My Pleasure

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My Pleasure
My Pleasure

“So.. am I the only one who can see Abe Lincoln, or is this some good shit?” Lacey spoke her wonderment aloud, not expecting an answer, as she had simply slipped from reality. Marijuana had recently become legal in her home state.

“Ya… I think you’re done Lace. Abe Lincoln left hours ago.” Charlotte nonchalantly commented, looking briefly at her friend through black thick rimmed rectangular glasses.

“Man, you’re both cut. Pass that here.” Reese holds his hand out expectantly, awaiting the draw.

“Not a chance, sundance. I exercise my right to medicate my body how I se-” Charlotte trailed off as she watchd Reese put out the joint.

“But Reeeeeese … “Lacey playfully taps his left shoulder, making him involuntarily flex his biscep.

He was a model of a man. Soft features, but a strong jaw, not protruding but there. A cute amount of scruff a donned his cheeks and neck. His hair was soft and clean, a gorgeous chestnut brown and eyes a deep green. Weighing in at 235lbs, 80 solid muscle and 6 foot even. He was Hallmark handsome and the best part was even though many have swooned over him, he never let it get to his head.

So how lucky is Lacey?


As Reese has been at her side since freshman year of college.

College.. now those were the days. Lacey found out a lot about herself in those days, many a life time ago. However, those types of things, those memories and experiences never really disappear. They are the fuel that drive desire and ignites passion.

Reese stands up abruptly, the hem of his grey jogging pants hitching on the corner of the coffee table for a brief moment, making visable the definition of his right hipbone, and turns around to the girls, who had also met in college, senior year.

Charlotte caught a glimps, her heart jumps into her throat but otherwise maintains an outward calm, though desperately trying to hide a mild blush.

“Anyone want a refill? Im headed to the kitchen”. Reese begins to walk away when no one responds to his question.

Lacey looks at her bestfriend, with eyes so glazed a cop would try to eat them.

“So, what did ya think?” Lacey plays coy, thats who she is. To the wrong people that would irritate, but to her friends that was just Lacey. And to Reese, it was adorable. It wasn’t hard to see through, but everyone loved her.

“Think about what? The pot is amazing, what’s it called again?” Charlotte had her own version of the wild years too. At worst, she got drunk at a party once and made out with a few people of both genders. She was the more refined version of Lacey. She would keep her best friend grounded, on most occasions, like when her friend tried to tell her that mullets for women were the next IT hairstyle because she saw an article on facebook.

“C’mon Charlie, you know damn well what I mean…” Lacey was higher than cheech and chong at Cannabis cup, but she wasn’t an idiot. She saw her friends reaction when she saw just a slimmer of her own man-god.

“Ya. I looked, anyone would. Big deal. ” Charlotte sheepishly answered and hoped that her sincerity had come across clear enough and that her friend couldn’t hear the beating of her ever increasing heart rate. Though her flush was obvious.

Reese returns to the living room with a beer in one hand and lightly grazes Lacys butt with his other.

“Hey now! We have company, act like a man, not a boy.” Unbeknownst to Lacey, Reese had responded to her request with a line similiar to showing her whos a boy and whos a man. Charlotte had heard him, but wasn’t sure what to say, so she just did what she always did. She blushed. And she looked down, her glasses sliding forward a third of an inch.

That was a feature Lacey always loved about her friend. Glasses suited her to a T. She could pass for a librarian. A hot one to be totally honest.

Just like her friend, Charlotte wore minimal make up, but neither of them need it. Their complexion? Near flawless, making her cute glasses the center of attention. A shame that hidden behind them were a seemingly endless ocean of blue. Her eyes were beautiful, but you’d probably never notice.

“Don’t go acting innocent now, four years Into our relationship. I definitely know better.” Reese chuckles as he sets down his drink onto the mohgany coffee table. A smirk comes across Laceys face as she briefy reminisces about a past life.

“And besides..” Reese continues, pulling his girlfriend into his lap.

“It’s not a big deal, it’s a butt. Right Charlotte? I mean, It’s not like I had just ripped off your clothes and we fucked here in the living room, audience and all.” It was becoming increasingly evident that the alcohol was talking, but Reese was a funny drunk.

Blushing was all Charlotte could do.

“Now look! You’re making her uncomfortable. We are having a good time right? I say we go give Abe a call.” Lacey always knew how to make people laugh. It really was a gift.

She also knew when to stop whenever things got too overwhelming.

Reese was right about one thing, it wasn’t a big deal for Lacey. She and Reese had been trying to keep things interesting for a year or so now. And sometimes they liked the same thing but more often than not, it wasn’t always mutual.

Lacey liked to pleasure the third party, accidentally overlooking Reese. This isn’t always the case, but she often had a habit of breaking the rules.

Finally looking up from the floor, Charlotte made her way to the far wall, flicking the light off and quickly returning. There was something about the dark that she liked. It was comfort. It was privacy. She felt as though she could be so much more when she doesn’t have to be seen.

Charlotte isn’t always what she appears to be… not even close.

“Now, I am comfortable. ” from out of the darkness a voice was heard. Not the timid familiar voice that was supposd to be sweet and innocent.

“Lace, could you help me with something please? I don’t want to ask twice.” Charlotte leaned into her friends ear and whispered, leaving a light almost tickle like kiss, just under her right ear. Although Charlotte couldn’t see it, she damn near heard her shudder in pleasure.

Charlotte cocked an eyebrown, intriguing.

After a couple more quiet words, Lacey, in what appeared to be one practiced motion, stepped the 8 paces right to her bookshelf despite being totally in the dark, taking out a matchbook from a nearby organizing container.
Striking the match, the room illuminated. Just enough to what was going on, but still not light enough to derail Charlottes’ newfound momentum.

Reese, all the while smirking, having an idea of what was happening around him, despite his now obvious intoxication. Being with someone for this long, you look for ways to keep things new and exciting. One of those things they liked to do was bring in a third party.

Both Lacey and Reese are responsible, and are in a loving and loyal relationship. Definitely not a run of the mill partnership. They express their desires, their likes and dislikes, boundaries and safety with each other at all times, to ensure fun is had and that no one gets hurt.

A personal fantasy of Laceys’ is to have sex with another couple, while his big one was the equivalent to a lesbian dog pile. They both understood that sometime in their lives they may one day get such an opportunity, but for now they are still just getting their toes wet.

Reese had his head rolled back, his eyes staring absentmindedly at the ceiling when he felt a tug at the draw string if this sweats.

Looking down he smiles as he watches his beautiful girlfriend fumble with her own feelings.

“Every other time we go ‘on an adventure'” though no one could clearly pick it out, Lacey still made air quotations over the words.

“It’s been with a man. It’s also worth noting that you are a friend and I don’t know if this is such a goo-” Lacey was quieted by the sound of Reese shushing her ever so gingerly, as if she was a toddler you’d just put to bed.

“Just do as you were told.” Reese Is laughing now. Hes never watched his woman squirm before, but just like everything this enticing woman ever did, it was adorable.

Charlotte takes her hand and helps her kneel down onto a throw pillow she has laid there in front of undoubtedly Laceys best catch thusfar.

In the dull candle light, which oddly set the mood (its obvious that candle has been used almost routinely ) Charlotte took Laceys soft cheek into her hand, lightly thumbing over her skin, using her other hand to brush her dark locks from her shoulder, exposing porcelain like skin that was the nape of her neck.

Pulling herself in closer, Charlotte kissed Lacey, soft at first, as if to test the water.

A noise was made from the man infront of them that both women took as encouragement as they stared at one another for a moment, a quiet giggle was heard.

Lacey takes one hand and begins to rub the bulge that was quickly appearing in Reeses sweatpants, looking up at him for a moment. Then she turns to Charlotte and grasps the back of her head, pulling her in for a proper hello.

Lacey quickly licks at her friends lips, as if knocking at the door. Charlotte complies and begins to feel a stirring within her she had never known was there.

Sucking gently on this womans bottom lip, Lacey pulls away and takes her hand off of a disappointed Reese. Not to be deterred, he quickly replaces her hand with his own, pulling himself out of this pants.

Charlotte glances up to see a perfect match of member to man god. The shaft was a good solid thickness. He was straight with a very acute bend. His head was just barely visible from this parting of his foreskin. A solid 6 inches. And at the tip there had pooled a small amount of clear liquid.

He begins to stroke, all the while his lusty eyes are locked on his beauty and her equally stunning friend.

Charlotte is interested in how he tastes, but for now she must push the thought into the back of her mind.

Lacey, all the while watching with amusement at her friends reaction to her mans cock, is getting antsy. This is going to slowly.

“Im not very patient, so …” Laceys hands become animated and she begins to undress the top half of herself until her subtle breasts are exposed.
She looks toward her friend for approval, and she recieves it.

Charlotte is drawn to her friend and begins to lap at her collar bone. Lacey gives an inaudible moan that only Charlotte could possibly have heard. The heat from her breath alone sends a chill down her spine, a pleasurable shake.

“I’ve never been with a woman before, so I’m not really sure what.. I” she trailed off when she felt a hand tracing circles on her inner thigh. Swallowing hard.

At that moment Reese and Lacey both give a nod in agreement as he stands back up onto his feet.

“M’lady. Your thrown awaits.” Reese steps aside to reveal the now empty couch, his pants fall to the floor and are kicked aside. He isn’t wearing underwear, but that wasn’t uncommon for him.

Charlotte noticed a long time ago that he didn’t wear any, just like she also noted the tempting lump that was always there. Yes, she had thought about this before. But usually, it was 2 am with Barry White in the background.

Charlotte is standing now, getting ready to sit when she feels a set of hands removing her skirt. She lifts her legs out and lets her friend toss them aside. Taking in her surroundings Charlotte sees that Reese is now knelt down beside Lacey, petting himself and kissing her neck intensely, a groan escapes her lips.

Sitting back into the chair she feels her legs being parted and a single digit ever so gently lay perfectly atop Charlottes already stiffened clitoris. Unaware to Charlotte, the heat from her core was radiating and entrancing. She was indeed moist aswell.

“This is going well, isn’t it babe?” Lacey asks but doesn’t wait for a response, as she slides the head of him across her tongue, tasting what had collected there.

Reese hitches his breath. Lacey always knew what he liked. In fact, she was tallent at pleasing just about everyone that this amorous couple had encountered. It came from years of… hands on.. practice.

He begins to thrust himself into her mouth, becoming impatient with the teasing. She could tell he was horny, the throbbing agsinst her uvula told her so.

She went straight for his base, on his underside. Letting saliva run off her tongue and watching it roll down his shaft. He moans loudly and a small pump of clear fluid escapes as Lacey massages his underside with her tongue. Taking her forefinger Lacey gingerly removes the precum and looks up at her friend.

“Do you trust me?” Not exactly the best time for a trust fall or something. Charlotte nods yes.

Using her pinky from her idle hand, Lacey pulls Charlottes black lace panties to one side, and massages the still warm precum onto her friends aching clit. Just the touch alone had Charlotte bucking against her hand, a real sigh of ecstasy could be heard throughout the house.

Then she started on her friend. Knowing that she wouldn’t need any warm up Lacey uses the underside of her tongue to apply pressure to her erect nub. She circles a few times before placing a finger at her entrance, but would not enter her. Just that pressure in the right spot will make most women involuntarily grind against the nearest object. She could feel how ready she was.

“You taste sweet. I like it.” Lacey playfully lets out.

Charlotte is having a hard time now just doing this herself. The ache is almost painful now. She needed to relieve some pressure. It was building.

“Its my turn.” Was all that was said before Lacey was gently pushed to the side and standing over Charlotte now was the man of many fantasty. He removed his shirt, the last layer of clothing left on him. Charlotte couldn’t take her eyes off of him, and Laceys eyes were frozen on Charlotte.

He lowered himself down onto the couch, spliting her opening with his thumb and index finger, he took a firm grip of his member and rubs his head that is now dripping with warm precum, directly onto her desperate self. She was on the brink.

He made circular motions, slow at first, to enjoy the heat from his own head and the moisture of her need. He was getting closer.

“But im hungry..” Lacey pouts.

Reese pulls himself away reluctantly and is quickly replace by Laceys waiting mouth. This time shes gently sucking on her womanhood, every brush of her tongue bringing her closer. Shes grinding against her face now, not realizing how rough she is being. Thing is, Lacey is getting increasingly arroused. And she feels her legs getting weak.

Reese watches his girlfriend lap up the liquid he left for Charlotte and he cant help himself any longer. He grasps Laceys hips and positions himself. Lacey arches in want and and waits for him. Shes been ready for a while, and is as eager to feel him as Charlotte is.

He plunged himself deep inside, and stops. Hes always loved the feeling of her inner being enveloping him. She was always tight. Tonight wasn’t an exception.

He moves slow at first but quickens his pace when he feels herself tightening around him. He can hear the primal moans coming from both women and it happened.

First with Lacey. Her orgasm is always enough to send Reese over the edge. It was just so natural and raw. It’s pure and the sexiest thing Reese has ever heard, and that’s never changed over the years.

She let’s out growls with every wave of pleasure washing over her. Every rush of heat almost unbearable, sending her muffled groans into the awaiting clitoris of this other beautiful woman. Every time she let out a moan, the vibration against herself and the sound of Lacey was just too much, as Charlotte too succumbed to the pressure.

Reese, in real manly fashion smiled from ear to ear as his cum exploded outward, landing squarely onto the small of his girlfriends back.

The candle then burns out.


The sun was bright the next afternoon, not a cloud to be seen.

“I hope you had a good visit. When will you be back in town?” Lacey asked her bestfriend from the doorway of her home.

“I’ll be back for Christmas, and I had a great time. Thank you for having me!” Charlotte turns the key to the ignition of her Lancer.

As her best friend pulled away from her home Lacey says to herself,

“It was MY pleasure.”

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