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My Daughter’s Roommate – 1
by Day Dreamer (1993)


A widowed dad is seduced by his daughter’s college
roommate and he can’t believe his luck. Their interplay
finds dad fantasizing about what it would be like to be
doing these things to his beautiful young daughter.
Those thoughts of i****t just won’t go away. (MF, FF,


Author’s Note: This is a fantasy and, therefore, a work
of fiction. All characters, events, and circumstances
are imaginary, and any similarity between them and
actual persons, events and circumstances is purely



My wife died two years ago, and since then I’ve pretty
much lived a loner’s life. My only c***d, Candy, lived
in an apartment with one of her girlfriends during her
summer break from college, and even though she usually
called me almost every day, we actually saw each other
only about once a week.

The last two years had been rough ones, but I’d about
worked my way through the grief over my wife’s death and
was beginning to feel periods of loneliness. Believing
this was a sign that I reestablish a social life, I
entertained thoughts of beginning to date. I’d heard all
sorts of horror stories about what a jungle dating was
for older, newly-single persons, so I had anxiety about
getting into that arena.

I was beginning to get incredibly horny, though, and
even with frequent relieving of sexual urges with
masturbation, I was starting to experience a driving
urge for real female companionship. I was needing a
flesh-and-blood woman, not the imaginary ones I conjured
up in my erotic fantasies. I hoped to find a mature
woman near my age who, like me, wanted only a physical
relationship without too many emotional entanglements —
just good, hot sex with no strings attached.

Before trying to date someone I hardly knew, I decided I
would invite my daughter and her roommate out to dinner.
I figured if I started with a comfortable, non-sexual
encounter like taking the two girls out, asking an older
woman would be easier. Besides, my daughter was going
back to school the next week and it would be somewhat of
a back-to-school going- away celebration.

I picked the girls up at 7:00 o’clock the next Friday
evening. Although I had talked with her a few times on
the telephone, it was the first time I had actually met
Candy’s roommate. Her name was Barbie, and the name fit
her perfectly. She was blonde and willowy, just like a
Barbie doll. And just like the doll, she had long legs
that just seemed to go on forever.

They were both dressed stylishly in tight mini-skirts
and form-fitting tops that left few secrets about the
contours of their bodies. Candy was a beautiful girl,
but Barbie was just about her equal. I couldn’t help but
wonder why Barbie would be willing to spend an evening
with an older man like me when she must have certainly
had many offers from young studs her own age.

I took the girls to one of the better supper clubs in
town and, after we got a table, ordered drinks. With a
band playing some good soft music in the background,
Candy and I chatted about her having to go back to
school on the following Sunday. To get in some last
moments with her before she left town, I agreed to come
over and help her pack her car. Throughout this time,
Barbie was very pleasant, smiling a lot, but didn’t
enter much into the conversation.

After a few minutes of listening to the band and
chatting, I asked Candy to dance. When we got onto the
dance floor, Candy told me that Barbie was a very sweet
girl, but was somewhat on the shy side. I told her I was
amazed that someone as pretty as she could be shy.

Candy laughed and said that even if Barbie was pretty,
she was still very shy, especially with men. She told me
that she herself was dating a little that summer, but
that Barbie would usually sit home and watch television.
Sure, she got asked out on many occasions, but her
shyness kept her from accepting. She urged me to ask
Barbie to dance, that with her there she would probably

When we got back to the table, I asked Barbie to dance
the next dance with me. She got a surprised look on her
face, and glanced quickly at Candy. Candy smiled and
made a motion toward the dance floor with her head. With
a shy smile, Barbie stood up and said, “Yes, I would
love to dance.”

The band was playing a nice golden-oldie, a slow piece
that called for some old-fashioned slow dancing. Barbie
came into my arms and her body almost melted against
mine. She was almost as tall as I, and we seemed to fit
together like two pieces of a jig-saw puzzle. After a
few seconds, she murmured, “Oh, Mr. Larson, you’re a
good dancer. Most of the boys I know are pure clods on
their feet.”

She put her head on my shoulder and snuggled her body
even more closely against mine. “I just love slow
dancing,” she whispered into my ear.

She may have been enjoying our dancing together, but not
nearly so much as I. The firm mounds of her breasts were
pushing into my chest and her soft, rounded belly pushed
up hard against my lower abdomen. It had been a long
time since I had held a girl in my arms and I was
savoring every second of it. Unfortunately, with its
having been so long since I had been in such close
contact with a female body, I couldn’t keep from
reacting to the sensual stimulus.

Against my wishes, even with gritting my teeth to try to
avoid it, my penis began to harden and lengthen out down
my trousers leg. “Oh, God,” I thought, “I’m going to
embarrass myself, and with Barbie being as shy as she
is, she’s going to be mortified.”

Instead of pulling away in embarrassment, though, Barbie
pushed her groin hard against mine, squirming her hips
against me. She whispered into my ear, “Am I the cause
of that?”

“Yes, and I’m so sorry. I’m terribly embarrassed about
something like this happening.”

“Oh, please don’t be embarrassed. It’s really my fault
for dancing so close. Besides, I’m very flattered by it.
I wasn’t sure I could cause that kind of reaction in a
man. You’re giving my ego a tremendous boost.” With
that, she pulled me so tight against her that I could
feel the hard little nubbins of her nipples against my

We finished the dance almost glued together, silent,
both of us enjoying the pleasant sensations of sexual
flesh pressed against sexual flesh.

When the song ended, Barbie excused herself and went to
the restroom and I went back to the table. My hard-on
was evident, bulging out the front of my trousers. Candy
arched an eyebrow and with a wry smile whispered, “Well,
I see you really did enjoy dancing with her.” I blushed
a little in embarrassment about my condition, but no
more was said about my obvious arousal. Barbie returned
soon and the subject seemed to be dropped.

After we ate, we had a couple of after-dinner drinks and
talked and laughed. Barbie no longer seemed so shy and
grew more talkative and animated as the evening wore on.
When I mentioned leaving, Barbie asked me to dance one
more dance with her before we left. When we moved onto
the dance floor, Barbie again molded her body against
me, pressing her groin against mine, seeming to try to
push her pussy into my once-again hard and throbbing
cock. “You’re coming over Sunday to help Candy get away
to college aren’t you?”

“Sure, just like I said I would,” I answered.

“Well, after Candy leaves, will you come back into the
apartment? There’s something I need to talk to you

“Well, okay, I’ll be glad to,” I answered. “But why
can’t we talk about it now?”

“Because now’s not a good time. It’s something I’ll be
able to talk about only when the two of us are alone

The song ended with those words and Barbie thrust her
groin hard against mine, giving my cock one final feel
of the indentation of her pussy. When we went back to
the table, I was once against in an evident state of
arousal, my cock a hard bulge under the fly of my
trousers. I could see Candy’s eyes take in the show, but
she only gave me a knowing look and didn’t comment.

We didn’t say much on the way back to their apartment.
When I let them out, Candy kissed me on the cheek and
thanked me for taking them to dinner. Following suit,
Barbie repeated the ritual. As I got into the car and
closed the door, Candy said, “See you Sunday morning,

“Yes, see you Sunday,” Barbie repeated softly.

As I drove home, I recalled the feel of Barbie’s body
against mine and immediately got another hard-on. Under
the shower that night I soaped up my cock and stroked it
hard, imagining it was Barbie’s hand performing the act.
Jets of sperm shot out into the shower stall as my cock
jerked in orgasm. I slept soundly that night, not even
dreaming about what dark, mysterious subject Barbie
wished to talk about.

* * *

Sunday morning I drove over to Candy and Barbie’s
apartment to help Candy get her clothes and gear loaded
into her car. Candy had most of her stuff already packed
in suitcases, boxes, and hanging garment bags.
Altogether, between finishing the last of her packing
and loading everything into the trunk and back seat of
Candy’s car, we finished in about two hours.

Barbie prepared us some sandwiches and Cokes, and we sat
down in the living room and ate lunch and rested. Candy
said she needed to take a shower before leaving and
asked me to stay until she left so she could kiss me

While I was waiting, I finally had time to take a good
look at Barbie. It was worth the effort, because I liked
what I saw. She was dressed in a pair of extra-short
shorts and a tight- fitting tank top. Her lack of a bra
was obvious from the way her nipples and the dark
circles of her areolas showed through the thin fabric of
her top.

Her shorts pulled up so tightly into her crotch that the
crease of her vagina was clearly defined. Her long legs
were very shapely, with smoothly fleshed thighs and firm
calves. If she hadn’t been so young, almost the same age
as my daughter, I would have found her sexually

“Hell,” I thought to myself, “who am I fooling. I AM
attracted to her. It was she I thought about when I
jerked off the other night. And it was she who got me so
hot and bothered when we danced together. k** or no k**,
she is a fine-looking woman, and I would make love to
her if the occasion were right.”

Barbie saw me looking at her and gave me a soft, gentle
smile. Still smiling at me, she slowly spread her legs
apart and moved her hands up and down her thighs,
caressing them with light strokes. I envied her hands,
wishing that it were mine doing the stroking. Of its own
volition, my cock swelled to where I had a semi-

The last thing in the world I wanted was for Candy to
come back into the room and find me lusting after her
roommate. I quickly switched my thoughts over to Candy
and her trip back to Austin and my cock gradually
returned to normal. Just in time, too, for at this time
Candy came back into the room, all ready to leave for
her trip.

Barbie and I walked Candy out to her car. She gave
Barbie a hug and then she hugged me. The hug was unlike
any she had given me before. She pushed her body against
mine and her groin pressed against mine. Still slightly
tumescent, my cock started once again to harden. I
quickly pulled back, not wanting Candy to know how I was
reacting to her hug. She kissed me on the lips instead
of the cheek, and her lips were wet and slightly parted.

In automatic reaction, I spread my lips apart to match
hers. Her tongue darted out and brushed lightly across
my lower lip. She broke the kiss, a look of regret on
her face. “I almost wish I weren’t leaving,” she said
softly. “But I’ll be back in about a month. Keep the
home fires burning. Good-bye Daddy. Bye-bye, Barbie. See
you in about a month.”

She drove off, leaving Barbie and me standing on the

I was in somewhat of a state of shock, hardly believing
what had just happened. Unless I had completely
misconstrued Candy’s actions, she had just made sexual
overtures to me. Just the thought of that possibility
filled be with a powerful feeling of concupiscence.

All the repressed desires I had ever felt for my
daughter came to the surface and made me realize how
much I would like to make love to her. I groaned
internally and told myself that I was a fool for even
having such thoughts, that what I was thinking was only
the stuff of perverted erotic fantasies, not real life.

At this time I felt Barbie’s hand on my arm. “Well,
she’s off to school. In a way I envy her, being able to
go off to school, while I go to school here in town. Oh,
well, Rice is just as good a school as Texas, and we’ll
both end up with good degrees.”

I realized that she had missed the interplay between
Candy and me, and I was relieved. God, what would she
think of me if she thought I was lusting after my own
daughter. Lusting after Barbie was bad enough, but
having sexual thoughts about Candy was even more

“Mr. Larson, can you come in now and talk with me?”

“Barbie, for Pete’s sake, call me Joe. Calling me Mr.
Larson makes me feel like I’m a tottering old man.”

Barbie laughed and said, “Okay, Joe it is. And you’re
sure not a tottering old man. At least I hope you’re
not, cause that would spoil everything.”

“What do you mean, ‘everything’?”

Barbie took my hand in hers and pulled me toward her
door. “Come on in and I’ll tell you about it.”

“Is this what you said you needed to talk to me about?”
I asked.

“Yes, that’s what it’s about.”

We went into Barbie’s living room and she closed the
door behind us. I sat down on the sofa and she sat in
the chair across from me, just as she had done earlier.
Barbie softly cleared her throat and said, “Mr.
Lar…err, Joe, do you think I’m attractive?”

“Barbie, you’re not just attractive, you’re a beautiful
girl,” I answered without any hesitation.

“Am I sexually appealing, too?”

I didn’t know where this was leading, but the
conversation was getting me excited again and my cock
was starting to get hard like it had been before. “Yes,
Barbie, you are definitely sexually appealing. Any man
in his right mind would like to make love to you.” I was
afraid to look down at my front, knowing there would be
the evidence of my statement. If she were as shy and
naive as Candy had made her out to be, maybe she
wouldn’t notice.

“Hah!” I thought, “She knew what it was the other night,
she’ll know what it is now.”

Barbie’s eyes widened as she looked at my bulging front,
and she whispered, “Yes, I can see you mean what you
say.” Barbie then got to her feet and moved in front of
me, standing just inches away. Looking directly down at
me, she said in a soft, little-girl voice, “Joe, I want
you to teach me how to make love. Will you show me how?

Needless to say, I was totally surprised by her request.
I figured a girl as beautiful as Barbie could have any
man she wanted, and here she was asking me, a man more
than twice her age, to teach her about lovemaking. “God,
Barbie, did I hear you right?” I asked. “You mean you
don’t know how to make love and you want me to show how
to do it?”

Barbie answered, “Yes, that’s just what I’m asking you
to do.”

“You mean you’re still a virgin?” I asked.

“No, I’m not a virgin. I did it once when I was fifteen,
but it was a bad experience. I know from listening to my
friends that it should be something good and beautiful.
That’s why I want to learn how.”

“But why me? There are lots of boys who would kill to
make love to a beautiful girl like you.”

“I want to learn from someone who’s experienced, who
knows how to make a girl enjoy making love. From what
I’ve heard, you’re that kind of man.”

“What do you mean, ‘what you’ve heard’?”

“Well, Candy has told me how she’s listened when you and
your wife made love. How your wife cried out in pleasure
and joy from what you did to her. That’s the kind of
lovemaking I want to learn, and I need to learn it from
someone who knows how.”

I was both flattered and irritated by what Barbie said.
Flattered that both Candy and Barbie thought of me a
good lover and irritated about Candy’s telling a friend
about something as personal and intimate as the love
between a wife and husband. Lust won out over
indignation, though. I recognized that I was beyond the
point of no return — my cock was now fully hard and
straining at the front of my trousers.

After two years of celibacy, Barbie’s request was one I
couldn’t refuse. I was practically trembling at the
thought of getting her naked and teaching her everything
I knew about all the ways our bodies could give each
other pleasure.

“I know I’m not much compared to all the mature,
experienced women who must be running after a handsome
man like you. But if you’ll teach me how, I know I can
be as good as any of them. If you’ll just teach me how,
I’ll do my best to be the best lover you ever had,”
Barbie said, looking down at me.

I couldn’t help but smile ruefully, and said, “I don’t
know where you got an idea like that, but the truth is
that I haven’t had a women since my wife died. It’s been
two years since I’ve made love to a woman. I’m probably
pretty rusty right now.”

“Ohhh, Joe. You poor thing. You must be hurting real
bad.” Moving closer, Barbie spread her legs apart, and
straddling my thighs with hers, sat on my lap. Her
breasts pressed against my chest and her pussy fit down
right on top of my now completely hard and throbbing
cock. “I know it must have been bad for you, but I like
it that it’s happening this way. This way you won’t be
comparing me to any recent, experienced lovers. This
way, you get to relearn while I’m learning.”

Barbie squirmed her pussy against my hard cock and a
smile of both wonder and pleasure spread across her
face. She looked down adoringly at me and then lowered
her mouth to mine. Her lips were moist and warm against
mine, and I savored the thrill of the first real kiss I
had for a long time. I spread my lips slightly apart,
and extending my tongue between them, I brushed it
lightly across her lips, giving them little tender, wet
stokes of love.

Barbie moaned softly in reaction. Responding to my oral
caresses, she spread her own lips apart. The tip of her
tongue came out between them, and with almost tentative
motions, she brushed her tongue against mine with light,
almost imperceptible strokes.

I wrapped my arms around Barbie and pulled her even
closer against me. I put one hand behind her neck and
then opened my mouth wide and probed my tongue fully
into her mouth. Her mouth opened wide and her lips
worked around my mouth, nibbling and sliding over its
surface. Her tongue became a wild thing, swirling and
intertwining with mine, exchanging oral caresses.

I withdrew my tongue and hers followed it, plunging into
my mouth. She explored all my oral cavity with her
tongue, digging it under mine, under my gums, and into
my cheeks. She was panting now, and her breath came into
my mouth in little gusts. I could feel the sounds in her
chest as she moaned softly, responding to the sheer
eroticism of our deep kiss.

Barbie squirmed her buttocks around on my lap, working
the crotch of her shorts down so that it made even
tighter contact with my rampant penis. My cock was
throbbing in response to our kiss, and I felt the wet
spot in my Jockey shorts where pre-cum was drooling out
and dampening the fabric.

Almost breathless, Barbie pulled her lips away from mine
and whispered, “Oh, God, Joe, I’ve never felt like this
before. I’m so aroused my panties are starting to get
wet.” She pressed her pussy down against my hard cock
and said, “You’re aroused, too, aren’t you. I can feel
your hardness pressing against me. It feels like you’ve
got a log between your legs. You really do want me,
don’t you? You really do want to make love to me.”

I pulled Barbie’s face back down to mine, and with her
lips almost brushing against mine, I said, “Like I’ve
never wanted anything in my life.”

“Oh, God, Joe, me too,” she whispered and then pressed
her open mouth against mine. She plunged her tongue into
my mouth and caressed my tongue with hers. As she did
so, I moved my hands up and down her back, stroking
gently, loving the feel of the warm flesh I felt through
the thin fabric of her top. I moved my hands down to
Barbie’s buttocks and cupped one in each hand, kneading
and stroking them with gentle, loving caresses. She
moaned softly and almost bounced up and down on my lap,
seeking to bring her pussy into closer contact with my
bulging cock.

Moving my hand to the side of her shorts, I undid the
buttons, leaving the waistband loose around her middle.
Extending my hands under the fabric of her shorts, I ran
them all over the silken smoothness of her brief bikini
panties. Tracing along their lower hem, I caressed the
exposed skin of her lower buttocks.

One by one, my fingers found the crease between the firm
globes of her ass, and I stroked them up and down the
cleft, moving from its top down into the area between
her thighs. With her legs spread wide apart as they
were, I could run my fingers all the way down to her
crotch and stroke them across the narrow expanse of silk
covering her anus and vulva. She was right about her
panties being wet — I could feel the slight dampness of
her arousal in the fabric between her legs.

Moving my hands up to the top of Barbie’s panties, I
pushed my hands under the sheer fabric and onto the
smoothly textured flesh of her buttocks. Once again I
found the spread-wide crack of her buttocks and moved my
fingers up and down its full length. As I went lower,
probing deeply into the hidden area between her thighs,
I felt the evidence of her arousal. The lower portion of
the gaping area between her buttocks was slick with the
flow of her female secretions, and my fingers made slick
tracks across her anus as they probed her nether

She started as I slowly circled her little rosebud with
a fingertip and moaned into my mouth at the pleasure of
the erotic touch. Moving even lower, my finger
encountered the very bottom of her gaping vulva. I
extended my finger and probed it into the moist furrow
of her womanness. She broke the kiss and ground her wet
flesh against my probing finger, murmuring, “Oh god,
Joe! You’re driving me crazy!”

I wanted to move my finger all the way up to her
clitoris and give her the thrill of feeling it stroked
but the pressure of my cock against her prevented it.
Instead, I moved my hands from under her panties to up
under the thin fabric of her top. Spreading my fingers
to their widest, I slowly moved my hands around to her

As they gently stroked across her front, they came to
the soft curves of the undersides of her breasts. I
moved them up to where they each cupped one of her
breasts and then squeezed them with just gentle
pressure. She responded by moving herself backward so
that there was enough space between us for me continue
my ministrations.

The tank top she had on fit so tightly that I didn’t
have room to pay the kind of homage to her breasts that
they deserved. To solve that problem, I pulled my hands
from under her top and then slowly pulled it up until it
came up over and fully exposed her bountiful mounds.
Barbie broke the kiss and pulled herself even further
away, ensuring I had ample room to continue caressing
her breasts.

With room enough to properly attend to Barbie’s needs, I
rubbed a finger over each of her nipples, lightly
stroking across the hard little nubbins. She wrapped her
arms around my neck and laid her cheek on the top of my
head, moaning in reaction to the pleasure my hands were
bringing to her breasts.

As I gently stroked and squeezed Barbie’s soft mounds,
her nipples erected, hardening and extending out in
little points from the dark circles surrounding them.
She whispered, “Oh, Joe, I love that. My boobs are so

I knew that if my hands felt that good on her breasts,
my mouth and tongue would feel even better. I moved my
mouth to her right breast and stroked my tongue across
its top. Barbie jerked in reaction to the contact, and
then pulled herself even further back. With her hands
still wrapped around the back of my neck, she leaned
back and thrust her breasts up to me, inviting me to
give them oral caresses.

“Yes, Joe, suck on them. Oh god, Joe, I’ve longed so
much for a boy to suck on my nipples. Suck them. Please,
Joe, suck them… suck them hard.” As I took a nipple
into my mouth, she muttered, “Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Like
that. Oh, God, yes! Suck on them… suck them… suck
like a baby.”

Seeing the pleasure I was giving Barbie, I doubled my
efforts, taking the whole center of her breast into my
mouth and sucking on it. As I did so, I stroked my
tongue in circles around her nipple, moving it across
the pebbly-texture of her areola. I pulled my mouth away
from her breast until just the hard extension of her
nipple was still between my lips and nibbled on it,
biting with just the gentlest of nips with my teeth.
Barbie whispered, almost a hiss, “Yeesssssss, like that.
Just… like… that!”

Suddenly Barbie sat up fully in my lap. Reaching down,
she took hold of her tank top and pulled it up over her
head, tossing it on the floor. Her breasts were now
fully exposed to me now, twin mounds the shape of half-
a-cantaloupe, each pale and white except for the dark
circles of areolae. I took each one in a hand and
squeezed it, causing the nipples to thrust out even more
than they were.

I brought my mouth down, and alternating between them,
kissed, sucked, and licked each of them. I feasted on
them, loving each of them fully with my mouth and
tongue. Barbie’s had her head thrown back, moaning as I
lavished my oral caresses on her now trembling breasts.

Barbie reached out her hands and grasped my shoulders,
crying, “Oh, God, Joe, I can’t take anymore of this. I
feel like I’m climbing higher and higher, that I’m just
about to explode.”

I was feeling a lot like that myself. It had been so
long since I had made love to a woman that I was shaking
with desire. My cock had poured out pre-cum and the
whole front of my Jockey shorts was now soaked from the
flow. The continued grinding of Barbie’s pussy against
my cock had me on the very edge of orgasm. I knew that
if we continued in this manner, we both would soon be
erupting in orgasm.

I didn’t want to cum in my pants, I wanted my cock
inside Barbie’s tight pussy when I spent my long-stored
sperm. Besides, the feel of Barbie’s pussy against my
cock made me want to see it and touch it without the
restrictions our clothing caused. Even more than that, I
wanted to bury my mouth in the wetness of her woman
flesh and taste once more the unparalleled taste of a
woman in full arousal.

I took my mouth away from Barbie’s breasts and pulled
her face down to mine. Our mouths came together in a wet
kiss, our tongues wild a****ls as they duelled each
other. Barbie was breathing hard and so was I. We were
each ready to go to the next step of Barbie’s lessons.

As if she sensed my thoughts, Barbie pulled her mouth
away from mine and whispered, “I want us to get naked,
Joe. I want us to be able to see each other’s bodies in
all their glory. It’s time to go to my bedroom. Oh, God,
Joe, strip me and make love to me. I need it so bad.” As
she said this, she stood up and took my hand. “Let’s go
to my bedroom. Make love to me. Teach me all there is
about making love. Come fuck me, Joe. Fuck me and teach
me how to fuck you.”

Barbie held my hand tightly as we walked down the
hallway to her bedroom. With her tank top removed, I had
an excellent view of the profile of her breasts. They
hadn’t seemed particularly large when she was facing me
in the living room chair, but seeing them now in
profile, seeing the way they thrust out and jiggled up
and down as she walked, made me realize they were full
and developed. I knew I would enjoy feasting on them and
caressing them until the nipples stood erect and hard.

As we entered her bedroom, her hand trembled in mine and
I could tell she was nervous about the journey on which
we were about to embark. As we approached the bed that
filled a corner of the room, she turned to me and
smiling shyly said, “Joe, I don’t know what to do next.
All I know is that I have never felt this way before. I
know that whatever comes next, I’m ready for it. Oh,
God, Joe, I’m more than ready for it — I NEED it. I’ve
never felt such a need before. I’ve never in my life
been aroused like I am now.”

Still holding my hand, she used it to pull herself into
my arms. Wrapping her arms around me, she put her mouth
to mine and kissed me with a fervor that proved the
truth of her statement. She broke the kiss and almost
breathlessly whispered, “Joe, show me what to do next.
Love me, and show me how to love you.”

With her in my arms like that, she was no longer my
daughter’s roommate — she was a desirable woman and I
was a man who desired her. We were man and woman aroused
and needing each other. Our desires had mounted to a
fever pitch, and we needed each other in a manner
approaching desperation. I pulled her lips to mine again
and my mouth feasted on hers.

As we kissed, I put my hands on her firm buttocks and
pulled her groin hard against mine, pressing the hard
knot of my manhood into the vee of her groin. As I
cupped and kneaded the firm handfuls of her buttocks,
she thrust herself against me, pushing her sex into even
closer contact with mine.

We broke the kiss slowly, almost reluctantly, until our
lips were barely apart, just brushing against the
other’s. We were both breathing hard now, our mutual
desire almost taking our breath away. Putting my hands
on the waistband of her loosened shorts, I started
pushing them down over her hips. As they came below her
hips and fell to the floor around her feet, I said, “The
first thing is to get rid of all the barriers between

Barbie stepped back away from me and said, “Yes, let’s
get naked. I want to show my body to you — show it to
you completely.” She smiled at me and whispered, “And I
want to see your body, your naked body, and all there is
about it.” She sat down on the side of the bed and
started to remove her shoes and socks.

Without looking up she in a soft voice, “I’ve never seen
a nude man before.” Then she looked up, and with an
almost lascivious expression on her face, she said in a
louder voice, “I want to see you naked, Joe. I want to
see what’s been pressing up here between my legs. I want
to see your penis, Joe. I want to see that hard manhood
with my own eyes.”

Responding to her wanton request, I started stripping my
clothes, almost tearing them from my body. Barbie’s
words inflamed me, and I wanted her to see me naked as
much as I longed to see her body in its totality.
Impelled by that urgency, I had removed all my clothes
except my Jockey shorts by the time she had finished
taking off her shoes and socks.

Barbie stood and faced me, trembling slightly in
anticipation of the next step. For a moment we stood
there, looking into each other’s eyes. Her brief panties
barely covered her pubis and lower belly. A circle of
dampness spread out from the panties’ crotch, a tell-
tale of the height of her arousal. I glanced down at the
front of my shorts, and saw that they had a similar
circle of moisture. I felt the slick wetness of my pre-
seminal flow pressing against my straining cock. It was
evidence of my total arousal, evidence of my desire for
the almost-nude, beautiful twenty-year-old girl who
stood before me.

“Do you like my body?” Barbie asked.

“Barbie, you have a beautiful body. You’re a beautiful
girl and you have a body to match.” I grinned a little
and added, “At least that part I can.”

“What about you?” she said. “I can’t see all of you

I put my hands to the top of my shorts and started to
push them down. Matching me, Barbie put her hands to the
top of her panties, and still looking me in the eyes, a
shy smile on her face, started pushing them down over
her hips. Inch by inch, we each lowered our last
articles of clothing, pushing them down to reveal our
unclad bodies to each other. Barbie’s pubic fur came
into view just as a mat of my pubic hair pushed itself
over the waistband of my shorts.

Barbie pushed the silken fabric of her panties down onto
her thighs and her vagina revealed itself fully to me,
her womanly crease visible through the damp locks of her
fur. As her sexual core came into view, I pushed the
waistband of my shorts over the bulge of my cock and

Free from its restrictions, my cock sprung outward,
stiff and throbbing in its freedom. Shorts and panties
both fell to the floor and without looking down, we each
stepped out of them and stood still and silent, inviting
each other’s inspection.

Barbie’s eyes, now widened, roamed up and down my body,
taking in all my nakedness. I gazed at her at the same
time, almost breathless from the beauty of her girlish,
yet womanly, body on full display. I reached out a hand
and brushed it across one of her erect nipples. “Barbie,
you are incredibly beautiful, all of you,” I said,
caressing the hard, little nubbin that jutted out so
proudly from the dusky circle topping the full, white
mound of her breast.

Barbie stepped toward me and laid a hand on my chest,
running her fingers through the sparse hair that covered
it. “You’re beautiful, too, Joe,” she whispered. “And
you’re so big. God, you’re so big and hard.” Even though
I knew that at about six inches my cock was only average
in size, I couldn’t help but feel flattered by her
compliment. Responding to her words, I pulled her
against me and kissed her.

With our arms wrapped tightly around each other, the
hard points of her breasts pressed into my chest. As we
kissed with a deep, soul kiss, she started breathing
faster, and with each breath the little bullets of her
nipples felt harder yet. I reached down and took hold of
her buttocks, squeezing them gently. As I did so, I bent
my legs just a little so that my cock could come free
from between us and its head press into the crease of
her vagina.

Thrusting my hips forward, I slid my cock between her
labia. Her flesh was slick from her secretions, and my
cock burrowed into the hot, slippery recess of her

Pressing a little deeper, my cock came to Barbie’s
clitoris. It was a hard protrusion, a swollen bump right
in the center of her wet channel. As the head of my cock
brushed over the little nubbin, Barbie gasped and jerked
her hips in reaction. She moaned into my mouth and
muttered, “Oh, God!” Reacting to such pleasure, she
thrust her hips against mine and my cock slid all the
way down into the folds and convolution of her labia.
Our pubic bones now pressed hard against each other, and
we both panted in reaction to the waves of pleasure
flowing through our sexual centers. This time it was my
time to moan. The warmth of her flesh surrounding my
cock caused it to throb, each of my heart-beats making
it pulsate with its own little beats.

Our kiss was beyond control. Gasping and working our
lips and tongues in wild abandon, our mouths acted out
the motions our lower bodies were desperate to perform.
As we plunged our tongues in and out of each other’s
mouths in oral copulatory motions, Barbie’s hips started
imitating the motion, pushing in and pulling out.

As she did, my cock slid back and forth in her furrow,
my shaft caressing her clitoral protrusion. Her furrow
slickened even more with each stroke, becoming oily with
secretions flowing from her inner recesses and pre-cum
flowing from my cock in a copious, seemingly never-
ending supply.

Barbie was moaning now, a continuous sound of pleasure.
Her moans had started softly, but were gradually
increasing in volume. Suddenly, she jerked her mouth
away from mine and stiffened her body until it was
almost rigid. Her mouth opened in a round circle and her
eyes widened. Almost chokingly she muttered, “Joe! Oh,
God, Joe!”

Her furrow started shuddering around my cock and her
belly jerked against mine. I felt her tremors as they
ran through her abdomen and flowed into mine. She
clutched me against her and laid her head on my

“Joooeee, ooohhh Jooe… Oh god, Joe. Oooohhhh, God…
Ooooohh. Oh, Joe… Joe… Joe!” she moaned as the
shudders and spasms of orgasm shook her body.

My cock was locked in the tight grip of her labial lips
as they clamped down on it. Tremor after tremor seized
her channel and moved into the hardness of my imprisoned
shaft. It was only an act of sheer will power that kept
me from coming along with her.

The shudders of her flesh against mine brought me right
to the edge and, but for the thought of how good it was
going to feel to bury my cock fully in the warmth of the
near-virgin flesh that now gripped it so pleasurably, I
would have spewed my manhood out into the warm folds
that embraced my throbbing penis.

The shudders and tremors of her orgasm slowly lessened
and Barbie’s knees began to buckle under her. I lifted
her up gently and, moving to the bed, I lowered her and
laid her softly down on her back, her knees and lower
legs hanging off the side. She put an arm across her
eyes and lay there, breathing heavily, still
experiencing the last little trembling of her orgasm.

Her legs were splayed apart and the furrow between them
was completely open to my view. It was wet and
glistening from our combined secretions and her clitoris
was engorged and protruded up between the swollen lips
running down each side of the gaping channel. At the
bottom of the channel, the lips opened wider and
revealed just the slightest hint of the opening to her
long-unplumbed sheath. Except for anticipation of the
pleasure I knew I would get from giving her even more
pleasure, I would have plunged my cock into that opening
and enjoyed the same rapture Barbie had just
experienced. She had asked me to teach her about
pleasurable love, though, and I was determined to do
just that–to make her cry out in pleasure over and over

I sat down on the bed next to Barbie and gazed down at
the perfection of her body. I didn’t know what fate had
brought the two of us together and had caused her to ask
me to be her love mentor, but I wasn’t going to question
my good fortune. I had been feeling the need for female
companionship, and it had been offered to me in the form
of Barbie’s request. “God, but she’s beautiful,” I
thought. “And so young–almost the same age as Candy.”

I thought back to the good-bye kiss my daughter had
given me and my passion rose to even higher levels. My
cock throbbed from the thought that making love to
Barbie would be almost like making love to Candy, that
caressing Barbie’s firm young body would be like having
Candy’s body beneath my hands. I couldn’t help but
picture Candy nude just like Barbie was, her vagina
gaping open and wet with the flow of a woman’s
secretions of love.

Worried about the perversion of such thoughts, I forced
them from my mind by dropping my lips to Barbie’s navel
and kissing and tonguing her little indented belly
button. Moving upwards, I kissed and ran my tongue along
the curved underside of her breasts. She squirmed under
my caresses and lifted her arm from her eyes. I sat up
and smiled down at her. Seeing that she had recovered, I
asked, “You okay now, Barbie?”

“Okay? Oh, God, Joe, am I EVER okay. I’ve never cum like
that before in my life.” As if to prove her point, she
squirmed her hips in small circles, gyrating them on the

Even though I suspected what she meant, I couldn’t
resist asking the next question. “But I thought you
hadn’t been with a boy since you were fifteen, and that
time was a bad one for you.”

Barbie’s face reddened and she said, “Well, err, you
know.” She held up a finger and said, “Sometimes a girl
just has to take care of things herself.” With a little
grin, she said, “After the orgasm I just had, I realize
this little pinky is a poor substitute.”

“I know exactly what you’re talking about,” I said.
“I’ve had to resort to solitary games myself during the
last two years.”

With a solemn expression on her face, Barbie took my
hand and placed it on her breast. “We won’t have to do
that now, will we? Now we’ve got each other. We can have
the real thing now, can’t we? We can have real boy-girl

“Yes,” I said. “And viva the real thing. Viva boy and
girl love.”

Barbie looked up at me with a look of adoration I hadn’t
experienced since my wife and I were in our courtship
days and whispered, “Joe?”

“Um-hmm,” I answered.

“Kiss me again. I love the way you kiss.”

“I love your kisses, too,” I said, and lowered my mouth
to hers. This time we kissed gently, our tongues softly
and slowly intertwining. My hand was still on her breast
and I gently stroked her nipple, matching my hand
caresses to our oral ones. She murmured a soft “Ummnnn”
into my mouth and arched her back upward, pushing her
breast even harder into my hand. Switching my hand back
and forth, I massaged her breasts, paying particular
attention to her hard and still- erect nipples.

Knowing, though, that as much as she enjoyed touches on
her breasts, she would like lower touches even more, I
slowly moved my hand from her upthrust mounds down onto
the softly rounded firm flesh of her little belly. Using
just my finger tips, I traced little circles around the
indentation of her navel.

Gradually, I widened the circles and soon my hand was
roving over the entire expanse of her lower body. Each
stroke took my hand lower and lower, and my fingers
finally brushed into the soft pubic hair growing so
lushly in her delta of Venus. Barbie reacted to the
caresses by squirming her hips in little gyrations. Her
tongue, moving only gently before, began to swirl around
mine with faster, more intense strokes.

Using all my fingers, I brushed through and teased
Barbie’s abundant pubic fur. Once again, she breathed
out a soft “Ummnnn.” As she did, she spread her thighs
even more, giving me greater access to that secret area
hidden between them. I had already explored her labial
lips with my cock, now I wanted to explore that area
with my hand, to seek out and delve all the deep
recesses of her femininity.

Exploring through Barbie’s pubic forest, my fingers came
to the little fold at the top of her maidenly crease,
that unmistakable mark of her femininity. Remembering
how inviting her gaping furrow had been to me, I
extended my middle finger and eased it slowly down into
the warm, wet area between her labia.

With Barbie’s legs spread apart as they were, my finger
slid easily into the exposed channel of her sex. The
warm flesh of her sex was smooth and slippery, soaking
with the flow of my pre-cum and her own secretions.
Tracing through the residue of our slippery flows, I
extended my finger further down, searching out the
secrets of her nether region.

As my hand and finger moved lower to where they were
buried between her thighs, my finger tip came to the
swollen button of her clitoris. It was a hard nubbin
between her labia, swollen and erected from her aroused
passion. I moved my finger on top of it and stroked
across the clitoral surface, using just the softest of
touches. Barbie gasped and jerked her hips in response
to the contact. Even though our mouths were still locked
together and our tongues still busy stroking the
other’s, I could understand Barbie’s words as she
mouthed, “Oh god!”

Barbie hunched her hips up against my hand, forcing her
clitoris into closer contact with my exploring finger.
As my finger moved back and forth across the little
nubbin, she reacted to the pleasure by gyrating her hips
in small circles. She moved her face to the side,
pulling her lips from mine, and said, “Oh, God, your
hand feels so much better than mine or Can… err,
anyone else’s has ever felt.” As my finger once again
moved across her little pleasure button, she moaned,
“Oooohh, Joe, it’s so much better when you do it.”

Barbie’s slip of the tongue put my imagination into
overdrive. I envisioned her and my daughter Candy in bed
together, both naked, hands delving into and stroking
the other’s pussy. I could picture them, young nymphs in
full nubile bloom, moaning and working their hips in
frantic motions as they orgasmed together. Imagining
Barbie masturbating was erotic enough, but thinking of
Candy with a hand between her legs, completely naked and
panting with pleasure, drove my lust up even higher than
it was.

Barbie’s moans of pleasure pulled my thoughts back to
her. I recognized from her sounds and the way she was
squirming her hips that if I continued my attentions to
her clitoris she would soon crash into another orgasm. I
did, indeed, want to give her another orgasm before I
finally penetrated her pussy with my cock, but I had
another way in mind, a way that would bring her far more
pleasure than my finger could provide. To avoid her
cresting into a orgasm right then and there, I moved my
finger lower into her wet furrow.

Moving into the wide portion of Barbie’s spread labial
lips, my finger sought out the barely hidden opening to
her inner recesses I had seen before. My search ended
quickly, and I slowly and gently insinuated my finger
into the snug, soft hole of her womanhood. Barbie
breathed in deeply and stiffened her body slightly as my
finger worked its way into the hot recess of her body.

When my finger was fully inserted into her pussy, she
let out her breath and relaxed. God, but she was tight.
The walls of her sheath clasped around my finger and
held it within the hot, moist confines of her vaginal
cavity. I thought about the pleasure that tight flesh
would provide when I at last penetrated her, my cock
throbbed and pulsated in anticipation.

As Barbie relaxed, her grip on my finger loosened, and I
was able to stroke it in and out of her. I joined that
finger with another, and was soon giving her a preview
of what she could expect when my cock was performing
such action. Continuing my finger-fucking of Barbie’s
pussy, I used my other hand to stroke her breasts,
rubbing her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and
gently kneading the soft, white mounds.

Responding to such action, Barbie started thrusting her
hips up to my hand, pushing her wet flesh up to meet
each of the thrusts I made with my fingers. “Ummnnnn,
that’s so nice. Why does it feel so good now, when it
hurt so much when I was fifteen?”

“Because you’re ready for it now. Your body’s aroused
and ready for loving. It wasn’t before.”

“Oh, boy, is it EVER ready.” She pushed her hips up hard
against my hand and said, “Oh, God, Joe, I feel like I’m
going to cum again.” Wrapping an arm around my
shoulders, she grasped me hard. “Joe, do it to me now. I
want you inside me when I cum.” She took one her hands
and wrapped it around my cock, saying, “Put this inside
me, Joe. God, Joe, I’m so ready. Fuck me now. Fuck me
and teach me how to fuck.”

Pulling my fingers from out of Barbie’s pussy, I sat up
beside her and stroked her belly with soft touches. She
still had her hand wrapped around my cock and squeezed
it, matching her squeezes to my strokes of her stomach.
I dipped a finger into her crease and said, “Don’t
worry, I’m going to fuck you.” Grinning, I said, “Boy,
am I EVER going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you like
crazy, little girl.”

Barbie hunched her hips up against my hand and said,
“Now. Do it now.”

“I will in just a little while. I’m having a hard time
waiting, myself. Remember, though, you asked me to be
your teacher, and I’ve got something else to teach you
before that.”

“What’s that?”

“Barbie, did you and Candy eat each other?”

Barbie’s eyes got real wide and she said, “Oh, no! We’re
not lesbians. All we did was — all we’ve done is what
you just did to me. All we did was use our fingers on
each other. It feels so much better when someone else
does it for you.” She suddenly realized the full import
of my question and said, “Are YOU going to eat me? Oh,
God, Joe, ARE you going to eat me?”

“Would you like for me to?”

“Yes! Oh, God, yes! I’ve heard girls talk about how
marvelous it is when their boyfriends eat them, and I
hoped it would happen to me someday.”

“How ’bout right now?” I asked.

Barbie closed her eyes and, with a moan in her voice,
answered, “Ohhh… yes… now… please… right now.”

I got off the bed and knelt between her wide-spread legs
d****d off the side of the bed, and putting my hands
under her buttocks, I pulled her toward me until her
hips were right at the edge and her sexual core
available to my now almost drooling mouth. With my hands
still under the soft little globes of her ass, I lifted
Barbie’s wide-spread pussy up to my face. Her labia were
fat and puffy with arousal and the channel between them
was wet with the flow of sexual lubrication.

I had almost forgotten how the aroma of a woman in heat
aroused me, and the scent wafting upward from the
completely open pit of Barbie’s sexuality made me even
hungrier to feast on her soft, wet flesh.

Succumbing to the aphrodisial effect of that sight and
aroma, I lowered my face and buried my mouth in Barbie’s
wet flesh. The taste of her young, hot vagina was every
bit as good as I had imagined, and I opened my mouth
wide, tongue extended, and tried to lick up all the
marvelous, aromatic nectar that had oozed out and coated
the pink, soft flesh.

Using the broad, flat side of my tongue, I stroked the
full length of her furrow, from the very bottom all the
way up to her clitoris. As it moved softly over the
surface of the little sexual bump, she gasped and jerked
her hips. Putting both hands down to my head, she
twisted her fingers into my hair and murmured, “Ohhhh…
oooooohhhhh… Joe… Oh god, Joe.”

I continued to lave her clitoris with soft tongue
strokes until her hips started squirming and moving up
and down in response. As her hips moved in stronger and
stronger thrusts, she muttered, “Uhhh… uhhh…u hhh,”
matching her pleasure sounds with each of her thrusts.
From her motions and sounds of pleasure, it was obvious
she was climbing higher and higher, nearing the very
edge of orgasm. I wanted to prolong her pleasure,
though. I wanted to stretch it out to where her orgasm,
when it finally came, would rack her whole body and be
one she remembered for a long time.

In order to assure this, I abandoned her clitoris and
moved my mouth down to the opening into her inner
recesses, the opening that led into the hot, wet inside
of her pussy. Making a little cone of my tongue, I
probed its tip into Barbie’s channel, delving into it
with fluttery motions. She twisted my hair in her
fingers and pushed her hips up even higher, seeking my
tongue, seeking to get more and more of it into her hot

With mouth pressed hard against her wet channel, I
extended my tongue as far as it would go, circling it
around and around, stroking it across the walls of her
sheath. She spread her thighs to the utmost extension
possible and hunched her pussy up against my mouth,
moaning from the pleasure she was experiencing.

I knew she had another erogenous point that I hadn’t yet
explored, so I pulled my tongue from out the hot
confines of her channel and moved it lower. Lifting her
now completely spread buttocks upward, I moved the tip
of my tongue into the cleft between them, searching for
that final aperture, that point of pleasure I hadn’t yet
attended to. Almost immediately, my search was rewarded.
Her little, tightly crinkled anus came under the tip of
my tongue and I stroked it gently, making oral love to
her little rosebud.

She gasped as I made contact with her nethermost
opening, and almost shouting, moaned out, “Oh, God, Joe!
I didn’t know about this. Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe…”

I circled Barbie’s little flower with my tongue, wetting
the whole inside of her ass cheeks. Her buttocks and
thighs trembled as I rimmed her, and I could hear soft
moans of pleasure from above me. “Oh, God, nobody’s ever
talked about this. I didn’t know so much pleasure could
come from THERE,” she whispered softly. Using just the
tip of my tongue, I probed into the wrinkled aperture,
pushing it slightly inside. She pushed her buttocks
against my exploring tongue, and muttered, “Ummnnn…
oohhhh… good… so goood.”

Relinquishing my progress into her tight nether opening,
I moved my tongue onto that small, uncreased area
between her anus and the beginning of her labia. Using
just fluttery motions, I stroked my tongue across that
little patch of flesh. She jerked and squirmed as I
tongued her there, moaning in response to my oral
touches of what was one of her most erogenous areas.

Having traversed the full range of her nether zones, I
returned my attentions to her vagina. Rolling my tongue
into a tube, I plunged into her now completely flooded
sheath and stroked it in and out, using it like a
miniature cock to fuck her slick pussy. She took her
hands from my head and lifted herself up on her elbows.
Using them for leverage, she started thrusting her hips
against my tongue, returning my thrusts with her own.

She whispered, “Oh, yes, push it in and pull it out.
Yes, just like that. Ohhh, yesss, do it. Fuck me…fuck
me with your tongue.”

Barbie’s thrusts became faster and her breathing turned
into pants. She was climbing higher and higher up the
ladder of lust and was on the very edge of another
orgasm. I pulled my tongue out of her tunnel and moved
my mouth up to where it was over her clitoris. Opening
my mouth wide, I put it over her swollen organ and drew
it into my mouth. Applying suction, I nibbled on her
nubbin and stroked my tongue over and over its surface.

In reaction, Barbie thrust her hips up so that only the
cheeks of her buttocks were still on the bed. Reaching
down, she put her hands on the back of my head and
pulled my face completely into her wet pussy, burying my
head between her thighs.

Barbie wrapped her legs around my torso and her hips
went into an overdrive of motion, jerking and thrusting
against my mouth. Still keeping one of her hands on the
back of my head, she used the other to beat against my
back with soft little blows. Each time she thrust
against me, her hips left the bed, straining themselves
up against my ravaging mouth.

I lifted her buttocks up even higher and moved two
fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and pulling
them out in time with the strokes of my tongue across
her clitoris. Barbie’s moans became inarticulate, and
she cried out in pleasure. Among her moans and sighs,
she finally managed to say, “Oh god, I’m cumming!
Cumming… cumming… CUMMINGGG!”

Falling away from me, Barbie fell back onto the bed. Her
hips continued thrusting against my mouth and her thighs
clamped around my ears, holding me in place. Slowly,
though, she decreased the motion of her hips and after
about two minutes relaxed the grip of her thighs. As I
moved my hands from under her buttocks and lowered her
hips back to the bed, she lay completely still,
breathing hard, and looking at me with a wonder-struck
expression on her face.

I stood up and once again sat down on the bed beside
her. Not saying a word, I put a hand on her head and
gently stroked her hair. Barbie broke the silence,
whispering, “God, Joe. I can hardly talk about it. That
was so good I don’t have the right kind of words to do
it justice. Thank you. Thank you for doing that to me.
Thank you for making it so good for me.”

Still in that marvelous state of lassitude that follows
orgasm, Barbie lay on her back, completely relaxed. From
the look of satisfaction on her face, it was obvious she
had just attained heights of pleasure never before
reached. It had been her first experience with oral
intercourse, the very first time anyone had ever applied
his mouth to between her legs, and she was almost
overcome by the results it produced. Barely able to
speak, she said, “Now I know what a REAL orgasm feels

Barbie reached up and put a hand on my shoulder, pulling
me down in contact with her. Putting a hand behind my
neck, she brought my face to hers, mouth open and wet,
seeking to be kissed. Even though my face was still wet
and slick from her sexual secretions and my lips still
coated with her wet juices, I put my mouth on hers and
kissed her. Wrapping an arm around my back, she pulled
my body against hers, drawing my chest against her

She used her tongue like a rapier, thrusting it into my
mouth and swirling it around and around, making contact
with all the inside of my mouth. Pulling her mouth from
mine, she licked around my lips and across my cheeks,
lapping up all the remains of her orgasm that were

When she had finished, she said, “I like that taste.
Does that mean I’m a lesbian?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought and said,
“You? Not a chance. From what I’ve seen, you’re about as
straight as they come.”

She reached down a hand and took hold of my still hard
and throbbing cock and said, “Yeah, I must be, because I
sure do like what you have here.” Smiling softly and
shyly, she continued, “And I’m going to like it even
more in just a little while, aren’t I?”

I smiled back and said, “If I have my way, you are.”

Barbie squeezed my cock and said, “Joe, can I look at
it? I’ve never seen a real penis before. Do you mind if
I look at it, up close?”

I rolled away from Barbie and lay on my back, my cock
standing up and swaying. “Be my guest. Look all you
want.” I smiled and said, “You can even touch it if you

Barbie sat up beside me and said, “I want.” Reaching out
a hand, she circled her fingers around my shaft, holding
it gently in her hand. With her other hand, she ran her
fingers across the wet and glistening head, wet from my
continuing flow of pre-cum. “I get wet when I’m excited.
Does your wetness mean the same thing?”

“Yes, exactly the same thing. Remember saying that your
panties were wet? Well, my shorts were soaking when I
took them off.”

Barbie smiled and said, “I’m glad you’re wet. That means
you’re really excited, excited by being here with me.”
She squeezed my cock and moved a hand down to my balls,
stroking them softly with just her finger tips. “God,
I’m getting excited again just from holding your penis
and seeing how hot and aroused it is. Does that make

“Yeah, perfect sense. Every time you came, I had to
fight hard to keep from coming myself at the same time.”

“Oooh, I wish you had.”

I laughed and said, “Barbie, boys can’t come back as
fast as girls can. Girls can have one orgasm after
another, but boys need a little time in between. I
wanted to be sure I would be able to give you the kind
of loving I want to.”

Still stroking my cock, she said, “If you cum now, how
long will you have to wait before you can cum again?”

I laughed and said, “Barbie, having a beautiful, naked
girl you beside me and considering my reaction to what
you’re doing right now, it probably won’t take much time
at all — maybe fifteen or twenty minutes. Why?”

“Because I want to do to you what you just did to me. I
want to eat you and make you cum. But I wouldn’t want to
do it if it kept you from being able to show me how to
fuck.” Laughing, she continued, “I know it’s a bad pun,
but I want to eat my cake and have it, too.” She gave my
cock a squeeze and asked, “How about it? If I eat you
and make you cum, will you still be able to fuck me?”

“Just try to keep me from it.”

“I hoped that was what you’d say.” She smiled a little
shy smile and said, “The only problem is, I don’t know
how to do it. What do I do now? Tell me what I’m
supposed to do. Teach me how a woman is supposed to eat
a man.”

“Have you ever eaten a popsicle?”

“Sure, lots of times.”

“Okay, first lick it all over, just like you would a
popscicle, a warm one that is, and then put it into your
mouth and suck on it.”

“Do I put the whole thing in my mouth?”

“Sure, or at least as much as you can.”

Barbie dropped her head and, with her tongue fully
extended, lapped across the bulbous head of my cock,
licking up the coating of pre-cum that covered it. My
abdomen tensed at the pleasure of the touch as her
tongue moved across my sensitive glans.

I couldn’t keep from groaning as my cock jerked in
response. Another dribble of pre-cum oozed out of my
cock and Barbie immediately went after it, licking it
off as fast as it seeped out. She lifted her head and
grinned at me. “I like the way you taste, too. Does that
mean I’m gay?”

“No, sweetheart, it just means you’re a good lover.”

Barbie’s face lit up in pleasure and she lowered her
head again, this time opening her mouth and taking about
half my cock inside. She swirled her tongue around and
around my shaft, and I couldn’t help but thrust my cock
up and move it in and out of her mouth in imitation of
the fuck I had been waiting on for so long. Seeing from
that the kind of motion I desired, she moved her mouth
up and down on my cock. I closed my eyes and moaned,
“Oh, yesss. Ooohhhh, yes, baby, that’s the way.”

She pulled her mouth up and asked, “You like that?”

“Oh, God, yes!”

“I’m doing it right, then? It feels good to you?”

“It’s fantastic. It’s been so long since this has
happened to me, and it’s good. Oh, baby, yes, it’s
good…so good.”

Barbie held my cock by its very base and licked on it,
starting at her hand and stroking up to and across the
head. She covered all sides of my cock with her tongue
washing and I was soon jerking upward and trembling in
pleasure from her loving caresses. Finishing with that,
she lifted her head up and once again took me into her
mouth, plunging downward until her lips brushed against
my pubic hairs.

“God,” I thought, “she’s almost deep-throating me.”

If her intention had been to give me pleasure like I had
given her, she was accomplishing her goal. The warmth
and wetness of her mouth engulfing my now beating and
throbbing cock was bringing me closer and closer to
orgasm. I had been hard and hot for so long, needing
release so badly, and I knew it would be only a matter
of seconds before my cock erupted a volcano flow of hot

Barbie began her up and down motions again, and they
were the beginning of my downfall. I couldn’t control my
hips any longer — they began a constant up and down
motion, driving my cock up to meet the motions of her
mouth as it moved down and engulfed my cock. It was
jerking and pulsing with each motion and a flow of pre-
cum was gushing out in a steady trickle.

Suddenly, my vision became blurred and sparkly and
spasms began in my prostate gland. “Barbie, I’m going to
cum. Pull back if you don’t want me to cum in your
mouth,” I managed to say in a strangled voice.

Barbie pulled her mouth off my cock and lifted her head,
watching my cock as it swelled in her hand. After the
swelling, it contracted and a huge glob of white, hot
sperm shot out several feet into the air and fell and
splattered on my chest. Barbie muttered a soft “Ohhh”
sound, and with a quick movement, recaptured my cock in
her mouth.

With almost frantic motions, she gulped my cock down and
sucked on it, drawing out draught after draught of my
sperm. My cock continued to jerk and spurt, and my
buttocks and stomach muscles clenched as each jet of cum
spewed out my cock into the wetness of Barbie’s mouth.

All I could do was groan at the pleasure her mouth was
giving me. I had my buttocks lifted completely off the
bed, my cock thrust up into her mouth as she continued
to suck on it. Her whole hand was coated with sperm that
had escaped from her mouth and my pubic hair was
drenched in the hot, sticky wetness of the flow.

As my orgasmic pleasure lessened in intensity, I lowered
my hips back to the bed, relaxed and limp from the
explosion of my climax. Barbie released my cock from her
mouth and then moved up and licked up the blob of sperm
that had spattered on my chest. Finishing the job, she
then licked off the sperm that coated her fingers.
Seemingly unable to keep her hands off me, she took my
still hard cock in her hand and fondled it.

“God, Joe, I had no idea men spurt so much juice when
they cum. Was it good for you? Was that why you spurted
out so much?”

“No, Barb, it wasn’t any good. I act this way — like
I’ve died and gone to heaven–all the time.” I smiled
and said, “Oh, baby, it was terrific. Yes, it WAS good,
and that WAS the reason I spurted so much.”

“Then I gave you as much pleasure as you gave me?”

“I don’t how much you got, but if it was as much as me,
then you must have had a good time.”

Barbie got on her hands and knees and then stretched out
alongside me. She kept her hand on my cock, still
fondling it, as though it would be lost if she let go.
She turned toward me and stroked her other hand across
my cheek, a soft loving caress, and said, “I had a good
time. Oh, boy, DID I have a good time.”

Her lips were still wet with the overflow of my cum and
she reached out her tongue and licked it off. It was
such a wanton gesture that my cock responded to it,
growing completely rigid once again and throbbing in
Barbie’s hand. Not loosening her hold on my cock, she
snuggled up close against me, her breasts pushing
against my chest.

She put her hand behind my neck and pulled my mouth
against hers. Our mouths opened automatic- ally, and we
kissed deeply and languidly. She lifted a leg and put it
over my waist, giving her hand more room to gently
fondle and caress my now fully recovered cock.

It was period of quietude, a period of savoring the
moments and pleasures just past, and we were in almost a
reverie. My thoughts drifted and in my mind’s eye I
imagined that it was Candy who lay so close to me, that
it was Candy who had her hand on my cock, fondling it
with soft, loving touches.

As Barbie moved her tongue slowly in my mouth, I
imagined that it was Candy’s tongue probing and
insinuating itself so erotically. My cock jerked in
Barbie’s hand as it responded to the arousing i****tuous
mental pictures, and I moaned softly in response to the
fantasies my mind was weaving. Barbie pulled her mouth
from mine and said, “That was a fast fifteen minutes.”

I smiled at her and said, “You can take credit for that.
You’re enough to bring a mummy back to life.”

Barbie dimpled up and said, “Thank you, kind sir. Right
now, though, I’m glad you’re a daddy and not a mummy.”
She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and squeezing my
cock, she said, “Does that mean you’re ready to go on
with my lessons?”

With Barbie’s leg over my hip, her pussy was spread wide
and allowed me to put my whole hand in her furrow and
caress it. “Yeah, that’s what it means. In just a little
while, I hope to make your bad memory of sex just that–
a bad memory. From now on I want you to have something
good to remember and to build on in your relations with

Barbie’s only response was just a long, happy

I continued my hand strokes in her pussy, moving my
fingers up and down the complete length of her wide-
gaping furrow. She was still wet and slick, her juices
still seeping out and covering all the soft, tender
flesh of her inner thighs. My cock was leaking, too, and
Barbie’s hand had spread my slick pre-cum so that the
full length of my shaft was coated with the slippery

Even though I had just finished one of the most intense
orgasms of my life, Barbie’s hand sliding up and down on
my shaft and rubbing over its slickened glans was
bringing my passions back up to a fever pitch.

I got up on my hands and knees and turned in reverse to
her, so that my head was even with her pussy. I
straddled over her body, my knees on each side of her
chest, and lowered my mouth down into the wetness of her
exposed vaginal opening. Taking hold of her thighs, I
spread them even farther apart and moved my mouth down
so that it had access to all her wet, hot flesh. The
musky odor of her orgasm inflamed my senses, and I went
at her pussy like a starving man — lapping, licking,
and sucking like there would be no tomorrow.

I knew that my cock was waving in front of Barbie’s face
like a flag pole and I hoped she would know from that
what I wanted her to do. As if sensing my thoughts and
desires, Barbie took hold of my cock and guided it into
her mouth. Once she had engulfed in her oral cavity, she
gave it the same sort of attention I was giving her
pussy by sucking on it and swirling her tongue around
the bulbous head. She may not have had much knowledge
about sex, but she was taking to sixty-nine like a

I took hold of her hips and rolled us over onto our
sides. We handled this in perfect concert, neither of us
breaking our oral contact with the other’s sex. Lifting
our legs over each other, we proceeded to eat each
other. Neither of us were inhibited in giving of
pleasure, and the room was soon filled with the liquid,
slurping sounds that are only produced by man and woman
engaged in passionate oral sex.

Barbie’s thigh started squeezing down on me and I could
tell she was once again climbing up the heights to
orgasm. Her action on my cock was delightful and made me
want to prolong our foreplay, to draw it out until we
each were panting and desperate for the final act of
penetration. I knew there was nothing quite so good as
driving my cock into a trembling, spasming pussy, one
that was practically screaming out in desire for

I slowed down my oral actions on her pussy, just
limiting them to slow licks and tickles with my tongue.
Just as she had done all through love-making, she seemed
to sense my thoughts and slowed down her oral fondling
of my cock. For long moments, we engaged in gentle, slow
love, each of us building slowly and inexorably toward
the inevitable conclusion that waited at the end of our
slow journey.

Even slow love has it limits, though, and before long we
were each moaning from the pleasure our slow, soft
touches were bringing. Barbie’s hips were gyrating in
little circles, and with short thrusts of her hips she
was driving the gash of her pussy up to my mouth and
tongue. I probed my tongue into the hot hole of her
sheath and I could feel her gasp around my cock. She
sucked down hard on my cock, seeking to return the
feelings of rapture my oral explorations were bringing.

When she gripped my head hard between her thighs and
moaned so loud that my cock almost came out of her
mouth, I knew that it was time, time to take that final
step in her education. I pulled my mouth away from the
swamp of her pussy and sat up erect on my knees pulling
my cock from her mouth with an audible sound. Barbie
muttered, “Oh god, Joe I was almost there.”

“Me, too,” I said “That’s why I stopped.” I moved from
straddling Barbie and got down between her legs, my cock
standing straight out from my body, wet with her saliva
and throbbing with lust. “It’s time for the real thing,
Barb. It’s time for the final part of your lessons.”

Barbie pulled her legs up, bending them at the knees,
and spread them even further apart. The wet furrow and
opening into her love pit lay fully exposed to me,
available to be plumbed to its depths. Barbie said,
“Joe, I don’t have any kind of protection on. Don’t you
need to wear something?”

Stroking the inside of her thighs, I said, “You don’t
have anything to worry about–I had a vasectomy ten
years ago. I don’t need to wear a rubber; I’m perfectly

Barbie smiled and said, “Oh, good. This way there won’t
be anything between us…just Joe and Barbie, together.”

Taking hold of the base of my cock, I leaned forward and
moved its red and throbbing head into the spread flesh
of Barbie’s channel. Stroking up and down, I traversed
the full length of her slit with my cock. As it came to
her clitoris, I held my shaft in place and rubbed little
circles around Barbie’s little love button. Pre-cum
covered the little nubbin and made it even more slick
than it was. She groaned and pushed her hips against my
shaft, seeking even more contact between my throbbing
manhood and her hard and swollen center of female

Moving my cock downward, I sought out the opening that
Barbie had been yearning so much to be filled. It was
time, finally, for penetration, and my cock throbbed and
jerked in anticipation of its burial into the tight
little hole leading into the hot, wet inner recesses of
Barbie’s body. Since Barbie wasn’t a virgin, I was
confident I could achieve full penetration without her
feeling pain. Indeed, it wasn’t pain either of us was
thinking of, it was pleasure — the pleasure that comes
only from the union of male and female flesh.

As the head of my cock nudged into Barbie’s vaginal
entrance and entered about half an inch, she opened her
eyes wide and drew in her breath. Very slowly, I pressed
my cock further into her sheath until it was about half-
way in. The tight tunnel of her flesh pressed in on my
cock on all sides and its heat and wetness sent thrills
through my body. It had been a long time since my cock
had enjoyed the pleasure of sexual union, and I realized
then just how much I had missed it.

Knowing that the position we were in would not allow me
to penetrate to the very depths of Barbie’s pussy, I
pulled my cock out so I could shift us around to a
position that was better. As my cock came out of her,
Barbie humped her pussy up to me, seeking to maintain
contact. As our flesh disconnected, Barbie let out her
breath and said, “Was that it, Joe?”

Not being able to resist teasing her, I said, “Yep. That
was it. How was it?”

“Well, uh, okay, I guess,” she said, with a slight frown
on her face.

Seeing how pitiful she looked and hearing the
disappointment in her voice, I was sorry I teased her.
Laughing, I said, “Barbie, I’m just teasing you. No,
sweetheart, that’s not it, not by a long shot. I haven’t
even gotten started yet, in fact. All I’m doing is
moving us a little so that it will be better, so that
you can experience full penetration.”

Barbie smiled and said, “You’re a dirty old meanie. I
thought that you had fucked me and I didn’t even know

I took hold of Barbie’s hips and pulled her until her
buttocks were at the edge of bed and her feet hanging
off. Spreading her legs, I stood between them, looking
down at the perfection of her body. “Barbie, when we get
through here, there’s not going to be any doubt in your
mind–you’re going to know you’ve been fucked.”

With that, I reached down and pulled her legs up to
where her feet were up on my shoulders. From that
vantage, I could look down and see where the lips of her
pussy were now just a pink crease between her thighs.
Reaching down, I put my hands under her buttocks and
lifted her ass up to where my cock brushed against that
crease, the head just nudging into it.

Shoving my hips forward, I pushed my cock further in
between her labial lips, seeking out the portal to her
tunnel of love. Releasing a hand from her ass cheek, I
took hold of my shaft and probed into Barbie’s furrow,
feeling around for her vagina. I soon found it and drove
my cock in far enough to be sure it was lodged in place.

Reaching up, I positioned her legs so that her knees
were on my shoulders and her calves extending down my
back. Then I leaned forward and put my hands on the bed,
right along her now heaving breasts. Lowering myself
even lower, I brought my mouth down to Barbie’s lips and
kissed her. With my tongue rolled into a tube, I pushed
it slowly into her mouth. As my tongue penetrated her
oral cavity, I slowly thrust my hips forward and pushed
my cock into the tight confines of Barbie’s vagina.

Although her pussy was slick with her secretions, it was
nonetheless tight, and I had to push hard to make
penetration. It was obvious that even though she might
not be a virgin, it had been a long time since anything
had plumbed to the depths I was now attaining.

I felt the walls of her sheath push apart as my spear
probed into the inner recesses of Barbie’s womanhood and
then press onto and enclose my cock in their warmth. Her
buttocks clenched in my hands and her pussy clamped down
hard on my shaft. I pulled my mouth from hers and
whispered, “Try to relax, baby. I’m almost there, almost
all the way in.”

Barbie released the tension in her buttocks and in one
smooth motion I drove my cock fully into her pussy,
bottoming out with the head just making contact with her
cervix. Barbie whispered, “Ohhhh, Joe.” She pushed her
pussy hard against my pubic bone and said, “Oh, God,
Joe, I can feel you all the way up inside me. Deep…so
deep.” She gyrated her hips and smiling said, “Oh, yeah,
now I KNOW I’m being fucked. NOW we’re finally and
really fucking.”

I lowered myself to my elbows and put my mouth on hers
and kissed her again. She thrust he tongue up into my
mouth and shoved her pussy hard up against me at the
same time. I worked my hips in small circles, pressing
on and rubbing myself across her clitoris. She swirled
her tongue inside my mouth and murmured soft sounds of
pleasure. Pulling her mouth from mine, she whispered,
“Oh, God, I love it! Oh, God, Daddy Joe, I love it, I
love it!”

Slowly, inch by slow inch, I pulled my cock from
Barbie’s body until only the head remained within her.
Reversing the motion, I then pushed it slowly into her,
thrusting until it once again was completely embedded in
her flesh. The flow of her secretions had increased and
they, combined with the flow of my pre-cum, made her
tunnel slick. Now that she had relaxed from the tension
and anticipation of initial penetration, she had
loosened a little, and though she was still tight by any
standard, I was able to slide my cock out of her with

I held for a moment, my cock poised at her love’s
entrance, and then thrust hard, driving my cock into her
body in one motion, pushing hard until my cock was once
again fully engulfed in the flesh of her womanhood. She
gasped and shoved back against me, murmuring, “Oh, yes,
I love that. Oh, God, I love fucking. I just LOVE

Barbie’s calling me “Daddy Joe” had triggered my
fantasies about Candy again, and in my mind it was Candy
underneath me, Candy’s pussy that was the receptacle of
my throbbing cock. My cock swelled even more in response
to the mental picture and I started pumping in and out
of Barbie, thrusting and pulling back with rapid
motions. She met each of my thrusts with her own,
gasping and panting as she worked her hips up and down
against the pistoning shaft invading her pussy.

She was moaning continuously, little mewling sounds of
pleasure coming from both her throat and her mouth.
Wetting a finger, I put it down into the top of her
crease and massaged her clitoris, rubbing it in time to
my thrusts and withdrawals. In my mind’s eye, it was
Candy’s crease I was massaging and it was her murmuring
the sounds of sexual pleasure. I groaned in response to
the image, my sounds mingling with Barbie’s.

The strokes of my cock combined with the strumming of my
finger on her clitoris was bringing Barbie to the very
brink of orgasm. Her pussy’s clasping and clutching at
my cock and the heat and friction of my strokes deep
into her flesh had me to the same point also, almost
ready to fall into that deep, almost bottomless well of
rapture that accompanies orgasm. Barbie reached up her
hands and grabbed my shoulders, squeezing them in
clutching fingers. “Oh, God, I’m going to cum!” she
shouted. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

I did just that. I drove my cock in and out of her as
fast as I could go. In my fantasy, it was Candy I was
fucking, and I was almost overcome with the feelings of
concupiscence, of sheer unbridled lust, that image

Barbie clamped her knees up against my head and thrust
herself up hard against me, shudders running through her
abdomen. She cried out, “OH GOD! OH GOD!!”

I drove my cock all the way into Barbie’s pussy and held
there, shudders now wracking my body. I pulled out and
thrust in once more. As I did, orgasm overtook me and my
cock started jerking and spewing out sperm into the hot
depths of Barbie’s pussy. She pulled my lips down to
hers and thrust her tongue in and out of my mouth. Our
groans mingled with the other’s just as the hot, liquid
flows of our orgasms mingled inside her body.

We lay like that, overcome with the rapture of our
simultaneous orgasms, for what seemed like an eternity.
As our spasms slowly lessened, I lifted myself and took
Barbie’s legs from my shoulders and lay them back down
on the bed. I then lowered myself back down on her and
resumed our kiss. I could feel her legs wrap around my
hips as she wrapped her arms around me back.

My cock still completely immersed in Barbie’s hot hole,
we lay like that, softly and slowly kissing, making
gentle thrusts against each other’s bodies. My cock
began to shrink, gradually working its way out of
Barbie’s wet recess until it fell completely out and
nestled into her drenching furrow.

I pulled my face up and looked down at hers. She had her
eyes closed and lips slightly apart, still breathing
heavily. She opened her eyes and looked up into mine, a
smile on her face. “Now I know what good fucking is
like,” she said softly. “Now I really know what a REALLY
good orgasm is like. Thank you, Joe.”

I smiled and said, “You’re thanking me? Here you’ve just
given me one on the best experiences of my life, and
you’re thanking me? God, baby, it should be me thanking

She smiled softly, almost shyly, and asked, “I’m a good
fuck? Boys will really think I’m good in bed?”

“Barbie, you’re not only beautiful, but you’re sexy
beyond belief. Yes, you’ll do fine with boys. All you
have to do is find one who wants to give as well as
receive pleasure. There are lots of guys like that, and
I’m sure you’ll find one. When you do, I assure you
he’ll be one lucky guy.”

Before I left and went home, Barbie made me assure her
that I would be available to continue her “lessons” if
she developed an urge to do so. Giving her light kiss on
the lips, I told her that it would be my pleasure to do
so, that making love to her was as much pleasure for me
as it was for her. Her parting words were that she would
give me a call and make arrangements.

That night after I had showered and gone to bed, I once
again thought about Candy, about how she and Barbie had
played together and given each other orgasms. Once
again, I imagined that it had been her instead of Barbie
who had been naked and passionate, and that it had been
Candy, not Barbie, under me as we achieved such a
satisfying orgasm. My cock hardened and stayed hard,
even as I drifted off to sleep.

* * *

I was not surprised when my phone rang several days
later to find Barbie on the other end. I was hoping that
she was going to ask for a renewal of her “lessons.”
Instead, she was excited and wanted to tell me about how
she had met and made love to a boy about her age. She
described it as a “good experience,” not like her first
experience with a boy.

She said she just wanted to call me and let me know her
lessons had paid off and to thank me once again for
showing how good love could be if done right. Even
though I was disappointed, having been looking forward
to at least one more session with Barbie, I expressed my
delight at her new circumstances and wished her
continued good fortune in the arena of love.

When she hung up, I felt the full weight of my forty-
five years.

* * *

One evening, about a week later, Candy called and
indicated that she would be coming home on the following
week-end. With a wry little laugh, she said that she
would have to stay with me instead of Barbie, that
Barbie had a new roommate — a boy this time. At the end
of our conversation, Candy added these words: “And when
I get home, Daddy, there’s something I need to talk with
you about.”

Recognizing that these were words similar to what Barbie
had used, visions of Candy and I making love filled my
mind. Responding to the stimulus, my cock grew instantly
erect and I was forced to relieve myself with a lonely
session of solo love before I was able to go to sleep.
That night, I dreamed that Candy and I made love. It was
the greatest sex I had ever experienced.

The days I spent waiting for Candy to come home from
school were filled with feelings of ambivalence. On one
hand, I recognized that for me to read a sensual message
into Candy’s request to talk with me could be a complete
mistake–she might simply want to talk about a school
problem or something similar. She might even be having a
problem with a boyfriend and want some fatherly advice
about how to deal with it. On the other hand, I still
couldn’t help but recall the very undaughterly kiss she
had given me just before she drove off to Austin.

Not since she was a little girl had she kissed me on the
lips. And she had never before given me a feel of her
tongue as she had when she extended it and brushed it
across my lips. The memory of that kiss filled me with
very unfatherly feelings.

Even though part of me shuddered in revulsion at the
thought of such perverted i****tuous ideas, I couldn’t
prevent myself from feeling over- whelming desire. No
matter how I fought against the idea, I desired my
daughter — desired her with a level of passion and
ardor I had seldom, if ever, felt before. Wrong or not,
I yearned to make love to Candy, to love her as man and
woman make love.

The memory of how Candy’s roommate Barbie and I had made
love was still fresh enough to kindle hot sparks of
lust. I was able to clearly picture in my mind Barbie
and I making oral love and then coupling our bodies in
the classic postures of intercourse. After a few
moments, though, the pictures changed, with the image of
Barbie being replaced by one of Candy.

Before long, fantasies replaced memory, and in them it
was Candy who was naked, it was she that I brought to
orgasm with my mouth, and, finally, it was she who
screamed in rapture as my cock penetrated her depths and
brought her to the utmost height of ecstasy. Those
fantasies kept me with an almost perpetual erection as I
waited out the days before Candy’s return.

* * * *

I left work early on Friday. I knew that Candy would
probably get home around 5:00 pm, and I wanted to be
there when she arrived. I planned to take her to dinner
that evening and wanted to shower and be dressed before
she got there. Rushing into the house, I quickly
undressed and showered.

As I got out of the shower, I walked naked into the
bedroom, where I had my clothes laid out. I was no more
than half-way across the room when I looked up and saw
Candy standing in the doorway. She laughed, embarrassed,
and said, “Oops! Gee, Daddy, I’m sorry. I had no idea
I’d find you naked.”

I’m sure I blushed, because my face became warm. “My
fault, sweetheart. I should have known it was about time
for you to be getting here.” I expected her to be as
embarrassed as I was and to immediately move away from
the door. Instead, she continued to stare at me for
several seconds, taking in my complete nakedness, before
slowly, almost reluctantly, moving her eyes away and
walking toward her room.

I was relieved that she had left, because her looking at
my nakedness like that brought all my fantasies back
with a rush and my cock swelled and erected, standing
rigidly out from groin.

After I finished dressing, I went to Candy’s bedroom. I
was going to volunteer to help her unpack her car, but
found she had already done so. “Hi, Daddy,” she said
with a smile. “You look a little more presentable now.”

I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassment when she
added, “I’m sorry I caught you en flagrante.”

Then she grinnned and added, “Anyway, you might be
interested to know I think you’ve got a great bod for a
forty-five-year-old man.”

“Hah!” I thought, remembering my erection, “if you’d
stayed for a little while longer, you would have REALLY
found out about my body.” Instead of voicing those
words, though, I asked her if she wanted to go out to
dinner. She said she would like that very much, and
asked where we were going.

When I told her we could go anyplace she wanted, she
said she would like for me to take her back to the same
place she, Barbie, and I had gone just before she left
to return to school. She told me she wanted to take a
shower and change clothes first. Grinning the same way
she had before, she said, “Maybe I ought to leave my
door open and give you a chance get even.”

I’m not sure what I mumbled in response, but I beat a
quick retreat to the den to wait for her to get ready.

About thirty minutes later, Candy came into the den and
announced she was ready to go. She wore dressy designer
jeans that clung to her hips as though they had been
painted on and a silken full blouse that emphasized the
swell of her breasts. The dark tresses of her hair were
pinned back in something like a pony-tail, leaving the
features of her face clearly evident. In short, she was
beautiful… and sensual.

That sensuality was something new to me — the only time
she had previously displayed it to me was in the good-
bye kiss. My desire, tamed for a short time, flared up

After we got to the restaurant, we had a drink and
brought each other up to date on our lives. She told me
how she was doing in school and I related how things had
been at home. Well, ALMOST as things had been at home–I
didn’t include the part about how Barbie had asked me to
teach her about love and how I proceeded to do just
that. She brought up the subject of Barbie, though, by
telling me how surprised she had been to find Barbie had
a boy as a roommate. She told me that because Barbie had
been so shy about boys, there must have been something
happen in her life to make her change.

When she said “something happen in her life,” she smiled
a little smile, almost secretive, and gave me one of the
strangest looks I have ever received. From that, I
suspected that Candy might know something about the
relationship between Barbie and me, but was too polite
to bring her knowledge out in the open.

Finally, I asked her why she had decided to come home a
couple of weeks earlier than planned. She gave me a look
similar to the one before and said, “Well, as I told
you, I have something I need to talk with you about.”

I was still completely undecided about Candy and her
newly displayed sensuality, so I pressed her further by
asking her why we couldn’t have talked about it on the
phone. With that same secret expression on her face, she
said, “It’s something that can only be discussed in
person, face to face.”

“Well, we’re in person, face to face, right now. Let me
order us another drink, and we can talk about it now.”

Candy put her hand over mine and patted it. “Oh, Daddy,
you’re so sweet, but we CAN’T talk about it now. After
we get back home we will. Right now, I want you to dance
with me. I haven’t danced a step since we were here
last, and you know how much I like to dance.” Not even
waiting for an answer, she stood up, my hand still in
hers, and led me to the dance floor.

I had been brought up dancing the old-fashioned way
where the boy holds one of the girl’s hands and puts the
other one on her waist. Candy, though, wanted to dance
the modern way and put both her arms around my neck and
snuggled up to me, the front of her body squarely
against mine.

For a moment I let my hands dangle to my side, not sure
what to do with them. I looked around and saw how other
couples were dancing and then followed suit by putting
both my hands on her back. Laughing softly, Candy put
her mouth by my ear and whispered, “Looks like you’re
finally learning to dance the right way.”

Pressed against each other like that, Candy’s little
belly rubbed against my belly and the front of her
thighs pressed their full length against mine. As we
danced, I was totally aware of the contact of our bodies
as leg moved against leg and belly squirmed against

When her crotch moved hard against my groin, I had to
grit my teeth to keep from groaning. The fantasies I had
been working so hard to repress came to the surface of
my mind and my body responded. Even though I willed it
not to happen, my cock swelled and made a protrusion in
the front of my slacks. Candy must have felt it because
she pressed herself even tighter against me.

“Oh, God,” I thought, “this is wrong. This is my own
daughter arousing my lust. Fantasies are one thing, but
this is real, and it’s wrong.” I pulled my hips back,
moving my hard cock from contact with Candy’s groin. She
responded by once again pressing herself against me.
Putting her mouth to my ear, she whispered, “Daddy,
dance with me the way you did with Barbie.”

“But you’re my daughter. It’s not right for father and
daughter to do like we’re doing.”

“I know that, Daddy. It’s what I want, though, so let’s
do it anyway.”

Candy and I danced the rest of the dance pressed close
together. My cock had formed a hard, round knot in my
groin and Candy pressed her jean-covered vee against it,
occasionally grinding herself hard against me. When the
song ended, she held me on the dance floor.

“One more dance, please. Dance another dance with me and
then we can go order, okay?”

If she had known my mental condition, she would have
realized that pleas were not necessary. I would have
gladly stayed on the dance floor all night just so I
could hold her in my arms and press our bodies together.
My fantasies had completely driven out the reality of
the situation, and I was now completely given over to
experiencing the full effects of Candy’s newly
demonstrated sensuality.

After we had danced another dance, Candy kissed me on
the cheek and said, “Thank you, Daddy.” As she leaned
into me to deliver the kiss, her groin pressed hard
against mine. Knowing we were about to break contact,
and reluctant to do so, I pushed my hard cock into the
vee of her groin and ground it into her jean-covered

We stood still in the middle of the dance floor for a
long moment, our sexual areas pressed against each
other, each loathe to separate ourselves from the
pleasurable embrace. Realizing, though, that the music
had stopped and embarrassed about putting on such a
display of lust for all the on-lookers, we broke apart
and went to our table.

Dinner went very quickly, conversation stifled by the
thoughts and recriminations spinning through my head.
Candy had a distant look in her eyes, and I felt that
she too must be considering the actions we had just
completed and what they might lead to. I didn’t know
about her, but my thoughts were confused. One part of me
wanted Candy with a desperation that was almost beyond

I had fantasized about our making love, and it was hard
to drive the fantasy out and make room for the real, the
practical part. The real, the practical, was that Candy
was my daughter, that I should be concerned about
protecting her, not aching to make love to her. My
thoughts were still confused when I paid the bill and we
left to go home.

When we reached home and went into the house, Candy
said, “Daddy, I really do need to talk with you. Why
don’t we put on our night clothes first, though. After
we’ve changed, we can have an after dinner drink and
talk. Okay?” All I could do was nod my approval.

I changed to pajamas and a robe and went into the
kitchen and mixed us some drinks. As I was carrying them
into the den, Candy came in. She appeared to be dressed
as I was, with a robe covering her. I didn’t see any
pajamas covering her legs, so she either had on shorty
pajamas, or, and my blood raced at the idea, nothing at
all. My hand trembled a little as I handed her drink.
Her hand also had a tremble as she took it.

Candy and I sat there in silence for a few minutes,
sipping our drinks. She looked at me and our eyes met
and locked. I knew that whatever the outcome, it was
time to start our conversation. I took the initiative by
asking, “What’s this problem you need to talk about,

Candy smiled shyly and said, “I’ve rehearsed this a
thousand times, but still don’t know for sure how to say
it.” She paused, looking down at her lap, and then
looked up, saying, “Well, I guess you could say that in
a way I’m jealous.”

“Jealous? Has someone stolen a boyfriend away from you?”

Candy smiled, a rueful, crooked grin, and said, “Well,
not that exactly, but it is something like that.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, do you remember when you and Barbie danced just
before I left for Austin last time? Sort of like the way
we danced tonight, only more so?”

“Yes, baby, I remember.”

“Daddy, I was jealous of Barbie. I was jealous of how
she held you so close, of how aroused she was. Seeing
the two of you act like that bothered me. It bothered me

“Gee, baby, I’m sorry. After all, it was you who got us
to dance together.”

“Oh, no, Daddy, I’m not scolding you. What happened was
perfectly natural. After all, Momma has been dead for
over two years, and you’re bound to have needs and
drives that need to be satisfied. No, that wasn’t what
bothered me. What bothered me was…uh, well…I wished
it had been me rather than Barbie.”

There wasn’t anything I could say that could properly
respond to her statement. I wanted to say, “Oh, God,
Barbie, I wish it had been you, too,” but this was my
daughter I was talking to. I didn’t know where she would
take the conversation from there, and I sure didn’t want
to embarrass her or offend her. Instead, all I said was
“umm-hmm,” urging her to continue.

“What’s made it worse,” she continued, “is that I’ve
talked with Barbie. Daddy, she told me what she did to

I grimaced and waved my hands in a gesture of
resignation. I knew Candy and Barbie were close friends,
but I hadn’t expected Barbie to tell Candy about our
brief affair.

“Oh, Daddy, she didn’t just come out and tell me — I
had to worm it out of her. Besides, I approve. It was
real sweet of you, and it really helped her.” Candy
laughed and continued, “Boy, DID it help her. I could
hardly believe she would have a live-in boyfriend.”
Candy reached out a hand and patted mine, saying, “No,
Daddy, I’m not bothered by that.” She gripped my hand
hard now and very quietly and softly said, “What I’m
bothered about is that what you did for her I need as
bad, if not worse, than she did.”

I pulled my hand back and sat up. “Candy, are you

Candy dropped her hands to her lap and clasped them
together. Looking me directly in the eyes, a serious
expression on her face, she said, “Yes, that’s EXACTLY
what I’m suggesting. Daddy, I’m nineteen years old, and
I’m still a virgin. I’ve wanted to have sex, wanted it
desperately, but I’ve been afraid of all the boys I’ve
dated. They were rough and pawed at me.

“Daddy, I’ve laid awake at night and listened to you and
Momma. That’s told me that sex doesn’t have to be rough.
I heard Momma moan from the pleasure you gave her.
That’s how I want sex to be, that’s how I want my
special first time to be. Daddy, that’s why I want my
first time to be with you.”

“Sweetheart, you’re my daughter. We can’t…”

“Oh, Daddy, we CAN. Our being daughter and father is
what makes it so possible. Daddy, I love you and I know
you love me. That love is what makes it so special, so

Still feeling doubts about the reality versus the
fantasy of committing i****t, I said, “But Candy….”

“You think I’m not as pretty or desirable as Barbie,
don’t you? Well, you’re wrong!” Candy said, defiantly.
She stood up, and after untieing the sash around her
waist, pulled her robe from off her shoulders and let it
drop to the floor. I had to repress a gasp at what I
saw. Candy stood there before me dressed in baby-doll
pajamas made of the sheerest material possible.

Her breasts filled out the pajama tops, her nipples and
their surrounding dusky circles clearly visible through
the thin material. Down below, in the sheer panty
bottoms, a dark swath showed at her groin. She had an
abundant growth of pubic hair and it could be seen
through the tissue-thin fabric that left little to the
imagination. My heart beat at a rapid pace–seeing her
like that, in those sheerest-of-sheer pajamas, was as
arousing as seeing her nude.

Candy reached down to the bottom of her pajama top and
with a swift motion pulled it up and over her head,
revealing the glory of her breasts that had only been
hinted at before. With the top removed, I could see them
in all their splendor — firm, round, and not sagging
even a millimeter. Each one was centered with a darker
circle, and from them, the hard nubbins of her nipples
stood proudly erect. She put her hands up and cupped the
white mounds, pushing them upward.

“My boobs are bigger and fuller than Barbie’s. I know,
because as she told you, we’ve seen each other naked.”
She leaned forward, pushing her breasts even closer to
me. “Admit it, Daddy, they’re nicer than Barbie’s,
aren’t they?”

I couldn’t make my voice work to answer her. Viewing her
magnificent breasts, seeing her act in such an erotic
way had made me virtually inarticulate. I could only nod
my head and manage finally to whisper a strangled “Yes.”

Candy put her hands on the waist band of her pajama
bottoms and slowly pushed them downward. She wiggled her
hips, working the wisp of fabric down until the slightly
rounded bulge of stomach was revealed. Giving her hips
another twist, she pushed the panties down until they
were around her hips. My cock had already come erect,
making a hard bulge in the front of my pajamas at the
sight of Candy’s breasts, but now, as the dark tresses
of her bushy groin came into view, it jerked and pushed
out the front of my robe. No matter what words I might
use on Candy, my desire could not be denied.

Reaching further down, Candy pushed her panties until
they were around her knees. At this point, they released
and fell to her feet. She stepped one foot out of them
and then lifted the other up and removed the briefs from
her foot. I had felt lust before, but the sight of
Candy’s pussy made me tremble with an overpowering rush
of desire. I wanted nothing else at that point but to
grab her and sink my throbbing cock into that furrow, to
find her hidden depths and push my shaft in until I had
buried its full length into the deep recesses of her
young, hot flesh.

With her panties removed, Candy now stood before me
completely nude with nothing to hide the full extent of
her beauty from me. Where she had seemed a little shy
and hesitant before, her posture and the look she gave
me now spoke of boldness.

She was enjoying the strip tease performance, she was
exulting in showing me her totally nude body. Without
saying a word, she turned around so that her back was to
me, the fullness of her firm, hard buttocks revealed to
me. I had always thought Marilyn Chambers had the best
ass ever put on a woman, but the one Candy now displayed
to me was every bit as good if not better.

Looking back at me over her shoulder, Candy put her
hands on her buttocks, one hand on each of the firm
globes. She kneaded them and then spread them apart,
showing me the little indention of her anus. Between
those cheeks I could see the crease of her vagina and
the soft, furry pubic hair that extended down to between
her legs.

“Daddy, my bottom is twice as nice as Barbie’s. My ass
is hard and firm. Barbie’s is soft.” She delved her
fingers into the cleavage between the cheeks and stroked
them up and down. “My ass is better, isn’t it? Come on,
Daddy, tell me you like mine better.”

“Candy, your ass is absolutely perfect,” I managed to
whisper, unable to tear my eyes away from the firmness
of her buttocks and especially the area down below them.
My cock was drooling now, pre-come wetting its head and
soaking my pajamas.

Candy turned back around to where she once again faced
me. With her revealed to me like that I realized that
she was far more beautiful and desirable than Barbie had
been. Candy was about three inches shorter than Barbie,
and where Barbie had a model’s body, Candy’s was fuller,
more lush. Her hips flared out wider and her thighs were
fuller and more firm. Her breasts were full but not
overly large — good handfuls, ready to be caressed and

She was like a ripe fruit, ready to be savored, ready to
be devoured. I could hardly believe that a girl so
beautiful, so ready, could still be a virgin. It was
even harder to believe that she was asking me, her
father, to be the one to take that virginity, to be the
first one to taste that ripened fruit.

Candy put her hand on her stomach and slowly traced it
down through her pubic hair to the top of her feminine
furrow. With one finger extended, she probed down
between her labial lips. Pulling her finger back out,
she held it up, wet and shiny with her moisture. “Look
how wet I am. This shows how much I need you. Oh, God,
Daddy, please don’t make me beg!”

By this time, all thoughts of any reservations I might
have had, recriminations about the enormity of i****t,
were gone. They were replaced by the reality of what was
happening. The fantasies I had entertained about Candy
and me making love were no longer just day dreams. There
was no way I could refuse Candy her request. Further,
there was no way I could deny any more my long
suppressed desire to have Candy, to know her in the most
intimate way possible.

Candy took a step forward to where she was right in
front of me, only a step away. She looked down at me
sitting here and in a soft voice said, “Daddy, I know
you’re attracted to me, that you want me as much I want
you. I felt you when we danced. You were hard, and your
hardness pressed against me. God, it felt so good that I
wanted us to make love right there on the spot.” She
looked down at my lap, at the tent my cock was making of
the front of my pajamas and robe.

“You’re that way right now. You can’t deny it — I can
see how your penis is causing the front of your robe to
stand up.”

Suddenly, Candy knelt down between my knees. She took my
robe and spread its front apart, revealing my pajamas.
Underneath their thin cotton fabric, my cock was rigid
and throbbing, pressing the cloth up like a tent pole
under an Indian tepee. At the top of the bulge, directly
over the head of my penis, a circle of moisture had
formed, soaking the cloth with my pre- come.

Reaching out, Candy put her hand on the bulge and
grasped my cock. Even through the fabric, the touch was
electric, and I gasped at the pleasure her hand gave me.
Working the pajama fly open, Candy put her hand inside
and pulled my cock out. It was hard as a steel rod and
wet with the flow of my lust.

Putting her hand around it, she said, “Feel how hard you
are — you’re as aroused as I am. This is what I want.
Use this on me, make love to me, teach me how to love
you. Daddy, make a real woman of me. I don’t care what
you have to do — pretend I’m Barbie if you have to —
but take me to bed and love me. Daddy, take me to bed
and… and… fuck me.” She squeezed my cock hard and
muttered, “Oh, God, yes! Fuck me! Really fuck me.”

I put my hand under Candy’s chin and pulled her head up
so that she faced me. Talking quietly, I said, “Candy,
sweetheart, it’s impossible for me to pretend you’re
Barbie.” Even though a look of disappointment came on
her face, I continued, “You see, every time I made love
to Barbie, in my mind I was making love to you. Every
time I touched her, it was you I was touching. Every
time she had an orgasm, I pretended it was you who was

While I was talking the expression on her face changed
from disappointment to wonder. She whispered, “You

“I mean that ever since you developed into a woman, I’ve
longed to make love to you. I hid my desire because I
knew that would be i****t.” Looking down at where she
still had my cock in my hand, I said, “As you can see, I
can’t hide it any more.” My cock throbbed in her hand,
and I continued, “Yes, you’re right, baby, I DO want you
as bad as you want me. Probably even more. So if you
really do want me to make love to you, there’s nothing
in the world I want more than that.”

In almost a groan, Candy said, “YES! Oooh, Daddy, yes,

Standing up, Candy fell against me, her breasts against
my chest, her vagina right on top of my cock. Still
whispering, “Yes, yes, yes,” Candy brought her mouth
against mine, her lips hungrily seeking out mine. As our
mouths came together, Candy speared her tongue between
my lips and drove it into my mouth, working it
feverishly around and around.

She squirmed her buttocks and hips so that my cock moved
between her labial lips and into her wet furrow.
Clamping her wetness around it, she gyrated her hips and
moaned in pleasure at the touch of flesh upon flesh.
Finally breaking the kiss, Candy whispered, “Take me to
bed now, Daddy. Take me to bed and make me a woman. Love
me like a man and woman are supposed to love.”

Standing up, I lifted Candy into my arms and carried her
down the hall to the bedroom. She pulled my face to hers
and kissed me as we journeyed on her last step toward

Lowering her gently, I put Candy on the bed, facing up
to me. Her lush young body, now completely revealed, was
so beautiful that I had to pause and savor it. The
crease of her maidenhood showed through the abundant
growth of pubic hair, and with her legs spread slightly
apart as they were, it gaped apart, allowing a small
glimpse of its inner portions. Her breasts, somewhat
flattened from her position, were nonetheless firm,
quivering only slightly as she breathed.

At the top of each of them, her nipples stood up stiffly
from the middle of the crinkled areas of their
surrounding areolas. I had fantasized about Candy, about
how she would look nude, aroused, eager to love me, and
now it was no longer fantasy. I thought of what lay
ahead for us and reveled at the prospect.

“Sweetheart, you’re so beautiful,” I said, at last
breaking the silence. “I’ve dreamed of seeing you like
this, of our making love, and now it’s happening in real
life. The real you is so much better than any of my
dreams or fantasies.”

Candy smiled, enjoying the compliment, and said, “I
thought you’d like me if you got a chance to see me.”
Smiling wider, she added, “See ALL of me, that is.”

“Baby, I more than like you, I LOVE you — ALL of you,
every part.”

Candy put one hand between her legs and cupped a breast
with the other one. Still smiling that wide, coquettish
smile, she said, “But you like some parts better than
others, don’t you?”

Smiling back at her, I said, “Yes, baby, some parts are
better. Especially those parts I hadn’t seen before.”

Candy took her hands away from her body and gestured up
at me. “You get naked, too. Take off your clothes so
that I can all parts of you, too.”

I grinned at her and said, “But you’ve already seen me
naked. Remember?”

Grinning back at me, she said, “Yeah, I sure haven’t
forgotten. I wanted to stay and look, but I was afraid
you’d get embarrassed.” She looked down to where my cock
was forcing the front of my robe out and said, “But
you’re different now from how you were then. Now you’re
aroused, and I want to see you like that.” The
expression on her face turned serious and speaking more
softly, she said, “Besides, things are different now.
Now we’re going to be lovers, aren’t we?”

Taking off my robe, I said, “Yes, sweetheart, now we’re
going to be lovers. I’m going to give you the best
loving I know how.” I unbuttoned my pajama top and
dropped it to the floor. Untieing the draw string to my
bottoms, I lowered them, pushing them down so that they
allowed my cock to spring out free from confinement. I
dropped them to my feet and stepped out of them,
completely nude, my cock standing out almost straight
from my body. Now I was as naked as Candy.

Candy’s eyes widened slightly and she took a deep breath
as she stared at my rampant manhood. “God, Daddy, you’re
beautiful, too. I like ALL of you, too,” she whispered.
She reached out a hand to me and said, “Get on the bed
with me. Get here close to me–I want to feel your body
close to mine.”

I stretched out on the bed alongside Candy and turned on
my side facing her. She turned toward me and
immediately, without a word being spoken, we were in
each other’s arms. She clutched at me and pressed
herself close, pushing her breasts into my chest.

She whispered, “Oh, God, Daddy! Yes. Close, just like
this. Hold me, Daddy. Hold me close to you.” I wrapped
my arms around her and dropped my hands down to her firm
buttocks. When she had turned to show me her ass, I
ached to hold and stroke them. Now they were in my hands
and I could love them all I wanted. “Oh, yes, touch me,
Daddy.” She put her lips almost against mine and
whispered, “Kiss me, too. Touch me and kiss me.”

Candy pressed her lips against mine and our mouths
blended and melted together. There was nothing of father
and daughter in the kiss: it was a lover’s kiss–wet,
exciting, and expressive of the urgency of our arousal.
Our mouths opened and our tongues explored, swirling and
stroking. The pace of her breathing increased and mine
did too. I stroked her buttocks and kneaded them gently,
loving the feel of the firm globes in my hands.

Using just a light touch, I moved my hands down to where
the cleft between her cheeks disappeared, and felt the
tender, sensitive flesh hidden in that secret area of
her femininity. She was wet there, slick with the flow
of a woman aroused. I moved my fingers across the
slippery flesh at the top of her thighs and she moaned,
the sound muffled by our kiss.

Candy broke the kiss and in a whisper, almost a moan,
said, “Oooooo, I love this. This is my deepest, most
secret fantasy coming true.”


“Daddy, you told me you had longed to make love to me
for a long time. Well, I’ve felt the same way about you.
At night, when I listened to you and Momma love each
other, I fantasized it was me, not Momma, you were
making love to. One night I sneaked to your door and
peeked in. She was on top of you, and you were holding
each other, and you were both moaning. I could see
Momma’s bottom moving up and down, and I knew she had
you inside her.” She stroked her fingers across my cheek
and continued, “That was the night I touched myself for
the first time. I was so excited, I trembled all over.
After I got back in bed, I thought about your being
inside Momma, up between her legs, and I felt down
between my legs, down to that spot where a man goes in.

“It felt so good to touch there and I soon had both my
hands down, touching and rubbing. I could hardly believe
how wet I got. It kept feeling better and better and I
just kept climbing higher and higher. Then it happened.
I had an orgasm. I had my very first orgasm the night I
saw you and Momma making love.

“Every time after that when you and Momma made love, I
listened and touched myself. I pretended it was you
touching me, that you were inside me like you were
inside Momma. I could hear when you and Momma had an
orgasm, and I would try to come at the same time. That
way, I could dream that it was you making me come and
that I was the one who made you come.”

Her revelation aroused me to a pitch I had never before
achieved. I pulled her closer against me, pressing the
little nubbins of her nipples into my chest. My cock
throbbed, down where it pushed against her thigh, and
more of my pre-come gushed out, making her leg even more
slippery from my hot flow. I groaned and whispered, “Oh,
God, baby, I had no idea.”

“That’s why I got upset about Barbie–she got to live
out my fantasy, my fantasy of making love with you.”

I held her closer to me and whispered, “Baby, baby, I’m
so sorry. If I’d only known….”

“Shhh, Daddy,” Candy said, putting her lips to mine to
stop my protests. Pulling her lips slightly away so that
they barely touched mine, she said, “Here I am making
you feel bad, and it wasn’t your fault at all. I just
wanted you to know that my feelings toward you are just
like the ones you have for me.”

Her lips curved into a smile and she continued, “You DO
have to make up for it, though. You have to do
everything to me that you did to Barbie. Then you have
to do more. I want you to do MORE to me than you did to
Barbie. Daddy, I want us to do EVERYTHING. We’ve got a
whole weekend, and you have to show and do everything to

I could hardly believe this was my little girl Candy
telling me this. Pure, unadulterated lust flowed through
me, and I felt hot all over. I growled deep in my throat
and pushed her onto her back. Shifting up, I leaned down
across her and put my chest down and crushed it against
the firmness of her breasts.

“Yes, baby, yes,” I muttered. “We’ll do everything. When
we get through, there won’t be anything we haven’t done.
I’m going to love you like I’ve never loved anyone
before.” Putting my mouth against hers, I drove my
tongue into the warmth and wetness of her mouth. I used
it wildly, its thrusts mirroring the heights of passion
Candy’s words had driven me to. She wrapped an arm
around my back and pulled me even closer, growling in
her throat as I had done. I shivered in anticipation of
the weekend ahead of us–two whole days of nothing but

As we kissed, I put a hand on her breasts. I stroked
lightly across their undercurves and then moved up to
their areolas. Alternating between them, I drew little
circles around the nipples, lightly tracing my
fingertips on the crinkly dark ovals crowning their
fullness. She arched her back up toward my hand and
murmured a soft “ummnnn” into my mouth.

I touched the nipples, just brushing my fingers across
them. She muttered an “Ahh” and arched her back even
higher. Taking her breasts one at a time, I squeezed
them and kneaded them gently, brushing my palm across
the nipples as I did so. Her back was now several inches
off the bed as she arched it up and offered her breasts
for my caresses.

As much as I enjoyed touching her breasts, I was even
more drawn to the area below. I remembered how wet and
pink her furrow had been when she removed her pajama
bottoms, and I longed to touch her there, to put my
fingers into that cleft of womanhood she had revealed to
me. Taking my hand away from her breasts, I slowly moved
it down her front. When I came to the little indentation
of her navel, I drew a little circle around it with my
fingertips, just brushing lightly and teasingly.

Leaving her little belly-button, I moved lower. With
just the tips of my fingers, I drew a line down the
little roundedness of her belly, down to where her
temple of Venus was hidden away. She gasped at the touch
and shivered, the muscles of her stomach tensing up in
anticipation of my hand reaching its goal. As my fingers
moved into the forest of her black pubic hair, Candy
bent her legs at the knees and drew her feet up. When I
at last found her hidden furrow, she moved her knees
apart and opened herself up to fully receive my invading

After my hand found its goal, I moved two fingers into
the channel. Her labial lips were swollen, filled by her
arousal. Using two fingers, I stroked the inside of one
from near the bottom up to the top, to where it joined
the other. As I stroked slowly upward, my fingers came
to her clitoris. It was huge — far larger than any I
had ever encountered before, like a hard acorn centered
in her furrow, forcing the lips to gape open around it.
Candy jerked her hips and gasped as my fingers barely
brushed against its sensitivity.

Using the same two fingers, I traced down the other
puffed-out lip and followed it back down to where it
widened out. The whole area between her legs was slick
and creamy, coated with the evidence of her newly
revealed passion. I was amazed at how aroused she was.
Realizing that I had lived with this little nymph for
nineteen years and had never seen evidence of her
feelings for me nor recognized the depths of her
sensuality filled me with a sense of wonder.

Dipping my fingers into the wide area of her vulva, I
found the entrance to her tunnel. I traced my finger
around the opening, toying with its edges, and then
slipped a finger tip into the recess. Her hips moved up
against my probing finger and her tongue went wild in my
mouth. I continued my probing until almost half my
finger was inserted into her. Her hips undulated against
my hand as her pussy sought to imitate the fuck it was
longing to receive. Responding to my touches, she was
soon panting into my mouth, barely able to sustain our

I twisted my finger in slow gyrations, stretching and
teasing the tight entrance to her vagina. Reacting to
the motions, she squirmed her hips in counter circles,
and my hand was soon slick with her juices, almost as if
it had been bathed in her girl flow. Finally having my
hand where it had been in so many of my fantasies made
my blood race. My cock throbbed against her side,
pulsing as if it had a life of its own, eager to replace
my finger and delve into Candy’s tight, hot inner body.

I slowly extracted my finger from within Candy and let
it trace a path right up the center of her wet furrow.
Just touching lightly, I slowly moved it up to where it
came against her swollen, bulging clitoris. Moving my
finger tip on top of the hard little knob, I caressed it
with just the gentlest of strokes. Its hood was pulled
back, allowing full access to its firm, sensitive flesh.

Candy murmured, “Oh god,” saying the words right into my
mouth. Her hips began to jerk and twist, and she shoved
them against my hand, pressing herself hard against me.
Suddenly, her stomach started shuddering in little
spasms and her knees jerked together, clamping my hand
between them.

Still able to move my finger, I continued the soft
strokes of Candy’s swollen, exposed clitoris. She flung
an arm across my shoulder and dug her fingers into my
back, moaning into my mouth. Unable to bear the
escalation of pleasure any longer, she dropped both arms
by her sides, and using them and her feet for leverage,
thrust her hips up, arching her back a full foot off the
bed. The small shudders that had shaken her belly before
increased in their intensity and her hips were soon
jerking and twisting.

Pulling her mouth from mine, she moved her head to the
side and moaned, “Ohhh, God, Daddy.” I could feel the
hand next to me clutch the sheet as she balled it up
into a fist. Suddenly she went rigid, the muscles of her
stomach and thighs straining and hard. She moved her
head from side to side and muttered, “Ahh, Ahh.” Then
she arched her head back, straining it against the
pillow, and screamed, “Dadddieee! Ooohhhh, God,

The whole insides of her legs convulsed against my hand
and spasms undulated up and down her furrow, moving
against my finger in wave after wave. They continued
like this for at least thirty seconds before gradually
decreasing. She was moaning continuously, a soft
crooning sound of rapture.

Slowly, the spasms became less intense and she gradually
relaxed, the muscles in her thighs and stomach
softening. Her legs moved apart, releasing my hand from
their grasp. Her hips slowly descended until her back
once again was on the bed.

Still breathing hard, she whispered, “I came Daddy. Oh,
God, I just came and came and came. I’ve longed for this
so much that I knew all it would take was one touch
between my legs and I’d be gone. Ohhh, Daddy, that was
sooo good. That’s the best it’s ever been for me.”

“Later on, it will get even better,” I said.

“I’ll die if it does. I don’t think I can bear anything

“You will, baby, you will. And it will only get better,
sweet- heart. Better and better.”

Candy’s hand was right next to where my cock touched her
side. She moved it to where her fingers came into
contact with my shaft and lightly stroked them up and
down its length, spreading the wetness of my pre-come
over its surface. Wrapping her fingers around my cock,
she whispered, “How about now? Can we start right now? I
want you to feel what I just felt. I tell from how hard
you are that you’re ready.” She gave my shaft a hard
squeeze and continued, “Daddy, let’s fuck now. I want to
feel this up inside me, deep inside me. I want to feel
you when you come. I want you to come long and hard just
like I did.”

“Yes, baby, if you’re ready for it, we’ll do it right
now. But remember, with this being your first time, it
might hurt a little. I’ll try to be as gentle as
possible, but sometimes nothing can prevent a girl from
experiencing some pain the first time. It usually
doesn’t last long, though–the pleasure soon drives the
pain away.”

“I know I told you I was a virgin, and that’s so–I’ve
never fucked before. But one time when I was listening
to you and Momma I got pretty carried away and pushed my
fingers in real deep. I felt something tear, and it hurt
a little. I even found a little blood on me the next
morning. Since I did that back then, it may not hurt
this time.”

My mind formed a mental picture of her playing with
herself in bed, getting so aroused that she deflowered
herself, and my cock jerked in response to the image. I
was finding out more and more about my daughter that I
hadn’t even suspected.

More and more I was finding how sexual she was, how
passion had ran just below her surface, unrevealed until
now. She wasn’t any longer my little girl–she was a
passionate, fully matured female, ready and eager for me
to bring her sexuality to complete fruition. Even though
I was in one way disappointed that it wouldn’t be me who
ridded her of her maidenhead, I was relieved that I
wouldn’t have to bring her the pain of defloweration.

“It sounds like you took care of your maidenhead then.
You’re right, it probably won’t hurt now. Still, though,
let’s not take any chances. We’ll do it the way that a
virgin should do it the first time, with you on top.”

Candy smiled a soft smile and said, “Like I saw you and
Momma doing it? Just like I dreamed about? Oh, yes,
let’s do it like that. It will be like it was when I
went back to bed and pretended, only it will be real
this time. This time I really will have you inside me.”

She squirmed her hips around, and with excitement
showing in her voice, said, “Oh, God, let’s do it right
now. Just thinking about it sends shivers through me.”
She took my hand and moved it down to her vee, pressing
it into her wet flesh. “Feel how wet I am. Just feel how
ready I am.”

I could hardly believe the sheer wantonness of that
action. She had just finished a shuddering orgasm and
now she was asking for more–asking me, no, almost
begging me, to fuck her. Her passion was far greater
than I could have fantasized about even in my wildest of
fantasy and I trembled in lust, trembled with an
overpowering desire to give her what she wanted: to have
my cock buried to its base in her young body.

I turned over on my back, my cock thrusting up erect and
quivering from my groin. I looked down at it and its
head was inflamed, a dark plum color. It was wet, too,
the flow of my pre-come dribbling down and drenching it.
I touched Candy and said, “Get up over me. Straddle me
so that you can lower yourself down on me.”

Candy did as I said, putting her knees on each side of
my hips, her vee just above my straining cock. Her
furrow gaped open, and her swatch of hair was wet,
clinging to her pubis in little curls. I reached down
and held my cock still, pointing it right up to the
entrance to Candy’s vagina. “Now, baby, lower yourself
down on me. Do it real slow and easy. Take just as much
as you comfortably can. If it starts to hurt, just stop
and let the pain pass. This way, you’re in control. You
get to set the pace.”

With a frown of concentration on her face, Candy lowered
her hips until my cock made contact with her wet furrow.
She squirmed, positioning herself until the head of my
cock nudged into the recess of her sheath. Tilting her
head back slightly, she closed her eyes and slowly
lowered herself onto my hardness, engulfing it in her
hot, wet flesh.

Although she was incredibly tight, the combination of
her lubrication and my pre-come facilitated penetration.
One inch of my cock disappeared and then another. Candy
let out her breath and then lowered herself until her
pussy had swallowed about half my shaft.

The walls of her tunnel pressed tightly around its hard
invader and created some of the most pleasurable
sensations I could recall. I had thought my first
journey into Barbie’s pussy was one of my most memorable
experiences, but it paled in comparison to the pleasure
that now rushed through my body.

Thus far, other than feeling my cock force the walls of
her tunnel apart, there been no obstruction, no
obstacles to my journey into the depths of Candy’s body.
Her maidenhead no longer existed. It looked like we
would be free to continue without the inconvenience of
even momentary pain. She still had her eyes closed,
though, and the slight frown was still on her face. “You
okay, sweetheart?” I asked. “Is it hurting any?”

She opened her eyes and smiled. “No… it doesn’t hurt.
It’s just a strange, new feeling–like my whole belly is
filling up.” She leaned forward, putting her hands by my
side, and forced more of her pussy down over my cock.

“My belly is filling up with my Daddy’s cock,” she
murmured, almost to herself. Then, with a grunt and a
sudden downward thrust of her hips, she impaled herself
on the remaining portion of my cock. At last, I was all
the way in her, my cock buried completely in Candy’s
teenage pussy. Having accomplished her goal, she leaned
down, letting her breasts brush across my chest, and
whispered, “Ah, all of it. All of Daddy’s cock… all
the way inside me.”

Thank goodness she stayed still. If she had moved even
an inch, I would have filled her pussy right then and
there with my come. Finally achieving my desire to make
love with Candy was so arousing that it would have taken
little more to send me beyond my already stretched-to-
the-limit control.

For long moments, we remained motionless like that–
pubic hair intermeshed and pubic bones pressed together.
Even without motion, it was pure, unabated pleasure. The
warmth and moisture of her vagina pressing in on all
portions of my cock felt so good I would have gladly
remained like that for hours, just savoring the
pleasure, enjoying the contact of our sexual flesh.

Eventually, though, Candy lifted herself until her torso
was erect above me. Using her knees and thighs, she
raised herself about an inch, withdrawing the sheath of
her vagina from off my cock by that amount. Then,
reversing the motion, she once again came down, taking
all my cock back inside her warm confines. As she hit
bottom, she squirmed herself against the hardness of my
pubis, grinding her clitoris on it. “Ohhh, yes,” she

She repeated the action one more time, bringing the hard
nubbin of her clitoris into even harder contact with the
base of my cock. Then, holding still, she looked down at
me and said, “I did it, Daddy. Just like in my dreams, I
got all my Daddy’s cock up into my belly.” She lifted
herself even higher than before, and then thrust down
hard on me. “Daddy, we’re fucking. We’re finally,
finally fucking!”

Using just a little rocking motion, Candy moved back and
forth, moving her pussy up and down my cock in little
short strokes. Right above me, her breasts jiggled from
the motion. If nothing else had indicated the extent of
her arousal, her breasts would have. The nipples were
fully erect and jutting straight out.

Even the areolas around them were swollen and puffed
out, their crinkles gone. Unable to resist them, I put
my hands up and made love to those firm, magnificent
globes. She put her hands on top of mine and pressed
them into her flesh, pressing them deeply into the
pillows of her femininity.

Gradually, Candy increased her tempo, bouncing up and
down at a faster pace. As she did, the up-and-down
strokes became longer, and my pleasure climbed to meet
hers. I felt shudders and little contractions of
pleasure grasp her pussy, causing it to squeeze down on
my cock. I knew from that that she was having a series
of mini-orgasms that would intensify until they combined
into one big one. She murmured her pleasure each time a
contraction hit and moaned in joy from the feeling.

Candy took my hands away from her breasts and then
leaned down to where our faces were only inches apart.
“I’m fucking you, Daddy. How do you like it? Did Barbie
do this to you?”

“No, sweetheart, Barbie and I didn’t do it like this.
This is just for you and me.”

“Good,” she said, putting her mouth on mine and driving
her tongue into my mouth.

Candy stretched herself so that she now lay on top of me
in the classic missionary position. She moved her pussy
up and down on my shaft, using long strokes. Combined
with them, she gyrated her hips in circles, twisting her
pussy around my cock with each of her strokes. The
motions were working their spell on me, but they were
affected her even more. Her mini-orgasms were almost
continuous now and her juices were flowing out and
covering my balls and running down the crack of my ass.
We were making a marvelous wet spot.

I reached down and caressed the smooth skin of her
buttocks. I could feel their muscles clench up each time
she thrust down and then feel them rise on each of her
up strokes. Her stomach muscles pressed against mine and
the shudders and contractions that moved through them
transferred to mine.

I spread my legs apart and lifted them, wrapping them
around her waist. Using them for leverage, I started
reciprocating her thrusts, driving upward to meet each
of her downward thrusts. We were soon panting into each
other’s mouths, climbing the ascent toward orgasm at a
breakneck speed.

Candy started softly muttering, “Oh god… Oh god… Oh
god!” gradually increasing the pace of her hip motions.
Suddenly, she pulled her face away of mine and threw her
head back with eyes closed.

“Oh god, Daddy!”

The little shudders and contractions that she had had
earlier now became hard convulsions, shaking her and
causing her whole pelvis to tremble. Using my legs, I
pulled her groin hard against mine and ground my pubic
bone into her clitoris. She collapsed against me, her
breasts crushed against my chest, and shook and panted
as her orgasm took control of her, shaking her with its

Gradually, her shudders lessened and she relaxed against
me, totally spent from the intensity of the orgasm. She
lifted her up and softly said, “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, sweetheart,” I answered.

“You didn’t come, did you?” she asked.

“Not yet. But I’m not far from it.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Daddy. I told you I wanted you to have
the same kind of pleasure I had, and all I did was have
it all over again and leave you high and dry.”

I chuckled and said, “Who said I was through?”

She grinned and said, “Not me.”

I lifted Candy from off me and turned her on her back.
Getting on my knees, I moved up between her legs. I took
hold of each of her legs and spread them wide apart,
lifting them up with knees bent so they formed a saddle
for me. Then I moved a pillow to her hips and lifted her
so I could put it under them.

Now she was ready for me. My cock throbbed in
anticipation of entry into the wide-open pussy that lay
before it, just inches away. Now I was ready to show her
some REAL fucking, ready to show her how a cock and
pussy were really supposed to fit together. Candy
watched me throughout all this, silent, eyes wide.

Grasping my cock by the base, I ran its head up and down
her furrow, concentrating on her clitoris. Then I guided
it down to her tunnel, still open from her fucking me,
and nudged it into her. Thrusting my hips forward
slowly, I pushed my cock into Candy’s body.

Soon, it was down to where its base was pushed firmly
into the wet, pink flesh of her furrow. I pulled it out
and then thrust it back in, hard and fast. Since she had
already come, I didn’t have to have any concern about
her being satisfied–it was my time now, time for me to
fully enjoy the pleasure of her body, to live out the
fantasy of fucking the young, hot body of my little

I lifted both of Candy’s legs up, spreading the vee of
her vulva wide, exposing all the wet flesh of her
furrow. I could see where my cock entered into her, and
I shoved hard, watching it as it drove in until my belly
thrust into her wetness. I pulled out until just the
head was left inside her and thrust in again, pushing as
hard as I could.

Stretching my legs out below me, I put my hands
alongside her shoulders and started pistoning in and out
as hard and fast as I could go. Candy spread her legs
out all the way and put them over mine, her ankles
locked across my calves. As I came down on my thrusts,
she raised her hips up with a thrust of her own. Her
eyes were even wider now, and she grunted, “Oh, God,

“Is this hurting you, baby?” I asked.

“Hurting? Oh, God, no! It’s just so good, it’s almost
unbelievable.” As she hunched her hips up to meet me,
she murmured, “Ummmnnnn.” She reached up and grasped my
shoulders with her hands and said, “Oh, I love it this
way. I love it hard and fast.” She moved her legs from
my calves and wrapped them around my hips, and hunching
her hips up toward me, muttered, “Ooooh, I’m going to
come AGAIN! Oh, God, Daddy, DO IT! Do it hard… HARD!”

Putting my hands under her hips, I continued to drive my
cock in and out of her clutching, clenching hot tunnel.
“Yeah, baby, hard, hard,” I murmured. I could feel my
orgasm building to a crescendo. I had waited so long to
finally make love to Candy that it had built up to one
of the highest peaks of my life.

The way her hot flesh clutched against mine, the
slippery friction of oily flesh rubbing against oily
flesh, was taking me beyond any point of control. I was
panting like a runner doing a marathon and the pressure
of my semen was a volcano ready to erupt. I felt her
pussy tighten down on my cock and the muscles of her
belly tighten.

Her buttocks clenched in my hands, drawing up into
little knots. In a half moan, half cry, she screamed,
“Ohhhhhh, Daddy! Ohhhhh, oh, oh, oooooooohhhhhh!” She
opened her eyes and moaned, “Oh, God, come now. Come
with me. Come with your little girl.”

Hearing her words and feeling her body writhe in my
grasp was too much for me. I had already been on the
edge of orgasm, and her actions pushed me over the
crest. I drove my cock in, as deep as I could get it,
and held it there. My buttocks now clenched just as hers
were doing and my cock contracted.

Then, almost like a cannon shot, a jet of come spurted
out of my cock into the depths of her flesh. Candy felt
it and shoved her hips up even tighter to me. She put a
hand behind my head and brought mouth to wide open
mouth. With both our mouths open and seeking, we kissed,
our tongues stroking and caressing the other’s.

Gush after gush spurted from my cock. It filled her
pussy and spread over my cock and coated it with warm
slipperiness. Candy’s hips pushed up hard up against me,
her pussy pressed against the base of my cock, jerking
against me with little stabbing motions. The flow of my
sperm had intensified her orgasm and we were both at the
peak of our rapture, writhing in ecstasy.

I pulled my cock out and then drove it back in again,
and Candy murmured her approval. As I pushed in, I felt
my sperm gush out and cover both of us. It dripped down
on my balls and I knew that a whole stream had to be
flowing down between her legs and drenching the bed. It
had to be the wettest fuck I had ever had, and I loved
the wetness.

Our peaks passed slowly, gradually ebbing away into just
little tremors and sighs. The wild abandon of our kiss
changed into a gentle tenderness. Oh, God,” I thought,
“I’ve just fucked my own daughter, my little girl, the
person I love most in this world.” She moved slightly,
restirring the pleasure. “And it was the best fuck I’ve
ever had.”

I pulled my lips away from hers slightly and she said,
“Ummnnn, God, Daddy. That was incredible.” She hunched
her hips up to mine, pressing her sperm coated pussy
against me and with a big smile said, “You were right.
Now I know what REAL fucking is.” She hunched her hips
up and said, “It even still feels good, doesn’t it?” Not
waiting for an answer, she pulled my mouth back down to
hers for a slow, languid kiss.

She was right–it did still feel good. Even though my
cock had lost a little of its rigidity, it was still
firm, filling the entire cavity of her pussy. The fact
that it was Candy under me, her pussy holding my cock in
its warm grasp, played games with my libido, keeping me
hard despite my having one of the most intense orgasms
of my life. I pulled my cock out and shoved it back,
testing myself. Yes, it WAS still good. I felt like I
could go on forever. Go on forever with Candy.

She felt my stroke and shoved against it, murmuring into
my mouth. Her hand stroked the back of my neck, a caress
reflecting her feelings toward me. Now we were more than
father and daughter, our love had a new dimension, a new
depth and breadth. She broke our kiss, licking my lips
in the process, and whispered, “Are you going to fuck me
again, right now?”

“Do you want me to?”

“YES! Oh, God, yes. Can you?”

I pulled my cock out and shoved it back in, saying,
“What does than tell you?”

Candy grinned and said, “That tells me that my Daddy is
about to fuck his little girl again.” She pulled her
pussy down, letting my cock slip out a little, and then
shoved back up, taking it back inside. “Yes, Daddy, do
it again. Let’s do it over and over again, until we
can’t do it anymore.”

I pulled out and got up on my knees, saying, “Let’s use
another position. This time let’s play like we’re boy
dog and girl dog.”

Candy grinned, immediately catching on, and got up on
her hands and knees, her beautiful ass turned toward me.
She turned her head back toward me and smiling, said,
“Is this right, Daddy?”

Was it right? With that sweet little ass stuck up in the
air for me, it was more than right–it was perfect. Her
whole bottom was wet from where my come had run down
between her legs, and the furrow of her pussy was
overflowing from come still oozing out her pussy. Seeing
her like that brought all the rigidity back to my cock,
and my lust that had declined slightly after my orgasm
returned in full force.

My cock quivered in anticipation of getting back inside
of the hot sexual flesh presented in open invitation
before me. I groaned and thrust my shaft up between her
legs, pushing it into the wetness of her furrow, seeking
Candy’s hot, come-dripping hole.

Running my cock up and down the channel, I found the
opening to her sheath and pushed it in, thrusting my
hips forward slowly. My belly at last made contact with
her buttocks, making a wet sound. I put my hands on her
hips and pulled her in even closer to me, swinging my
balls up to where they made contact with her clitoris. I
pulled out and then thrust in hard, forcing her hips

She folded her arms and laid her head on them so as to
steady her ass for my attack. Turning her head back to
me, she said, “I like it this way. You go in so deep…
deeper than ever before. I can feel your cock going way
up inside me.” She squirmed her slick buttocks against
me and murmured, “Ummnnnn, it feels so good this way.”

Even though Candy’s pussy was still tight, my cock had
opened it up considerably. That, coupled with way my
previous deposit of sperm increased her lubrication,
allowed me to really ram her. From that position, I
didn’t have to worry about crushing her, and I allowed
my lust full play. Gripping her hips, I held her in
place and drove in and out of her like a piledriver.

Each of my thrusts moved her forward, driving her head
into the pillow. She was my lust toy, and I used her
body to give me the utmost pleasure possible. With each
of my thrusts I muttered, “Yes, baby, deep…oh, sweet
pussy… ummm, sweet little girl pussy… oh, god, baby,
so good, so good, so good.”

I wasn’t the only one getting pleasure from my pistoning
thrusts. Each time I thrust against Candy, she grunted
and pushed back hard against me. The cheeks of her ass
spread apart and her buttocks flattened against my belly
each time I drove into her. As I pulled out, the
entrance to her pussy stretched out, clasping my cock as
if reluctant to lose contact. We became one creature,
fused together in a sphere of pure pleasure. We moaned
and muttered our pleasure, inarticulate sounds of lust
being completely and fully satisfied.

Leaning across Candy’s back, I put my hands under her
and caressed her hanging breasts, kneading the firm
projections and rubbing across the firm nipples. She
moved her shoulders up slightly, giving me more room to
play with her sensitive nipples. After giving them
sufficient attention, I moved my hands lower, down to
her drenched sexual area. Using the fingers of both
hands, I thoroughly explored the top portion of her wet

I felt it widen with each of my thrusts and then come
back together as I withdrew. Two of my fingers found her
clitoris and rubbed it while the others caressed the
inner portions of her labial lips. Feeling her wetness,
feeling it as it soaked my hands, served only to
intensify the eroticism of the contact. She squirmed her
ass and tried to move her legs together as my fingers
strummed across her love button.

My uninhibited onslaught of her pussy became too much
for me and I felt my orgasm surging to its breaking
point. The contact of my fingers on her clitoris coupled
with the way I see-sawed my cock in and out her was
bringing Candy to the same point.

Her whole ass quivered and shivers run through her firm
little belly. Her moans were continuous as she responded
to the multiple stimulation. She bucked up hard against
me and shouted, “Oh, God, I’m coming again!” Shudders
ran through her body and she collapsed flat, my hands
pinned under her, still playing drum beats on her
clitoris. I went down with her, continuing to piston my
cock in and out with hard, fast strokes.

Candy worked her hips up and down, first pushing her
clitoris against my fingers and then pushing her pussy
against my cock. Each of us was lost in rapture, orgasm
sweeping over us in ever higher waves. Hers came on
first and she shook under me, shaking her ass in
circles, and moaning, “Oh, God…Oh, God.” The whole
internal portion of her pussy convulsed and jerked,
grasping my cock and contracting around it.

Even with that restriction, I still managed to drive in
and out, as deep as I could go. The combination of her
belly convulsing against my hands, the shudder of her
furrow against my fingers, and the clutch of her
trembling pussy flesh against my cock proved to be the
final ignition, though, and I joined her in orgasm,
jetting shot after shot of sperm into her already filled

My eyes clouded over, my vision becoming blurred, and I
collapsed on top of Candy, barely able to support myself
with my arms to keep from crushing her under my weight.
It had been the most intense, most satisfying orgasm of
my life, and I was totally spent. Each spurt of sperm
weakened me, relaxing me. When I finally stopped coming,
I was limp, completely used up.

We lay there for long moments, gasping, trying to catch
our breaths. My cock, now completely satisfied, slowly
shrunk and then pulled out of Candy’s pussy, dribbling
even more come over her. I had come so much that it was
leaking out of her pussy, each of her tremors making
more pour out. The stream flowed down over my cock and
balls and her pussy, and a pool of semen formed under

Gradually, I came to my senses, my vision returning, and
lifted myself and lay down beside her. Her face was
turned toward mine, and she smiled softly. Without
actually speaking, her lips formed the words, “Thank
you, Daddy. I love you.” Uncaring about our sleeping in
the result of our orgasm, I reached down and pulled the
covers over us. Candy went to sleep immediately and I
soon followed.

* * * *

The next morning I woke up to the delicious smell of
fresh coffee and bacon frying. I picked up my wrinkled
robe from the floor and put it on. Following the smell
of breakfast, I went into the kitchen. Candy was
standing there in her robe, cooking breakfast for us.
The back of her hair was still damp, so I knew she had
taken a shower. Turning toward me, she said, “Well, good
morning, sunshine. I’m fixing us some breakfast.” She
grinned and continued, “I figured we need some
nourishment after last night. Why don’t you get your
shower while I finish. Breakfast ought to just about be
ready by the time you’re through.”

Following her suggestion, I went into the bathroom and
quickly shaved and showered. While showering, I recalled
the events of the previous evening. It had been a
evening of the most exciting love-making of my life and
my cock sprung up in full erection as I remembered what
Candy and I had done. Candy might be my daughter, but
she was also a passionate woman with a large capacity
for love. After forcing myself to think of other things,
I got my erection down to a semi-hard and put on my robe
and went back into the kitchen.

Candy had breakfast on the table and we sat down and
ate. Candy didn’t say anything, but the looks she gave
me were warm and filled with excitement. She conveyed
with her eyes that last night hadn’t been enough, that
she wanted more. She had said we had the whole weekend,
and it appeared that she meant it. My cock slowly came
fully erect as I considered the prospect.

Candy carried her dishes and put them in the sink and I
did the same. Standing there at the sink, her robe tied
tightly about her, the full perfection of her form
showed through the thin fabric. I embraced her from the
back, running my hands around to her front and cupping
her breasts. “Baby,” I whispered into her ear, “last
night was the best thing that’s happened to me in my
entire life.”

She turned around to me and said, “Me, too, Daddy. It
was even better for me.” She put her mouth to mine and
kissed me lightly, just brushing her tongue across my
lower lip. She moved her mouth from mine and said,
“Thank you for last night.”

Stepping away from me to the center of the kitchen,
Candy grinned at me and said, “Guess what I’ve got on
under my robe.”

“I couldn’t even begin to guess,” I answered.

Candy laughed and said, “Nothing. There’s nothing under
here except your little Candy. Interested?”

Interested? God, I lusted after her with a lust that
seeming to have no limit. Nine-thirty in the morning,
after an evening of love-making that included some of
the most intense orgasms of my life, and my cock was
standing rigidly away from my body, pushing my robe out
in a bulge. It was Candy doing that to me. I just
couldn’t seem to get enough of her. I looked down at the
bulge in the front of my robe and said, “What do you

“How about a date, then? Why don’t we meet in my bedroom
in… let’s see…three seconds?” She laughed and ran
down the hall, looking back over her shoulder at me with
a look that was as lustful as the one I’m sure I was
giving her.

As soon as we got into her room, we were all over each
other, each one trying to get the robe off the other. In
seconds, our robes were on the floor and we were
standing naked, trembling with desire. Candy moved up
against me and put her arms around me, holding me close.
“God, Daddy, I think I’m turning into a nymphomaniac.
All I can think about is making love with you. All I
want is for us to make love, to fuck for twenty- four
hours a day. I just can’t seem to get enough of you.”

“God, baby, you too? I thought it was just me. You
affect me exactly the same way. No one has ever done
that to me before. Just you.”

Candy pushed her groin against my hard cock and
whispered, “Then why are we wasting time?”

In answer, I stepped toward the bed, pushing Candy in
lock-step with me. When the back of her knees hit the
bed, she fell down on it, laughing. Even though she was
laughing at the awkward dance we had just performed, her
eyes looking up at me showed smoky desire, hunger for
more of what we had done last night. What I saw in her
eyes inflamed my desires and whetted my hunger even

With her legs spread as they were, the furrow of her
pussy was open, with pink, moist flesh showing. It
looked delicious and I had to taste it. I knelt at her
feet and spread her legs even farther apart, spreading
her labia up so that her wet furrow gaped even wider.
Extending my tongue, I licked a circle around her navel
and then traced a line down to the dark forest of her
pubic fur.

I curled my tongue into a tube and, using it like a
finger, moved it downward, parting a path through the
pubic tresses. When it came to the top of her furrow, I
probed down into it, brushing my tongue lightly across
the firm button of Candy’s little man in the boat. Candy
gasped and thrust her hips up to me, pushing her hot
vulva against my mouth. “Ohhh, Daddy!” she murmured.
“Oh, God, I was hoping you would do this. Barbie told me
about your doing it to her, and I nearly came in my
panties from hearing her tell how good it was.”

Candy’s words excited me even more and I put my whole
mouth into her furrow and licked and slurped up and
down, trying to reach every part of it. I put my hands
under her buttocks and lifted her up so that I could get
to her better. As I moved down to the lower portion of
the gash, I spread her cheeks apart and probed my tongue
even lower. I could see the little crinkled rosebud
nestled in the cleft between her cheeks and I drove my
tongue down to it and licked and caressed it.

She squirmed her hips in response and said, “Oh, Daddy,
that’s nasty!” I spread her cheeks apart even wider and
rimmed her harder, probing the tip of my tongue down
into the midst of the little wrinkles. She moved her
hips from side to side and said, “Oh, God, nasty… so
dirty… ummnnnn… oohh… yes… good. Oooooohhhh, I
love it!”

I replaced my tongue with a finger tip, using it to rub
and gently caress Candy’s little nether hole. Running my
tongue from there upwards, I came to the opening into
her tight love tunnel. She had become completely aroused
now, and cream was flowing out and covering all her
tender vaginal furrow. I put my mouth right on top of
her opening and spread my lips wide, stretching her
vagina wider.

I sucked on it, drawing out more of her cream, and then
plunged my tongue in as far as I could extend it. I
twisted it around and around, moving it on the vaginal
walls and caressing her interior. Rolling it up into a
hard little tube, I plunged my tongue in and out, giving
her a miniature version of intercourse. That action
coupled with the way my finger played with her little
asshole soon had her breathing fast and moving her hips
up and down.

I withdrew my tongue and replaced it with the thumb of
the hand that was caressing her asshole. Keeping that
hand in motion, moving both my finger tip and thumb
around and in her two lower orifices, I moved my mouth
up and placed it over her clitoris. As my tongue came
out and laved her swollen clitoris, she gasped and
jerked her hips up to my mouth.

I sucked the little nubbin between my lips, and holding
it like that, strummed my tongue over and across the
exposed surface of her hard pleasure knot. She put both
her hands on my head and pressed my face in closer to
her, moaning and muttering, “Ohhhh, yessss… do it…
suck me… yesss… oohhh… I love it… oh, I love

Candy was soon rocking back and forth on her elbows,
moving her hips against mine in little short thrusts. I
followed each of her motions, never once losing my
contact with her clitoris. I felt trembles and shudders
in her thighs, and her clitoris started little jerking
movements between my lips. Suddenly, her vagina clamped
down on my thumb and squeezed hard. Her buttocks
clenched, the muscles in them becoming hard knots, and
she screamed, “Coming! Oh, God, I’m commiinng,

I kept licking her clitoris, carrying her all the way
through her orgasm. After a while, she jerked her hips
away from my mouth and whispered, “Please, no more.”

I took my mouth away from her and sat up straight,
wanting to see her in the full aftermath of orgasm. She
had her eyes closed, and lay there trembling, a flush
across her face and a red blush covering her breasts and
the area between them. Cream was flowing from her pussy
and moving in a little stream down her furrow to the
cleft between her cheeks. She had come hard and was
still breathing fast, slowly recovering from the intense
pleasure of her clitoral orgasm.

I moved up and sat on the bed beside her and stroked her
hair, softly and tenderly, as she relaxed and came down
from the high she had just experienced. After a little
while, she stopped her labored breathing and opened her
eyes, looking up at me. She reached out a hand and put
in on my thigh, saying, “God, Daddy, that was the first
time anyone has ever done that to me. I see what Barbie
was talking about — it’s good — really, really good.”

She smiled and said, “Oooohh, WAS it good! I don’t know
which I like best, that way, or the natural way. I’m
glad we can do both. That way I’m not forced to make a

Candy sat up on the bed beside me, her hand still on my
thigh, and said, “Now, dear Daddy, it’s your turn.
Daddy’s little girl is going to do you like you did
her.” Reaching out her hand, she wrapped it around my
cock and slowly jacked it up and down, spreading my pre-
come over its entire length.

Then, without letting loose of my cock, she knelt down
in front of me and engulfed half my cock into her mouth.
Clamping her lips tight around my shaft, she applied
suction and used her tongue on the sensitive head and
glans. Reacting to her sudden onslaught of pleasure, I
sucked in my breath and jerked my hips up to her mouth.

From the way she went after my cock, it was obvious that
Candy had natural oral tendencies. She sucked and
slurped on it, moving it in and out her mouth just as
though she were using it as a substitute pussy. I had
gotten so aroused from eating her, from seeing the
rapture of her orgasm, that I was soon trembling and
moaning from the intense pleasure she was giving me.
“Oh, God, baby, that’s good. Ummnnnn, I’m getting close,

If anything, she intensified her efforts, taking even
more of my cock into her mouth and slurping and licking
it with even more force. “Oh, Baby, you’d better stop.
If you don’t stop, I’m going to come, come right in your
mouth.” She looked up at me, her eyes twinkling, and
formed her lips into a smile around my shaft.

Candy continued to look up at me, a smile still on her
lips, and sucked even harder. She put a hand under my
balls and lightly caressed my scrotum. With rapid
motions, she bobbed her head back and forth, moving my
cock in and out of her mouth. The action of her tongue,
the warm wetness of her mouth, and the movement of her
lips up and down my shaft proved too much, and I thrust
my cock toward her hard, driving as much of it into her
mouth as she could take.

“Oh, God, baby,” I groaned, shooting a huge spurt of
sperm right on top of her tongue. It was followed by
another then another, and Candy gulped, trying to
swallow the thick sperm gushing out of my cock. Even
though she managed to get most of it, some flowed out
over her lower lip and ran in little streams out each
corner of her mouth. Her chin was soon covered with my
flow and white, thick drops dripped down on the floor. I
fell back on the bed, trembling in the throes of my
orgasm, as Candy continued to suck on my cock and
swallow the mouthful of come I had given her.

After a few moments, I recovered from my orgasm to
realize that Candy was still at work on my cock, licking
it and sucking lightly on it. Responding to that
treatment, it stayed completely rigid, fully erect. I
sat up and put my hands alongside her head and gently
pulled her mouth from off my cock. I lifted her up and
pulled her alongside on the bed. If my cock hadn’t
already been hard, it would have gotten that way from
just looking at her.

Her whole mouth was covered with the white, thick
coating of my come, and drops of it still clung to her
chin, hanging down, but not yet falling. She licked her
lips and then, using her fingers, wiped the flow from
her chin and into her mouth. She smiled and said, “This
isn’t bad at all. Almost tasteless–kind of like egg
whites.” Then, grinning, she said, “In fact, seeing that
it’s your come, I have to admit that I kind of like it.”

Candy put her hand down to my cock and fondled it,
gently squeezing and rubbing it. Her hand was still wet
from my come and the combined lubrication of my come and
her saliva made the contact very pleasurable. She
grinned at me and said, “In case you’re wondering why
I’m paying so much attention to your cock, it’s because
I’m trying to keep you good and hard. I’ve got plans for
your hard cock, plans I think you’ll like.”

I had a hard time imagining anything I could like better
than what she had just done, and my cock swelled in her
hand at the thought of something even better. “What kind
of plans do you have in mind?” I asked.

Without answering, Candy let go my cock and moved up to
the center of the bed. Getting on all fours, she turned
her ass to me and reached down and pulled her cheeks
apart. I could see all of her sweet ass, from the wet
opening of her pussy all the way up to where the cleft
blended into her back. She turned her head toward me and
then took a finger and put it on her little anus. “Did
you do Barbie here? Did you fuck her right here?”

My cock became as rigid as it was possible to be in
response to her question. If I were interpreting her
question correctly, she was going to ask me to fuck her
in the ass. I had never fucked anyone in the ass, not
even Candy’s mother, and it was something I had long
wanted to do. Now, Candy was going to ask me to do it.
Hot and flushed with excitement and lust, I answered,
“No, we didn’t do that.”

Candy grinned and said, “Good. Then do it to me. Stick
your cock in here and do me here. That way there won’t
anything virgin left about me.” She put a hand to her
mouth and said, “This is no longer virgin,” and moving
the hand down to her pussy, she added, “And this is no
longer virgin for sure.” She pushed a finger tip into
her asshole and said, “This is the only virginity I have
left, and I want you to take it, too.”

As much as I wanted to fuck Candy in the ass, I wanted
to make sure she knew what she was doing. “It might hurt
you some, Baby,” I cautioned her.

“Not if you use K-Y Jelly. One of my girlfriends in
school tells me that she and her boyfriend do it this
way all the time in order to avoid any chance on her
getting pregnant. She says that K-Y Jelly keeps it from
hurting. Go look in the right hand drawer of my bathroom
medicine cabinet and you’ll find some.”

I went and got the K-Y Jelly and came back into the
bedroom. As I entered I could see that Candy had her
hand in her pussy rubbing her clitoris. She didn’t stop
her rubbing when she saw me, and said, “I guess I got a
little impatient.”

I squirted K-Y Jelly on my cock and completely coated it
with the slippery cream. Getting up on the bed, I
squirted a blob right on top of Candy’s little anus,
covering it completely. Then I squeezed some out on my
index finger, making sure it was covered. Working very
carefully, I pushed my jelly-covered finger into her
little opening, spreading it open and pushing all the
way in. I rotated my finger, coating all the inside of
her ass, making it slippery.

I repeated the action, adding even more lubrication
inside her tight little anal tunnel. She squirmed and
moaned as I performed the preliminary steps, enjoying
having my finger inside her. She looked back at me and
said, “That should be plenty. Now put your cock inside
me. Fuck me in the ass, Daddy. Make me a woman in every
way.” My cock jerked in response to her words. She
didn’t know it, but she was about to make me a man in
every way.

I pushed my cock up against her little opening and
pressed into her. At first it didn’t budge at all, just
rammed against the tightness of her opening. Then I felt
her relax a little and the head went all the way in,
spreading the tight ring of her opening around my shaft.
I paused, giving her a chance to get used to having me
inside ass, and asked, “You okay, sweetheart? Still want
to go on?”

“Oh, yes. You don’t have to stop. It doesn’t hurt. It
just feels like I need to go the bathroom real bad. Keep
on, get it all the way in me.”

I pushed a little more and then all resistance abruptly
stopped. Once I had the head of my cock past her
sphincter, it went in easily. I continued to push in
until my cock was completely inside her, the wiry hair
at the base of my cock crushed against her buttocks. I
had thought her pussy was hot and tight, but it didn’t
begin to compare with her ass. It was incredibly tight
and so warm that my cock felt like it was inside a

The walls of her anus were smooth against my cock,
different from her vagina in ways that couldn’t even be
described, but just as pleasure-giving. She tested her
reflexes by contracting the walls around my cock,
squeezing down on it, and a wave of pleasure swept over
me. Candy’s mouth and pussy were sheer delights, but her
ass was at least their equal, if not better. “Ooohh,
Baby,” I said, “you have to have the sweetest ass in the

Candy laid her head down and started rocked her ass to
and fro, pulling my cock out and then pushing it back
in. The K-Y Jelly was working perfectly and my cock was
able to move in and out freely. Matching her motions, I
started my own thrusts and withdrawals.

Soon we were moving fast, grinding ourselves against
each other, grunting each time our flesh slapped
together. Leaning down and reaching under her, I put my
hands down to her breasts and fondled them. When I did,
she moved her arms under mine and put her hands in her
pussy, gently rubbing her clitoris in perfect timing
with the motions of my cock as it reamed her sweet,
tight ass.

The interior control she had was amazing. Each time I
pressed my phallus completely within her, she squeezed
down on it, pressing the hot, slick tube of her ass
around it. The ring of her sphincter tightened down on
it at the same time, and the effect was a combination of
stroking and velvet-like massage of my whole shaft.

The total effect — the action of her ass on my cock,
seeing the rocking and squirming of Candy’s perfect,
sweet ass, and the knowledge that we were engaged in the
ultimate act of father-daughter i****t — was becoming
more than my already overloaded senses could bear. The
sensual pressure just built and built, escalating to
where my sperm was almost ready to burst out in a hot

I speeded up my strokes, driving into her upturned ass
with long, hard strokes. My breath was ragged, almost a
pant, and I gripped her hips and jerked her toward me
with almost brutal force. “Oh, God, baby! Almost there!”
I shouted.

Candy’s drove her fingers deep within her pussy,
thrusting them in and out, and I could feel them through
the thin membrane that separated them from my thrusting,
rigid shaft. She muttered, “Yes! Fuck me! Come with me,
fill me up with come. Ohh god, yes, yes, YES!”

Candy’s orgasm came on her and her ass muscles clamped
down on my cock, sending wave after wave of shudders
over it. It was too much, and with a hard contraction, a
jet of sperm shot out my jerking cock, shooting up deep
into her belly. She squirmed her ass hard against my
cock and muttered, “Ohhh, I can feel you coming. I can
feel each one of your spurts. Ohh, come, come,

Relaxing at last, Candy fell prone, my cock still buried
in her little tunnel. She moaned, her hands still under
her moving in her pussy, still pushed her ass up and
down, alternating pressure between her fingers and my
cock. Her motions slowed gradually, and then she lay
still. Her anus was still completely relaxed, open
around my cock, and as my cock lost its erection, it
gradually came out of her opening and fell between her
ass cheeks.

I rolled off her then, laying on my side, and looked at
her, filled with feelings of love and tenderness. Her
eyes were closed and her face relaxed. A little stream
of saliva ran out of one corner of her mouth, and she
reached her tongue out and captured it. Lifting herself,
she pulled her arms from underneath her and turned
toward me, opening her eyes.

Reaching out her arm, she put her hand, still wet from
being in her pussy, on my shoulder and pulled her face
and against mine and kissed me. It was a soft, slow,
tender kiss, filled with the languor and relaxation of
complete satiation, the afterglow of orgasm that
pleasures and satisfies the entire body.

She broke the kiss and smiled, saying, “Now there’s
nothing about me that’s non-virgin. I believe I came
harder that way than the others.” Her face became more
serious and she said, “Did you ever do that with Momma?”

“No, sweetheart, that was my first time with anyone.”

She clutched me to her and said, “That means in a way I
got your virginity.” She smiled and moving her lips to
mine, she whispered, “Oh, Daddy, I like that.” Our lips
blended together and we kissed for a long time, each
savoring the new relationship we had.

* * * *

By the time Sunday afternoon came, Candy and I explored
every position, every aspect of sexuality I could think
of. By my count, probably not too reliable, I had eleven
orgasms that weekend. I didn’t attempt to estimate how
many Candy had, probably four times that number. Just
before she went out to her car to leave for Austin, she
said, “Kiss me good-bye, Daddy. Do it inside here where
people can’t see.”

We kissed, a deep kiss that wasn’t meant for father and
daughter. She broke away and said, “Daddy, I just can’t
seem to get enough of you. If I come home next weekend,
can we spend it like we did this one?”

I looked at her and said, “No.” She got a surprised,
disappointed look on her face, and I laughed and said,
“It won’t be like this weekend, it’ll be even better.
Sweetheart, I can hardly wait.”

She dimpled up and said, “It’s a date then–a Daddy and
Candy date.”

When she drove off, I was left with a half-hard. I knew
that our relationship couldn’t last, that just like
Barbie, now that she was tuned into her sexuality she
would quickly find a young man to meet all her needs.
Until then, though, I plan to just enjoy my good

By the time next weekend comes, my now half-hard cock
will be fully ready, just aching and throbbing to get
back inside my sweet daughter’s mouth, pussy, and ass.

The End

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