My New Next Door Neighbour – by SBarak1

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My New Next Door Neighbour – by SBarak1
My New Next Door Neighbour – a story by SBarak1

I had been at the beach house for a few days at the start of the season. In the week before Christmas people has been arriving and the little coastal village was filling up fast.

I was catching up on a bit of gardening, trying to make the place look presentable when I heard some noise next door. I looked into the next door neighbour’s back yard to see a tall blond women at the back yard patio arranging furniture and putting up an umbrella. It was about midday and the sun was out. The temperature was about 28C. Looks like the neighbour’s have arrived for the summer I thought. The house next door was often rented out at this time of year and usually a family stayed there for the summer break of 4-5 weeks.

I continued on with my gardening then went inside for some lunch. After lunch I walked down to the beach, less than a kilometer away and had a quick swim to cool off. I got back at about 3pm and continued on with the gardening. Finding myself back at the adjoining fence to my neighbour’s property I had another look over to see if everyone was settling in. I couldn’t hear anything however the tall blond had set up a sun lounge and was lying face down in a red bikini soaking up some sun. I took in the shapely legs, curve of her ass and long blond hair. Very nice I thought. Looks like she is the only one there. I continued with my gardening.

About half an hour later I was at the fence again and had another look. The tall blond woman had moved the sun lounge to get the most of the sun and was now pointing directly at me. She was lying on her back. She had taken off her bikini and it was a beautiful sight. She was very tall, but hard to work out just how tall. A sun hat was covering her face. She had fantastic big boobs pointing straight up. Hmmm, maybe she has had a boob job, I thought. She had a flat stomach and her long legs were parted giving me a great view of a shaved pussy. This is more like it, I thought. I moved into a better position to not be seen as I saw her reach across to a side table and pick up a big purple dildo. Whoa, does it get any better than this I thought. She raised her legs and spread them further and commenced to rub the head of her dildo along the lips of her pussy. I felt myself start to harden. She was now kneading her left breast with her left hand and was starting to slowly push the dildo into her glistening pussy. I eased my shorts and boxer shorts down releasing my now very rigid 9 inch cock. I couldn’t believe the view I was getting. I could hear her start to moan as I slowly stroked myself. As I watched she finally slide the complete length of the large purple dildo into her hungry pussy. Just as this happened I bumped the leaf rake leaning up against the fence and it fell to the ground with a loud clatter. Shit, I thought, I’m going to be found out. She immediately sat up looking straight at me as I ducked down and started to pull my shorts up. “Who’s there?” she called out. I made a hasty retreat back into the house via the back door. That’s done it, I thought, it’s the beginning of summer and I have already been caught spying on the neighbour.

The next minute there is a loud knocking on the front door. Well she knows I’m here I guess, I had better open the door. I made sure my shorts were pulled up properly and my now semi rigid cock was in a comfortable position. I opened the front door. Standing in front of me is what I could only describe as one angry amazon. It looked as though she had hastily put on a tee-shirt and shorts. She would had to have been 6’4” tall in her bare feet, she looked about 45 but could be older. Her large breasts were wobbling under her tee-shirt and her nipples were hard. She was staring straight at me as I opened the door and almost yelling said, “Was that you at the fence before”? Not wanting to create a scene for everyone in the street to witness, I said, “Yes, perhaps, you would like to step inside?” With that she immediately took 2 steps forward, as I side stepped her, and closed the front door. She spun around and pushed her pointed finger into my chest and said, “What do you think you were doing there”?. Now I’m not exactly short being 6’ tall. But this woman was taller than me and really pissed off and somewhat intimidating. “Hey, I was doing some gardening, looked over the fence and there you were, if that’s OK with you”, I said trying to think what to say next and at the same time trying to think why this woman was so angry. Normally I would have thought that someone caught in her position would be embarrassed. “Well that’s not good enough! What are you going to do about it?” she said. At this point I realized what was going on, although she was pissed off she was probably really frustrated.

I thought the best plan of action was to calm the situation down and try and reason with her. “Would you like a drink?” I suggested, “We haven’t met, my name is Alan”, I continued, holding out my hand. She batted my hand away, stepped closer, and continued to thrust her finger into my chest. “I don’t care who you are. I don’t want a drink. I want an answer to my question. What are you going to do about it?” She was now close enough for me to smell the intoxicating remaining scent of her perfume, and that musky scent a woman who has had sex exudes. I made my decision and took a deep breath. “Well”, I started, “I will just have to help you finish what you were doing in the back yard before”. She stopped, looked at me, I could see I was making her think. “Just what do you mean by that”? she said in a more subdued tone. “I think I have the answer to your question if you would just like to follow me”, I said. I had her interest and with that ushered her into the main bedroom only a few steps away. I motioned for her to sit on the edge of the bed and as she did so I pulled down my shorts and boxer shorts. Her face was now less than 12” away staring at my hardening cock. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight in front of her. As she was doing this I slipped off my polo top.

This was it. She was either going to run from the house and go to the police or make the most of what was in front of her. I could tell by her stare that I wasn’t going to have a problem. By now my 9” cock was very hard and thick. She reached out with her right hand and grabbed me firmly around the base of my cock and gave me a good squeeze. She then leant forward and licked the small glob of pre-cum from the tip of my cock. “What did you say your name was?” she asked without taking her eyes off my cock. “Alan”, I replied. “Nice to meet you Alan my name is Clare, I’m your new next door neighbour for summer”, she went on. “Nice to meet you Clare. Perhaps you could let me know what you would like to do next”, I said.

“Well Alan”, she went on, “I have decided that you are going to finish what I started in my back yard before. When I have finished talking I want you to slip off my tee-shirt. I will then stand up and you will pull down my shorts. I will then lay back on this bed, you will then kneel between my legs and shove this huge cock into my sopping pussy as hard and as fast as you can until I orgasm. This has to be the biggest cock I have seen for many years and I want all of it now, please.” How can you refuse a lady who says please, I thought. I reached over her, as she released my cock and held her arms up. I removed her tee-shirt freeing her magnificent breasts. I took a step back as she stood up, grabbed either side of her shorts and, gently easing them over her magnificent ass, sliding them down her shapely legs. She paused for a moment as I admired her body, then sat back down and positioned herself on the bed, knees up, legs wide apart. She had pure lust in her eyes. I moved between her legs, looking at her pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen and she was very wet. She smelt fantastic, it took a lot of will power not bury my face into her pussy. That would come later. I grabbed a pillow and placed it under her ass. I could see she was ready. I leant forward and placed the head of my cock against her pussy lips. “Are you ready for this”, I asked and before she should respond I slide as much of my huge cock inside her pussy as she could take. Her eyes widened. “There is still more”, I said as I pulled back and pushed further in with the next stroke. I worked my way into her until I felt her cervix against the head of my cock as she gasped again. “How’s that feel” I said.

“Hmmmmm”, she replied in my ear. “Now fuck me hard neighbour”. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I lay on her chest and slide my hands under her ass cheeks. I started slow and gradually built up my rhythm as I pounded her pussy. I was building up a sweat and so was she. “Hmmmmmm, that feels great. Don’t stop whatever you do” she said. I had her right where I wanted her, spread-eagled, hanging on to me with my cock deep inside her. I could feel the muscles in her pussy start to tense, she couldn’t be far away from cumming, I thought, as I kept up my rhythm. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I’m cumming, I’m CUMMMMMMING”! she cried. She let go of me and let her arms flop down on the bed, but I hadn’t finished with her. I wasn’t ready to shoot my load, so I kept up my rhythm. “You can stop now I have cum”, she said, I kept going. “That was fantastic,” I felt her muscles tighten again. “Oh, I think I am going to cum again, I am going to cum, I’m cumming, I’m CUMMMMMMMING!” she grunted. By now we were both dripping with sweat, but I kept thrusting into her. “You are insatiable”, she said, “I couldn’t possibly cum again. I have never cum 3 time is a row”, she continued. “You haven’t been fucked by my huge cock before”, I said. “Lay back and enjoy. I am going to cum soon”. She was starting to squirm under me. “This is too much I can’t take any more”! she cried. “Please don’t come inside me”, she continued and with that I felt her muscles tense again much harder than before. “What are you doing to me! I’m CUMMMMMMMMMMING”, she grunted. This was what I was waiting for, I could feel my balls starting to boil. I slid my cock out on the next stroke, knelt up, and exploded cum all over her stomach, breasts, face and hair. It didn’t seem to want to stop. Even by my standards it was an impressive.

She wiped some cum from under her eye, tasted it and looked up at me. Looking down at her with my cock still dripping on her pussy I asked, “So that’s what I am going to do about it. Satisfied?” Claire started laughing at me, “I guess I was pretty angry”, she said. “And extremely frustrated” I chimed in. “Agreed” said Clare as I lay down beside her. “You have an amazing cock, and yes, I am satisfied, more than satisfied. I have never cum 3 times in a row in my life”, she said, as she reached down to hold my cock. Her fingers made a squelching noise as she wrapped her hand around my semi-rigid cock . “Can I have some more”? asked Clare, “Sure thing right away” I responded. “Not right now silly. I need some time to recover and catch my breath. Can we lay here for a while and cuddle, this feels delicious”. I reached over and started to knead her nipple. “Sure”, I replied, “Take your time”.

We got up after a while and I lead Clare into the bathroom. We both got into the shower and I cleaned all of my spunk off her. I stood behind her and soaped her fantastic breasts and let my hand roam down to her pussy. I checked myself and reminded myself not to over-do it. We finished up. Clair got dressed and went to the front door. It was about 6:30pm. “Are you doing anything for dinner” she asked. I shook my head. “Well come over to my place at 7:30pm and we will have a few drinks followed by a BBQ. I need to replace all that protein you sprayed on me”, she giggled. “7:30 pm it is”, I replied as I watched her very sexy ass walk out the door.

To be continued…

Dear Reader, These stories are all my own work. I draw from real life experience, stories I have heard and my vivid imagination. If you like what you read please let me know. For those of you interested I am open to your suggestions. Ladies, if you want to become part of the narrative, let me know.

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