My First Bath House Experience (Crew Club in Washi

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My First Bath House Experience (Crew Club in Washi
Since everyone else seems to be lending an opinion on Crew Club I figured maybe I’d give it a go.

Disclaimer: I’m a 20 y/o, versatile, slim, black guy with a healthy appetite for older white guys of all sorts. This was my first visit ever to a bath house of any sort. I have done orgies of all sorts but haven’t done this.

So I arrive into the smoky doors of Crew Club around 2:45pm on last Sunday afternoon after 33 minutes of locating a parking spot anywhere remotely close to the entrance.

I am immediately greeted by a cool guy who buzzes me and my buddy into the door where we paid for our day membership and a Captains room,
(aka.. a small booth with a bed, fresh linens, and a television with remote if you are lucky..) and received fresh towels.
68 Bucks, for admission for 2 for the day with Captains room ($29)

So anyhow, we immediately notice down the hallway from the cashier is the “gym”. There were a few guys in there working out bare naked and with towels on. None of which grabbed my attention so we proceeded up the stairs to the right of the entrance.

Ooooh, so as we arrive atop the stairs and enter another area, wow, heres where it all gets started…

There are lockers here, for the guys without rooms, and another hangout area. Here is a relatively large room with a big screen TV with football on and a few chairs with guys naked and toweled watching eagerly.. and of course.. cruising tastefully…

Off to the right is the open shower area, a dry sauna with a few guys in it… and a large steam room with little cubby holes for playing..

Well, we will re visit that area in a few but as the loyal slut I am… I began hunting for the rooms, in which I’ve heard that hot horny guys will sometimes leave their doors open signaling action…

Found it.. I am now in a maze of 60+ rooms.. Time to go cruising .. This is why I drove to DC in the middle of the night to do this very thing here…

Well after walking past about 3 rooms, I spot a cute middle aged white guy, late 30’s, nice cock, hot body, with his door wide open… He smiles.. I enter…
we had a 20 minute, hot session, ending with me fucking his tight ass until I came hard.! Nice..

Round 2 begins.. Afterward I immediately shower off in the open shower area surrounded by about 4 hot guys also showering and cruising. One of which I will meet later in this story. So after showering I cruise my slutty ass back around through the steam room where I observe 5 hot ass guys sharing one cute boys ass and taking turns on him… (How lucky he must be)… I digress, so back to the rooms maze again.

What do ya know.. after all of about 30 seconds of cruising I encounter another hot white guy, with a large mushroom cock as he’s playing with it.. I double take,, He catches me.. Next thing I know .. I’m pinned face down, ass up on a fresh towel and this stud is tearing my ass into shreds. For 30 minutes, I know he drove his hard, large cock up my black ass and he owned it..! It felt amazing.. Right after he nutts, he flipped over and told me to fucking breed his ass. I did just that for about 12 minutes before blowing a huge load in that tight little booth. Wow, what a workout…

Off to the showers ..

Round 3… Uh-oh, trouble lurking, yet another rock solid stud, with greyish white hair approaches me in the open showers, he asks if I’m up for a dry sauna session. And being the fucking stud-whore I am, I gladly accept. So I quickly finish rinsing off and head into the dry sauna where he is awaiting… We start kissing passionately and touching… Towels came off real quick.. And before you know it I’m deep-throating every inch of his 8 incher. I sucked him off for a good 15 minutes and he returned the favor before offering his studly, hairy ass before my rock hard cock… I couldn’t resist. Breeded his ass in the sauna for about 8 minutes before another guy came in and joined the action, he was hot too.. He sucked the guy I was fucking off before we double-penetrated the guy. That was fucking HOT!.. 🙂 He moaned like a bitch the entire time in complete ecstasy. We proceed…

Back to the showers…

I decide that I needed a little break from the action, so I showered off, and hit up the chill area where the big screen TV was with the NFL games on. Great place to relax from all the action but still be near all the action. Really comfy seats LOL. Hung out there for about 15 minutes before I noticed another studly figure entering the building…. I proceeded back to the booth rooms… Back to my Captains room, with the porn on the TV… that I can’t control.. So I went downstairs for a remote from the front desk.. Viola! .. More porn channels on the mini TV..

Round 4 begins… I was being a good little slut, relaxing and watching some porn on the TV in my room, toweled.. and waiting for the next hot stud to appear so I could coherse him inside my little dungeon… Then it happened, there he was guy number 4 … Standing about 5’11, 150lbs, mature stud… He walked up to my door and leaned on the hinge… “sup”, he says… Ooo I’ll tell you what’s up… I replied … That fucking hot ass stud standing in my doorway.. “come in” I say,, And what do ya know.. The party btm top vers k** is at it again!… Getting my ass plowed fucking bare and moaning to a new worlds end… by a fucking studly DILF. “Yes!”, I moaned, “give me more” as he tore me a new one.. He breeded my ass and left me where I was… Fucking hot…!

Well, off to the showers again…

5. This time after rinsing off I head directly to the steam room with the cubby holes, cruising for yet another, hot fucking time.. As I make my way through the murky steam of the room I see about 3 guys standing around, the same guys from earlier that were sharing that toy boy bottom I mentioned… Yep, your damn right.. I casually walk up to the cubby hole they were in as they were jacking each other off awaiting their next bottom victim… I immediately drop my towel and grab ahold of the wall where I bent my slutty ass over in front of them all.. You know what happens next…! Yessir, they owned this black boys ass… All three of them .. Bare… Fucking soooo hot… I was used for over an hour in that very stall inside this 100+ degree steam room… I moaned in agony.. and ecstasy.. The whole entire time… I think 2 more guys ended up joining the 3 and they slid right in my fuckhole and had their way with it… Yes…!

After this hour I was completely exhausted..

6.I showered. hit the booth-room .. Door open of course… And actually fell asleep for the better part of about 20 minutes.. before I heard a knock on the door… Another studly character has graced my presence.. I eagerly invite him in and he closes the door… This guy was freakin cool as hell.. He gave me a FULL body swedish tissue massage.. It was phenomenal! Lasted almost 45 min.. I actually fell asleep while he was doing it.. ! He finished up with my lower body and asked if I wanted to play.. Of course … I bent over, ass in the air and he too worked my ass over for a good 20-25 minutes before losing himself to the cum lord… 🙂 Another satisfied daddy.. LOVE IT..

Showered AGAIN, and relaxed for a good part of an hour or so watching the football game, while still somewhat cruising what new opportunities were walking in and out the door… And finally, my favorite match of the day walks in as I’m packing up the room about to leave (exhausted of about 5 hours of action)… Total DILF A++ Mature stud.. Anderson Cooper total look-a-like… I must have him… I lose all my clothes and get back into my towel, and I am off … on the hunt for this stud..

About 5 minutes later… I locate him… Downstairs in the workout area… Uh-oh.. Time to reel him in… I gracefully strut by him as he is doing a leg machine exercise and double take him… He notices.. And smiles.. This perfect andy cooper white smile… I proceed to the back stairwell … Which leads directly to the maze of booth rooms .. Mine just happened to be located right inside the door atop the stairwell … He follows… Uh-oh.. 🙂 .. We proceed into the door and into the maze where he follows me directly into my room where we had a 90 minute session that I can honestly say was one of the hottest I have ever had. It started with the intimate kissing which lead to us 69’ing and me deep-throating a cock further down my throat than I ever have… Which lead to us rimming each other at the same time and how sweet his ass tasted as he savored my pink black boy fuckhole.. It felt amazing.. Then came that fucking huge cock of his shoving deep into my fuckhole.. He did it so good.. I almost came without touching myself. Of course, I flipped him over and fucked him into a new dimension doggystyle, missionary, and reverse cowgirl until I blew my incredible 6th load of the day… It felt remarkable. We did everything, kissed, 69’ed, rimmed each other, and flip-fucked for the better part of an hour… HOT…

As he exited he asked for my email so that we could stay in contact.. We exchanged info and that’s where my story ends…

I packed my bags and left like an exhausted little butt slut should …

The end.

All in all I really enjoyed Crew Club and cannot wait to return!! Excellent experience.. Worth

I smell a DC roadtrip this weekend actually..

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