My first masturbation

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My first masturbation
I love to masturbate. Since junior high sex drive me once. But I can reduce my sex turmoil. I grew up in a religious family. First time masturbation happens when I’ve graduated from high school. At that time me and my friends (male and female) were hanging out at a friend’s house after a long day of taking care of STTB.

The Harry came and brought a pornographic video tapes and direct the movie set at a friend’s house. We all instantly watch. I myself first time watching porn and there is a feeling of disgust and passionate. When finished watching the movie, we went home. Since I took the car itself, I led Harry and 3 friends to the nearest bus stop.

Arriving home, I parked the car in the garage and out of the car before my attention was drawn to the videotape that was lying in the back of the car seat. Apparently the tape was dropped from Harry’s bag. Soon I insert the video into my bag and I went directly to bed. It was 21:30 o’clock, my parents had gone to bed.

I rushed a shower and change clothes. After that the excited, I play the porn movies in my room because I happen to have a TV and video player itself. With great interest, I noticed scenes ML, I noticed male and female forms. I could see her more relaxed than the afternoon of embarrassment if it looks too serious.

There is one scene where the woman was lying in bed naked. The woman plays her in the crotch and breasts, sighing with great favor. I became curious to try. I tuck my right hand into my panties and fingering pussy. I do not feel pleasure. Then I noticed the woman opened her pussy lips. I then tried to open my pussy lips with his index finger and the middle finger of my left hand started rubbing my pussy. Suddenly my body straight like electrocuted.

I feel a tremendous pleasure. I tried to play the clitoris. I coax, swivel and gyre. Oh joy! My breath started to sigh-sigh as the woman’s pleasure. Finally, I immediately opened all my clothes and sleep naked on the bed. Back of my right hand while the left hand plays the clitoris wringing sized breasts then 34A. It feels like a float in heaven. The joy incomparable.

I started to accelerate the movement of my fingers on the clitoris, the faster until finally re stung me like electricity. My body stiffened. There is a sense of relief that I can not describe. Vagina and crotch wet with liquid. I feel the woman in the film was also felt the same way with me. The woman licked her wet by the liquid from her vagina. I tried to lick my fingers, it feels a bit salty. After the first masturbation, I went to sleep. At about 3 am, I woke up and returned my sexual desire to rise again and I returned masturbate.

aya lay down on the bed and opened my legs wide then I point to my pussy dildo. Not to forget I apply gel lubricant around the dildo and then I began to enter slowly into the vagina. Initially a bit sluggish but with patience I enter up stuck at the threshold of the vagina. After that I started to pull out again.

I enjoy every inch of the dildo into the vagina. My eyes closed enjoying this sensation. After dildonya out all, my back and this time enter faster. Finally pussy dildo I’m used to it so I can quickly whisk dildo. I hunt with a quick breath. I sweat pouring disekujur my body. Breast squeezed squeezed while shuffling dildo in pussy.

There are about five minutes I played it in my pussy dildo up my first orgasm. After that I turned in menungging position and insert the dildo from behind. I saw my reflection in the mirror that hung on the table. I feel sexy. My mouth was wide open and half closed eyes enjoying dildo inserted into the vagina from behind.

I pressed both my feet until it feels good to be my dildo firmly press the groin muscles. Hanging breasts looked swaying to the rhythm of my movements. A few minutes later, back me orgasm. I collapsed into bed. My body was wet with sweat. Little wet pussy fluid bed linen. I took a break while the dildo was still in my vagina.

I then got a new idea. I pulled it out of pussy dildo ago I took a seat. The chair has a backrest made of some wood perpendicular and there is a distance of between one timber to another timber. I tuck it in between the wooden dildo that. Due to the size of a large dildo, the dildo can be inserted and not sway at all. Dildo was brandishing his back seat. I then slide the seat towards the dresser. Then I menungging relied on the dresser while kuarahkan pussy on the dildo.

I see my position pretty funny because I was in a doggy style position and dildo was supported in the back of the chair. Then start back slowly advance the backing my ass. Dildo can go well and the chair itself can not move anywhere because retained by the bed. I started to accelerate the rhythm of movements. My sex like endless passion raging within me. Looks like this dildo can understand my sex desire high.

Many times I hunjamkan dildo into my pussy. Pussy was throbbing receive sexual sensations received from the dildo. My breath wheezing. My hair was a mess and back sweat running down my chest. I squeezed both breasts with exasperation as he continues to push the dildo pussy in. I remember when it was within 15 minutes fuck with a dildo in this position, my orgasm is approximately 6 times.

Finally I stopped because of exhaustion. I let go of the dildo from my pussy and remove him from the back of the chair. I lay back limp on the bed and slept for 1 hour. Once awakened, I immediately rush to clean up my room and throw away the package dildo and lubricant gel. Dildo itself I then wash my shirt in the pack along with a bottle of lubricant gel so as not caught her.

I saw the name card of Richard in my bag. Had crossed the idea of calling him and who knows may be invited to copulate. But my intention undo it because of the high risk of getting caught parents. After all this time I’m happy to play with my new dildo.

Until now, I’ve had three dildo. The first is the first dildo I bought in Singapore, then dildo dildo and third branching models that can vibrate own use batteries. Both dildo that I bought in America.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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