My Niece grows up

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My Niece grows up
So there I was, standing under the shower, shaving my cock and balls, and leaving just a small, neatly trimmed patch of hair above my cock.
The feeling of smooth balls and cock always made me horny, and I stepped out of the shower with a half an erection, my swollen cock jutting out at half-mast….
That’s when I saw my young niece standing staring wide-eyed at my cock with a look of total fascination. “Oh, I’m sorry” I said, “I didn’t hear you come in, the water was running”
“That’s OK” she said, “I knew you were in the shower, I just wanted to see you!”
“Well, you’ve seen all of me now!” I said with a grin. She just stood there, eyes fixed on my cock, which was starting to get a bit bigger under her scrutiny.
Finally she spoke “Why have you shaved yourself?”
“I like it smooth, and my hair trimmed short down there” I said.
“I don’t have much hair down there” she said “Not like my mom and dad … my dad’s really hairy all over his …. thing”
“Well, it’s called a penis, or some people call it a cock” I said, and these things are called testicles or balls, although they are more of an egg shape”
“ Can I touch them?” she asked “I’ve always wondered what they felt like”
“Well, you’re really not supposed to, and I am not supposed to be naked in front of you, but if you promise never to tell anyone, not even your best friend, then you can, but I have to warn you that my … thing, my cock, will probably start to get big and stiff if you touch it”
She reached out and gently felt my balls, cupping them in her small hands, and my cock, began to pump itself up as she stroked the smooth scrotum skin which was tightening up, as my cock began to form a bead of clear slippery ooze.
She slowly pulled my foreskin back, exposing the red mushroom head, and I gasped “I’m sorry” she said, “Did that hurt?”
“No, it feels wonderful” I said, “It sort of tickles … do you ever rub yourself down there, between your legs?”
“At night, before I go to sleep I do it sometimes, it feels all tingly and I get a good feeling” she said “Is that what this feels like to you?” she continued to slide my foreskin back and forth “My brother asked me to do this to him, and he went all funny, and some white stuff came out, I thought he’d peed himself, but it was sort of slimy”
“That’s what will happen to me too” I said “if you keep rubbing it”
“Oh good, I want to make it happen” she said, increasing her pace, as my precum dribbled from my cock, coating her tiny hands.
By now my hips were thrusting back and forth, as I fucked her hand, and she was jerking my throbbing cock and squeezing the veiny shaft as I grunted with my approaching orgasm.
As my boiling cum began to reach the point of no return, I gasped and grunted “Here it comes!” and I turned sideways, and began to shoot great big thick squirts of hot creamy semen all over the tiled floor and some on her hands, my pulsating cock emptying it’s load and spraying a massive amount.
My legs were trembling and my heart was pounding, and she was giggling with joy “Oh that was so cool” she chuckled “Can I do it again?”
“Oh yes, my lovely girl “ I said “But you’ll have to wait for me to recover … and that could take a while!”
“I’d like to make you feel the same sensation” I said “Has anyone ever touched your pussy to make you feel like this?”
She shook her head “Only ever done it by myself” she said with a wistful smile.
I picked her up and carried her though to my bedroom, lifted her dress over her head, and laid her on my bed. I peeled her panties off and she lifted her hips to make it easier … her panties were moist, and she had a wet ooze of lubricant where her pussy had been against them.
Her plump pussy lips were covered with silky hair, and when I parted them, I could smell the fragrant scent of her dampness, like a freshly opened oyster, salty and inviting. Her love button was pink and wet, and I gently kissed it, licking the erect rubbery texture.
She squirmed and giggled “That tickles” she said.
I licked her pussy from bottom to top, slipping my tongue into her tight opening and sucking on her clit, and soon she had picked up the pace, pushing her hips back and forth to match my rhythm, and as she approached her orgasm, she clutched my hair and forced my mouth against her pussy, mewing and gasping. Tiny squirts of juice were dribbling out into my mouth, and coating my face.
She came with a shuddering intensity, wrapping her legs around my neck and groaning and gasping. Her pussy contractions sucked at my tongue, like a tight salty mouth, juicy and hot, her silky hairs dripping slippery ooze.
My cock had hardened up, dripping slimy precum, and as I stood up she looked at it and said, “I wonder what that would feel like inside me?”
“It’s not going inside you” I said, “That stuff I shot all over the bathroom floor would make you pregnant, besides which, my cock is far to big for your little pussy!”
She chuckled and said, “Well, I’m just going to have to use my hands until I can fit you in”
“And I’m going to give you a regular tongue lashing” I said.
She hugged me, her puffy nipples against my chest, “I think I love you uncle!”
“I love you too”, I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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