My thoughts for the 22nd

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My thoughts for the 22nd
The thought of Alex’s hands on her naked body, his hard cock inside her was all Isla had thought about that day. And finally she had been summoned.

As instructed, she wore only a white summer dress, no bra or kickers. Alex liked to think about her walking across London, her large and full tits bouncing as she walked, men admiring her slender and tanned legs as she travelled to submit herself to his will.

Isla stood in the doorway of his bedroom, her pussy and thighs wet with excitement, yearning to be touched and tasted. Alex looked at her, he took in her lean figure, her golden hair, her eagerness. He felt his cock stiffen against his jeans.

He walked towards her. “Put both your hands on the wall”. As Isla tuned to face the wall, she felt Alex use his leg to push hers apart. He lifted her hair back, taking in her smell, her taste as worked his tongue up the nape of her neck. Isla’s skin tingled and her nipples hardened; she delighted in his touch. Alex pulled a leather blindfold down over her eyes, he held his hands firmly over hers as he told her not to move, turnaround or speak.

He lifted her dress stroking her firm, round arse. He moved one hand between her legs and slid two fingers inside her. The silky heat of her wet pussy instantly making him harder. He slowly moved his fingers deeper into her pussy, circling her G-spot, his thumb flicking across her clit. Isla moaned in pleasure, pushing hard against the wall to feel him deeper. Alex slowed just as she was about to cum. He pushed his fingers deep into her mouth making her choke as she licked and tasted herself. He slid his fingers back inside her and again stroked her clit until she was close to orgasm. He watched as she arched her back to push herself harder against him, he loved how desperate she was for him.

Alex took a pair of scissors and cut off her dress, leaving Isla naked and blindfolded against the wall. He admired her perfect body as he pulled off his belt, ready to punish her for making too much noise.

He let her feel and smell the leather of his belt, letting her know that she was going to be punished. He saw her bit her lip and tense ready for the pain. He pulled off his Jeans and boxers letting the suspense build. Then he doubled over the belt and snapped it across her bottom. He did it again and again, faster and harder relishing in the pink marks that appeared on her skin. He dropped the belt wanting to feel her and begun spanking her with his bare hand. His gripped his cock as he did and watched as cum started to ebb from the tip. Isla skin stung from the spanking, the experience made her so wet it was now running down her leg. She bit down hard and remained silent; desperate to feel and taste his dick.

Alex was pleased with her obedience. He turned her around and told her to get on her knees. On her knees in front of him, he guided her mouth on to his cock and moaned in pleasure as she worked her lips and tongue over him. He squeezed her tits pushing her head down so that he was completely inside her. He watched as she rubbed her clit, getting turned on with his dick pulsing in her mouth. He leaned back, loving the feeling of her wet mouth, sucking and licking his cock.

He ordered her back against the wall, and pulled her hips towards him. He rubbed and slapped his erection against her arse, sliding it in-between her arse cheeks. His dick pulsed and he was ready to fuck her. He slid his cock inside her pussy and felt her whole body react in pleasure. He fucked her hard, pushing himself so deep into her that he could hear his hips and balls slapping against her. Pleasure flooded Isla and she trembled as she came, her cum covering his dick, balls and thighs.

Alex withdrew his cock and kneeled, he kissed Isla’s hot pussy and licked her cum. He spread her arse checks and licked her arse, pushing his tongue deep up inside her. Alex stood and slid his cock into her tight arse, one hand on her wet and hot pussy, the other on her back holding her down. He moved in and out of her watching her still hot and panting from her orgasm. He started to spank her again. He was close now and pulled her hard against him as he fucked her. He felt pleasure and release race though his body as he came deep in her arse.

They fell onto the bed, Isla felt the warm cum inside her, she loved the feeling and pulled off her blindfold to watch Alex hot and satisfied by her body. He moved on top of her, pulling her up the bed. She squirmed as he gaged her and tightened ropes around her wrists and ankles. She watched as he licked and flicked his tongue across her stomach and nipples and cried out in pleasure when he pushed the vibrator inside her. He left her there bound and naked, unable to move against the vibrations that rippled through her pussy.

When Alex returned Isla was desperate to cum, her wrists red from pulling against her restraints, her body slick with sweat and frustration. Alex stood naked over her and removed her gag. He asked her if she wanted to cum. Isla screamed that she did. She begged him to fuck her.

Alex released one of Isla’s hands and she immediately reached for the vibrator. As she withdrew it she moaned with pleasure. Alex told her to carry on, he wanted to watch and hear her cum.

He stood over her and watched as she fucked herself with the vibrator, arching her hips forward and crying out as she got close to cumming. Alex ran his hands over her naked body, he squeezed her tits and took his cock in his hand. Isla threw her head back and thrust the vibrator hard and deep into her pussy. Alex knew she was about to cum, he released her other hand and started to piss on her tits.

The sensation of the hot liquid on her skin made Isla cum hard and she screamed in pleasure as she did. Alex watched her frenzied delight and smiled as she rubbed his piss over her body, screaming as she orgasmed.

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