My own Married white cumslut. Part 2

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My own Married white cumslut. Part 2
Creamy lunch

After 2hours travel, i finally arrived at London Waterloo station, with 20 mints spared, before my 09.39 train, on route to my final destination, where I will be meeting MS – my cumslut. While waiting, I decided to pay a visit to boots, to buy lub, but for my unfortunate luck, I had to wait, for the simple reason, the specific one we use, wasn’t on display, so I got delaid, then had to run to get the train. Now Inside the train, I’ve sent her a text.
“TP ” :Heeyy. Are you still at home?
“MS” : I’ve left not long ago. It took me a while, because he wanted me, to buy him some some type of cream, and he couldn’t find it or the box.
“TP” : How are you going to get it, to him, if you’re not back, until tomorrow?
“MS” : It’s ok. We find it in the end, and he still have some left. Have you got the lub?
“TP” : Yes, I do. I also got some donuts.
“MS” : That’s great. My train will be arriving around 10.32.
“TP” : No problem. We have plenty of time, and it’s just 15 mints wait, anyways.
“MS” : I can’t wait to see you baby. Today I woke up, so horny. I didn’t want to play with myself, when I was having a shower. But, by the time I’ve got in the train, I was so wet, all this thinking about you, that big dick of yours, and whatever you have planned this time.
“TP” : You will find out, as soon as we get there.
It’s half past 10am, I am at Farnborough station, two more mints before her train arrives. As I hear the train approaching, my dick started to push against my boxers, and to the jeans, my thoughts became erratic, all sort of things came to my head, from taking her to the men’s toilet, to finger her right there or fuck her mouth – one of the things she loves the most. I’ve got so hard, that anybody that looks at me, would have seen the bulge on my jeans.
Then I saw her coming down the stairs from the station upper bridge. She approached me, gave me a hug and a kiss, then felt my dick, trying to get out of my jeans. She became so excited, looking at my bulge, she then said.
“MS” : I still can’t get used to, how fucking big is your dick. That’s not even a dick, that’s a massive cock. By the way. Where are we going?
“TP” : To the park.
“The park, where?
“TP” : Not fare from here. About 5, 10 mints walk.
Getting in the park, I tried to find a quiet spot, so we could sit and eat. But she, was faster then me, spotting a very discreet and hidden place with access view to either side, in case someone shows up. She sat down, and asked for her bag of donuts.
“MS” : Can I have my donuts, please?
“TP” : Yep – I said
“MS” : Strawberry
“TP” : Always.
We started eating, a lady walking a dog passed, near by, we said our good mornings and she carried on. As I look at her moving away, it’s like MS, was reading my mind.
“MS” : I think this donuts needs extra cream – She said, before even finishing her sentence, I felt her hand, unbuttoning my jeans, pulled my black dick already wet, out, without a word, she open her mouth, half of my growing dick disappeared in her mouth. In one hand she’s holding half of a donuts, in the other she’s holding and playing with my balls.
For the next 8 to 10 mints, MS sucked my dick, like it was the last thing she would do. Not long after, my legs started to tremble, I grabbed her head, in a soft shaky voice I said;
“TP” : Fuck… fuck… I am cuming baby. I’m cuming.
She picked up the bag of donuts, open it, grabbing my dick, she pointed inside the bag, and direct all my cum to her donuts. Then use the half donut, in her hand to clean the dripping cum from my dick, making a mess around my dick head. Then open her mouth, engulfing half of it, for a better cleaning, with a massive smile in her face, she said:
“MS” : Now I am I am content – picking up one of ” Cum donuts” as she called them, and hat.
“MS” : They are lovely
“TP” : I know. You want more cream?
She knode her head, with a naughty look.
“TP” : I would love too, but we have things to do, and places to be.
We went to the local Sainsburys. Buying everything we needed for me to cook – as I promised. After we got everything we needed, we headed to the Aparthotel ( booked 2 days before), not fare from where we were.
I got the key we went up, with the receptionist looking at us. We got in the lift, to the fourth floor, apartment 412. Inside the apartment, we set up, putting everything that needed to be in the fridge, leaving everything else out. Then I went to the room took out my jacket, trowing it in the bad. Back to the kitchen.
“TP” : Baby I am going for a quick shower, while you enjoy your donut. 10 mints After I was out, with the towel rapped in my waist. Jumped to the kitchen, not long after, during my preps, I called MS, as she was in the room preparing for a shower.
“TP” : Baby, can you come over?
I poured juice in a glass
“MS” : Just a sec – soon after she came
” TP” : kneel down – I said, and she did as told.
“TP” : I want you to prepare something, to go along with the rest of your donuts. Ok?
I passed her the glass of juice.
“MS” : With pleasure – She replied, grabbing my dick, with a deep look into my eyes, moving her head forwards, the only thing I could see, it’s was her hair, for a couple of minutes , no movement was coming from her head, but I could feel my dick growing in her mouth, I position myself in order to continue my prep, her all body just moved along, sucking my dick while I was finishing my prep.
As you can imagine, after I finished preparing the meal, and served it, she wouldn’t eat without her special cream, which I was happy, to let her milk it.
Her hubby called while we were eating, with her describing what’s she was eating, before he could say anything else she jumped ahead.
“MS” : Don’t worry, I am not eating it dry, we prepared a
homemade special sweet and sour cream sauce. She’s looking after me. Aren’t you?
“TP” : Yes I am – I replied in a very feminine voice, as I got up, move the towel to one side, grabbed my dick and her head shoving it in her mouth, with her hubby still in the line.
That’s how we finished our lunch.
I will leave the dinner for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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