My Mothers debt repaid in full

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My Mothers debt repaid in full
Mum had just picked me up from school and we were making our way to the supermarket,and as we drove into the car park and alongside the other car, mum was looking the other way as she reversed, I saw him, and he made no effort to stop doing what he was as we drew level and stopped.
Mum had not even looked in his direction, she had just turned off the engine and reached back to retrieve her handbag from the seat behind, and without another word got out of the car, and was gone in a flash, leaving me sitting there, while she went shopping.
Of course had she looked then things might have been different, but as she had not, her teenage daughter was left watching an older guy having a wank in the car alongside, the fact that I knew what he was doing and had decided to remain back, only helped to encourage him further.
Initially you don’t look, trying to pretend you did not notice him doing it, but your youthful exuberance and inexperience tend to overcome your lack of common sense, and you finish-up staring.
Of course at this stage you are only witnessing his jerky movements from the shoulders, something most girls see when their brothers are having a quick one, and I was no stranger to my brothers proudly exhibiting their erections.
The difference here was this man was my fathers age, and a complete stranger, and he was doing it in front of a school girl.
He smiled directly at me and I did the foolish thing by smiling back at him, a signal that obviously told him I was comfortable in his presence and with what he was doing, so it was of no surprise when he opened his door and revealed to me the wonders of a grown man’s needs.
He was big and swollen, much bigger than I had ever seen before, his pants were down around his ankles, but to be honest, that was in my perifery, I remained focused on his cock, as he stroked it with obvious delight of entertaining his young viewer.
Of course this sort of thing is classed within society as bad, hence a string of laws forbid it’s public indulgence, in case it encourages other things to happen, such as myself sliding my own skirt higher and slipping my hand down my knickers and touching myself, but by that time, I was completely ignorant of laws and their meaning, I knew what I was feeling, and observing, and as I slid my panties off, it was obvious to him I was doing so, he got out of his car, reached across and opened my door.
He did not say anything, in fact neither did I, we just felt the heat from our naked flesh, my thigh touching his hairier one.
He reached down to my feet and retrieved my warm panties, all the time looking at my hairless pubes, which were exposed as I made no effort to cover up. Instead I marvelled at his huge hairy balls resting on my silky white thigh, above my black woollen stocking, the heat from them warming me more than I felt, and when he turned around to toss my knickers into his car, I could not resist reaching down to feel them and marvel at their softness.
He turned to face me as my fingers touched him, a smile broke out on his wrinkled face as he reached down and lowered my seat back, and by the time I was lying down I was stroking him and pressing his cock against my tiny slit, his purple head pressing hard against my immature, but coming to life excuse for a clitoris.
He slid his hand between my open legs and lifted my knee up and over, He spun me around on my bum, until he was standing between my open legs, and he pulled me forward until my bum was over the edge of the seat, it was then I felt the new sensation of his cock head brush against my tiny clitoris, a few times only as he was forcing me open, and as I gazed down I saw him go in, his hands were around my thighs and he pulled me into him, his hairy pubic hair covering my entire vaginal area, but it was the revelation that this monster was snugly inside me, without the slightest effort or feeling of expected pain, but as he started to move, I soon knew, the feeling of fullness, made me gasp, the strangeness and wonderment, his withdrawing leaving a feeling of emptiness, and my reaching forward to pull him back inside, by digging my fingers into his bum, by now my legs were up as I was bent double and he pounded into me, each powerful thrust causing his balls to slap hard against my tiny bum, I confess to this day, the feeling I felt was extremely pleasurable, but not orgasmic, as I did not cum, I was possibly still in a state of shock at the suddenness of it all, I was having intercourse for the first time, it was nothing like I ever imagined it to be, or with whom I thought it would be with, and certainly never in a car park in front of the supermarket, or with a man as old as he was, but here I was, bouncing on my seat, stretched to my limit, with a strange man’s cock firmly in-situ, clearly enjoying my girly attributes, then it struck me, my mother would catch us, and that was when I panicked, and virtually seized-up, much to my copulating male, who obviously thought I was orgasming, as he in his gentlemanly fashion, had waited for just this moment, and filled me with my first seeding, it’s warmth flooding my belly, deep inside me, his noises drowning out any protestations of my begging him not to.
I could still feel him inside me as he withdrew, my legs now d****d either side of him as he studied the object he had just possessed and abused, my little cunt was no longer little either in size or perceived age, I was now a woman, to be pleasured and give pleasure in an adult manner, now when I sat on men’s laps and feel their needs, my misguiding youthful demeanour, holds many surprises, not to mention a cock fixation, thanks to my deflowering that day in front of my local supermarket.
Coincidently, after he left me to clean the mess and put my knickers on (he wiped himself clean with them and tossed them back into the car) I watched him walk to the supermarket entrance and talk with a woman, they seemed friendly enough, and even kissed as they parted.
My car door opened and mum got in, “Who was that”, I asked her, she looked at me and smiled, “My boss”, she replied, “The one you owed that money too”, I continued, mum started the car and reverenced out, “Yes dear”, she said as we moved forward, her next reply shocked me to my roots, “But thanks to you, it has been repaid”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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