My sensual Ana ganbanged at the kitchen

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My sensual Ana ganbanged at the kitchen
My sweet Ana had met a very nice colleague lady in a boring conference during one of her business trips out of town and they both had become very good friends.
Ana introduced me to her new friend, whose name was Lucy and the lovely nice lady invited us to their house; which was located in a very near town from ours.
Before going there, Ana told me she had met Lucy’s husband already and she had the strange feeling that the man was lusting after her. I told her not to worry; I would be there to care about her.
I drove our car that Saturday evening. When we arrived to their house, Lucy said that she and her husband Mark were very sorry; but they had got their dates mixed up and that same night they were going to a party. But we were quite welcome to go with them to their friend`s house and they would love to meet us.
Ana was pleased about going to a party and meet new people…
Lucy and Mark drove us to their friend’s house. We were welcomed and introduced to lots of people. It did seem to me that a bit odd that most of the guests were male. I mentioned this and Mark told me that it was because they were mostly business associates.

After a while and some nice drinks, Ana and I got separated and suddenly I noticed my sweet sexy wife was out of sight.
I went from room to room; but finally I found her in the kitchen.
As I stood at the kitchen door, I could see my wife surrounded by six guys who were all trying to get a feel of her lovely toned body.
Ana looked a bit fuzzy after so many margaritas she had taken and she either could realize what was happening to her. She had hands all over her as the men all tried to get a grope of my sensual wife…
One huge black man started kissing her hard on the mouth, while two other guys gently eased her top down to reveal her bare boobs.
The black guy kissing her stood back so that everyone could see her naked boobs. What surprised me was that Ana opened her eyes and she looked down, seeing her tits were on show. But, instead of covering up, she closed again her eyes and threw her head back and sighed deeply…
The guys took this as an approval signal to continue and then two of them started to suck on her now hardened nipples.
Someone asked to get my wife onto the table. Ana was lifted easily and laid on. As her dress was removed; I got another shock, when I noticed she was not wearing any panties. But then one of the guys laughed to the others and showed them a black silk thong, which I recognized: it belonged to my sexy wife.
Then it was clear to me that, before entering that kitchen, my sexy wife had lost her thong in the filthy hands of that smiling bastard…

Some approval whistles came from that crowd; when they looked that Ana was now wearing just a pair of sexy stilettos and she was showing a very glistening shaven labia.
Ana stretched her arms above her head and spread her legs.
Those business men needed no further encouragement.
The one who had Ana’s thong in his hands, said he would be first, since he had brought such a fine sexy slut from the living room.
The bastard just got between Ana’s spread legs and eased his hard dick into her moist cunt. My wife cried in surprise; but soon she sighed and moaned with pleasure. Another guy pulled her head to the side and placed his cock at her sweet red lips. Ana then opened them to let him slide that hard shaft down her throat.
Then I knew my lovely wife would be a fuck toy for those men during the rest of the night.
The guys started fucking her in earnest; not caring about her, not being gentle. They were just shagging a married slut.
I could hear Ana’s moans of delight as she was being fucked.
Her loud screams of orgasms could be heard all over the house.
This attracted other men at that boring party to come to the kitchen, where they all took a turn at fucking the little whore who was my precious sweet wife.

A dozen men fucked Ana there; at least once each one…
When all of them finally were done, they left my sexy wife alone there; I moved closer, looking down at my beautiful little babe, turned a perfect slut for stranger’s dicks.
Anita was lying across a kitchen table with fresh semen stains in her hair, on her face, dribbling from the corners of her mouth and oozing out from her well used and abused cunt.
Some of the men had fucked Ana from behind; but none of those bastards had dared to feel my wife’s tight rear rosebud…
Anita opened her eyes; looked up at me and she asked for more…
Then I knelt down and buried my face into her sweet filled cunt.
I slurped and sucked for all I was worth on her swollen pussy lips.
Ana had another two orgasms. I felt my hardened cock aching inside of my trousers; so I turned Ana onto her belly, made her spread her long legs and buried my hard dick right into her anus.
She was tight there and she cried in pain; but I kept pumping up that nice tightness. As I was close to cum deep into her anus, I looked up and saw our friends Lucy and Mark looking at us.
Ana cried out loud when she felt my warm semen filling up her anus and she had another brutal climax as she felt the pumping going even faster as I came.
Then I heard Lucy asking her husband why he had not tried my wife’s cunt. But he smiled, saying he had fucked Ana even twice…
Ana was really fully satisfied. She looked at the lovely couple and thanked them for the wild night she had spent in that ki

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