My Wife And 15 Guys

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My Wife And 15 Guys

My wife and 15 guys. The complete story. I and my wife were used to going to swingers party its a party where only couples are invited and anybody can have sex with any buddy my name is raj and my wife’s name jhanvi we live in Mumbai and i am a sw engg by profession. So we went to one new swingers party in Mumbai there we were actually late and all the ppl were already assembled in the hall. Then as we came in we heard that a game was being played we got quite inquisitive as of all swingers i have attended i havent seen a game being played in any of them, (i and my wife later realised how much that game had). So the organizer a hefty guy said that today there will be no couple swapping all were stunned and angry, he continued today there will be a fashion show and all ladies have to participate in it, ladies have to try and impress the judges with their dirty advances and suggestive acts in order to be the queen of the day today.

Now all ppl were having interest in this game, he said the queen will be rewarded and the reward is a secret. I also exhorted my wife to be a part of the show, she was in a kanjivaram saree green as the tea gardens of Darjeeling with a pristine golden zari border.

She first hesitated but later on my request she agreed, and so the tables were lined to make a cat walk podium and thus started the sexy cat walk,First came a lady in her mid 20s she was wearing a wrap around and a sexy white blouse, she poured some water on herself and the blouse became wet , her black hard nipples were jutting out of the thin fabric as she wiggled her boobs it in front of the naudience some ppl gave a sigh and some gave a whistle, she then unwrapped her wrap around and her bushy pussy was visible to all she then opened her legs to show that red creek as if she is filled with hot red simmering coal splinters just as they burn in the coal furnace in a steam engine and she wants a tong to go inside her furnace and s**tter those splinters to ignite more flame. it was beautiful i thought she would take the queens crown today ( but i was to be proved wrong 😉 ).

Then came ma lady i had seen on my locality some times, i guess they were also into all this swinging, she was i a suit, with a low cut kameez, she just popped out hr boobs
out of the low neck and out they came like a pair of rabbits milky white n color and big pink nipples, she then giggled them a bit and then lifted her kameez to reveal the salwar with the string hanging, she came near one of the guys near the cat walk and he pulled the string and her salwar fell off.She then displayed her pussy to all by squatting as if shes gonna shit in india n style and rotated her self around on he cat walk for all the guys to view it, all guys bent down and tried to smell her pussy. she then stood up and flung her salwar kameez and under garments to the crowd and went out nude, i thought with all this sexy showing my wife wont stand a chance at all. She a bit too shy for all this (but i guess i was about to be pleasantly surprised).

Then came my wife’s turn, she looked sexy in the saree, she came in very innocently just tried to wiggle her butts, and then went away, i was sure she wont be the queen, and i guess she also did not intend to be the queen, so she just participated as i told her to do so.

The show continued…………………

Then came in a lady in her late 30s she was gorgeous milky white body and no marks at all i thought to myself what a maal she would look without those pair of jeans and tight top, and my wish was satisfied she just came out of that pair to reveal her nice thighs they had flesh at the right places, looked so nice and soft, mm i wanted to lick them and feel them so i went near the cat walk rt in front of my wife and came near her and licked her legs and slowly moved up, she was not wearing a panty and i licked her choot and felt a ting of salty taste she was already wet,she moaned a little, i felt
her musky fragrance and i was lost till someone shouted , let the show continue and i was suddenly awaken i came back to my chair and the show continued.

Then came a black gal, she was looking nice, u know gals with dark tan look more sexy than the fair ones,as she came in she had already dropped her attire and her jet black pussy hairs looked beautiful, she was muscular and her breasts were really big , she looked really a buxom beauty, she also squatted on floor and showed her pussy, and then went down on all fours like a dog and showed her pussy from behind she looked awesome, all guys had their lund in their hand and they were massaging it.

Soon after around 15 constants the show drew to a close, all the gals were nervous as to who would be crowned the queen.Soon the organiser with the papers came on the dice. He said that today its a surprising day there has been a tie and that to not two but 6 ladies have tied for today’s queen title, then what should be done to break this tie.

All crowd started humming and one guy stood up and said let do one thing let all the guys smell and taste the pussy of the 6 gals and, which ever gals pussy is liked by the majority that gal wins.All agreed to this proposition , of course it was the way bozos find out their partner and it seemed a nice new way to search for your mating partner.

So the names of the 6 gals were called and asked to stand in a line.To my amazement jhanvi’s name was also called.she stood up and went in the queue, then after all 6 names were called, they were asked to strip out of their clothes, my wife also removed her saree and petticoat blouse bra and panty, she looked very beautiful and sexy.

Then my wife being the first among them as asked to sit on a chair,then her legs were tied to the chair arms and her legs were wide open ,her pussy was wet and i knew that she loved when her pussy was licked and when so many guys will lick it she was wet and excited.

All guys were asked to stand in a line in front of the chair.all guys came in to my curiosity some guys came in with spoons in their hand which they had picked up from the buffet table, i didnt quite guess what was that for, The guys were asked to kneel down in front of the gal’s pussy and then suck it for some time and then put his marks for that pussy on a piece of paper lying beside the chair, so the first guy came in knelt before my wife’s pussy and started licking it slowly , he did it for some 5 min and then wrote some number on the paper and went to the next gal.then the next guy came and started eating my wife’s pussy, his mouth was enveloped by my wife’s pussy lips as if her was french kissing jhanvi’s pussy, only his head and cheeks were visible from behind and rest of his mouth was covered with jhanvi’s pubic hairs, he was an amazing sucker and soon my wife was wanting more, she was moaning and grabbing his head, the organizer pulled the guy and said only for 5 min max, and then moved him to next gal, and asked the next guy to come in, he came in with a spoon , he inserted the spoon’s head in jhanvi’s pussy and scooped out a nice amount of white juice from her pussy, as from the prev guys she was already wet she had lot of juice flowing.he slipped the spoon hungrily in his mouth and rolled his tongue inside, felt the taste and had a nice smile on his face, he also gave in some nos and went on.Then it was my turn he said i cant taste my wife’s pussy as could give her more nos, all ppl laughed at this comment and i proceeded to next gal.after some time i heard my wife jhanvi moaning, i saw that the organiser was the last guy in the line sucking her pussy and he had his mobile on her clitoris, i saw that his phone was in vibrate mode and so my wife was enjoying the vibration on her pussy and was cumming curiously into organizers’ mouth.

Soon this session was over and results were to be announced. All waited with baited breath and organiser came in with the result he said that the queen of the day has been chosen and the gal with the sweetest pussy is Jhanvi……….. i couldnt believe my ears, my wife had the sweetest pussy in the group. well i was happy and proud and my wife was asked to come on stage, she was nude already
and she stood on the stage and was looking nervous, the organiser said that the queen will be crowned. and called for the crown, a guy came in with a tray but no crown in it. all were looking with curiosity what was to happen, he said that the queen will not be crowned but ringed. my wife was curious and frightened to see three small golden rings just like small tops that one ears in ear.she was asked to lie down on the bench.

She saw me is said dont worry and do as said, she lied down, a doctor came in and applied a syringe on her two nipples and her clitoris.she didnt feel any pain when it was done the doc was an experienced guy i guess.he then knelt on between my wife’s legs and opened them up, then opened her pussy lips and pierced her clippers, a little blood came in but it was ok nothing more, my wife didint feel a pain.he then put a small ring in her clit and similarly in her nipples.Then she stood up and looked amazing three rings shining on her pussy and two nipples.She looked like a sex goddess.
then she was given some thing to drink and made to sit for half hr, she felt some pain after 15 min in the areas pierced but then soon she was ok and fine, then the organiser came in and took jhanvi again to the dice, he said to the crowd jhanvi is the queen today and in this honour she will be the center of attraction of the party.So no other gal will be fucked today, all guys will dedicate their cocks to the goddess.All 15 guys will gangbang her Till this horny bitch is fully satisfied.

And then..the ritual started, candles were brought in and put on all corners of the room, they were lit up and rest of the lights were put off, it looked awesome in the yellow light with all the nakedness around.The room looked as if a sun had been brought in yet their
was little darkness which made the scene more erotic.

The Organiser called for one of his servant, and he came in with a tray and a tall glass everyone was curios as to what was to happen, he then asked the servant to place a small bench in the middle of the hall, it was a small bench which could only support your back your hands,legs, and head will be hanging in air if u lie on it.He then asked the ladies to move to back and the guys to make a circle around the bench. Then he called in my wife jhanvi and asked her to sit on the bench and spread her legs for her pussy could be see by other guys, she came in and did as told, she was enjoying the fun and she had lost all shyness.

Then organiser took out a condom packet from this pocket and as he was about to open my wife said she does not like condoms and would like to take the guys without it, i was stunned at this comment, the organiser laughed and said this is not for u or the guys, its for my mobile!! everybody thought what did he mean by this, jhanvi asked what he meant, he said wait ill show u, he then took out his Nokia 3120 mobile and took out a condom and started covering the mobile with the condom.

All were murmuring as to what he was doing.He then showed the mobile to all and came near my wife and knelt in front of her and asked her to open her legs even wider, jhanvi obliged him and then he proceeded to put the condom covered mobile inside jhanvi’s pussy, she felt a little pain but then it went in by half, he tried more she cried a little and then it went almost in but still its head was popping out, so he sucked jhanvi’s clit and pushed the mobile with his finger and it disappeared into her pussy. only the condom skin which was not covering the mobile and hanging out was seen visibly hanging out of her pussy lips as if a hungry a****l had devoured his prey and only the tail as left behind.The organiser then pushed that tail inside her and called for a cello tape.He then proceeded to seal the pussy lips with the tape and then announced his cell number.He then asked someone to call on his cell, and it did not ring, but my wife moved a little and she moaned, ok so the organisers cell was in my wife’s choot and it was in vibrate mode.

He then said all will one by one keep calling on his mobile to make the queen enjoy the vibrations, and while she is here on this bench in the center squirming and moaning with pleasure, i want the guys to do something for her, a glass will be circulated in the circle one by one to each guy and he has to fill his cum in the glass.

So the tall glass was circulated and first guy started his hand practice while lustily looking at my wife’s naked body as she was moaning and enjoying the vibrations like a bitch. slowly all 15 guys had filled up the glass and it was over flowing with cum, organiser brought it to my wife and said its a toast to the queen, and for the queen’s health.I protested that she wont drink it, but my wife i guess was already realy horny with the vibrations, i guess the organiser did all this vibrator this with this purpose in his mind.Jhanvi said she wants to taste it, and called for the glass.she tasted a little of it and i guess she kinda liked it and started drinking it like milk gulp gulp.

I couldnt believe what i was seeing, my wife drinking 15 men’s cum in front of me and that too hungrily.she finally finished the tall glass of cum in a min and there was a small streak of cum cumming out of her mouth as if she was hungry for it and wants more, she wiped that off her face later.
Then the organiser came close to my wife knelt down and took out his mobile covered in condom and lot of my wife’s cum out of her pussy, Ahh came the sound from my wife and the mobile popped out.Organiser said this was the starting of the queen ritual, and bhabhi ji seems to like it a lot, i see that bhabhi ji has not had her chuda’s removed yet, (well i am my wife had been married for just 4 months now and thats why she had not removed her chuda its a set of red and white colored bangles that a newly married women wears for some months in punjabis). So i guess bhabhi ji is new to sex only my dear friend raj wold have been her mentor in sex, it would be great fun to fuck such women who has been newely married and not been exp in such sexual acts. So he then declared let the queen ritual begin in full swing…………..

So my wife standing nude in the middle of the circle , the organiser came in the center and lifted my wife like a c***d, and plaed her on the bench, her legs, hands and head were hanging only her back was supported by the bench, then he said lets begin giving pleasure to the queen,A guy came out of the circle and knealt down on the floor in front of jhanvi’s hanging legs, he took her legs spread em and took them on this shoulders, he came close to jhanvi’s pussy his breath flowing over her pubic hairs, a small moan came out of jhanvi and he took out his tongue and started licking her wet pussy, he kinda liked it and then he grabbed her by the waist, (my wife had a nice waist 26 inches) and put his tongue deeper into jhanvi, his tongue rolling inside her vagina walls and my wife was enjoying it like heaven. My wife was very excited and she called for other guys to come in and join the fun, another guy came near my wife’s face, and he kept his cock hanging in the air just above her mouth, she wanted to suck it and she was trying to reach for it, soon the guy gave her his cock and she was sucking on to it like a hungry bitch.She was very excited and now it was getting difficult for her to speak, so the organiser told me that u go near her and keep asking her what she wants, and give her that.

So i went near her and asked her what she wanted, she took out the guys cock and said i want more men on me, so i asked 4 more men to come in my wife help two of their cock in her hand and two men started sucking her nipples.she was really very excited now, so she told me to sk the rest of the 8 guys( i was outta picture) to one by one eat her pussy, so one by one guys started coming in and licking her pussy, she was leaking lot of juice and enjoying every moment of it,6 guys were stimulating my wife’s all parts together, and rest 8 were one bye one enjoying her pussy juice.The organiser said that lets give the queen a bukake ritual, and all 8 guys surrounded my wife and started jerking off their cocks, soon then were spitting lot of semen on my wifes whole body and she was covered from head to toe in semen, she became very slippery now, and she was enjoying applying that semen all over her body. and some times occasionally tasting it.She then said that she wanted to be fucked and fucked real hard.

The organiser had a grin on his face as he watched my wife calling the shots, i guess he had something in mind. Anyway so a she was lifted from the bench,by one guy and then another guy lay on the bench she was the laidd face down on the guy and as she was being laid the guy below had put his cock in her pussy, she felt nice and comfortable and starting hopping on him.Then one guy came in from behind and pushed her on her back and she went flat down on the guy below. then he positioned jhanvi’s ass to a comfortable level and started pushing his cock in her ass, jhanvi had been ass fucked once by me and that too she found it painful and swore she wont do it again, so i tried to say no to that guy, but to my amazement my wife said to me let him fuck her ass , she wants him to do that,So the guys looked at me smiled and took his cock and parted her ass cheeks.

He then started moving it in, its head had hardly gone in when my wife said no its painful do it slowly, but he enjoyed women in pain so he forcefully inserted his thing in her, it had halfway gone in and my wife was already shaking and shouting, then he gave one powerful shot and it went inside totally, it was such a push that the guys below cock was out of my wife’s pussy, she then regained her senses and reinserted cock in her pussy, and relaxed in that position for sometime, i could see two guys attached to my wife’s pussy and ass at the same time, it looked total a****l instinct.Then the two started moving and my wife sandwiched between them enjoying every moment of it, then she asked one more guy to put his cock in her mouth. so the three guys were fucking her in a unison, the whole room was filled with moaning sounds and sounds of my wife pussy and ass being banged.My wife asked the three guys to cum in together ,

After some 10 min all three guys came in to my wife and deposited huge loads of cum in her mouth , ass and pussy, she gagged a little, as semen came out of her mouth but then she was ok, all her holes were leaking semen now, then organiser said what happened why so silence, the next 3 guys batch should go in, so next three guys came in and they started fucking my wife in same fashion, this went on 5 time in batches of three guys each and it was almost 1 hr when my wife was being continuously triple fucked. She went through different phases of excitement and satisfaction, and to my amazement she was still very excited after these 1 hr session. So the ritual had to continue further..

My wife looked a little exhausted after this 1 hr session of tripple fucking by 15 guys in batches of 3 , by now she had been fucked 5 times and had multiple times orgasmed, the whole bench and my wife were covered in love juice and my wife lay there on the bench limp and leaking semen from all her holes and mouth.The organiser then said guys with thickest of the cock should come in th middle of the circle. so 4 guys including me came in, organiser told me to stay out as i was not allowed to participate, then he said that one of the guys lie down on the floor, then he said these 3 guys with thick cocks will fuck jhanvi in her ass.i forgot to tell ya these 3 guys had not fucked my wife in her ass as they feared that jhanvi would feel pain, i guess organiser noticed it so he had this plan, then he called 4 guys and asked my wife to be lifted , they came in and held my wife’s naked body by their strong hands, my wife was feeling helpless in their strong hands, then proceeded to place my wife over the guy on the floor with his erect cock in his hand holding it straight up for jhanvi’s ass to sink on it.

They placed jhanvi’s ass right on top of his cock and started leaving her, she started falling slowly on his cock and as it started going in she shouted no pleaseeeee dont leave me on this i will die, but on one listened all were enjoying this act.Slowly the cock went in half way and my wife was feeling enormous pain, organiser said two guys can start sucking jhanvis breasts so that she feels nice, so two guys sucked on to her swollen nipples and she started becoming a little quite, soon the cock was 3/4 in and now my wife said she cant take in any more, but the orgainser said the two guys holding her buttocks can leave her and as the guys did she almost sank totally on the cock and it went inside her whole in one shot a strong cry came out of her mouth and then she was quite, she stayed like this for some time and she after sometime got used to this cock,she slowly started humping on it and now she was enjoying the cock , and she was really humping fast on it and saying lot of abusive words like i am your randi tonight, i am your pros fuck me, use me give me pain, hearing this more guys got excited and one guy tried to insert his cock in her pussy, it was difficult as the other guys cock in the ass had taken up space, but he somehow forced it in my wife cried again and then he started pumping in fast like an a****l and he was over in 2-3 min, then the other guys forced his penis in and started the same fast fucking, she was being fucked by rest of the 14 guys very fast each for 2-3 min and she had by now cum many times.

Then the guy below came in her ass, thereafter the guys lifted her up and asked the second guy with huge cock to lie on floor , then she was again placed on his cock , she cried again but this time it was less severe, and she really now enjoyed it.

After this guys the third guy was asked to lie on floor and he had the biggest cock, as she was lowered on his cock she cried like hell, so one guy stuffed her mouth with his cock,

Soon she was feeling ok and adjusting to this cock.

The came the surprise , organiser said since most of the guys re exhausted this time, no man will fuck jhanvi. He called for his black guy bozzo, he was a great around 6.5 ft tall and 9 inch long, he was massive just like a horse. black in color and looked furious, as my wife was riding the huge cock in her ass, bozo came near my wife’s legs my wife was terrified and she immediately closed her legs so that bozo cant harm her, the organiser asked jhanvi not to be afraid, relax and open your legs said the organiser but jhanvi wont listen. he said that bozo is trained to give pleasure to women so he wont harm you, but jhanvi was too horrified to listen to him. She had lost all the pleasure of ass fucking and completely oblivious to the guys fucking her in her ass. Organiser was a bit angry so he asked two guys to come in and open her legs forcefully, two guys came in and before jhanvi could do anything her legs were pulled apart open for borzoi to view, the musky smell from her pussy attracted him and he started licking her legs which were covered with cum, my wife liked bozo licking on her legs and she relaxed soon bozo was on my wife’s pussy and his long tongue was licking the entire length and breadth of jhanvi’s pussy.She was moaning and enjoying now, as the guy fucked her in her ass and he licked her pussy she was on seventh heaven, i guess she was leaking a lot of juice from her pussy as bozzo was lapping on to it. Soon he had his nose inserted into her pussy and she was moaning like hell and saying ya i am a bitch a horny crazy bitch fuck me fuck me now.

So bozo was having his lunch of my wife’s choot and he was enjoying it, he kept on licking, probing, sucking her choot for next 15-20 min Bozo use to stop sucking her at times when she was about to cum dont know if bozo was doing it purposely, but he was making my wife really horny, and my wife was shouting and calling bozo to fuck her, but he was quietly sucking her pussy.

Then she stood up and the guy below her had his cock popped out with a wet sound, she was thoroughly excited and wanted bozo in her. She said him to fuck her but he was standing without any movement. Then she asked the organiser to make bozo fuck her, the organiser said so the horny bitch wants bozo in her now after eating 15 cocks, she was quite, so the organiser said i will make bozzo fuck you but you would have to let me fuck u whenever i want for the rest of the year, i shall come to your home whenever i want and fuck you. My wife was in no mood to negotiate so she said ok u have whatever u want but let bozo fuck me. So he said very well jhanvi, now u kneel down on ur all fours like a bitch and move your ass up so that bozo can see it. So my wife shamelessly sat on all fours like a bitch and raised her ass to make bozo see her wet pussy. Bozo saw her and came near her pussy and started licking her pussy again, she moaned again and soon she was enjoying the lick. Bozo had become horny and ready as i could see a huge cock waiting to fuck jhanvi, it was 9 inched long and 3 inch thick almost like a horse lund a little smaller.

And he immediately swung his legs onto my wife’s back.His legs encircled my wife’s waist and his nails could be seen digging into her soft flesh, my wife cried in pain , then the crazy b**st brought his lower body near my wife’s ass and tried to pump his lund into her choot, but my wife was a little short of height for him so his cock was caressing her back and ass creak. The organsier brought a small stool and placed it under her feet, she got the required raise and bozo after couple of shots hit his mark, his cock went in like lightning and my wife let out the shrillest of cries til today, it seemed she had been pierced by a dagger.And she said ohh i will die remove this b**st from my back, organiser came in and consoled her and said relax u will soon start enjoying it

After some time of crying in pain slowly her cries died down and she became quite, bozo then starred fucking her fast, she was enjoying the fast movement of bozo, bozo was amazing he was moving his ass too fast i could see his red fiery cock going in and coming out of her pussy too fast, my wife’s choot was leaking lot of cum was flowing out.Bozo continued to fuck her fast and furiously, he was also moaning in his own way… was shat he said , it felt as if he was entangled with a horny tight bitch and he was enjoying it too.It was around 30 min now and bozo was not stopping a single bit, he had amazing stamina no man could fuck a women so fast and for 30 min without stopping, my wife had multiple orgasm , she had never felt like this before, and she loved it, she was saying ya i am bozo’s bitch fuck me fuck me bozo. Suddenly i heard a loud cry from my wife as if something had pierced through her, i couldnt understand a sec ago she was enjoying and now suddenly she shouted like hell, i went near her to have a closer look.

And to my amazement what i could not believe what i saw.I could see that my wife’s, choot was totally stretched as much as my whole palm could go in and last end of bozzo’s cock of the shape of a bulb was half way inside her, bozzo was pushing it in harder and my wife was howling like a bitch in heat, she was in multiple moods sometime she was screaming and begging in pain to let her go and sometimes she said yes fuck me harder and was wailing like a bitch saying fuck me more push in harder,

After around 5-10 min of pain bozo’s entire cock with the bulb was inside her, ohh my god her pussy was stretched to the limit, it looked as if her pussy was holding a small throw ball inside her, she was now quite for sometime and trying to regain herself, bozo was on top of her with his front legs around her waist tightly gripping her and pulling her towards bozo and his hind legs on the ground with his ass trying to pump inside her pussy as fast and furious as he could.It looked so nice sexy and yet so radical to see a beautiful fair women fucked by a black giant .Bozzo still kept on pumping into her and the bulb of bozzo slowly was going inside her pussy even deeper, i could see from outside the swelling bulb inside her pussy moving inside her and going in deeper, i could not believe bozzo had his entire length beyond the bulb inside her, i guess he would have been around 10 inch long , my wife was now saying no more pushing please i am full and if he pushes more she would be pierced through by his cock, i said relax honey bozzo’s cock is fully in you, she told me that his cock was almost going through her cervix.

I said relax and now imagine this b**st attached to you, she said she wants to see this happening so the organiser called one of his servants to bring the dressing table mirror from other room, they laid the dressing table horizontally beside my wife so that she could have the full view of her being fucked by the giant and the swollen pussy she wanted to see, initially when she saw all this she was horrified and asked me ohh my god what have u all done to me, i am now looking so much like a bitch, so the organiser said then let us remove bozzo, she said no no no pl dont, (my wife was feeling nice a horny now) she said she is liking bozzo and she would want to enjoy it more, so then she then started moving back and forth again and bozzo responded by humping her again, he was very fast and furious again, pumping her thoroughly and she was screaming in pure ecstasy, she was wailing and crying and yet saying fuck me fuck the hell out of me.

And kept on moving in harmony with bozzo.Bozzo suddenly trembled as if he was about to cum and then a huge load of hot cum was shot inside her pussy, she felt bozzo’s hot cum and she said yeaah impregnate me impregnate ur bitch u fucking dog, , yeaah more more i have never felt this flood of cum ever when a man fucked me, she also pleaded to the organiser to give bozzo to us and she would want to be bozzo’s mistress forever.

My wife was now feeling tired, but due to all this pain, she was feeling horny again, The organiser approached him, he took her naked body in his arms and placed her on a raised bench in the garden, as he lay her down and was standing there, my wife took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously, organiser also got horny and said this bitch does have a lot of stamina.only a gang bang can satisfy her. So guy why dont u come on and fuck the hell out of her.

So guys came around her, again one guy lifted her, then one guy laid on the bench and then my wife was placed on him with his cock in her ass, then to guy spread her legs apart and one more guy come in between her legs and shoved his cock inside her pussy, she had the organisers cock in her mouth and now she was being triple fucked, all guys were fucking her in a unison, she was moaning shouting and saying fuck me hard, all the guys took turns to fuck her and when one guy cummed in her pussy , the next would take position,and when one guy cummed in her mouth the next came in, so her all holes were being filled up with cream cum and she was enjoying being fucked by so many guy vigorously all the time for the next 2 hrs.

After all this she was damn tired and unable to walk,I helped her on he steps and made her wear her clothes. Then we bid goodbye to the party and moved home, i gave her a massage and a nice food to eat and a nice warm bath. She was now relaxed and thanked me, and said she loved the fun and would want to go to such a party again but after a few days.Well what could i say then.She had loads of fun and so did I.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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