My old black mechanic

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My old black mechanic
My old black mechanic

That Thursday afternoon I was returning home early, when the engine of my nice lovely car finally exhausted his last breathe and left me in the middle of nowhere.
My loving husband was flying anywhere, so I decided to call for an emergency tow.

Two hours later the towing truck arrived and an old black man came to check my car.

The old man was not exactly good looking. He had several cut scars he probably received in a knife fight. He was the type of man that would scare me under normal circumstances, but I knew him. His name was Jimmy, who usually fixed our cars.
He looked inside the engine and said he would have to tow me into his shop.

He told me I could have to ride along with him. He helped me into the passenger side while helping himself to a good view of my ass. I was wearing a skirt; a cute pleated skirt that maybe showed too much of my legs. It was a dark green one and on top I had a loose fitting white blouse that buttoned down the front.

We got to the garage and Jimmy showed me to the waiting room. I sat down and found a magazine with some interesting articles about anal sex… I was suddenly frightened by a noise that made me jump up off the chair. It was just Jimmy coming into the room.
“Hey, I am sorry I scared you, Madam. Your car is ready now”
I was going to say thanks, but the old black man surprised me by telling:
“I wish I could get you to stay here longer to fulfill my fantasies of fucking you…”

I opened my eyes in surprise, but at the same time I started flirting back,
“Well all I had planned was to go home, but I would gladly stay here to be fucked…”

This time Jimmy’s eyes grew wide as I continued:
“By the way, I have known you wanted to fuck me for nearly two years.”

Then Jimmy approached me and smiled, as he started to rub my shoulders. I have to admit, it felt good to have a new black man touching me. It was now two weeks since the last time my black lover Jerome had fucked me in a wild way…

I could really feel my juices flowing out between my pussy lips, as Jimmy rubbed my neck and shoulders. I heard my phone ringing and hurried to answer it. It was my loving Victor calling to tell me he was delayed on his flight back and would not be home until late. I explained that it was just as well because my car was broken down and I was waiting for it to get fixed.
Then I made sure I was looking directly into Jimmy`s eyes when I said:
“Don`t worry, love, I am not sure how late I will be because the mechanic is keeping his shop open for fixing my car as soon as he could…”

When I hung up Jimmy reminded me the car was ready to go and I told him:
“Well, the car may be ready to go but I am not.”

With that Jimmy moved his hands to my waist and started teasing the underside of my breasts with his thumbs. He seemed reluctant to cup them fully. But then the black man eased his big hands around my tits and began to gently squeeze.
I closed my eyes. I was in heaven. Suddenly, he removed his hands and I was crushed. I wanted those hands back on my tits, but he had another idea.

His hands were now pulling on the hem of my skirt, raising it slowly up my leg. He continued raising my hem almost quicker than I could register. I lifted my hips and allowed him to pull my panties off. As he did, I lifted my blouse above my head…

He fell down to his knees, with his face was pushing my legs apart as his lips trailed up the inside of my thighs. I spread my legs some little more. He looked up at me from between my legs. My legs were shaking. Suddenly, I was very nervous. I closed my eyes as I was sure he could see how wet I was.

I felt his hands touch my ass, slowly rubbing and squeezing. One hand rubbed toward my crack and his thumb hooked under my wet panty, pulling it to the side. I felt his thumb graze my clit as he removed my thong off my wet pussy.
I bit my lower lip, trying not to make any sound. But I gasped as I felt his tongue touching my pussy, sliding down to lick my clit. His hands spread my cheeks, giving him better access to my dripping pussy.

He still had not said a word as he began to lick and suck my pussy, making me to brace myself against a drawer. I was no longer able to keep quiet and began to moan and gasp at the pleasure he was causing me, licking my already wet pussy.

I knew it was only a matter of seconds until I came. All it took was him inserting a finger into my pussy and I came all over his face, soaking his finger and stifling a scream.
He pulled his finger back out and rubbed it on my clit as he stuck his tongue in my dripping pussy, fucking me with his tongue.
My body jerked as I continued to cum, pushing myself back on his tongue, trying to get more in me. My orgasm was so hard; I could feel my knees begin to buckle.

His tongue left my pussy and his arm was removed from legs. His strong hands pushed me down onto my knees. I found myself looking at the front of his pants.
I reached for his belt and he grabbed my hands and put them on his fly. I took the hint and unzipped his fly and reached in to pull him out.

My mouth was watering by the time I got his huge black cock out of his pants.
He was really very well endowed and could rival any black man I ever had sex with.

“Oh my… Jimmy, you have a wonderful huge cock….”

He groaned, then smiled as he shoved his huge piece deep inside between my lips.

I could tell he was enjoying it and wanted more by the way he kept moving his hips closer to my mouth. Anticipating his movements, I kept my own pace, frustrating him.
He moaned and pushed his hips against my mouth, shoving more into my throat, gagging me in the process.
I backed off and played with just the head again. He slid a hand into my hair and guided my mouth back down onto his cock, until he filled deep inside my throat…

I might wanted to feel that monster black cock in my pussy so I did stop, begging him to fuck me from behind.

He stood and got behind me until I felt the smooth skin of his cock on my bottom. He then pulled the hem back down, trapping his hard cock inside my skirt. The rubbing began again. His hands returned to my tits. The crack of my ass was getting slick from the black man’s pre-cum.
I could not even move away from his strong grabbing. His strokes against my ass were getting longer. I felt another sticky wetness on my leg and I knew it was from me.
My body was responding fine to the pleasant sensations…

Then I felt Jimmy’s cock stretching the opening of my pussy. As he slowly impaled me, I came again, flooding his cock with my juices. Slowly he began to pump me. I began to ride up and down on his black monster dick. He slid easily into me because, I was very wet. I felt his hands massage my breasts.

After my third orgasm Jimmy asked me to sit on the couch.
I was disappointed when he pulled his cock out of me and I was eager to put it back.
The black man sat on the couch and I quickly straddled him. Again he stretched my cock hungry pussy as I settled down on his huge black pole.

He said: “Madam, your pussy is so tight!”
I wailed, “It’s your big black dick! “ “It is so fucking huge!”
Jimmy grabbed my ass and pulled me tight to him and buried his cock deep inside me. I moved my hips and pressed all of my weight down to him and it was then that I felt his cock actually go deep inside of my cunt. I nearly passed out from the pure sexual pleasure of his fucking motion. He continued pummeling my pussy raw.

Then his tongue licked my neck and sensitive ears. The sensations where overwhelming my body, shuddering; my pussy feeling some spasms out of control…

Moaning uncontrollably, I planted my feet firmly and started bouncing my body harder and faster onto his magnificent piece of black hard meat; contracting and expanding my pussy walls as his dick invaded my already raw wet pussy. I climaxed again…

He suddenly held on to my hips tighter and pounded my slutty pussy harder. Then he threw his head back and let out a loud triumphant groan, as I felt torrents of his cum started flowing into my cunt. The sensation made my whole body shuddering out of control, leaving me panting and moaning.

After Jimmy depositing his sticky cum deep inside my cunt, he continued to fuck me but he now fucked me slower and slower until he went soft and slid out of me.

I climbed my car and told him I would come back in a few days to have a new inspection of the engine. Jimmy smiled, saying “his tool” would be ready for me…
I arrived home and had a nice warm bath tub, as I waited for Victor’s arrival.

My loving husband finally came home by midnight, very tired but still horny and willing to have wild sex with me. I was waiting for him at the bed, fully naked, just high heels.

He stripped off and climbed on the bed; he noted I was very, very horny.

Victor jumped on top of me and shoved his cock deep into my willing cunt. But then he took his dick off and said he could not believe how wet and lose my pussy felt…

Then I turned around, raised my hips and offered my ass cheeks to him.

I explained him that a huge black dick had been fucking me all afternoon long and I was very stretched and sore now; but he could fuck me in the asshole anytime…

Of course Victor did not ask me who had fucked me, but he just shoved his rock hard cock deep inside my asshole and fucked me until he filled me with his warm seed.
Later as we lay exhausted I explained how I had cheated on him.
Victor just told me he was happy to be a cuckold for me and then I could cheat on him any time I wanted to…
Then he turned around and switched off the lights, telling me he had discovered a new mechanic repair shop outside the town and the owner was a skilled female mechanic technician… A nice brunette one, he said, very skilled for the job…
He added he would take there his own car for an inspection in the morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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