My first time with a man

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My first time with a man
My mother and the only dad i had known where going through a divorce and my mom took my siblings and me to live next door to her aunt. Aunt Beth had 4 c***dren 2 boys 17 and 9 and 2 girls . mom worked every day and my cousin Dave was in charge of all of us. so one day it was just Dave and i and he took me swimming at the local pool i was 9 years old. We where at pool till 1 in the afternoon.
Dave said ” Chris its time to get home i have some plans for the 2 of us since its just use. I think you will have fun”
i was excited to find out what was in store so i peddled my little bick as fast as i could to get home. once there dave told me i had to take a shower first. so i went down to the basement and got in shower. abot 2 min into it i felt hands on my back and dave was in shower with me.
he asked me” are you ready to become a real man”
i said Yes what do i have to do”
He said “well to become a real man another man needs to break you in.”
I was excited
Dave told me i was perfect for it. I needed to take his cock in my mouth and suck on it. I did as i ewas told
as i sucked on it he moaned and rubbed soap all over my body making sure he put allot of it on my anus.
he was moaning real load now and told me to stop
iwas glad because it was to thick for me to get my mouth over and was at least 8″ long
he said OK grab the towel bar and bubble up your butt cheek’s ‘ i did not understand but did my best
dave slid in behind me and said this is the true test. if you can do this and not cry you are a man. i was excited and scared all at same time. he pushed his cock slowly between my bubble butt cheeks and pressed up to my anus. i was so scared as he cocked my legs out and said just to make sure i will use your shoe strings on your ankles. he tied my ankles to the point i was wide spread and he tied my hands to the towel rack
now he put one finger in my anus with some kind of slippery liquid on it and moved it back and forth acouple times
Dave said here we go chris time to make you a real man
he pressed his cock into my anus and the head poped into my ass with a pain i have never to this day felt again. he pulled out
pushed in again little less pain
for about 10 min he just poped his mushroom head in and out and then with out warning he grabed my hips and plunged all the way in. I felt his bails slap my little nutz over and over. he fucked my ass for like 30 min or so and i had this warm feeling all over my boddy it started in my belly and went all over my body tingling it felt so good i craved it more. i yelled out please don’t stop please keep going i enjoy this feeling as my little pecker stood up and his huge cock pumped my assi had an anal organism and almost passed out 3 times

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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