My first gay date

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My first gay date
This probably won’t attract much interest, but for me it marks a massive turning point in my life, and I felt I wanted to share it with my xhamster friends

as you may see from my other stories, since my divorce, I have almost exclusively had sex with men, and the more dominant the guy, the better, but so long as it is sleazy I’m happy. But that is all it really is, just sex with men, and I do not consider myself as a gay man because I don’t really find guys attractive.

Anyway, I was recently out clothes shopping for guy clothes (not for my sissy wardrobe), I went to a place near me in London Colney, as there were three big clothes retailers there, and it was close by me and easy to park. As normal, I had panties and hold ups on under my regular clothes.

Id found a couple of nice polo shirts and some deck shoes, and wanted new jeans to finish off the outfit. I selected a couple of pairs and asked the shop assistant if it was ok to try them on. He was a French guy, probably mid 30’s, around 5’10” with a lean and toned body, and as camp as an old queen!

“Of course, the changing rooms are right over there, give me a call if you want any help”

I went into the cubicle and stripped down to my undies, to start trying everything on. The two polo shirts were perfect as were the shoes, so I put them to one side to buy, but the first pair of jeans were a little baggy for my liking.

I had just taken them off, and the curtain of the cubicle flew open and the shop assistant stood there with two more pairs of jeans. He didn’t bat an eye at me being just in pale blue panties and hold ups, and he just said “try these, thy go really well with those shoes” and with that, he walked out

I was scarlet with embarrassment, here I was just in my panties and hold ups, and the gayest guy I have ever seen had just walked into the cubicle, given me more jeans to try on, and not said a word about my predicament!

as it turned out, the jeans were perfect! So I got dressed, regained my composure and went to pay for my new clothes.

the guy was no on the till, and I thanked him for suggesting the other jeans and he smiled and told me he’d been working in men’s clothing retail all his life, so had a good eye for fashion….and the it happened…

i looked him him up and down and said “clearly you do, that’s a great outfit you’re wearing”

bloody hell, I was flirting with a guy! I’d never done anything like that in the past, and I was stone cold sober.

as the shop was quiet, we chatted (flirted) for a few more minutes, and he suggested we should meet for a drink or dinner. He wrote his phone number down for me, and a message that said “call me anytime”

i left the the shop and felt strangely excited at the thought of actually having a date as gay couple

the next day, I called him…my heart was racing, and I was shaking, he answered and I just said “so when am I seeing you then?”

he he laughed and called me an old tart for being so forward. We checked our diaries and agreed to meet the following Friday evening. Just before he hung up he said, “and don’t forget to wear the new clothes you just bought, and some lovely lingerie underneath” I just replied with ” yes sir, of course”

the he week couldn’t pass by quickly enough, but Friday soon came around, and I rushed home from work. I shaved my pubes, had a shower, and chose which underwear to put on. I opted for a gorgeous pair of pale pink lacy boy shorts and once again black hold ups with lacy tops. I looked in the mirror, and was instantly turns on, I hold he would be too later. I put on the new clothes, and ordered an Uber to take me to the restaurant. We had agreed to meet in an Italian restaurant in St.Albans, and when I arrived, he was nowhere to be seen. I told the waitress there was a booking in his name, and she said, don’t worry he’s always late, he’s a regular here so we know him well. “You don’t seem his normal type” she said, “I guess you must have something special” I was so embarrassed, but she just smiled, and told me to wait at the bar, where I had a glass of wine

abou fifteen minutes later, he came into the restaurant in what I can only describe as a theatrical flounce. He certainly knew how to make an entrance! Everybody in the restaurant looked up at him as he came over to the bar
“sorry to be late gorgeous, I wanted to make sure I looked perfect for you….and you look perfect to me”

my thought of a quiet dinner went right out of the window at that point, this guy had basically outed me in a restaurant full of people…

the he evening carried in in a similar vane, but I found myself enjoying the attention from him and for some of the other diners. In fact as I came out of the toilet during the evening, a married guy slipped his phone number to me and told me to ring him sometime!

the flirting carried on for the rest of the evening, and eventually, he called for the bill.

i panicked..I had no idea what the etiquette was for paying the bill on a gay date. Did we go halves, did he pay as he had asked me out? Did I pay? I needn’t have worried, he said we’d go halves, as it was our first date

the waitress called a taxi for him, and he invited me back for a nightcap. Wow, I was excited and also a little nervous, I knew he’d end up fucking me, but I’d never stayed the night with a guy!

we arrive at his flat, and he poured a couple of whiskys. We sat on the sofa, and he leans across and kissed me. This is something els I’m not really comfortable with, I’ve never really enjoyed kissing guys, but this felt so right, and his kiss was so lovely, I just melted into his arms like some silly little teenage girl.

we eventually began to undress each other, I took his shirt off, and he undressed me down to my knickers. We kissed some more and I went to unzip his trousers, and he stopped me. “Not on a fist date darling” he said

what? I had never known a gay guy not to want sex straight away, this was certainly new to me

“we’ve had a lovely evening, and you look so fuckable in your lingerie, but I don’t do that on a first date”

well, I didn’t know what to do, maybe he just didn’t want to fuck me, maybe it had all been a game for him to embarrass me in public (that had worked!!)

i just said, “OK, but we had better have our second date soon” he laughed and said “be careful what you wish for”

By this time, I had put my clothes back on and order a taxi home. I got back to mine, confused about what had just happened but very horny, so I stripped down to my panties, logged onto xhamster and entertained myself while watching some of my favourite videos.

in the morning I messaged him, and eventually we found a day where we were both free.

Im meeting him for lunch today and I can’t wait….

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