My moms new friend

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My moms new friend
My mom went out with friends one Friday night after work because she needed to drink and chill. I was asleep when she came home late but I heard her come in because she slammed the back door. I heard her talking to someone as she was walking through the trailer but just figured it was one of the girls from work. She got to my door and wanted to check on me and practically fell through it which kind of scared me some so I turned on my lamp. She sat next to me telling me how pretty I was and stuff but I could tell she was pretty drunk. She kissed me goodnight run her hand down my back and smacked my naked butt saying, isn’t she beautiful Dan? That’s when I looked around my mom and saw a man standing there in the door looking at me. He nodded I was. My mom left the room but left the door open. Dan grabbed my door to close it and said, sorry and btw my name is David, with a big smile.
I got out of bed and stuck my head out my door. Mom was kissing him in her door with her back to me. She started touching his cock in his shorts and I heard her say he was so hard already so she pulled it out and started to suck it some. He looked up and saw me watching them and my mom said he got harder. She sucked him for a little bit more and said he was ready. Then she got up and closed her door. I went to make sure she locked the doors and turned off all the lights she turned on. When I came back down the hall her door was cracked open some. As I got closer it was being opened some more. David saw me smiled and left it cracked for me to watch them.
Mom was on the edge of her bed on her hands and knees with her butt facing the door and David was right behind her with his big hard cock pointing at her butt. He put his cock in her pussy and started fucking her slow but didn’t put all of it in her at first. She stopped him for a second and asked him if he had a condom. He said no but he said he could pull out when he cums or fuck her ass. She said no way no one fucks her ass and to just keep fucking her pussy. She needs it and she was on the pill so it was ok. He pushed his big cock all the way in her now and mom moaned really deep and said he was so huge for her. He fucked her slow and then got faster and faster after a while. When he could he looked back at me with a big smile on his face saying go baby go. I was rubbing my pussy and my little titties the whole time. My mom cum really good and loud and then she got on top of him. He made sure her back was to the door and he could still see me watching them.
My mom is a brunette like me but taller by a few inches around 5’5”. She has brown eyes and her breast are bigger than mine too, a full C cup and I am a small A cup for now. The rest of her is small like me, hands, feet, arms, legs, waist, but my butt is a little bigger than her flat one. Mom rode him hard for a while I think trying to make him cum but he still didn’t. She had all of his cock in her still saying he was so huge but felt so good. Every chance he got he looked at me and smiled at me while I was rubbing myself. She cum a few more times then she stopped and laid on top of him for a while. She asked him if he cum yet but he didn’t. She wanted him to cum because he made her cum so much. She really needed it and I think it had been a really long time since she had sex.
They switched positions again with my mom on her back now laying in the bed straight and he was between her legs. He could still see me. She begged him to fuck her hard so he would cum. He did what she asked and fucked her hard with his big hard cock and I really wished he was doing that to my ass then. She cum 2 more times and that made him cum finally and he looked at me the whole time he cum. He leaned down kissed my mom and laid down next to her. I left and went back to my bed. I played with my pillow and I cum real good right away. Then I heard them fucking again and I rubbed my pillow till I cum again and then fell asleep.
The next morning, I got up first and took my shower in the bathroom on the porch so I didn’t wake them. I was eating my breakfast when David came out. He said good morning sat down and had some of my cereal with me. That’s when we talked and got to know each other more. He is older like I like them. I was surprised my mom brought him home since she said she doesn’t want to be with older men anymore after divorcing my dad. He’s not the most handsome guy kind of just a regular guy and a bit chubby or stocky. He’s about 5’10” and 225 pounds. He has brown hair with some grey with brown eyes. David is very polite nice and respectful and I bet that’s why my mom let him bring her home. And he has a nice lump in his pants which got bigger as soon as he saw me sitting at the table eating breakfast so that probably helped moms decision to.
When mom finally woke up a little later I took her some water and Tylenol. I asked her if she had a good time last night and she said yes but she couldn’t believe she did that. I asked her if she planned to date David and see him anymore but she said they will just be friends because he is a nice guy but not really her type. I made my mom get up and pee to get rid of some of the alcohol that was still in her. She climbed back in bed since she wasn’t ready to get up. I asked her if I could have David take me to the store to get her some Gatorade after he gets out of the shower. She said yes please and she gave me some cash. I left her to fall back to sleep.
When David got out of the shower he took me to store down the street. I teased him some in my short shorts bending over looking at the candy on the bottom shelf. When we paid for our stuff he stood right behind me to hide the lump in his shorts I think. When we got back home one of my cousins was just coming out of the trailer. She said she was checking to make sure my mom didn’t need anything. I introduced David to her and told her we needed to take my mom some stuff and we left her outside. I went back to give my mom her Gatorade and her fave candy bar. She was happy to see it was me and not our nosey older cousin again. She drank the Gatorade and ate the candy bar and went ahead and got up and took a shower. Later David took us to get moms car. Me and mom said goodbye to him there. We left and went shopping and I guess he went home.
A few days later David showed up here when my mom was at work. He told me he thought he lost his money clip in my mom’s room so I let him in and we went and looked for it. I was down on the floor looking under my mom’s bed but couldn’t find it. When I looked up he was standing behind me with his cock out and jerking it while he stared at my butt. I asked him if he really lost his money clip and he just smiled. I got up grabbed his hand and took him to my room. I told him I was going to let him fuck me in my ass as I got undressed in front of him. He couldn’t get naked fast enough and he said he wanted to fuck my pussy to. I told him I was saving it till I was ready to have k**s so he was cool with just fucking my ass.
I sucked his growing cock as best I could with my small mouth until he was rock hard ready. I got on my bed face down ass up and he licked and sucked my ass and got it nice and wet. I sucked his cock wet one more time. Then he got behind me again and started putting his big cock in my little ass. He was very gentle at first but said my ass was the easiest he ever put his cock in but still nice and tight. He was surprised after a few thrusts in and out I could take his whole cock. I told him I’d been getting fucked in my ass for many years already and I love it. He seemed to like that even more. He fucked me like that for a while and I cum a couple of times. He cum very hard when I cum the second time groaning hard almost sounded like a growl. He didn’t do that the other night with my mom. He said he had been dreaming about it since he saw me the other night.
We laid in my bed and talked for a while. We fucked again this time I was on my back and we could kiss a lot. I had my arms and legs around him as best I could. His cock was all the way in my ass and he would almost pull it all out but pushed it all the way back in. We fucked like that for a long time making me cum a bunch of times. He cum deep and hard in my ass growling again making me cum my last time too. After he cum I told him he better leave before my cousins come over. She was gone when he first got there but when he was leaving she got home. I gave him my email before he left and when he got home he emailed me saying my mom already called him. She was pretty mad saying he was not allowed at the house when she wasn’t there and told him to never call her or come to our house again. When mom got home I told her nothing happened and he was just there looking for his money clip but we never found it. She said she believed me but knew he had other things in mind. He was a guy and they always have sex on their mind. He should have waited till she was home to come looking for it so now we will never see him anymore. 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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