into her wet quivering pussy. I reached behind her head and grabbed her hair as I bit her lip and pounded her pussy deep and hard with my dildo. She pinched my nipples as she screamed in pleasure. We came together again and again, until our sweaty bodies collapsed in exhaustion. “Oh my god” Sabrina said, “your boyfriend really should have stayed home today” we both giggled and fell asleep until the alarm went off and I had to take her to the airport. And from then on, when I told my boyfriend he needed to stay home, he did. Muahhh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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