My First Lover Part 2

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My First Lover Part 2
It was the second day we had to ourselves, after my dad had deflowered me, that made the difference. The previous day… I had a nice sleep after my first fuck with dad… in fact I was never so tired and sore… that I just slept like a log after the fuck. I cannot say the sex I had with dad was a painful bad thing… but I felt my bones and body weak as a whole… and sore! By saying it as sore… I’m only downplaying the effect. Just think of it… I was so tired that I couldn’t even move my legs this side or that side… and when I did an effort to do so… my cunt lips got rubbed between the thighs and a sudden flash of pain and a tinge of pleasure would erupt at that moment. Even when I tried to move my legs to walk… during my every other step… I felt a huge rush of feeling between my thighs.

In my mind, I can say… that I felt as if I’m a piece of cloth… cut and tore in the middle… I felt as if I was defenceless… open, feeling like a rag and very weak and tired at mind. Every girl feels that way during her first night after her first fuck of her life… but if it had been my first night, I’d have had the psychological support of my hubby beside me that I could have hugged my hands around him and slept with content. But… having had my first fuck of my life with dad.. I only had my own bed and myself to regain what I had lost to my soul.

Like every other girl… though I felt the soreness between my thighs, it didn’t matter much at all, as my mind went on wandering back to the wonderful feeling of sweat, pungent horny feeling and the ecstasy I felt during those moments of fuck when my dad’s penis was filling my cunt on the whole. It made my heart pound and made my face flush every time for the next few hours whenever I saw my dad.

I woke once in the evening when dad was saying to mom that I was tired very much. So mom, thought may be I was feeling one of those pre-menstrual things we girls have.

“Oh… dear… you seem so tired…” mom commented looking at me.

“Oh… yes mom… I don’t know why…” I said with a quick glance at my dad. He smiled.

She was so caring and thoughtful, that she woke me up only for my dinner, that too with the plate in her hands and feeding me like her little c***d, on my bed. I once again fell asleep, due to my soreness and tiredness that I woke up only in the morning after my mom went for work, the next day… little did I know that my life had turned upside down after fucking dad.

When I woke up after the deep sleep, I was alone in the bed and dad has gone to do his business in the internet as usual. I was buck naked, without any dress. Quickly I put on a nice skirt and blouse, I moved out of the bedroom finishing off my morning business and brushing. I didn’t have my bath. I was very hungry. The time was around eleven in the morning. When I went to his room across the kitchen, I saw the food laid ready for me to eat. It took the food in my plate and then moved to my dad’s room and sat pulling over a moulded plastic chair beside.

“Hello Latha… How are you? How do you feel now? Very tired?” He asked smiling at me.

“Yes appa (dad), I’m very tired. In fact, I can’t even walk properly. It is somewhat sore between my legs. I can’t even wear my panties…dad.” I said to him frankly. I felt the blood rush through me and blush myself as I spoke very intimately that way to my dad. It was only now that I was speaking to dad freely after the fuck.

“Don’t worry. Latha… you’ll be fine… let me see…”he said. Saying so, he made me stand and then hiked up my skirt to my hips trying to look at my cunt. My cunt had swollen and puffy due to my first fuck of my life. ‘What would mom think if she had seen my sore cunt now?’ I thought and a kinky smile erupted on my face. His slowly traced and caressed the slit of my cunt with his fingers. I jumped at it, to the extent that I was about to drop the plate of food from my hand. Just think of me, I was there about to have my food, with my plate in my hands and dad was hiking up my skirt revealing my nudity.

“Why did you dress up Latha?” he was asking me as if I had done a wrong thing wearing the dress.

Seeing the puzzled look on my face, he replied. “Let it get some air. Only then, it’ll be alright soon. Remove your dress, Latha. Just be naked and feel free. You can wear the dress when mom is at home. Ok?”

I did not know what to say. Just like the previous day, I just complied with what he said. Seeing the plate in my hands, he said, “Here… let me help you…” saying so, he undid the knots of my skirt at my hips and let it fall at my feet. Now I was wearing just that matching green blouse that was covering the upper part of my body fully till my hips. And below the hips I was fully naked, except the silver anklets that was there at my ankles. I don’t know why dad stopped with that. He didn’t remove my shirt and just left it that way. I was half naked now, with the plate of food in my hands.

“Now… that’ll make you good… sit and have your food…” he said with a smile patting my cheeks. I didn’t find it uneasy or embarrassing after the fucking episode with dad. I just sat down on the chair with the coolness of the plastic chair hitting my bare buttocks as I sat down. Placing my plate on my small slim thighs, I felt the coolness of my plate on my thighs. I started eating as I saw my dad work over the internet. He checked mails and visited many sites, checking out the details and finalising some tenders. He was almost done for the day when I finished my food and entered the room after cleaning the plates.

Only now, I felt my nakedness strike me and I tried to cover my smooth cunt by pulling my shirt down as I came in. My dad saw that and asked with a smile, “Are you feeling shy Latha?”

“Yes, appa… being naked makes me feel very shy…” I said to him meekly.

“Come on dear… being naked is a very common thing to do. Don’t feel shy. Do you know how many girls in the world love to be naked throughout the day?” he said with a smile.

“How could that be appa? Don’t they feel shy for being naked, not wearing a dress?” I asked him out of my curiosity.

“No Latha… actually many of the girls want to be naked all day. There is nothing to feel shy about it… see here…” saying so, he opened a porn site that was full of pictures with nude girls smiling and showing of the breasts or spreading their cunts with their hands. He opened many more sites and showed many more pictures. It made me loosen up a bit and I believed it was alright to be naked. After are there are many other women like me naked in the world, I thought.

“Now do you feel ok?” he asked looking at me.

“Yes dad, I think I’ll be fine.” I replied reciprocating the smile. Yet I felt a little exposed about my naked cunt without any hair on it. “But without any hair between my thighs, I feel a little nervous…” I said and he grinned at me saying I’ll be fine.

“Now… I’ll show you how to chat on the internet…” he said and opened up the yahoo messenger and explained to me about how to work with it. Then he went into the adult section of the chat, with video chat and started to chat with some couples. I was watching it with awe. After sometime, the couples agreed to show themselves on the cam and dad too switched on the cam, that was before us.

“We are going to see the couple naked and live.” He whispered at me.

And then we both saw that couple on the screen, both of them half naked wearing only the inner wears. On seeing us both, they asked who I am, and dad replied that I’m his daughter. He moved the camera to show my naked thighs. They commented saying it was really great to see a naked girl with her dad on camera. “Why don’t you remove your upper dress so that we can see you naked fully?” they asked on the chat.

“Remove your shirt for them to see, Latha… show your naked body to them…” dad was saying to me and helped me unbutton my shirt. The thought that I was doing it for real in front of someone far away in the other side of the world excited me very much. My small breasts accentuated by the nipples, peeked out from the bra as I unbuttoned my shirt and ripped it off along my arms. I was wearing my soft bra inside and dad helped me unhook it in the back. I was wearing nothing but, the few ornaments like bangles, earrings, chain and anklets that we girls usually wear in South Indian tradition.

They asked me to masturbate in front of them. “Come on Latha, masturbate for them to see…” dad said to me.

Now was deep red on my cheeks, even though I was a grown up woman. I couldn’t understand what they were saying about even though I had played with my genitals before.

“Appa, I don’t know what you are saying about. I don’t know what to do…” I said to him innocently.

“Play with your hands between your legs…” he said and then placed a finger on my clits… slowly he pushed it inside the cunt and made me shudder in excitement. My cunt was so small that only a couple of fingers would get in.

I took over from dad and then started to play prudently with my fingers inserting them into my small cunt and rubbing along the cunt lips and clitoris. On the other side, I saw the lady doing the same thing pulling down her panties, showing her well-trimmed cunt. Dad helped me by massaging my small breasts that were hard by now. It took me more time to reach the orgasm. It was sensational but very long time when I came. Compared to a painful one I had during our fucking, this was somewhat better.

So we finished off and then chatted with some other persons on the net. One lady showed me how to shave the hair in front of the camera just like my dad did to me. Another man masturbated in front of us in the camera. It was the first time I saw a man masturbate. Then dad helped me create a mail ID for me. I had learnt a lot of things by now from dad.

“Appa, I’m going to my room. I’m tired.” I said to him as I gathered my skirt and the shirt from the floor.

“Ok. Dear. Take rest. I’ll be with you when I finish the work… Remember… don’t wear the dress… it’ll be fine if you don’t, when your mom is not at home… I don’t mind your nakedness…ok?” he said with a small kiss on my cheeks.

“O.k. pa… I too feel better when I don’t wear my dress…” I replied with a smile.

I had nearly half an hour of sleep, nude on bed. I didn’t mind covering my naked body and I woke up halfway, with the dream and scenes of dad’s penis giving an yet another sensational feeling being aroused. But dad was still at his desktop when I woke and lay there at bed resting with my eyes open.

The next morning, mom had already gone to work when I woke up. It was really a nice morning. I woke up with erotic mood, with the scene of my dad fucking me over and over in my dreams. It was new to me yet, I got tangled into it so easily, that I felt to be a great sensation. I lay there in bed thinking over what happened the day before. It was really a nice feeling.

“Hello dear…” dad greeted me as he came in.

“Hello, pa” I said to him.

“Had any sleep?” he asked me caringly.

“Oh. Fine… but I couldn’t get any sleep. I was just thinking over what happened yesterday.” I said to him.

“Are you alright? How do you feel now? Do you like what happened yesterday?” dad asked.

“I’m fine, pa… it was really nice… I was thinking about it very much. Actually, I wanted to happen again and again, what we did yesterday…” I said right from the heart.

“Oh dear… it’s really nice to hear that from you… don’t worry… we’ll do it again and again as much as you want…” dad said with a grin. “Has your soreness gone?” he asked again.

“It’s gone pa…” I said to him. He came up to my bed and then holding my head, kissed me a small peck at my cheeks and then at my lips.

He just scooped me in his arms and moved me to the other side of my large bed. I was not wearing anything but had covered my naked body with my blanket. Within moments, he pulled it up above my head, rendering me fully nude. There I was, my body so small and slim, with my round breasts supple and soft. My buttocks were similar soft mounds and he could easily cup all of them with his hands.

“Appa… I feel my body is so small…” I said to him concerned.

“You’ll grow up Latha… you’ll have a nice body when you marry, all your body will become large, your breasts and buttocks and thighs… he said comfortingly, while at the same time massaging my small breasts with his large hands. I let out a feeble moan as he played with my nipples.

“Your body is so beautiful. Don’t worry dear…” he said.

“Really daddy?” I asked him.

“Yes dear… there are a number of things in maintaining a nice body. As you saw yesterday, try to be naked most of the time when you are alone in the house or when I’m present. Your dress will cover your beauty…” he said.

“I too feel that way appa…” I was saying.

“Wait a minute here…” saying so he winked at me naughtily, then he went to his room and brought me all the jewels and gold ornaments that mom and dad had started buying for my marriage that is years away. “Here… wear these jewels… all of them… and look into the mirror yourself. You’d be the sexiest little girl in the world.” He was saying.

Then he took a large gold necklace and chain and helped me wear it on my naked body. Even as the cool gold touched my raw skin I felt myself stirring in excitement. I had worn them before when going out on special occasions but never felt like this before. Now, I was wearing them all again without any dress. Only these ornaments are going to dress my naked body and nothing else. That thought itself made me excited and felt it to be kinky in its own way… fully nude with just those ornaments on my skin.

Dad then helped me wear a dozen bangles in my arm the earrings and the gold anklets and even a nice long gold chain-like ornament, which he helped me wear around my small hips, with the large pendant of the chain touching the ends of my cunt slits, rubbing my clitoris. It was so sensual. Then he made me wear the ornaments that girls wear during the marriage, that is, the ornaments on the upper arms near the shoulders and the one at the middle of my forehead. It is the nethi chutti in Tamil. As we finished that wearing all those ornaments, he again scooped me carrying my naked body to the large mirror in the dressing table.

I let out a squeal as he let his finger playfully into my cunt as he carried me. “Daddy…” I squealed aloud. “Do you like my finger into your cunt?” he asked me. “Yes dad… it’s so nice… I feel like fainting in this feeling… don’t take it out…” I was saying. When I stood before the mirror and I was looking like a typical bride, ready for marriage, only that I was wearing the marriage ornaments on my naked body and didn’t wear any marriage dress.

“I feel like a bride… daddy… but without the dress really I myself feel very sexy…” I said to him.

“Yes… Latha… you are very sexy and beautiful… will you marry me Latha and be my wife?” He asked me.

“Whatever you want dad… I’m your daughter. I’ll do whatever you say…” I couldn’t think of marrying my dad as a serious thing and I never felt it wrong.

The next moment, he slipped me ring on my finger and said, “You are my wife darling daughter… shall we have our first night now? Or let us say… our first day…?” he asked with a grin.

“Oh daddy…after having sex with you yesterday…I’m dying to feel that again and again till I die… I was thinking when you’ll do it again to me…” I felt very shy and hugged him with the heat of both our bodies transferring between as through the thin layers of gold ornaments that were dangling over my breasts and also along my cleavage.

We were back in the bed and as he laid me on the bed, he moved my legs wide and then started licking and sucking my toes. “Daddy…” I let out a moan, as his sucking of my toes sent ripples through out my body. I felt myself grab and squeeze my breasts below the gold ornaments and the started pinching my own nipples in excitement. “Aiyooo… daddy….mmmpppphhh” I was moaning aloud as he moved his tongue all over the back of my thighs and my legs by lifting them. My anklets and my bangles made a hell of a noise as I squirmed in excitement below him.

Minutes after, he moved near my hips and then kneeling before me, spread my legs apart having a nice look at my smooth groin. All my triangle had, was a small long cut which was my fuck hole. It was looking just like a little girl who had just attained the age to get fucked. It was so smooth. He slowly inserted one of his index fingers into my cunt, penetrating slowly and searching for something. And I jumped with a loud moan as he found my clit and then the g-spot. The gold glittered due to my sweat by this time. It was an all new sensation as my dad finger-fucked me. I never knew that in the coming days I would end up fist-fucked by my dad unlike finger-fucking now…

My small cunt was throbbing hot, that, I all I could do was let out a feeble moans of oohs and aahs and dadddddyyy…. Nothing else came off my mouth, as I mumbled some words to myself. It was so great. He pushed and pulled and caressed the walls of my cunt with his fingers. I could feel my cunt loosening up and juices oozing out and then, it was fully filled… now with two of his fingers. All my cunt could afford at the maximum was two fingers. My legs were stretched upright making a ‘V’ at his shoulders.

He pulled of his fingers and then inserted his thumb instead into my cunt. At the same time, I felt his middle finger poking the hole of my ass. The smooth ass parted a little and I could feel his finger going inside the rim of my asshole. “Gawd!!! I could feel all of my juices oozing out of my cunt and feel the cold wetness of his fingers as they were drenched in my steaming hot cunt. My bums were moving up and down as he ripped me into a violent orgasm. “Hmmmmmpppphhhhh…” was all I could mutter and gasp taking a long breath, as a reaction to what he was doing between my legs. I could feel my cunt flash and drench as the glistening juices of my cunt flowed along my inner thighs. It was a tingling feeling as I felt it ran along my thighs and then stain my bed.

“How do you feel, Latha?” dad asked as I relaxed on bed beside him. I felt the ornaments weighing more on my breasts and nipples.

“I don’t know how to explain, it was really very nice…” I posed a sexy naked smile at him. Just then my eyes fell on his throbbing penis. It was large and hard jutting out of his lungi. My dad saw me seeing too. “Do you want to have a look?” he asked and without expecting an answer he disrobed himself showing off his 7 inch long thick penis. The hard on was so much that, the foreskin pulled back on its own showing off the small pink pee-hole on his cock head.

“Why don’t you taste it with your mouth and give me a nice experience?” he asked me.

“But I don’t know how to do it…” I was saying.

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you…” saying so, he moved to the edge of the bed and sat comfortably with his legs hanging of the bed. He made me kneel on the floor and positioned my between his legs. My gold covered breasts scratched on his thighs as the touched him. With a cue, I grabbed all those chain from my breast and pushed back along the neck. Now, it hurt my neck. At last he helped me to remove the necklaces and chains. My nakedness took its guilt on me now again and I felt my body shudder at the feeling of being naked, open and defenceless. His penis was throbbing long and was inches before my mouth.

“Give it a kiss and then lick it…” dad said. I slowly, moved my lips over the shaft and kissed it. I licked it slowly and felt the warmth of the flesh. Next moment I felt my cunt started flowing with my juices.

“Suck it like a lollipop…” he said and I did the same.

“Take all of it into your mouth…” he said and then guided my mouth through it by holding my hair at the back of my head with his hands. Slowly and steady I licked and took his dick into my mouth. As it hit the back of throat, I gasped for air and gagged, pushing his dick out with my tongue. My eyes moistened and became watery at that feeling as I gasped again. But I regained soon and then again started it all over. This time, he slowly but steadily pushed my head between his legs that I got accustomed to the feeling and rhythm soon. So he held my head with his hands, and I was licking and sucking his penis through his guidance. It was nearly ten minutes during which, his oohs and aahs turned into loud moans and then into soft groans and then by this time he was panting for air, saying he was about to cum. I was not sure what to do… but I continued licking when he shot a wad of thick cum into my throat. “Don’t stop… drink all of it and gulp it…”he said as his cum touched my tongue and guzzled along my throat. Even if I though I couldn’t have got my mouth out, because he was holding it close to his groin. After a few shots, I could not gulp as fast as he shot his cum and therefore it leaked along the sides of my mouth to my chin. Even as I took off my mouth he made me lick his penis clean.

“How was the taste? You like it?” he asked me smiling. “It’s ok dad, but it was very thick, gum like and sticky on my tongue. It was salty and tangy….” I said, with a small wad of his cum still on the sides of my mouth.

“You’ll get along and like it as you do it frequently…” he said, and then cleaning that cum on my chin with his fingers he let me suck his cum from his fingers.

It was a really wonderful and new feeling for me to give my first blowjob to dad. Seeing me thinking, he asked, “What’s going on in your mind latha?” and I was just as frank as I can be, to answer that question.” I was just thinking…. what more new things dad has got for me in sex…?” I said smiling.

“Oh.. there’s a lot more… they can be very nasty and kinky and wild…want to know them all?” he asked with a grin on his face.

“Going by how I feel after all these things in two days… I really want to know them all… let’s see how nasty it can get…” I said smiling and he kissed my cheek for that.

“There are a lot of things… getting licked and tasted in between the thighs and then between the bums… getting fucked in the cunt and the bum… also getting both of them at the same time.. finger-fucked and fist fucked at both your front and back… getting fucked quickly… when your mom’s around… and then getting fucked like a slave… doing whatever I say… getting fucked while I tie you with ropes… there’s a lot more and then whatever creative way you want us to do…” he said.

Even as he finished off saying all of them, my face had turned red in blushing… “Oh dad… when I’m going to get to know all of these…?” I was wondering aloud to him. “Oh… don’t worry… we’ll do one of them every day… and get fucked every minute we get… ok?” he didn’t wait for my answer but he kissed me again, not at my cheek now, but at my lips… opening up my mouth and then playing with my tongue. By the time we finished off the long kiss I was panting for air and both of us were ready for the second fuck of my life.

So he made me move my hips up a little and as I held my hips with my hands… he fucked me wild for the second time… and he finished off leaving me just like yesterday… except a little difference… by now, I was feeling more of the pleasure and less of the soreness in my little soft fleshy cunt… after the fuck, this time, I slept hugging my dad, till mom came in the evening…


i did not wright this story all credit go’s to pretty_tamil_girl

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