My lovely wife impregnated by my friend for real

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My lovely wife impregnated by my friend for real
I’m the husband of Sabine and I like to tell you the story of my lovely wife’s latest natural impregnation.

It started a few months ago at the end of an afterwork party with my mature wife Sabine. Sabine, my mate Thomas and myself were drunk a little bit and just for fun Sabine started to smooch and cuddle around with both of us. Sabine asked me if it’s ok taking Thomas into our home for playing around a bit. I agreed but I wasn’t sure if this idea is good or bad.

At home we started to dance and to laugh, we had so much fun together. I had the idea of undressing and dancing naked. At first I was shocked after I have seen the enormous meaty and large cock of Thomas, he’s twice the size of my tiny penis and Sabine never has seen or touched such a large one before.

I asked her to touch his big penis and just a few seconds later she couldn’t resist to play with his enormous dick. He was so hard and large. I only starred at them.

Sabine stroked his thick cock with both of her hands and just after a few seconds later he jerked off very heavy. Her stomach and big soft breasts were completely wet and full of his fertile thick semen. He came like a horse.

Fine I thought. That’s it. She’s had her fun, and now its over. I was so turned on that I could not wait until she got upstairs so I could fuck her senseless.

“Oh my god. You’re still hard.” Sabine said as I turned back to see her still stroking his very large cock, now with a smug look on his face. “My husband is only good for one.”

I was surprised that her usual cuckolding sexy banter had made it into this situation, and it made me a more uncomfortable.

“Yeah baby. I’m not your husband I’m good to go all night. Why don’t you climb that ass over here and see what it feels like with a real man’s dick inside you.” Alarm touched me as I wondered if she had any condoms. She gave voice to my fears as she said, “I can’t, I don’t have any condoms, and I really should go now.”

He reached out and grabbed her wrist. “What did I tell you about teasing me bitch? You know you want this dick and you’re going to take all 9 inched of it. Get over here.” With that pulled her over to his side of the sofa.

“But I can’t..” Sabine said as I saw him thrust himself upward, penetrating my wife for the first time. She immediately cried out in pain as he reached past where I had ever been inside of her.

After a few strokes of his hard cock I could hear the sounds of wet sloshing as she began to ride his cock in earnest.

I watched covertly as Sabine’s face contorted in a mask of pleasure. She got into a steady rhythm soon and then began to cum. She cried out in multi-orgasmic bliss as her lover squeezed her sweat soaked tits.

“Does your husband’s cock feel this good and deep?” He asked as he pinched hard at her nipples.

“Oh god! No. I love your cock. I love your cock! I love your COCK so much more!” She screamed as she came again. “I never had such a wet and tight vaginal orgasm before, I love your so much!”

“I’m about to cum baby. Get down there and swallow my cum, bitch. Swallow it.” He cried as I could see him try to shift her from his lap.

“Please…” she said in a soft voice still thrusting herself on top on him. “Please don’t pull out. I want –you …to… to cum inside of me.” She began to repeat these words over and over growing louder and bolder with each stroke. She was basically begging this guy to fill up her married pussy.

“Please don’t pull out. Cum inside me. I’m ovulating and I like you to make me pregnant under a heavy orgasm! Please cum inside me! Oh god cum inside me!”
He groaned that Sabine’s tight unused cunt was so good for him. He was slowly opening her cervix with each push now and her body was boiling within.
Her body was so close to exhilaration, his throbbing cock now felt like a permanent part of her, it belonged inside her, she needed it so much, when he moaned into her ear who’s giving her a baby now.

The pounding of very swollen wet flesh became all that I could hear before I heard the guy start to groan. She was in spasms as his fluids began to gush from deep within her.

“Aaaahhh shit! Take it bitch! Aaaaaaahhhhh Take this very thick…Dick! I’ll inseminate your tight married womb now…” Sabine began to cum yet again very hard and tight as he filled her twitching pussy with cum. “God I can feel your semen at my cervix, that’s so hot…. never had this feeling before. I love your large penis so much. I want to fuck you every day…”
At that moment she cried “i love you” into his ear, as she felt him ram his swollen, throbbing cockhead to a halt, opening up her cervix, and she felt his huge, powerful, meaty organ shoot a hot stream of his semen directly into her fertile womb.

I was devastated. I know this was a kind of fantasy for me too but the reality was so hard to take. I was still turned on but just as stunned by what I had just seen.

As soon as she caught her breath, I watched as Sabine climbed off of her lover’s lap, looking a little sheepish at her own behaviour.

“That was amazing.” She said still catching her breath. “Thank you for a fun time. Oh would you look at what I did to your beautiful horse sized cock? Its soaked in cum.” I looked at her pussy and she was completely filled. This must be three or four times bigger than my cum load. “There is so much cum inside me I couldn’t even feel all his juices pumping into me. All I could feel was the cum flowing out of me to make more room.” she said.

To the surprise of myself and the guy she then leaned over and slurped up their combined juices as he tipped his head back in pleasure. After a few more minutes she leaned back up, wiping her mouth. “All clean.

But now look he’s all hard again. I can’t let you go home like that.” She said as she again climbed aboard his cock for another hard ride. When he was close to cumming the second time around, he didn’t even tell her, he just grabbed her hips and slammed his cock home as he deposited another load very deep into Sabine’s womb while she screamed very loud under a heavy orgasm. This evening she came about six or seven times under his big cock and I never could give her those orgasms in bed.

Since then they fucked three or four times a week while I was at work. With his enormous cock she had the tightest orgasms ever and she has fallen in love with him and his dick. He made Sabine wonderful pregnant under very heavy and lustful orgasms…

I love her so much and I can’t wait until she’s enjoying another very big penis making her pregnant again (she’s always talking and dreaming about a big black cock) and giving her those heavy orgasms I never can give her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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