My sisters sleepover – part 4

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My sisters sleepover – part 4
“dare” was her response,

“ok, I dare you to get in a “69” with Linda” Cindy was bombed at this point, her speach was so slurred.

She got up, took Linda by the hand & laid her down on the floor, Linda was not objecting to this, hmmm I thought, lesbians?
She kneeled down over her head, lowered her pussy to where Linda dove it like it was a meal. Steph just grabbed both tits &
sqeezed the together & pinched her nipples, before spreading Linda’s legs & diving in herself, they were going at it for a
couple of minutes and started moaning, causing Cindy to grab the dildo off of the table & slid it in her pussy, I without thinking
started stroking my cock, this had Sara’s eyes fixed on me, until I caught her, then she blushed & just watched the show.
Denise had 2 fingers in her pussy, working to a fever pitch like the other 2, Lori, well she was watching the show, caressing
my ass. Steph wimpered, shook a little & got off of Linda, everyone stopped what they were doing as Linda got up and Denise
moved over to her & put a kiss on her lips & licked Stephanies cum off of her face, damn that was fucking hot! No one moved
we just stood there not believing what we witnessed.

Stephanie’s turn, “Denise, truth or dare,” she questioned,

Denise, the bookworm, said, “dare”

“I dare you to sit on Bobby’s face & stroke his cock!” Steph said, pushing this girl who looked like she was quiet and reserved
out of her shell.

“ok” she finished her beer, pushing me on my back, and straddled my face. I stuck my tongue out to split her pussy lips, when
her hands spread them for me. She was soaked, and tasted very sweet & sticky. Then timidly, she grabbed my dick & slowly started
stroking it, she did not seem to know what she was doing, when Lori, told her,

“keep it up like that & he’ll have a sore dick & no one will get to fuck him!”

Thats when she stopped wiggling on my face & things got quiet,

“what! you think I brought him down here to play games! Denise, you gotta have a soft touch, be gentle, and if you want, put it
in your mouth, get it wet & continue, he’ll like it!” Lori said this like a true pro!

And with that swallowed my dick, like before, only sloppy wet, pulled her head back & Denise started stroking me again, with a
little lube from Lori’s mouth!

Through this, no one had dared Sara to do anything, Denise’s shuddering brought me back to reality, she came on my face with a
strong grip on my dick. Thanks to that, she stopped me from cuming right that second. As Denise got up, her legs were week &
she almost fell back on me. My face was covered with her cum, I looked around for a napkin to wipe it off & Lori, came over
gave me a great big kiss & licked my face clean while trying to adjust her body so my dick slid between her legs.

“Lori, Stop that, not yet” said Linda

It was Denise’s turn, I thought for sure she would spot out Sara.

“Lori, Truth or Dare!” said Denise.

“dare, she said with a devish grin,

“I dare you to lay Bobby on the floor & put his dick in your pussy & fuck him for 1 minute!” Denise officially declared it was
fuck me time! I was about to be put in heaven, I was getting quite a buzz at this point & made the ground rules,

“using the egg timer, only 1 minute each, if you are not riding my dick, you are either sitting on my face, or one of my hands
is playing with your pussy, agreed?” I looked around for arguements, maybe Sara, but she just looked at me with a pissed look on
her face. Cindy was just about passed out in the chair, but came back to life, even if it was only momentarily.

“I’m on his face first” was Cindy’s response.

So I layed on the floor, I had 4 beauties standing above me, (sara took Cindy’s chair) Lori was now straddling my waist, Steph & Linda
were waiting to get some attention from my hands and Cindy had straddled my face.

“1 minute” stated Sara as heaven put 4 pussies on me, ohhhhh the pleasure of it! Lori was riding me like I was a bucking bronco,
and as my body is bouncing around from this,
Cindy is moaning, “I’m cummimg!”

Steph had 3 fingers in her snatch humping them furiosly, Linda was wider, I had 4 in her, both of them were moaning & soaking
my hands with juices! Lori, well she was thrashing about wimpering and flodding my dick with her cum,

“ding” the bell on the egg timer went off, Cindy sat there motionless, Lori got up, waiting for the switch,

“I get his face” she exclaimed, as Cindy got up & nearly fell over, Sara grabbed her & helped her to the couch, where she slumped over
with a satisfied look on her face & I think, passed out. As I looked around Denise was on the other chair with that dildo pumping her
snatch to completion,
she was moaning, “Oh, OH, OH, fuck yes, damn it, fuuuuck yes!, UHHH, UH, aahhhh!”

On that night I think she lost her cherry, the dildo was a little bloody, but she just held it between her legs for dear life & curled
up in the chair. This little show allowed me to catch my breath, and wait for the rotation, Sara set the timer, Steph straddled my hips,
and Sara as still in the chair, but with her there, that left only 3, Cindy was out cold & snoring, I thought about getting Denise,
but not if she’s bleeding. So Lori & Linda took the initiative, grabbed my sister and said, you get his face! Oh boy, did she fight
back, not to be out done they each grabbed an arm and a leg & carried her to me on the floor.

Steph starts chanting, “Sara, Sara, Sara”

The girls have her in the air above me, positioning her to sit her on my face,

” the clock starts when shes on him!” said Steph, she grabbed the timer & was waiting.

Sara relented to they’re strength & straddled my face, about 8 inches away, it was a beautiful site, not a hair on it, a tinge of brown
on her labia, pink inside, and as her fighting covered up, wet! Lori grabbed my right hand & stuffed 3, then 4 fingers in her pussy,
Linda was going for all 5, she had 4 the last time on my right hand & wanted all 5 on my left, she squirmed on my hand,
forcing all 5 in and moaned,

“ahhhh, much better” and started humping my hand, Lori was in total bliss & trying her best to get 5 in her, I looked at Steph who was
marveling at the cock she was about to impale herself on,

“1 minute!” she declared,

Instict took over & I was not even thinking it was Sara hovering above my face and grabbed her hips, forcing her down on my tongue.
She was wet, juicy, sweet & salty all in one, and motionless, I think shocked really, her big brother was brought to her drunken
birthday party sleepover and was fingering, fucking & eating her friends and now her! I was busy sucking in her lips, when I
flicked my tongue over her clit, thats when she lost it & wiggled on my face! She was now enjoying it & did not care who’s tongue it was!
Being bold, I stretched my wet nose up to her tiny pink rose bud of a ass hole, I’ve never done this, but wiggled my nose in it,
causing her to flinch a little, forcing my tongue back to her clit, where with a shudder & squeel, came on my face.

“ding” went the bell, just in time, I almost came in Steph as a reaction to Sara’s orgasm.

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