My Mother Is My Wife And My Business Partner

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My Mother Is My Wife And My Business Partner

I am Sreenu working as a software engineer now and this incident happened few years back. My girl friend and my best friend is my mom. I want to spend all the time with my mom. About my mom: she is gorgeous lady having beautiful fair body and having beautiful face.At that her measures would be 37 28 38. So you can imagine how beautiful sh is. Her face very round face with beautiful eyes and lips. Her hair is soft and dark up to her waist. Coming to her dressing style she wears sarees at day times while doing house core work and used to wear nighties with sleeveless at night times. she used to wear very low-cut blouses and tie saree below her navel(Belly button). half of her tits can visible through her transparent sarees.

Coming to my family consisting of my father siva always hanged with his business, my mom sushma and me. those days were coming to start about sex and ladies. I always want to watch my my mom asset of beauties in the sense her boobs, her navel, her thighs when she was in nighty, her armpits which will make me horny every time. I started reading sex books, watching sex movies with friends and make myself more horny and sexual exploit. I had been always watching my mom boobs, navel and sexy arm pits, and masturbate in wash rooms and bed room secretly.

Days were passing like that and my 10 the class exams are very close to one month. By watching and feeling all this stuff was unable to concentrate on studies and had shown poor performance and failed in pre-final exams. My school principal complained to mom about my studies. My mom worried and asked me why I got less marks in exams. I could not say anything to my mom and my sexual thoughts are could not stop towards my mom.

One day I was staring at her boobs while she had been serving food to me for dinner. First time she observed and covered her saree pallu in front of me and look in to my eyes uneasily and go far from there. After that incident she was a bit conservative with me. She covered her tits and navel and sexy parts, when i was at her presence. I could understand, she might be known about my gazing and staring at her sexually.

One day, before my exams I was studying in hall. My mom was cleaning my bed room where she caught some sex maxzine and sex story books under my bed caution and she started calling me by my name. So i caught redhandedly and she asked what are these?

Mom: OH! because of this u got poor marks in exams. Who learnt u all this.

Me: I am silent

Mom: So now you are grown up and would like to know about sex. But you forgot about your studies and exams.

Me: I am looking at my mom with feeling afraid of my mom.

Mom: Since, when you started all this?

Me: silent

Mom: Ok, Do you have girl friend?

Me: No

Mom: Tell me truth. because of this you neglected studies. Right?

Me: I noded my head like to say yes.

Mom: I suspected you, some thing is going on , when I heard about your studies. I was surprised how a intelligent student became poor student?

Me: NO answer with blank face

Mom: Do u have sex with anybody? tell me truth

Me: no mom.

Mom: Ok leave this at once and concentrate on studies. Please study well. If dad comes to know about this, he will fire on me.

Me: ok mom.

Mom: Please show good performance in studies. If you get good marks I will give you a good gift as your wish.

Me: Ok mom.

Mom: thats good. She came near to me and kept one hand on my head and combing my hair and gave a smile.

After one month my exams completed. and I was waiting for results. At the time I always be at home used to staring at my mom carefully without her notice. I always with her and helping in household work and cooking. Now a days she is happy with my nature. That day came with my exam results. I got 80 percentage marks and my mom was very happy and my principal surprised about my marks. After my mom was knowing marks from me and she did not believe me and called to principal to know about my marks. After principal words he believed me. I was a little bit sad about that thing and went to my bed room with tears. My mom knocked the door. I closed the door bolt from inside. She asked me to open door. I ignored and fell a sleep. Evening I came outside and sat on sofa and watching TV with mock anger.

My mom came to me and asked” what happened?” Are u serious? With that I was behaving like, I was really serious and very angry. My said sorry for not believing you. Any way I am happy with your marks. Now you ask me what gift you want.

I was kept silent and did not anything.

mom asked me again. I know what I want from my mom. I said to mom that” mom u cant give me that If I asked you.”

Ok tell me first what you want from me. I hesitatently asked my mom. are you ready to give ant thing.

Mom: yes, I will give what you want.

Me: Mom I want to fuck you.

Mom: mom looking surprisingly for my word and said Hmmmm I suspected that you are interested on me and want to watch me nude always by your continuous staring. I came to know That ” One day you will definitely ask me this” and she winked at me.

Me: Mom are you not angry? about what I have asked you?

Mom: I should be angry. But I am not. See do u waste all this conversation or do something? and my mom seductively winked at me.

Me: In hurry I jumped and close her and hugged her tightly. She is in red saree with flower design very lowcut blouse and the blouse is sleeveless. If she rise her hand her sexy shave armpit will be visible and will definitely make horny anybody.I hugged her tightly and roaming my hand on her backside. kissed on her lips very lustfully and saying mom I love you always. you have sexy body and you are angel. I want to fuck you my darling mom. With that my mom eyed on face and said I love you ra. I removed her pallu and touched her sexy boobs over her blouse for the first time after so many years. I handed her boobs and was pressing gently. with the my moaning lightly and sad do you like them. yes I want to see them and I unzipped my pant and underwear and shirt with in few seconds and observing my mom a feat away from her.

I handed my cock and moving back and forth. Her saree pallu on the ground and looking very sexily and she looking into my eyes seductively and move her hand to her boobs and she rounded them and bend a little bit. Now she is like a porn star in BF movies. Her lips with light red lipstick. Her boobs are very big and her lowcut blouse covered them half only remaining are looking outside. She held her jacket hook and unbutton first hook. My mouth is dry and looking at her action with my heart is fast beating. She removed hooks one by one and finally removed her blouse now her while lacy transparent bra is visible. from that her boobs are clearly visible and her aerolas are poking out from her bra. she removed her blouse from hands are moving back. After removing her blouse she looked at me and smiled naughtily

She asked me, enough for you. I said please remove your bra. She winked with naughty smile and move her hands back and held her bra buckle from backside and open her bra buckle with click sound.

Now her boobs are free from bra and bra is on floor in seconds. now now her sexy stiff round boobs are seeing straighly and they are very sexy and I want to touch them and going closer to het handed her boobs and sucking her boobs with eagerness. She held my head and combing and moaning I hugged tightly kissed her on lips. Her hair is well combed and with jada(south indian style) I kissed her cheeks. I raised her hands up and licked her armpits like a mad dog. My mom is moaning with that and smilingly said that how lustful you son.

She told me please come to bed room here is not safe. we went to bed room I dragged nor of her pretty coat and removed her panty from her. Now her pussy is visible to me. I lied her on bed and I lied in her and kissed her face every where and sucked her boobs after that i went down and lick her shaved pussy like anything and her pussy is wet now. She told me come on me and she took my dick in her hands and insert my dick into her pussy now My cock is moving into her pussy very hardly because my cock is big and its size is must be 9 inches. Now I inserted totally my dick in to her pussy with tight throbbing and moved back and fort slowly and my mom is moaning with joy and lust.

I speedup my moving with moans and after 10 mins I cummed inside her pussy and her pussy also wet with juices. Now I came top of her and lied silently and licking her lips. After some time My cock is limped and I separated from my mom and lied beside her. She looked with great smile and kissed on my forehead. She get up from that position and held my cock and smooching it grabbing up and down, Now it is again rocking and had second with her.

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