My first bi experience

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My first bi experience
Hello all 🙂

I first discovered I was bi when I was in my early twenties – it wasn’t really something that I’d thought much about, and it came as a bit of a (pleasant) surprise. I’ve had a fair bit of bi fun over the years since then, but I still get horny thinking about my first few experiences…

I’d gone out one summer’s evening for a run along the beach, not too far from where I lived at the time. I was running an out and back route, along the sand towards a nature reserve. My plan was to do some running along the beach and then some more strenuous work running in the dunes, before heading back to the car park.

It was a fine summers evening – blue sky, air still warm from the day’s heat, and a fairly empty beach to run along. I’d been running for about 20 minutes when I reached the dunes in the nature reserve. I headed in to them to get a harder work out, running up and down the loose sand paths. I’d only been in to the dunes for about 5 minutes when I ran in to a small clearing where a man was sunbathing. He was completely naked, just lying on a towel.

He was an older guy (50+ I would guess), and he sat up when he heard me come by. I was a little taken aback, as I’d not come across a naked man outdoors before. I was even more taken aback when I noticed that he was semi erect. I’d stopped running when I saw him, just to say hello, before continuing my run. When I saw his semi, I was immediately embarrassed, and the blood ran to my face. However, there was another feeling mixed in with the embarrassment – was it excitement?

I can’t remember precisely what he said to me, but I think he tried to make some small talk about the lovely weather or something along those lines. I was transfixed – staring at his semi which, under my gaze, was becoming harder and bouncing as the blood flowed in to it, before rising up to being fully erect. I then felt a rush of a mixture of embarrassment, confusion and, yes, sexual excitement. My own cock began to get hard in my running shorts.

As we made small talk, he could see that, through my tight shorts, that I had become aroused, and he stood up and walked over to me. My mind was a whirl of confused thoughts at that moment – I was a straight guy with a girlfriend! What on earth was going on with me, and why was I hard at the sight of this naked older guy??

He came up to me and brushed his hand down the front of my shorts, against my now rock-hard cock. I almost leapt backwards, as I wasn’t expecting him to touch me! I mumbled something about not wanting to do anything, but at the same time I asked him if I could watch him! What was I doing?? I was pretty confused at that point, but I had such a strong desire to see his hard cock being wanked and him shooting a load.

He smiled at me, and sat down on his towel. He began stoking and squeezing his hard cock, under my gaze. I was transfixed – I couldn’t take my eyes off of him sitting there, completely naked in a wide open public space, legs spread wide wanking hard and looking at me. This went on for only a few minutes before he shuddered to his climax, moaned and shot what I thought was a pretty big load of cum all over his towel.

I’d just watched another man cum! Something I’d never seen before! I was so excited, and practically trembling at this point. My cock was so hard it felt like it could explode, and I was feeling incredibly randy. I made a snap decision to do the same for him as he’d done for me, and so I pulled my running shorts and pants to the side to let my hardon free.

He smiled appreciatively as he saw it, and made some comment about my nice young hard cock. I was still wary to an extent, and was standing a few feet away from him, but my lust needed to be dealt with. I grabbed my cock and started to wank myself off. In front of a stranger! And a man!! I felt like such a naughty, rude body, and the feeling was delicious!

As you might expect, it didn’t take too long for me to climax under those circumstances, and I shot a pretty decent load quite a distance across the sand in front of him. At my current age it takes a lot for my cum to shoot out in a jet, but back then in my early twenties I could spurt like a hose. His face lit up in a huge smile as I came, and the orgasm I had was one of the most powerful I’ve felt – rude, naughty, confused, horny, slutty – all rolled in to one.

Once I’d cum and my lustful feelings drained away, I tucked my cock back in to my shorts and smiled embarrassedly at him. He was still smiling, and said something about my impressive jet of cum. I just smiled at him, and said I had to be off. And off I ran, back to the car, with some confused thoughts in my head, but a semi forming in my groin on the run back as the sheer horniness of what I’d done.

You always remember your first time – and that was mine. Embarrassing, quick, fumbling, unexpected, leg tremblingly good, with a big orgasm and jet of cum. I’ve had quite a few bi experiences since that one, but it remains one of the best. When I was first exposed to the delights of a gloryhole is another cherised sexual awakening memory, but that’s a story for another time!

Hope you enjoyed this memory – all true, and all fun 🙂

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