My Fiancé Ex

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My Fiancé Ex
My fiancé, April and I have been together for 2 years. We both are divorced and have c***dren with our ex’s. I have 2 k**s one boy 10 and one girl 8, she has 1 daughter that 15. She had been married about 17 years I had been married 13. e met on a website, and quickly realized we had a strong connection and wanted the same things in life.

April’s daughter was turning 16 and she wanted to throw her a sweet sixteen party at our house. Unfortunately this meant she would be inviting her ex Jason to the party. I was confident in myself so I was not worried that he would be there. He was more of a redneck who got physical with her when he drank, which was almost every night. That ultimately lead to the reason she left him. And wouldn’t you know it that’s exactly what happened at this party, He got drunk. He was very hands with my fiancé trying to hold her hand or touching her ass whenever he had a chance. April did a great job of pushing him off and scolding him for doing such things. But I did notice as the night wound down and she had a few more glasses of wine she would let his hand rest on her ass a little longer before brushing it off.

As that party started to wind down and people started to leave, I walked into the kitchen where Jason was holding her face trying to kiss her. She moved her head back and forth preventing him from actually making contact. But, to my surprised he grabbed her by her ponytail and held it back. He pushed his lips against her pushing his tongue into her mouth. This time she did move away, her arms actually dropped to his waist and just held him there. He finally loosened the grip on her hair and moved his hands down to her ass cupping both cheeks and pulling her dress up and causing her groin to push into his. Her hips met his as she grinding back on him. He bite her lip and pulled back.

“Tell me don’t you miss this big cock!”

This caused her to snap out of his trance and push him away, kneeing him in the balls and storming out of the kitchen cursing at him.

“Your a fucking asshole.”

I was filled with anger and was going to bust in and punch him in the face, but I was proud of my wife for not succumbing to his advances. I watched her clean up the tables and joined her. The scene I just watched made me angry, but as angry as I was, it had also made me very horny for her at the same time. As I started to help her clean up I told her how I couldn’t wait to get her upstairs and make love to her. April responded by rubbing my cock and telling me she couldn’t wait either, and that she had gotten incredibly horny by drinking all those glasses of wine. Suddenly her daughter yelled from the kitchen French doors, with a frustrated tone.

“Dad is passed out on the kitchen counter.”

The two of us shook our heads and went inside.

“Mom what are we going to do with him, I can’t believe he did this today. My friends are going to see what a drunk he is.”

Pulling her daughter in for a hug she turned to me and asked

“Can Jason sleep in the spare bedroom?”

I wanted to say no and just throw his ass out the front door and leave him on the road, but not wanting to ruin her daughters night completely I reluctantly agreed

“Sure. Let me help you get up there.”

I grabbed one side of him and she grabbed the other side and we walked him upstairs. And put him on the spare bed. We then went back down finished cleaning up. The girls went to the basement where we set it up for them to sleep, three friends plus our two. April and I had a few more drinks, and were being very sexual with her, rubbing her ass as I walked by, or lightly breathing on her neck as we talked quietly. April was washing the last of the grilling stuff and I decided to go up stairs and get ready for bed. I lit a couple of candles around the room, put some soft music on and got undressed to my boxers. I then pulled down the comforter and laid in the middle waiting for April to come up. After a few minutes I must have dosed off, and woke up fuzzy 15 minutes later. The candles we still glowing but April was not in the room. I sat up in confusion and decided to go look for her.

As I walked down the hallway toward the stairs, I noticed the light coming from the guest room and shadows on the hallway wall. I creeped closer to the door and froze as I heard April moaning softly. Blood rushed to my head and I started to get angry, but at the same time my cock sprung to life. I peaked in the room and I saw April’s head toward the foot of the bed in a 69 position sucking Jason’s cock, her legs were toward the head of the bed as he was eating her pussy out. Her clothes were in a pile hanging off the bed, while his were thrown all over the floor. Again I was going to bust in and push her off the bed and punch him in the face, but that’s when I noticed the size of his cock and I stopped. It was like something you see in a porn film , or hear about on black men. He was easily 10″ long and as thick as a beer bottle from what I saw. I watched as she expertly lowered hear head all the way down deep throating him. She let out little gags every time she got to the base of his cock. She then surprised me as she lifted his balls and her licked around his anus teasing him, before pushing it inside him. She had never had even come close to doing that with me. Hell I was lucky if I even got a few licks on my cock. He was moaning in pure pleasure not worrying about keeping quite. After a few minutes she pulled her tongue out of him, and lowered her mouth down his shaft one last time apologizing for it taking her so long for her to get him all the way in, she hadn’t sucked suck big dick, since they broke up. He responded that she still had expert skills and he that is the one thing he missed most about her, even though his current girlfriend does a pretty good job it wasn’t as good as her and she won’t go anywhere near his ass. She then got up and swung her legs around and mounted him with her back toward the me. She reached under her and aligned his monster cock to her pussy. She slowly started to lower herself on to it. As his head pushed her lips apart she let out a loud gasp, followed by and “Oh God” She lowered herself slowly more and more until she had his entire shaft in her.

“Jason I had forgotten what it feels like to be so filled. ”

“Really Ape? I missed how good your pussy feels. And how wet it gets from my cock pushing deep inside you.” He grabbed her hips and started to bounce her up and down at a quicker pace. “I can actually feel that you have gotten tighter since the last time we were together.

“I might have. But lets not talk about that. Just fuck me hard and deep, before I change my mind”

Jason moved his hands to her 32c Breasts. April sat herself up so she could control how far down she could get on him. Her hips started to gyrate back and forth, as her hands pushed down on his chest Her back arched causing her long black hair to cover the view I had of them being connected. Her moans were getting louder and louder. Subtle UGHs and AHHs to Oh My’s to Yes Yes Yes, as she started to cum, she completely sat on him taking him fully into her. She stayed like that until her orgasms subsided.

She collapsed forward onto him allowing me to once and again see his cock, he now was moving his hips pushing in and out of her. She was making out with him as his hands went to her ass. He spread her checks revealing her rosebud. She moved slowly kissing his neck to his ears, slowly sucking his earlobes. I loved when she did this to me, it always sends an extra jolt to my cock. And from what I saw it was having the same effect on him, as Jason raised his ass and thrust deeper into her. With all her teasing he suddenly sat up wrapping his arms around her, and in one fluid motion rolled her onto her back. Jason then moved his mouth back to hers and started to kiss her passionately, their tongues intertwining in it’s own very sexy dance. He broke this kiss, arching his back, and picked up his trusts in and out of her, creating loud smacks every time his crotch met hers. She wrapped her legs around his back just above his ass trying to slow down his pounding. He looked down on her kneading her breasts.

“You fucking little tease, tell me you miss me. Tell me how much you missed me fucking you, how much you missed my cock.”

“Ughhh hunnnn ooooh uhnnn”

Shaking her head no at first. He took his hands and wrapped it around her neck and squeezed down. Her eyes opened wide with slight tears forming, and her left hand moved up his back to his right shoulder blade, where she gently tapped it. Jason the released the pressure in his hands as a smirk formed on his face.

“You want to answer my question now bitch?”

“Yesss I miss you fucking me, You fuck me like no-one else ever has. UHHH and Oh MY GOD YES! I DO miss your cock.”

“Is it bigger than Jerry’s?”

“Please don’t make me answer these questions”

His hands started to squeeze again, when she quickly yelled out.

“You know it is! Jason your cock is biggest I have ever been with, I always long for it when I have sex.”

“Ape do you think of me while you fuck your fiancé?” Jason picked up the pace causing his hips to hit hers, making loud smacks

“Oh fuckkkk oooh yes that feels so gooood please don’t stop. Yes I think of you when he fucks me, Its the only way I cum, Uhhhh your Big cock! Fuck me fast fuck me harder”

“That’s my girl You’ll always be my girl! You can have this cock whenever you want!”


Jason’s hips drove deep in her and his breathing increased as he started moan I could see his sweat on beading on his back .

“I’m going to cum Ape”

“YES! Please cum for me, cum deep in me Ohh FUCKKK”

Jason’s ass clinched as he drove deep into her. He was shooting his cum into her, his hips trusted harder and harder, until he collapsed on top of her. Her toes curled tight as her legs squeezed him, pulling him closer. She used her finger nails to trace up and down his back following his spine. That’s when the true jealousy flooded me. I loved when she did that to me when had sex. Sadly enough I was still rock hard and my mind still flustered with what I just watched.

Just then I heard giggling coming from the staircase and footsteps creeping up the stairs. The girls obviously heard the sounds coming from the guest room and were curious to see what was going on. I quickly made my way back to our bedroom and jumped under the sheet. I left the candles lit, but were getting very low. I looked at the clock and realized I watched them have sex for over an hour. . As I laid there my mind was torn jumping from pure jealousy, to pure anger, to complete horniness and complete lust. I tried to rationalize everything but my head wouldn’t get the imagine of April cumming on her ex’s big cock. As my mind was racing on how to handle this, I heard April creep into our room and I suddenly pretended to be asleep. She let out a small sigh as she saw the candles and the romantic setting I had setup. I had opened my eyes very slightly and noticed she was holding her clothes covering herself. She walked over the closet and tossed them in the laundry basket. I pretended to stir which caused her to quickly tip toe back to the bed. She then very cautiously moved in to the bed and under the sheets. She gave me a peck on the cheek and rolled away from me.. I acted like I was in a sleepy daze and rolled toward her. I wrapped my arm over her and pressed my groin into her ass.

“mmmm hi baby sorry I must have dozed off. I had set the room up for us I hope you like it”

I leaned toward her neck, where I could smell Jason’s cologne and fresh sex on her.

“Yes hunni I do. It was very thoughtful of you too bad its so late.”

I pulled her close to me, and kissed the back of her neck. I could taste her sweat mixed with his. That only got me harder as she tried to stop my advances.

“Not tonight hunni its too late.”

But I wanted her more then ever. And I proceeded to kiss her neck, my hand went to play with her breast and nipple. That combination was one she never could resist. I could feel her body relax as I kept at it. Her naked ass started to push back into my crotch. My hand moved down her from her breast over her stomach to her pussy. I felt the heat from her pussy even before I got to it. My fingers slowly slide over her pussy lips, which were soaking wet. She weakly tried to push my hand away but I increased my kissing and traced her ear with my tongue weakening her even more. My warm breathe whispered in her ear.

“Oh baby you are so wet. You must be very horny! I can’t wait to feel you”


I rolled her on to her back, and moved my kisses to her mouth. Even there I could taste him. I knew what I was tasting was more than just his lips but his cock, and even his ass. This seemed to turn her on even more because she grabbed the back of my head hold it tight as her tongue played with mine, She was kissing me more passionately than she ever before. Our bodies started to grind, and I reached down to remove my boxers. As I did this I broke our kiss and looked down on her glistening body in the candle light. Not only could I feel how sweaty she was from her activities in the next room but now I could see it. Memorized I leaned down and took her breast in my mouth. I alternated from left to right in the same manner I saw Jason doing. Then when I focused in between her breasts. I felt her hand on top of my head giving it a slight push down. I knew how much she loved oral sex and was always the first thing I did before we had sex, I always seemed to make her cum orally. I learned quickly in our relationship that if I didn’t give her oral before sex she wouldn’t cum from just penetration. And tonight I found out why. She pushed my head further down her, kissing the mixture of sweat on her body, however it was getting salter and salter as I got closer to her radiant pussy. Just before I reached it she placed her other hand on the other side of my head and held it there, probably feeling guilt and not wanted to expose me to her be trail. The heat emanating from her pussy was intense. I could smell the sex inches from my face and it was acting like an aphrodisiac. My mind was trying to tell me to stop. It didn’t want me to go any further, but my throbbing dick wouldn’t let me think straight. Finally I heard her whisper with a shaky voice

“Please hunni…..pleassseee I need your tongue on me today. Pleaseeee”

That put me over the edge. And I took my tongue and traced her right on her inner her pussy lips. I was immediately greeted with a flood of tastes and emotions. I got a taste of hot salt stickiness. The cream was thick and distinct. April pulled my head toward her as her hips pushed into my head. I slide my hands under her ass lifting her pelvis into my mouth. April started moaning louder than ever before. Her legs wrapped around my upper back as I felt her start having the most powerful orgasm she ever had with me. Her juices flowed pushing all of Jason’s cum out of her and into my mouth. After what felt like forever her grip started to losen allowing me to breathe again.
I moved up her body and was met with the sexiest kiss she ever gave me. I could tell she wanted to taste what I had tasted in her. As we were kissing my cock slipped in her with ease. He pussy was wet and I could not feel any pressure from her walls. She broke the kiss

“MMMMMM Hunni that was amazing. I needed that orgasm. Please fuck me now.”

With that I pushed all the way forward until my pelvis hit hers. She let out a slight sigh and grunt

“Oh you are in me. uhh I’m so wet from your oral skills.”

With that I slammed into her again, causing her to grunt again. I was onto something. If she couldn’t feel me inside her, she was going to feel me slam my pelvis into her. Too bad with all the excitement and prolonged excitement, this caused me to cum in just a few strokes. I went soft very quickly and slipped out even easier that I when I entered her. I could see the disappointment in April’s face in the flicking lights of the candles. I decided to rum my now fully softened cock on her clit. I rubbed it up and down pushing very hard against her. I leaned down an started to kiss her neck. She responded by leaning into it. When I got closer to her ear I whispered.

“I love you so much! I hope you enjoyed tonight night as much as I did.”

She responded by grinding her clit into my faster.

“MMM I did enjoy this night very much! You have no idea! I needed it more than you know.”

Still playing dumb

“I could tell! I’ve never felt you so wet before!”

Grinding a little quicker

“You have no idea. I felt bad having you go down on me, so…so…mmmm….so messy”

I felt her body staring to stiff a sign she was close to cumming.

“You know I love going down on you, though tonight you tasted so much more….sexy”

April started breathing very very heavily

“Oh really?!? Hhh..hooo…how soooo?

“I don’t know. I guess you tasted much more salty. Oh and your cum was much thick…”

Without finishing my sentence she started to cum hard. Probably just as hard if not harder than she did a earlier with Jason down the hall.
After her orgasm subsided she kissed me passionately.

“Thank you for being the best fiancé ever. I can’t wait to marry you!”

“I can’t wait to marry you to April”

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