my first time in egypt

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my first time in egypt
i would like to say this before i start parts of the story are true but to keep the persons involved out of any trouble i changed the names and added a few things to arent completely true so my story is both fantasy and true this is the first female i had and she was not to be the only one her boss was the second one and because she and her husband are wealthy and very powerful i will not get into names at this point but the one in the picture was a very hot fuck and ill tell you how i came to fuck her and her boss but first ill give a little bit of back ground
im a security guard and one day i was driving home from work when i saw a very well dressed man he was hoping someone would stop and give him a ride well ive always tried to be helpful so i pulled over and asked if he needed help or a ride wel he was in a hurry because he was on his way to the airport and needed to catch his flight to the middle east some where i really didnt pay attention even tho later i wished i would have
well i drove a few miles out of my way to get him on his flight and thought nothing of it he thanked me and said he would repay me ten fold for my kindness and he walked into the airport
as i drove off i thought to myself thats the last ill see of him i wasnt being crude just it goes just like this you help and almost never see or hear from them again i wasnt hoping for anything since i do things from the heart
well time went on and around 4 months later i recieved a letter from some lawyer in down town houston i knew i hadnt done anything wrong and that i had no court dates i should worry about i thought it was a mistake or confusion and decided to go there and find out what the deal was
here is where i wished i had paid attention to what the guy was telling me but i didnt and even though he told me his name i wasnt paying attention and completely forgot all about that guy
i walked into the building and went to the third floor and handed the letter to the receptionist and started to explain this had to be a mistake when she stood up and asked me to follow her i was starting to wonder what i had done that would have a lawyer call me in but still the brave soul i am i went along as we got to the end of the hall she asked me to wait there while she annouced me i stopped and stood there as she went in a min later she walked out and showed me in as i walked in the guy sitting at his desk stood up hand extended for me to shake and i thought where have i seen this guy i know ive seen him but couldnt place him until he spoke i remembered he was the guy i had guiven a ride to that afternoon and i smiled and walked up and shook his hand as we traded pleasentries he was a very nice man and asked if i would like anything to drink as we sat to talk
it turns out he’s a partner in this big law firm and was about to go to egypt and bcause i had gotten him to the airport in time for his flight was inviting me as his guest
i couldnt belive what i was hearing and tried telling him that wasnt nessary but he insisted i should be awarded for my kindness i was in total shoke and wondered if this was really happening but being married i told him i had to refuse his invatation because i had to work he assured me that i would be given leave and my salary would be paid as a vacation and before i could say anything he told me my vacation wouldnt be used i still hadit this was a gift from him to me i told him i would have to speak to my wife and she wouldnt believe this story he told me he had already spoken toher and that she was ok with me going all i had to do was say yes and i would be on my way i asked if that offer of a drink wasstill good he stood up and motioned me to the bar he had and as he poured us a drink said i wouldnt need money for anything and that his secreatery would be taking my wife out to a spa as a way of thabnking her for letting me go
i grabbed the glass and gulped down what was in it and held my glass out for a refil and gulped it down aswell
then i shook his hand and tried to say i would be honored but i had become a studdering idiot he laughed and said we would be leaving the day after tomorrow if i had anything to tend to before we left on the flight there he was telling me how he and his partners were thinking about opening a firm in egypt for the us visitors and business men that traveled there and told me he would introduce me as a private investagtor so it would be more of a business trip so the people he was metting there wouldnt take offesce to him bringing a visitor
i was to join him on the first day at the meeting then the next two weeks i was free to do as i wanted whlie the discused plans and such

everything went as planned and on the second day i was free to do as i pleased and was given a credit card and an escort to show me around after two days of site seeing i was getting bored and finally asked the escort if there were any places to meet women as i had heard of them and their beauty
he leaned towards my ear and told me his girlfriend had a cousin that had always wanted to meet an american and see if the story of how good they were as lovers
i caught on fast and asked if and when i could meet her he told me that afternoon if i wanted i was already nodding yes before he was done talking
her turned down a small dirt road and drove about 2 miles then turned again i was about to get worried i might be getting set up for something bad when he pulled over and as he opened the car door asked if he could bring his girlfriend along to keep him company
i always thought it was bull that they covered their faces but ill be damned if two young looking women didnt walk put of the house and followed him to the car as he got in he said something to one of them and she stopped short of the front car door and waited for him to let her in
she sat in the car and from what i could see she had a very nice shape and i thought well she’s not going to be that easy to get to because of the laws they have but as we drove towards town i noticed she kept looking at my crotch i hadnt noticed i was semi hard but she had she would look until i was about to catch her and turn away and whisper something to her cousin after a few more mins the escort stopped b
and asked me if i was ready to return to my room i just knew i had blown it with this girl so i said yes i was ready he drove me to my hotel and as i was getting off he told me it was a gentle mans duty to open his dates door for her as he winked at me and smiled
i went around the car and opened the door she was very polite as she got out and thanked them for the ride and thanked me for inviting her to join him
as we were walking towards the building i wondered what if anything it would be like having a woman from this country in my room and hopefully in bed i found out when i got to the room that things arent always what they seem and the interesting part was that once in my room she wasnt shy at all as we walked in i turned to close and lock the door and she was already taking off her clothes i turn around as she was removing her scarf and she was very pretty but as she undressed oh my lord was she sexy i wanted to take her right then but she smiled and pointedat my cock wich was rock hard but still in my pants i ripped off my clothes as fast as i could and watched her finish removing hers i had never given aany thought of how it looked i just thought it wouild be a bush that i would have but when she turned around i got my very fuirst look at her clean shaven pussy and her tan brown skin with very bit nipples and nice med sized tits and thought i was in heavenas she looked towards my cock she told me in her best english she had noticrd i was well hung but had no idea it was that big and tried to ask how big it was i finally understood and told her it was just over 10 inches long as she reach out she asked if i would allow her to touch it and not knowing then what i know now i said she could touch it and anything else she wanted to do with it

it was then that she explained that i was in charge and she was to do what i wanted and she would never refuse my request i told her she had the same right to do anything she wanted to but she explained to me that women dominent have rights and she is to do what the man decides to do
i asked what if i want to put all of my cock as i held it out in your pussy she looked down sadly and told me she had never seen one thing big and didnt think she could fit it all in her pussy and that might cause her trouble if she didnt take what i was giving her to take i understood what she was saying but believing it was different
soi thought of a way to get her to enjoy her self and enjoy me at the same time i told her she was to speak her mind while she was with me in my room and that i wouldnt tell a soul but if she refused to do what i had just asked i would make trouble for her
ans no sooner did i finish talking that my mind caught up to my mouth i had a female that would to anything i wanted fuck her mouth ass pussy anything and i had just given it away
but she told me she wouldnt do such a thing unless i told her to and i wants going to blow it again and told her i would have my way with her this one time then she would have the same rights i have but only while in here in my room then after that she had to go back to her ways she agreed to that as i came to learn egypt women like to be dominated and will take it as a pleasure so the ist time se got ten inches of my cock she was going to fall in love with the way i fucked her
i grabbed her hair and pulled her down on her knees she knew and open up for my cock as i put it in her mouth she started breathing thru he nostriles and i knew she had been deep throated and was about to get throat fucked by my cockso i fucked her mouth with just the head slowly at first then picked up pace as i started to shove my cock in little by little to my surprize she sucked a good cock and had had her throat stretched by cock some but not very deep til she did with my cock

i worked my cock into her mouth and she could only handle 7 inches in and started to avoid eye contact but i pulled up her chin and told her it would be ok t just took time and pulled her to my cock and face fucked her til i came she was trying to spit it out but my cock had her mouth full of cock and cum she had no choice but swallow when she was done licking my cock clean i laid her on the small kitchen table and pushed open her legs and dove right in without messing around i sucked her clit in and started sucking on it as i finger fucked her again by the time i was done with her i had made her cum more than 10 times my cock was semi hard when i was pulling away from her pussy and she quickly got on all fours and sucked my cock in her mouth she took all but an inch before she started gagging on it the harder my cock got and grew the more she had problem it was getting to big to fit and she was starting to breath heavy but this time unlike last she was hungry to take my cock and grabbed my hips and pulled them to he as she would pump er face in to my crotch i was almost fully hard and decided to give it all to her and thrust as hard as i could when she pumped once more i felt the head go passed the throat as my cock was rammed in she had a look of ear as my balls slammed into her chin and i began to skull fuck her like i had always dreamed of doing to a female but never gotten the chance pumped her mouth hard and balls deep in every stroke i also pulled out til just the tip was left in and to my amazement she was loving it so much i couldnt get her to pull away from my cock when it was time to shoot my load she wasnt going to let me cum iany place but deep down her throat so i let her have it as i thrust deep down her throat i grabbed her hair and pulled her face hard to my crotch as she gagged swallowed and choked on my cocks cum i couldnt believe she was taking all that and wasnt trying to get away from me i knew i was done after the two times until she asked if i would honor her with my taking her cell and recording her taking all my cock down her throat by the time i pull out i was hard and she knew what i wanted and asked if i wanted it now or after i had fucjked her pussy i told her i want to try her asshole once just to see how tight it waould be on my cock she bent over and pulled her ass cheeks wide open and let my cock penetrate her asshole she had had cock in her ass before some wide some long and some both long and thivck but nothing like she was about to take in as the head slipped threw the ass hole opening i couldnt help myself and rammed atll twn inches in her harder than i had very done before she let out a painful scream chich turned me on even more so i hammered her ass hard and steady for a good 20 mins before i pull out leaving her in tears as she felt my cock spreading her pussy she moaned with pleasure as i slowly fucked he cuntshe took all of 8 inches before she began crying with pain so i let off and gave her a good hard fuck so she could enjoy atleast part of what i had done to her
it was almost 3 pm when she told me she had to work for a couple of hrs and would be happy if she could come stay the entire night with me i was all to happy to let her come back and stay she called her cousin and asked for a ride to work and when the escort came back both women were gone when i asked my escort he told me er cousin was to work this night but had told her boss lady that she wasnt feeling well and wanted to know f she would allow her to go home early when the lady f the hiouse askedwat was wrong she didnt want to lose her job by telling a lie and told the boss that her body had been entered by a massive man tool and she was having trouble walking because of it

part2 coming soon

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